Menstruating Men and the Latest Examples of Transanity

By Michael Brown Published on March 15, 2017

Have you heard about Toni the Tampon who teaches children that men can get periods too? Or about the mother and son who are about to become father and daughter? What about the transgender pastor who teaches that God is transgender?

This morning, as I was planning to write this very article, I received three emails from three different friends in three different parts of the country, all with links to different news headlines on major news websites, all with one theme in common: radical transgender activism. In fact, the links were to the three stories I mentioned here. My reply to each person was the same: This will be included in my latest article!

Transanity at Our Door

You see, this is something knocking at our doors, not something we went looking for. This is something being reported in the NY Post and the Daily Mail, which are major news outlets, albeit with a touch of sensationalism. This is what our kids are dealing with in their schools, what’s coming their way (and ours) via Hollywood, what’s being debated from the White House down to the local courthouse.

That’s why I address these issues, and that’s why I’ll continue to sound the wake-up call to our nation: There is an all-out war on sexual difference (often referred to as “gender”), and if it wins the day, it will lead to societal chaos.

But first, my standard caveat. We’re not just dealing with issues, we’re dealing with people. Some of them have biological or chromosomal abnormalities and are classified as intersex, and do not fit conveniently into our simple male or female boxes. We should treat them with compassion and respect, helping them find wholeness, just as we would treat anyone else with a physical handicap or defect.

Others — perhaps the larger number and the more vocal — are not intersex and simply suffer from gender identity confusion (now called gender dysphoria, primarily due to political pressure put on the APA by transgender activists). They too deserve our compassion (who can imagine the pain they have lived with?), but compassion calls us to dig deeper and helps us get to the root cause of their struggles, with the goal being transformation from the inside out (rather than from the outside in).

So, I do not write to mock or to degrade others in their struggle. I write to say (in loud, bold terms): God has a better way!

Five Recent Examples of Transanity

Here, then, are 5 recent examples of transanity.

1) Dr. Susan Berry reports, “The author of a children’s coloring book has invented a character named ‘Toni the Tampon’ to instruct children that men can menstruate.

“Cass Clemmer, the author of The Adventures of Toni the Tampon, has been using her coloring book character to ‘destigmatize’ menstruation. Now, however, she also wants to ‘de-gender’ the female biological process and to persuade children that men get periods too.”

Note to Cass: Men do not get periods, because menstruation is the result of ovulation, when the ovaries release an egg for fertilization. As explained by the Mayo Clinic, “If ovulation takes place and the egg isn’t fertilized, the lining of the uterus sheds through the vagina. This is a menstrual period.”

Fact: A man doesn’t have a uterus or a vagina or ovaries or eggs, which is why men can’t menstruate. Toni the Tampon is hereby corrected!

And sorry, Toni, but saying that a woman (especially one who still has her female organs intact and still menstruates) who identifies as a man is now a man is like saying that a woman who dresses up as her team’s tiger mascot is actually a tiger. Not so!

2) An article on LGBTQ Nation announces, “Father & daughter both come out as transgender, will transition together.” So, this is about a man and his daughter who now want to become a woman and a boy, right? Not at all. It’s about a mother and her son who want to become a man and a girl, yet the article refers to them as “father and daughter.”

On the one hand, I would encourage Christian conservatives to read this article, since it forces us to look at people and not just issues, and it’s hard not to feel pain for these two as they share their stories.

It’s not like they’re perverted sinners engaging in all kinds of horrific acts. Rather, they both have struggled deeply with their gender identity, with the mother saying, “When I was younger I used to wish for cancer so I would have to get a mastectomy.”

But compassion would say, “Let’s find out why you have struggled so deeply with a being a woman,” (and to the son, “Let’s find out why you have struggled so deeply with a being a boy”). In contrast, confusion says, “The woman has become this child’s father because she no longer identifies as a woman, and the son has become her daughter because he no longer identifies as a boy.”

May God help this family.

3) The Christian Post reports that a transgender pastor who opposes Texas’s bathroom bill teaches that “God is transgender.”

This pastor argues, “In the beginning, God created humankind in God’s image. … So God is transgender. We’re all created in the image of what is holy and divine and sacred, and we should all be treated that way.”

I addressed this deeply mistaken notion last year in my article, “A Rabbi Claims That God Is Transgender.” But in short, Genesis 1 does not teach that God is transgender (because He creates human beings in His image, male and female), any more than it teaches that God has sexual body parts or that He physically procreates.

Rather, it teaches that the fullness of male and female distinctives are found in Him, which does not mean that God is transgender. Rather, it means that He transcends gender. And so, while male pronouns are used to describe and refer to Him, and while He is called the heavenly Father (not Mother), He can be likened to a compassionate mother, because, as stated, as an eternal Spirit, He transcends gender categories.

More importantly — really, much more importantly when it comes to the bathroom controversies — in the beginning He created us as male and female and called us to procreate (“Be fruitful and multiply”), which only a distinct male and a distinct female can do. There is no ambiguity here, nor is there ambiguity regarding male and female distinctives throughout the entire Bible.

4)  Over at College Fix, we learn that “U. Minnesota drops homecoming ‘King and Queen’ — replaces with genderless ‘Royals’.”

Yes, “The University of Minnesota has become the latest university to do away with the traditional Homecoming King and Queen titles and replace them with the gender-neutral ‘Royals’ term.

“Taking it one step further, University of Minnesota officials also point out that the winners don’t even have to be one biological male and one biological female, stating on its website: ‘“Royals”… can be any combination of any gender identity.”

This kind of cultural insanity is so absurd that simply repeating these words is enough to expose the madness.

But there’s more: “Campus officials called the change a move ‘toward gender inclusivity’ that promotes ‘a spirit of inclusion at the University of Minnesota.’”

This is not “a spirit of inclusion”; this is a spirit of confusion.

5) Finally, an article on Vice tells the story of “The Trans Women Who Become Lesbians After Years as Gay Men.” (The article, which contains offensive language, actually celebrates this, noting, “There aren’t many people who are fortunate enough to have lived their lives first as gay men and later as lesbian women.”)

So, this is the story of biological men, who then identified as women, but who discovered they were attracted to women, and who now identify as lesbians.

The better course of action would have been to identify as biological males (which they are) who are attracted to women, as the vast majority of biological males are. But no. These biological males who have normal attractions to women now identify as lesbians.

This is why I cite these examples of “transanity,” and this is why I will continue to raise my voice. The madness must stop. God has a better way.

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  • Autrey Windle

    ENOUGH! Give their ‘intersex’ a validation and they’ll make an alphabetaphobic bigot of you if you say a single word against any of this! I want to know what science says about how often this intersex nonsense even happens and if any messing with the process like in vitrofertilization or any other tampering or drug abuse by the parents occurs. I almost know the answer to that but I will gladly apologize to the .001% of the population if I’m wrong! This is nothing more or LESS than purely satanic junk science. I cannot believe that ANYONE puts up with these lies and bullying of society tactics. THANK YOU SUPREME COURT FOR LEADING US TO THIS COMPLETE AND UTTER NONSENSE AND VIOLATION OF HUMANITY. It begs the question;what is in it for you, Justices, or are a majority of you playing on the same team as the heretics? Dear God, please hurry home and straighten these devils out…AMEN

    • Dean Bruckner

      You notice that the Left always uses the word “gender” except where they use the word “intersex,” which they use to abolish the sexes.

      So which is it, Progressives? Is sexual dimorphism real or not? If it isn’t, as you say, stop using the word “intersex.”

      • Autrey Windle

        Thank you!

      • Jay W. Richards

        Good point. : )

      • The sex binary model is a pretty good approximation for daily use. It’s accurate enough in the vast majority of cases, about 59 times in 60 in fact.
        The flat earth model is also a pretty good approximation for daily use. When walking to the corner store, or from one room to another, or even driving round town.

        Is sexual dimorphism real? About as real as the Earth being flat. It may as well be for most purposes. Just don’t take it as gospel Truth, as opposed to a good approximation.

        Tests for sex that rely on the presence of a Y “male” chromosome don’t work. Some men don’t have them. Tests for sex that rely on the presence of the SrY “male” gene somewhere on one of the other chromosomes also don’t work. Some men don’t have those either.

        So why do we call these “male” genes or “male” chromosomes? Why do we, including those of us who know better, sometimes say someone with 46,XY chromosomes is “genetically male”? Because of laziness, basically. Imprecision. All but 1 in 300 men are 46,XY. That’s most of them. Not all, and there are plenty of women who are 46,XY too, and some of those even give birth to 46,XY daughters.

    • Aubrey Windle – ” I want to know what science says about how often this intersex nonsense even happens ”

      Well asked, sir! I wish more were like you.

      The answer, if you take the definition of Intersex to mean “neither 100% stereotypically male nor 100% sterotypically female” is about 1.7%. Call it 1 in 60, though it varies between different demographic groups.

      For example, in some parts of the Dominican Republic, 1 in 50 of the infants change sex from female to male due to inherited 5alpha reductase deficiency syndrome (5ARD). In the US as a whole, only about 1 in 150,000 have 5ARD, it’s quite rare unlike many of the dozens of other Intersex conditions.

      In humanity as a whole,1 in 300 men don’t have 46,XY “male” chromosomes. Some women do though. Overall, about 1 in 450 humans have chromosomes that don’t match the usual 46,XY=M, 46,XX=F pattern.

      So what of the rest? 1 in 450 is less than 1/7 of 1 in 60? The answer is partly anomalies in foetal development – as happens with spina bifida and other congenital conditions, plus a few the result of environmental mishaps, plus some genetic anomalies that cause the body to be unresponsive to some sex hormones – as with 5ARD.

      Administration of the anti-miscarriage drug DES during pregnancy, as used to happen before it was banned, causes a 500-fold increase in Transsexuality. That’s when the brain develops along one sex line, the genitals the other. It also greatly increased more obvious Intersex anomalies, ones visible to the naked eye at birth.

      So it’s not 0.001%. It’s 1.7%. Even the most obvious and restrictive definition of Intersex as “born with genitals so ambiguous the child’s sex is neither more F than M, nor more M than F” is 1 in 1500. About 0.07%.

      0.001% is about the figure for those humans who naturally change sex from all the causes put together, due to either 5ARD, 17BHSD, 3BHSD, 45,X/46,XY MGD, 46,XX/46,XY mosaicism, etc etc.

      Hope this answers your question.

      • Autrey Windle

        Thank you for showing that the flimsiest science of hardly more than almost-always-anomalies marches perfectly in lockstep with the alphabet insisters that demand we all agree that their perversities are not perversities at all, but completely authentically the true nature of humans or at least the smallest possible percentage of humans who, to their credit, are the meanest and most disgruntled bullies of an otherwise more or less normal society. You seem to be such a numbers gal that this God gal is going to prescribe 2 chapters a day of the book that explains man and woman, and what the difference is, as light reading for a rocket scientist. You may have trouble reconciling your anomalies but I’m confident the answers are in the book if you are but open-minded enough to seek the information. Thank you for confirming my just-guessing scientific likelihoods. Perhaps it will help you see that I may know something you can’t explain in a science lab.

        • Regarding Books:

          Article Transsexualism as an Intersex Condition, M.Diamond. Transsexuality
          in Theology and Neuroscience: Findings, Controversies and
          Perspectives), ed. by Gerhard Schreiber, Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter

          Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God


          Megan K. DeFranza

          “How different are men and women? When does it matter to us — or to God? Are male and female the only two options? In Sex Difference in Christian Theology Megan DeFranza explores such questions in light of the Bible, theology, and science.

          Christians, entrenched in culture wars over sexual ethics, are either
          ignorant of the existence of intersex persons or avoid the inherent
          challenge they bring to the assumption that everybody is born after the
          pattern of either Adam or Eve. DeFranza argues, from a conservative
          theological standpoint, that all people are made in the image of God
          — male, female, and intersex — and that we must listen to and learn
          from the voices of the intersexed among us.”

          • Autrey Windle

            I thought you were just running to your numbers and theories to hide from your own sadness or painful truth. I thought, no one is that devoid of any passion or personality. I thought you might actually accept a challenge to walk toward the light but that is why the enemy has many names, deceiver among them. You are so absolutely deceived by your own misinformation that you were a perfect subject to sell your soul to serve the liar and the liar’s purpose. I truly feel sorry for you and am sad that you have given so much credit to the evil in this world and so little honor to the God who created you. Have a good time in your suffering since it gives you so much pleasure and if you ever get tired of being a martyr for the liar, God will still accept your repentance and forgive you; something the devil himself would laugh in your face if you asked for. You can write to me as much as satisfies your challenge, but I won’t be responding unless you come to your senses because as one or two others can tell you; talking to a black heart and a blank mind given already and unrelentingly to the enemy is not something that interests me. The only Book you need to read is the only one you are afraid of and you can quote all your cult fake theologists if it gives you comfort, but remember I told you what the fakirs are. Go with God ; or not…

          • Thank you for your sympathy, misplaced though it is. It shows Kindness, and that’s at least as important as being factually correct.

            “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity,I am nothing.”

            I don’t have all knowledge. I have more than you in this particular area, just as no doubt there are many areas where you know far more than I do. The important thing is to be kind.

            “Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;”

            So worry not about the insults to me etc. They don’t matter. The kindness you show through wishing me well does.

            Besides which, as a scientist, being called a tool of the Devil etc is something of an occupational hazard. We’re used to it.

            “Those who assert that ‘the earth moves and turns’…[are] motivated by’a spirit of bitterness, contradiction, and faultfinding;’ possessed by the devil,they aimed ‘to pervert the order of nature.'” – John Calvin, sermon no. 8 on 1st Corinthians, 677, cited in John Calvin: A
            Sixteenth Century Portrait by William J. Bouwsma (Oxford Univ. Press, 1988), A. 72

          • Tobie Koster

            .. “and the greatest of these is Love.”

    • ” This is nothing more or LESS than purely satanic junk science…”

      I don’t suppose giving citations to just a few of the thousands of scientific papers on the subject would help then. So you could view them online yourself, and make a decision based on that.

      But hope springs eternal etc.

      Male–to–female transsexuals have female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus. Kruiver et al J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2000) 85:2034–2041
      The present findings of somatostatin neuronal sex differences in the BSTc and its sex reversal in the transsexual brain clearly support the paradigm that in transsexuals sexual differentiation of the brain and genitals may go into opposite directions

      Sexual Hormones and the Brain: An Essential Alliance for Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation Garcia-Falgueras A, Swaab DF Endocr Dev. 2010;17:22-35
      The fetal brain develops during the intrauterine period in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. In this way, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in extreme cases in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation.

      J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan;93(1):182-9
      A 46,XY mother who developed as a normal woman underwent spontaneous puberty, reached menarche, menstruated regularly, experienced two unassisted pregnancies, and gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis.

      Science 1974 Dec 27; 186 (4170): 1213-5
      In an isolated village of the southwestern Dominican Republic, 2% of the live births were in the 1970’s, guevedoces…These children appeared to be girls at birth, but at puberty these ‘girls’ sprout muscles, testes, and a penis. For the rest of their lives they are men in nearly all respects. Their underlying pathology was found to be a deficiency of the enzyme, 5-alpha Reductase.

  • Autrey Windle

    P.S.Michael; this should bring all the alphabet trolls out ‘en farce’ with record numbers of nutsycoocoo rationales.

    • Autrey Windle

      Michael, to quote a line my pastor often says “You know I told you the truth”. You sure stir things up!

  • Gary

    Come on Brown. When are you going to face reality?? When are your going to accept that these people are EVIL???

  • Dean Bruckner

    Seventy years ago C.S. Lewis wrote about the Progressives of his day in The Abolition of Man.

    Progressives of our day are writing the sequel with their transgender ideology, which is The Abolition of Woman.

  • Triple T

    I really have no idea how the world works anymore. Wouldn’t standing out on a street corner and speaking about any of those five things have been enough to have a person committed just a few years ago?

  • Timothy Horton

    Interesting the author claims to “not write to mock or to degrade others in their struggle” which he then follows up with a page mocking and degrading others. Go figure.

    • Triple T

      The person who created “Toni the Talking Tampon” deserves nothing but mocking and degradation.

      • Timothy Horton

        So do the people who demonize and practice illegal discrimination against the non-hetero minority of the population.

        • Gary

          The discrimination I practice against sodomites is LEGAL where I live.

          • Just like discrimination against Jews and Negroes used to be legal where you live.

          • Gary

            You can’t outlaw discrimination against perverts without legalizing discrimination against everyone who has a moral objection to perversion.

          • I don’t see how that follows. We allow Churches and Mosques, even give Religious and Superstitious belief special legal protection, yet I don’t think I’m discriminated against by that, despite my moral objections to nonsense about flying horses to the moon, and unicorns roaming the middle east.

          • Gary

            You don’t think your freedom has been denied when the government tries to force you to accept religious people by forbidding you from declining business transactions with them?

            If you use a broad enough definition of “pervert” you could probably apply that label to a lot of people. I should have used another term, like queer, or homosexual.

          • I have moral objections to Sodomites. Ezekiel 16:49

            49 Behold,
            this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and
            abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she
            strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.

            Having more than sufficient for yourself, and meanwhile not sparing a thought, or a crust, for those less fortunate, that to me is perversion.

            However, if I open a shop that is supposed to serve everyone, rather than a private club, then it’s no infringement on my freedom to have to sell to them.

            All the religious people I know personally are not Sodomites. Quite the contrary, they do “Meals on Wheels” and other works for those less wealthy.

          • Gary

            Jude 7. King James Version.

      • eddiestardust

        I agree.

    • Mo86

      @ Timothy Horton

      Facts are not degrading they are FACTS. And no amount of your complaining about it will change that. Do you understand me?

      • Timothy Horton

        Lies about the non-hetero minority are degrading they are LIES. And no amount of your complaining about it will change that. Do you understand me?

        • Paul

          No amount of trying to tell me a sexual deviant is normal will convince me.

          • Timothy Horton

            No amount of bigots referring to those with normally occurring variations in sexual orientation as “deviants” will change scientifically verified reality.

          • eddiestardust

            Your parents did a very bigoted thing (according to your definitions) they met, decided to have sex (horror of horrors!) they may have married before or after, and decided that YOU would be born not aborted. BOTH your parents knew YOU were a boy. Now, what is so terribly bigoted about that?

          • Timothy Horton

            That bit of word salad babble made zero sense.

          • George Van Apeldoorn

            Running out of arguments to present??

          • Paul

            Science used to be more honest about it and called it insanity.

        • eddiestardust

          Tim, when you see a Bell Curve do the tail ends mean MORE or less?

          • Timothy Horton

            Bell curves aren’t applicable when it comes to equal civil rights. All citizens get treated the same regardless if they’re tall or short, light skinned or dark, hetero or non-hetero, intelligent or dumb as homophobic bigots.

          • llew jones

            How about equal civil rights for “homophobic bigots”?

          • Timothy Horton

            You don’t have the “civil right” to discriminate against minorities in a place of public business although the homophobes sure wish they did.

  • Mo86

    I am so sick and tired of this insanity!

  • fights

    Chaos and confusion don’t come from God but the evil one.

  • James Doyle

    To Be or not to Be that is the Question. The World has been thoroughly messed up by this Alphabet squad who don’t know a man from a woman. Lots of this madness is of course just them fulfilling their sexual fantasies and saying the rest of us MUST do as they say . Well personally I say they all can go to Hell in their homemade Toni The Tampon handcarts .

    • Autrey Windle

      I can only give you one thumbs-up but you certainly deserve both of mine!You sure have a way with words…AMEN!

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Anyone who chooses to lend any credence or validity to the so-called “Transgender”, if they’re intellectually honest, MUST support “Alien Boy” too. After all, like he said, he’s just trying to make his outside look like what he feels his inside has always been. They are one in the same and any clear thinking human being can see that. The same goes for Parrotman, Tigerman, Catwoman, those who wanna cut off their limbs because they don’t FEEL or think that’s the body they were supposed to have, the 52yo father of 7 who believes he’s a little 6yo girl now, and God only knows what else! THIS is what the spiritually dead trolls on here want people to accept as normal.

    • Depends. Would an MRI scan of “catwoman”s brain show feline anatomical structures? What about her exhibiting a cat’s sense of smell, or hearing?

      A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality. by Zhou et al Nature (1995) 378:68–70.
      Our study is the first to show a female brain structure in genetically male transsexuals

      Male-to-female transsexuals show sex-atypical hypothalamus activation when smelling odorous steroids. by Berglund et al Cerebral Cortex 2008 18(8):1900-1908;

      Sexual differentiation of the human brain: relevance for gender identity, transsexualism and sexual orientation. Swaab Gynecol Endocrinol (2004) 19:301–312

      White matter microstructure in female to male transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A diffusion tensor imaging study. – Rametti et al, J Psychiatr Res. 2010 Jun 8.
      CONCLUSIONS: Our results show that the white matter microstructure pattern in untreated FtM transsexuals is closer to the pattern of subjects who share their gender identity (males) than those who share their biological sex (females). Our results provide evidence for an inherent difference in the brain structure of FtM transsexuals

      Simply, if an entity claims to be a cat, or a giraffe, or a parrot, and a scan of their brain shows the entity has the brain of a cat, or a giraffe, or a parrot, then I’d believe them. But not before.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        “Depends. Would an MRI scan of “catwoman”s brain show feline anatomical structures? What about her exhibiting a cat’s sense of smell, or hearing?”

        Thank you for publicly displaying that for all to see. Now we all know how much credibility we should lend toward all those other cites references.

        “Our results show that the white matter microstructure pattern in untreated FtM transsexuals is closer to the pattern of subjects who share their gender identity (males) than those who share their biological sex (females). Our results provide evidence for an inherent difference in the brain structure of FtM transsexuals”

        Refer back to the above. Doubtful you’ll ever admit it but those comments and many others within in the “scientific” community prove that one will find and will see what they want to. That goes right along with this comment from Richard Dawkins:

        “Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.” (December 2004 Interview Bill Moyers “Now”. You can Google for the actual transcript)

        Ya can’t make this stuff up folks! THAT is what you are dealing with. Try arguing with logic and reason with THAT!! Only God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit can cut thru that idiocy, blindness, and hardness of heart.

        “Simply, if an entity claims to be a cat, or a giraffe, or a parrot, and a scan of their brain shows the entity has the brain of a cat, or a giraffe, or a parrot, then I’d believe them. But not before.”

        And I have little doubt it won’t be long before you find a scan of their brain showing just those things. After all, you haven’t realized yet that the “entity” of which you speak isn’t a Product Of Evolution but rather a Human Being and the Imago Dei.

        • Evolution in biology is just a special case. Scientists use evolution and evolutionary techniques all the time.

          Some research describing the evolution of genetic algorithms (themselves examples of evolution) to solve certain difficult problems involving quantum physics in computational chemistry.

          Using Meta-Genetic Algorithms to tune parameters of Genetic Algorithms to find lowest energy Molecular Conformers

          ZE Brain, MA Addicoat

          Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems

          Optimization of a genetic algorithm for searching molecular conformer space

          ZE Brain, MA Addicoat

          The Journal of chemical physics 135 (17), 174106-174106-10

          Optimization of a Genetic Algorithm for the Functionalization of Fullerenes
          MA Addicoat, AJ Page, ZE Brain, L Flack, K Morokuma, S Irle
          Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 8 (5), 1841-1851

          Using a Meta-GA for parametric optimization of simple GAs in the computational chemistry domain
          MA Addicoat, ZE Brain
          Proceedings of the 12th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation

          This one should be understandable by a lay audience. The others not so much I’m afraid.

          Meta-Genetic Algorithms, Molecules, and Supercomputers
          MA Addicoat, ZE Brain
          Poster, SC10 Conference on High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

        • “Simply, if an entity claims to be a cat, or a giraffe, or a parrot, and a scan of their brain shows the entity has the brain of a cat, or a giraffe, or a parrot, then I’d believe them. But not before.”

          And I have little doubt it won’t be long before you find a scan of their brain showing just those things. After all, you haven’t realized yet that the “entity” of which you speak isn’t a Product Of Evolution but
          rather a Human Being and the Imago Dei.”

          The only entity on that list that was capable of engaging in such abstract thought was an African Grey Parrot called “Alex”. Necropsy showed an unremarkable brain for Psittacus erithacus. As was the rest of the anatomy.

          Those who knew him, if only through the videos of him, mourn his untimely demise even now. Alex’s last words to Pepperberg, his “owner” were: “You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you.” As near as we can estimate. Alex’s intellect was on the level of a 3 yr old human.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Well, I see you decided to delete your previous post. Good idea.

            That was as much a nice bunch of codswallop as the Dawkins quote. Thank you.

            “Evolution in biology is just a special case.”

            Oh yeah, it’s a real “special” case. I have no idea who you’re trying to impress with all that gobbledygook but it sure ain’t working on me. And now that you deleted it, I guess we’ll never know how much it didn’t work on others either.

            All you’re doing is proving Romans 1:22 spot on. You should try an approach like Dr. Brown or Jones above. You can write all the fancy mumbo-jumbo papers ya wanna but it’ll never change the fact and proof of what simply standing naked in front of the mirror proves.

            But hey, just keep saying stuff like, “As near as WE can estimate. Alex’s intellect was on the level of a 3 yr old human” and you’ll help “us” more than you can imagine.

          • I didn’t delete that post. Yet deleted it was. Their site, their rules, and apparently anything factual about the E-word is forbidden. I’ll try not to try their patience again.

            “You can write all the fancy mumbo-jumbo papers ya wanna but it’ll never change the fact and proof of what simply standing naked in front of the mirror proves.”

            Er.. a bit of a sore point that. I have the 3BHSD form of CAH. Meaning I was born looking mostly male, but changed to look mostly female later in life. Standing naked in front of a mirrors was something I avoided when young, as it was ***intensely*** distressing, and even now, it’s not something I routinely engage in, despite having normal female anatomy at last.

            “0.001% is about the figure for those humans who naturally change sex from all the causes put together, due to either 5ARD, 17BHSD, 3BHSD, 45,X/46,XY MGD, 46,XX/46,XY mosaicism, etc etc.”

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            I’m very sorry to hear of your malady. Sin has most certainly corrupted God’s Creation in ways we likely will never fully understand.

            However, the good news is that none of that has effected who you are when in Jesus Christ. Only God knows what may have happened in the womb after he created you and carefully and wonderfully knit you together. God knows exactly what and how He created you to be and He knows the plan He has for your life. THAT is where your search should be.

            All the “science” and wisdom of man (See Prov. 14:12) will never help you anywhere’s even close to what God can. Not here on Earth and most certainly not in Eternity.

            All you have to do is when you hear God drawing you to Christ just surrender as a slave to the Lord Jesus. Confess your sins, turn from them, beg Him to save you from the punishment you deserve and He will. Then just deny yourself daily, pick up your cross, and follow Him.

            Do that and you will have Eternal Life and all that He desires you to have.

          • Royce, many thanks for your kind words.

            I really do have to clear up one misconception though.

            Trans women are girls who are born looking like boys. That causes misery you can’t imagine. From an early age, it’s typical for such children to pray every single night that when they wake up, their body will be fixed.

            I never did that. My deep reading at Sunday School – picked up all the prizes for scriptural knowledge – led me to agnosticism very early. I was the kind of kid who, at age 3, actually climbed into the fireplace and partly up the chimney to verify for myself that, even should a fat, red-suited character manage magically to thin himself down to fit, his red suit would be black as pitch, and he’d stink of coal tar at the end. As I did, at age 3.

            I also thought “why me?”. There were other kids who had things far worse than I did, blind, missing limbs, sticken by Polio (yes, I’m that old). Someone with a paper cut should not complain when there are others who are double amputees.

            Yet.. even though I didn’t pray to gods I don’t believe exist, even though there are literally millions of children worldwide who objectively deserve a miracle cure to Transsexuality more than I do… somehow I got the miracle cure, they didn’t. Should I be wrong, and gods exist, I will have harsh words with them about this, it’s unjust. (See Pride, Sin of).

            That the miracle comes by the name of “3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficient form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia”, happens over many months rather than overnight, and causes some unpleasant medical issues is neither here nor there. Neither is the fact that being Intersex excludes a diagnosis of Transsexuality in the ICD-10 diagnostics manual, effectively I was transsexual, any difference is technical and of no significance.

            So to call it a “malady”.. or to assume I must be bearing a cross.. it’s just not accurate. We should all be thankful for small mercies, but I have a great big one to be thankful for.

            Again, thanks for your kindness, and may you have kindness shewn to you fivefold in return.

            The hard bit – even those who have been less than kind to me, should have kindness shewn to them too. By me and others. Thanks for making it easy in your case, That it might be harder in other cases is no excuse for me not to do it. Romans 2 14-15 has some good words for those like me.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            “Trans women are girls who are born looking like boys. That causes misery you can’t imagine.”

            No, I really can’t imagine. Unless one has walked in those shoes I doubt anyone really can. But I do think I can empathize. We live in a fallen world and each and every human being is a broken vessel in some way, shape, or form.

            I don’t know if a gal I once knew suffered from this specific problem or not but she had a 5 o’clock shadow that could hold its own with any man. What I do know is that she was happily married to a man. I’ve known other women who look fairly “manly” and I’ve known men who were pretty feminine looking/acting too.

            The point being we each, in our own unique way, have stuff we have to deal with. And I know that kids can be downright brutal to each other.

            “Should I be wrong, and gods exist, I will have harsh words with them about this, it’s unjust. (See Pride, Sin of).”

            Now just how Prideful can one be to think they can have “harsh words” for Almighty God? And it’s not “gods”. It’s God. Period. As for your reading Scripture and “deep reading at Sunday School”, perhaps you missed these:

            Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.” (John 8:47)

            “The unbeliever does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. And he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1st Cor. 2:14)

            When the spiritually dead try to read the Book of Life it’s like a blind man trying to read a road map before hopping in the car to drive. You have to get a heart transplant before you can have eyes to see. That’s not meant as a slight. It’s just an explanation.

            You’re quite welcome and I agree wholeheartedly with your “That it might be harder in other cases is no excuse for me not to do it.” Though I must say there are a few on here ever now and then that test my abilities of self-control to the max!

            And just so you know, I don’t fault your skepticism at all. By all means, look at the Scriptures and test them. I would just ask that you do so objectively for one can find anything in Scripture they want to. Satan uses them all the time. He even tried to use them against Christ Himself. If you’ll do that, I’ll pray that God will illuminate your mind to the Truth of His Word.

            Who knows? Perhaps you will come to a testimony that glorifies God in a way that only you can. I can only say this, and I may be repeating myself but, you’ll never find any more contentment, purpose, and satisfaction in life that when you find who you are in Christ Jesus.

          • Timothy Horton

            “I didn’t delete that post. Yet deleted it was. Their site, their rules, and apparently anything factual about the E-word is forbidden. I’ll try not to try their patience again.”

            This site claims to allow dissenting opinions but myself and others have had numerous polite posts just vanish without a trace. Apparently you’re not allowed to post things the Fundies can’t refute and which they get embarrassed over.

          • Triple T

            Please, not this again. You were given explanations about how this works by several people who were qualified to explain it to you. You continue to insist that they aren’t telling you the truth the same way you think you can just insist any other bit of reality you don’t like isn’t true. Yet you also insist on being a daily visitor to this site. You strike me as one of those people who isn’t happy unless he has something to complain about.

          • Timothy Horton

            ” You were given explanations about how this works by several people who were qualified to explain it to you.”

            No I wasn’t. I had one moderator say he didn’t know how it happened and who restored many of my posts. I had another say he didn’t know anything about it. You strike me as a good little Fundy who has to add his own lies to cover his incompetence in virtually every other area.

          • Triple T

            I don’t know what a fundy is, so I can’t tell if this another one of your insults or not. I guess words are another thing the inhabitants of your world can make up.

          • Timothy Horton

            You don’t know how to hold an honest discussion either but that doesn’t stop you from blithering.

          • Triple T

            Mr. Gilson explained to you:

            “We have a comments policy, Mr. Horton. You wrote at least
            two posts that were in clear violation of that policy, and they were deleted accordingly. We have an open-door policy to disagreement but not to sexually charged language of the sort you were using. Courage is not the question, but rather courtesy, and I think most readers can discern the difference.”
            Mr. Roscoe began a reply to you with:

            “As I mentioned in my direct email to you yesterday evening” I assume he went on to explain how it works further.
            Two people who took the time to explain how the policy works to you. Should you choose to ignore what these gentlemen told you, plan on more of your posts being removed.

          • Timothy Horton

            Neither of them explained how or why my posts vanished. They obviously weren’t removed for violating board policy because many of them were reinstated days later.

            The more you lie about this the worse you look. But don’t let me stop you from digging your hole deeper.

          • Triple T

            Again, from Mr. Gilson’s explanation:
            “We have a comments policy, Mr. Horton. You wrote at least
            two posts that were in clear violation of that policy, and they were deleted accordingly. We have an open-door policy to disagreement but not to

            Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…..
            Emphasis mine. Remember the other day how you had a good chuckle at your suggestion that I try “reading for comprehension”? Maybe it’s about time you gave that a shot. God evening.

          • Timothy Horton

            Keep lying. Over a span of three days I had over a dozen posts vanish and then be restored a few days later. None violated board policy. Do you think Zoe_Brain’s post vanished for obscenities too?

            You remind me of man-baby Trump. A compulsive liar who says whatever pops into his head to try and get his foot out of his mouth. His lies don’t work and neither do yours.

          • davidrev17

            How can you possibly expect to effectively, or meaningfully communicate with people whose ulitimate, “by-faith” (or a priori) philosophical starting point is “In the beginning God…” – meaning WE Judeo-Christian disciples of the Lord Yeshua believe that “Mind represents ultimate reality; while you et al. metaphysical materialists’ possess an ultimate “by faith” (a priori) philosophical starting point that “you are your brain,” or “the mind is, what the brain does” – i.e., put another way: nature, or mass/energy represents ultimate reality??

            Both are logically equivalent, ultimate “by-faith,” worldview propositions! So how can your by-faith worldview assumption, possibly be so superior?? You begin with what we believe the Creator has already “spoken” into existence…the entire physical universe!

          • George Van Apeldoorn

            In return, how would you explain that a long, long, long very long time ago “Nothing” exploded, traveled at speed X through nothing without any resistance. Stopped spontaneously, collapsed spontaneously into a pinpoint of still “Nothing”. Then exploded again and …………………… poof…………… here we are. Talking about a leap of faith, when everything around us in nature screams Intelligence at us and willful Design.

          • davidrev17

            George, surely your post was for ZB, and not myself, because “Intelligence” & “willful Design” is precisely what “Mind representing ultimate reality” entails; as in that is exactly the picture, or motif the Judeo-Christian Scriptures reveal…aka the biblical worldview! (Sorry if this wasn’t conveyed clearly?)

          • George Van Apeldoorn

            Oops, you’re right!!

          • “But hey, just keep saying stuff like, “As near as WE can estimate.
            Alex’s intellect was on the level of a 3 yr old human” and you’ll help
            “us” more than you can imagine.”

            And? That matters how?

            Some people have real difficulty accepting the whole unlikely fact that the Sun isn’t some shiny object the same size as the Moon that rises and sets around a fixed Earth, but a gigantic ball of incandescent gas that is very far away.

            Some people have difficulty accepting that stars aren’t tiny lights affixed to the Firmament, which occasionally fall to Earth, but things like the Sun only much, much further away.

            Anyone espousing either of these two ideas is likely to help “you” even more. They’re not exactly intuitively obvious, are they? Merely factual.

            This isn’t about propagandisation of a Faith, but merely giving information. To attempt to conceal facts in order to fit some party line or be more convincing would be dishonest, would it not?

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            I really have no idea how to respond to that except to say you didn’t answer the question as to who the “we” is.

            I know I’d sure like to know and I imagine many others would too. It’d be nice to know who those are that actually think they can measure and compare the intelligence of a 3yo with a parrot.

          • Timothy Horton

            Every time I see a reply like REVB’s to posted scientific evidence I am reminded of a statement made by a creationist pastor at the Kitzmiller v. Dover ID-Creationism trial:

            “We’ve been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture” – Pastor Ray Mummert


          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Every time I see a reply like TH’s claiming to have seen “scientific evidence”, I am reminded of the Richard Dawkins quote:

            “Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.” (December 2004 Interview Bill Moyers “Now”. You can Google for the actual transcript)

          • Timothy Horton

            What Dawkins meant in context is the process of evolution has been empirically observed, just an entire speciation event from start to finish has not been observed real time in a multi-cellular creature since it takes far longer than a human lifetime to achieve.

            Ignorant creationists love to hang onto these sort of dishonest little quote-mined quotes. Lying about science they don’t understand and can’t explain is what they do.

          • davidrev17

            Shame the entire fossil record, on every continent, is quintessentially UN-Darwinian! Darwin had actually “pointed to the dead” – meaning the fossil record – in hopes that someday his macroevolutionary philosophical theory would be vindicated, as research & exploration continued. Guess what: Darwin, and every other evolutionary enthusiast has been certifiably presented with nothing but UN-Darwinian paleontological evidence throughout the fossil record.

            Curiously however, the biblical revelation from millenia-ago that “everything produces after its own kind,” has been an empirically consistent reality that’s highly UNcontroversial throughout nature. Hmmm…

          • Timothy Horton

            “Shame the entire fossil record, on every continent, is quintessentially UN-Darwinian! ”

            What a rather silly and unsupported thing to claim. Paleontologists have been studying the fossils for over 200 years and have identified clear patterns of branching nested hierarchies over deep time among lineages, patterns that only common descent is known to produce. To top it off, geneticists studying animal DNA have identified the virtually identical clear patterns of branching nested hierarchies over deep time among extant lineages. These amazingly closely correlating patterns from two completely independent data sources are known as the twin nested phylogenies of life. Evolution is the only known scientific explanation for the matching patterns.

            Sorry but the creationist POOF! MAGIC! isn’t a scientific explanation.

          • davidrev17

            Timothy, “you’ve been imbibing far-too-heavily from the [neo-Darwinian] wells of naturalism for too long.” His “tree of life” – dead and gone! (New Scientist cover story Jan. 2009.)

            Even the long-revered “Crick/Watson Central Dogma,” unique to the erstwhile “gene-centered view” of evolutionary processes” – can you say Dawkins’ former “selfish-gene” hypothesis? – has since been relegated to the “dustbins of scientific history.” Can you say epigenetics & proteomics? Science is a “notoriously self-correcting enterprise”; as such, there’s NO such thing as “settled science.” You’re still trying to defend the public staple of evolution called the “dumbed-down version”; and these aren’t my religious opinions either.

            (BTW: You may want to try and appropriate a 21-st-century perspective on evolution; because whatever “evolution” was thought to be since circa 1859 – it sure ain’t Darwinian.)

          • Timothy Horton

            LOL! You need to stop brainlessly regurgitating Creationist lies about science you don’t understand. The Jan 2009 article was about horizontal gene transfer, a phenomenon found almost exclusively in single celled organisms. All it does is make the phylogenies of single celled creatures a bit blurrier. It doesn’t adversely affect one iota the phylogenies of multi-celled creatures whose lineages have been around for at least 500 million years.

            You may want to try reading the actual scientific literature instead of the moronic drivel of AIG and Chick tracts

          • Timothy Horton

            I see another of my posts concerning Creationist twisting and misrepresenting evolutionary science has vanished without a trace. What a surprise.

          • davidrev17

            Well Tim, you already know the rules by which owners of these blogs operate. Anyway, I will say this to you concerning your clearly outdated views on neo-Darwinian evolution – originally associated with the 20th-century version called the “Modern Synthesis”: The revised and/overhauled paradigm in the 21st-century is now called the “Extended Evolutionary Synthesis,” or (EES).

            Just Google the “Royal Society Meeting” in London, Nov. 5th-7th, 2016, whereby some of this planet’s top scientists and philosophers of science & biological science, had gathered to “air” these profoundly unsettling issues out. Remember: science just keeps moving…and is a preeminently “tentative” discipline. Yet scientists on the losing side, struggle mightily over the prospect of losing their cherished influence, funding etc., as new evidence comes to the forefront. (Do you recall Thomas Kuhn’s magisterial “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”??

            And that very situation is currently being played-out in the West, over the former evolutionary paradigm re: the Modern Synthesis…and its Replacement and/or Revision with the “EES.” (LINES ARE BEING DRAWN IN THE SAND!) Old habits die hard…because prideful, arrogant human beings “die-a-thousand-deaths” over the prospect of having to admit the following three unthinkable words: I WAS WRONG!

            So, since you’ve expressed no insight, or awareness concerning these changes, based upon your comments in this particular story, maybe you’d find it helpful to peruse two up-to-date scientific links, called The Third Way of Evolutionary & The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis.

            Both are loaded with publications/books representing scientific research in current evolutionary biology; whose conclusions at the sub-microscopic level in cellular processes, represent findings that are almost “light-years” beyond what evolution was thought to be under the former 20th-century version of the Modern Synthesis.

            EPIGENETICS & PROTEOMICS, are just two cutting-edge, breathtaking areas of research in the 21st-century…happy studying Tim!

          • Timothy Horton

            LOL! Like most Creationists you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You mindlessly repeat IDiot claims from the Discovery Institute without ever reading a single scientific paper. Here’s a big hint – the Theory of Evolution is not in crisis. It isn’t about to collapse as creos have been claiming for 150 years. It’s still a vibrant modern theory being used as a basis for research and understanding at universities and science labs all over the planet. Feel free to keep crowing about how ID-Creation is winning. The proof is in the pudding – hundreds of new papers are published every week in the primary scientific literature on all aspects of evolution. The IDiots self-publish anti-science garbage in the popular press which only impresses the scientifically illiterate.

            “Well Tim, you already know the rules by which owners of these blogs operate.”

            That I do. Polite posts that scientifically illiterate Christians don’t like get deleted without a trace.

          • davidrev17

            Tim, your unassailable Blind-Faith, thus fideistic devotion to this totally UN-SCIENTIFIC worldview of metaphysical naturalism – consisting of an equally fideistic adherence to the still enigmatic, and wholly unsupported “molecule to man conundrum” – would make even the most rock-ribbed, Islamic homicide bomber green-with-envy my man! Always a pleasure & have a great weekend sir! (The Lord Jesus truly loves you…”seek Him while He may be found”…please!)

          • Timothy Horton

            Please explain how to do science without relying 100% on methodological naturalism. Explain how to produce a vaccine if one day Loki God makes it work in trials and the next day He turns it into a deadly poison.

            I hear lots of griping because science doesn’t consider the supernatural, only “materialism”, but no one can ever explain how to include the supernatural in scientific investigations.

            You too, have a great weekend, don’t drink too much green beer. 😉

          • Kristin Solo

            A spiritually enlightened man has an enhanced awareness of the existence and effects of the spiritual realm, which transcends this earthly domain.
            Such knowledge enables him to lay hold upon a higher order of things and grasp that therein lies the source from where life originates in the Great Creator.
            Evolution, on the other hand, closes the mind to some of the plainest spiritual truths, while it opens the mind to the wildest speculation, wherein life is supposedly produced from non-life spontaneously ‘or the evolution myth is busted right off the bat’ !

          • davidrev17

            Tim, regarding your question about Methodological Naturalism – having sometimes been referred to as “Methodological Atheism” – I thought it might be helpful through allowing a (now retired) distinguished/eminent evolutionary scientist from Harvard – Marxist/atheist Emeritus Professor of Biology and Zoology, Dr. Richard Lewontin – to provide an eye-opening textbook answer to your question.

            He was a colleague of both Carl Sagan & Stephen J. Gould – both long-since deceased – a triumvirate of vociferous, a priori committed atheists, if ever there was one. You can access this powerfully illuminating article covering the philosophy of science under, “Billions and Billions of Demons,” New York Review of Books, (Jan., 9, 1997). And please take your time digesting this classic piece in its entirety, from a truly brilliant scientist – because he’s intimately acquainted of the discipline.

            * * *

            “Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism.

            “It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door. The eminent Kant scholar Lewis Beck used to say that anyone who could believe in God could believe in anything. To appeal to an omnipotent deity is to allow that at any moment the regularities of nature may be ruptured, that miracles may happen.”

          • Timothy Horton

            (facepalm) Good grief, not the Lewontin quote-mined quote again? Are you aware Lewontin himself got so tired of Creationists misrepresenting his words in the Sagan book review he actually wrote about it just like Gould did?

            Lewontin’s message in the DHW review was the entire scientific method is predicated on the assumption that the universe is predictable. That doesn’t mean it is but that science can only proceed on that assumption. That’s it. He wasn’t rejecting science in general or evolution in particular. Here’s another Lewontin quote the Creationists won’tuse:

            “It is time for students of the evolutionary process, especially those who have been misquoted and used by the creationists, to state clearly that evolution is a FACT, not theory, and that what is at issue within biology are questions of details of the process and the relative importance of different mechanisms of evolution. It is a FACT that the earth with liquid water, is more than 3.6 billion years old. It is a FACT that cellular life has been around for at least half of that period and that organized multicellular life is at least 800 million years old. It is a FACT that major life forms now on earth were not at all represented in the past. There were no birds or mammals 250 million years ago. It is a FACT that major life forms of the past are no longer living. There used to be dinosaurs and Pithecanthropus, and there are none now. It is a FACT that all living forms come from previous living forms. Therefore, all present forms of life arose from ancestral forms that were different. Birds arose from nonbirds and humans from nonhumans. No person who pretends to any understanding of the natural world can deny these facts any more than she or he can deny that the earth is round, rotates on its axis, and revolves around the sun” – Richard Lewontin.

            Do you have anything to add that’s not heavily spun nonsense from Creationist sources?

          • Timothy Horton

            Once again I post evidence against Creationism, pointing out the sad use of the quote-mined Lewontin quote and once again my post vanished after an hour.

            You guys are making Christians look so honest and brave, ya know?

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            What a rather silly and unsupported thing to claim. Your problem is that there is a little thing called Google today where anyone who truly wants to see what Science says and know the Truth can.

            A wise man once said it is better to keep your mouth shut and not show your ignorance than open it and remove all doubt. You should work on your wisdom a bit.

            The FACT is there are more and more scientists who are coming to see that there is overwhelming evidence for Intelligent Design behind all science. And fewer and fewer scientists are holding to the Big Bang or that small changes occur over long periods of time.

            It’s only those who wanna bury their head in the sand or more likely up their six that continue to hold to old falsehoods of the past and ignore what modern science is showing today. From Microbiology to Geology to you name it, Science is showing the evidence of a Creator.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Ah, so now you think you can even read Dawkins mind. I say he meant what he said and if you watch the video of him being asked simple questions about it, you’d see that.

            You really need to get over yourself.

            “Lying about science they don’t understand and can’t explain is what they do.”

            That’s what Jesus would call a Giant Sequoia Tree sticking outta your eye socket.

            Lying is what the minions of Satan do because he’s your father.

            And you are dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you walk according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience. Among them you live in the lusts of your flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and are by nature children of wrath (Eph. 2:1-3)

    • Timothy Horton

      You’re a perfect example of the scientifically illiterate Fundies who reject all scientific evidence of a genetic, biological basis for sexual orientation. Clinging to the falsehood sexual orientation is a conscious choice makes it easier to justify prejudice against non-hetero folks because “they brought it on themselves”.

      I’ll ask you the same question I ask all the anti-gay champions here: Please describe how and when you consciously chose your own sexual orientation. Not your behavior, you innate feelings of attraction.

      You won’t answer because the answer would show the failure of your arguments.

      • Kevin Carr

        How do you explain identical twins where one is gay and the other straight? Make sure you get an insult in your answer.

        • Timothy Horton

          The genetic component in non-hetero sexual orientation doesn’t automatically make its possessors non-hetero. It just makes it more likely epigenetic effects along with other hormonal and environmental influences not shared identically by twins will lead to non-hetero orientation.

          I would point out it’s very easy to Google and read the scientific evidence for this yourself but I don’t want you to feel insulted.

          • Kevin Carr

            I will, I said the insult part because you tend to include one as part of your response.

          • Timothy Horton

            Your very first post to me was an insult and now you whine when you’re responded to in kind? There’s a word for that, starts with H Y P O C….

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Thanks for publicly displaying your character. So much for the Golden Rule and turning the other cheek. Just give it back to ’em the way you think you got it.

            Now, c’mon back and preach to us some more about the virtues of your morality and the way you see things.

          • Kevin Carr

            How so? No whining here.

      • m-nj

        I won’t reject that there can be genetic factors involved in homosexual and transsexual feelings… we are fallen creatures and sin has tainted everything. Showing an association between a behavior and genes (or even congenital changes like brain development) in no way makes the case that said behavior is normal or naturally. To the contrary, it shows said behavior is aberrant and abnormal.

        Otherwise, we would have to say it is just “natural” for people to be violent, addicted, obese, hypersexual, etc… all of which have been shown to have some genetic factors or other biological defects at their core in many cases.

        We are human beings, not animals, so we can CHOOSE to rise above our damaged nature.

        • Timothy Horton

          No one has ever shown being non-hetero is in any way, shape, or form “damaging”. It’s no more aberrant and abnormal than being left-handed is aberrant and abnormal.

          The demand that non-hetero people act hetero is just silly. Why should a sizable chunk of the population ignore their harmless innate feelings and damage themselves by being something they’re not just to please some religious fanatics?

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            “It’s no more aberrant and abnormal than being left-handed is aberrant and abnormal.”

            WRONG! Nature and Biology itself shows that being non-hetero is damaging. Studies show, for example, that the so-called (but entirely made up fiction) “Transgender” have a MUCH higher rate of suicide.

            “Sizable chunk”? LOL Now you’re just being silly, showing either a complete ignorance or a willful attempt to deceive. The entire LGBTQABCXYZ community makes up no more that 5-6% of the population and some studies show that “Transgenderism” is actually .3% (that’s POINT 3%).

            Lastly, the answer to your question, first of all it’s not innate. That’s just your lie you wish to promote which is rooted in the father of all lies and secondly, for their own health and welfare here on Earth and most especially for all Eternity.

            Oh, and btw, for those who don’t know, a “religious fanatic” is usually just someone who loves Jesus more than you do.

          • Timothy Horton

            “WRONG! Nature and Biology itself shows that being non-hetero is
            damaging. Studies show, for example, that the so-called (but entirely
            made up fiction) “Transgender” have a MUCH higher rate of suicide.”

            That’s BECAUSE hateful bigots like you demean them and degrade them and tell them they’re evil and worthless. Ostracism and persecution always adversely affect the minority groups being attacked.

          • Gary

            God not only demeans homosexuals, He damns them. Their supporters too.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            You know, I try very hard to hold my tongue and just realize that some cretins never had a momma that taught them any manners, respect for others, and civility but ever now and then one comes along who is so acrid, oppugnant, invidious, and downright vile that they make it almost impossible to do so.

            So I’ll just say I’m rubber and your glue, what you say bounces of me and sticks on you.

            That and you’re just a bold-faced Liar of your father Satan because there ain’t one person on here, and certainly NOT me who you replied to that has EVER said they are evil and worthless.

            Quite to the contrary to bumtious, splenetic, priggish, buffoon for Jesus Christ died for them the same as He did for me. In fact, He even died for a mendacious blooter as yourself.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          “all of which have been shown to have some genetic factors or other biological defects at their core in many cases.”

          Where has that been “shown” in that “shown” is evidence and not supposition?

          Apart from that you are spot on in that humans CHOOSE to rise above our damaged nature.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        You’re a perfect example of the Liberals who exercise a faux omniscience and god complex claiming “evidence” that does NOT exist while hurling ad hominem and aspersions.

        Furthermore, I never claimed “sexual orientation” was a conscious choice. I claimed there is ONLY ONE sexual orientation and that is the one given by God. To wit: a man toward a woman and vice versa.

        I claimed that what you and others label as “sexual orientation” is actually “sexual attraction” and there IS a difference!

        And now I will show you to be the Liar you are by answering the question that you clearly, in black & white, said I won’t. I never consciously chose my sexual orientation because God is the one who carefully and wonderfully knit me together in my mother’s womb as a man and therefore He is the One who oriented me toward women. The same is true for ALL Men.

        Now, as far as being scientifically illiterate, let’s see you cite your indisputable evidence to the contrary. Or you could just do the smart thing and come back, confess, and repent of your ignorant rant because there is NO science that gives any “evidence” as you state.

        And I know, because contrary to your faux omniscience, I’m not scientifically illiterate though I do take your blessing for accurately describing me as a Fundamentalist. Yup, no doubt about it. I do believe God just happens to know a little bit more that YOU or any other man who professes to be wise and is a fool. As well as relying on their own wisdom while denying the Truths of God.

        • Timothy Horton

          “I never consciously chose my sexual orientation because God is the one
          who carefully and wonderfully knit me together in my mother’s womb as a
          man and therefore He is the One who oriented me toward women. The same
          is true for ALL Men.”

          Sorry but you don’t speak for all men. You don’t speak for anyone but yourself. Just as all the people born non-hetero speak for themselves when refuting the ignorance and bigotry you preach.

          • Gary

            God forbids homosexual behavior. The US government won’t execute people for homosexual behavior, but God still sends all homosexuals to Hell.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Sorry but I do. As an Ambassador of Jesus Christ who is the Creator, I most certainly can and do.

            And thank you for showing the Left’s typical resorting to churlish, uncouth, invectives by the miscreants.

          • Timothy Horton

            “Sorry but I do. ”

            LOL!! Now we get one who thinks he’s God. And you call non-hetero folks deranged.

  • llew jones

    Of course the reality is trans “men” can’t produce sperm and trans “women” can’t produce eggs as Michael told us, so though we may consider the whole alphabet crew as stark raving bonkers or children of the devil (probably both) the reality is they cannot breed and produce children. Thus the madness ends with them. That is a singular blessing given to fallen mankind.

    Those of us who believe that these and other genetic defects, illnesses and death itself are the result of God’s curse on creatures, who though made in his image rebelled against him, can thank God for such a safety net. If, on the other hand, one is an atheist that one may wish to give thanks to old mum nature.

    • Autrey Windle

      Actually I guess the atheists can thank Mum Nature in person after they get through the turnstile to hell…

      • llew jones

        Perhaps it should have been Pagans rather than atheists (but then on third thoughts whats the difference).

      • llew jones

        Autrey don’t know if you’ve come across John Lennox. He is the Professor of Mathematics at Oxford in the UK. And is pretty well known in academic circles for his public debates with some of the New Atheists. They include the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion,Lawrence Krauss a theoretical physicist, Peter Singer an ethicist at Princeton and the late Christopher Hitchens author of God Is Not Great. All those debates can be seen on YouTube. Look up John Lennox.

        He is not into the letters of the alphabet debate but he is a Christian apologist who provides a logical and biblical response to the basic materialism of the likes of Timothy Horton. He is not an evolutionist but his main thrust is the implausibility of materialism or naturalism.

        If you are not familiar with Lennox you may like to listen to him on YouTube when you get a bit of time. A relevant topic to start is – John Lennox In The Beginning God – (And for any others who find TH a bit obsessively overbearing with his faux evolution which paradoxically is his raison d’être for being a homosexual).

        • Autrey Windle

          Thanks! I’ll check it out.

    • Paul

      Unless they do the hormones and/or surgery they still got the plumbing. But adoption is an option since many govts now overlook this insanity.

    • Tribtrooper

      Except they spread it thru lies and deceit to new generations. I see gays in my line of work who are sick and dying of aides. Most of which have been “married” or in long term supposededly manogomous relationships. Fact is Homo men average 500 to up in the thousands of partners.

  • Peter L

    In this post-modern era, feelings and ideology have replaced facts and science. How can psychiatrists agree with this? There’s a myriad of false identities or personalities people project on themselves. Normally they are treated compassionately as disorders and people are offered help to get rid of the disorder, not to look more like it’s true.
    Apparently, if a group shouts loud enough to have their disorder be looked at as ‘just another gender identity’. facts are ignored and ideology rules.
    The post-modern concept that absolute facts do not exist or cannot be known, is self-defeating. The concept is presented as an absolute fact itself and therefore denies itself.

  • Gary

    The promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, etc. is nothing more than an attempt to get everyone to accept sinful behavior as something legitimate. It always includes trying to make it illegal to refuse to go along.

  • Surfinnonreality

    This has been going on for a long time and is now gaining traction in our society.
    Just three of the 45 declared communist goals from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

    • Kathleen Oldt

      Wow, yes, this is happening.

  • Toro

    A sure sign of God’s judgement.

    • Gary

      I agree. And there are many others. We have federal and state governments in which almost everyone is corrupt. We have a society that is largely immoral and looking for new opportunities to be even more immoral. And the rest of the world is as bad or worse than we are in the US.

  • Christian Cowboy

    I pray daily that the moral compass for this country will correct itself and again point towards God’s Word and what it says about sin. As long as we as a country call evil good and sin normal – we are leading ourselves and future generations into eternal torment.

    • Wayne Cook

      A moral compass only comes when Christians fall on their faces before a holy God and confess their sins. It never corrects itself. We aren’t going to see change in our world until we Christians repent and seek God with all our hearts.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Professing themselves to be wise they became fools ..” How much clearer does it have to become for this “wisdom” to be exposed for what it is ? Pride in one of its most outrageous disguises. The warfare that must exist in these conflicted souls most surly brings a smile to their tormentors visage – unseen though it is.

    • Kathleen Oldt

      Excellent! I Agree

  • Paola Sanchez-Burgos

    I love your articles! Continue to share with us, please! And may God continue to bless you!

  • GeneP54

    Can anyone show me where it’s explained about men having periods? I’m a medical professional and for the life of me, I can’t find that in ANY of my medical books, nor can I find the ‘explanation’ given by…well…anyone.
    Nor can I find in my Bible any place that God isn’t referred to as ‘He’.
    Help! Anyone??

    • Kathleen Oldt

      I thought the same thing. I guess it’s meant to be stupid. Maybe the message that men can be “cranky” at times too? No, it’s stupid. Makes no sense.

    • Tribtrooper

      Genesis 5:2 ” Male and female created HE them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam (man) in the day when they were created.”

  • It’s freaky out there and getting freakier. We’re not living in reality any more.

    • Kristin Solo

      As prophesied

  • To encourage transgenderism in your child is to invariably encourage homosexuality, a capital crime according to the only ONE with the authority to determine what constitutes a capital criminal. See Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.

    Had the 18th-century founders (like their 17th-century Colonial forbears) established government and society upon Yahweh’s immutable/unchanging moral law (including Deuteronomy 22:5, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13), there would no transgender/homosexual agenda in America because no sodomite, lesbian, or transgender would dare risk exposing themselves to petition government for their “rights.”

    For more on how Yahweh’s immutable moral law applies (including Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, and Deuteronomy 22:5) and should be implemented today, see free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page and scroll down to title.

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that examines the Constitution by the Bible.

    • Timothy Horton

      You see this kind of “Christian kindness”, calling for the execution of all non-hetero people, and you still wonder why I refer to this sort of tool as a hateful bigot.

      • Gary

        Jesus Christ required the death penalty for homosexual behavior (Leviticus 20:13). That should show everyone what God thinks of homosexuals.

        • Timothy Horton

          God also drowned millions of children and unborn babies in Noah’s Flood. That should show everyone what God thinks of children and unborn babies.

          • Gary

            Wait until you see what God is going to do to you. You will wish you have never been born.

          • Kevin Carr

            I realize some of these subjects can be touchy, but if you are Christian the objective should be to represent Christ. You may not win the person to Christ but don’t give a bad impression. In the OT God did and does feel about homosexuality and adultery and many other sins as worthy of death. We are not under the Law, doesn’t change how he feels about sin, but because of His love for all he provided a way of escape. That being said let’s remember who we are and who we belong to and represent.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Totally agree. But let’s also not make light of what God has said. Gary could’ve perhaps worded his comment better but he is correct in that the Death Penalty which God required is a direct reflection on the severity of the Sin.

            I suppose I should point out here, lest dimwit TH come back and call me a bigot again, that Adultery carried the same Death Penalty.

            Also, while it is true that we are no longer under the Law today, those who are not in Christ are still under the Law. The ONLY reason that Homosexuals and Adulterers are not put to death is because of the laws of this country and our command to obey them unless they specifically require us to sin against God. Lessening the penalty for Homosexuality does not require that. Ergo, those countries that do have the Death Penalty are no less Just that we.

          • Jenny Ondioline

            Fckin pig Royce. Yeah I bet you’d love to kill all the homosexuals. What a fine Christian.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            LOL. Oh yeah, we can all see who the pig is! LOL Matt. 15:18 and Luke 6:45. Thanks for showing who you are. I bet your momma and daddy just love to have you kiss them with that mouth.

            As for what a Christian is, I’ve told you a 100x that you have NO clue what a Christian is. You’re nothing but a God-hating, spiritually-dead, child of wrath and disobedience, who as one of Satan’s minion does his bidding by trolling Christian sites and spewing that vomit.

            Thank you for making that CLEAR!

          • Jenny Ondioline

            Go kill a few homosexuals Royce, you loving Christian you.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            TROLL ALERT!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!

            In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.

            From Psychology Today: “Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists. An Internet troll is someone who comes into a discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. Often, in fact, it seems like there is no real purpose behind their comments except to upset everyone else involved. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.”

          • Jenny Ondioline

            Just go kill some homosexuals. Then we have an excuse to lock your hate-filled carcass away for good.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            You are really one sick puppy! How dare you advocate for any kind of violence, especially murder, against Homosexuals just so you can see a Christian go to jail.

            I do hope you get the help you need.

          • Jenny Ondioline

            Nice try. YOU are the one making genocidal statements about homosexuals, not me.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Nice try. Never made ANY such statement. But I understand, you can’t help but lie. It’s who you are. It’s what Satan’s minions and trolls do.

          • Jenny Ondioline

            “Also, while it is true that we are no longer under the Law today, those
            who are not in Christ are still under the Law. The ONLY reason that
            Homosexuals and Adulterers are not put to death is because of the laws
            of this country and our command to obey them unless they specifically
            require us to sin against God. Lessening the penalty for Homosexuality
            does not require that. Ergo, those countries that do have the Death
            Penalty are no less just than we.” – Royce E. Van Blaricome

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Thank you. I appreciate you quoting me. There is nothing genocidal in that statement. It is a statement about Justice.

            Now why don’t you be intellectually honest and quote the MANY times YOU have said that whatever is LEGAL is righteous and just and should be followed.

            Rest assured, Righteousness and Justice WILL prevail.

            “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Rev 21:8)

            And btw, “liars” includes ALL those like you who call Evil good and Good evil.

          • Jenny Ondioline

            Where is the JUSTICE in wanting to see homosexuals DEAD, Royce?
            And I never said what is legal is righteous. I said the law forms the law. Your religion does not.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            I NEVER said I “wanted” to see Homosexuals dead. I “want” to see them confess, repent, and get saved. I said the countries who give them the Death Penalty are just as Just as we are because their sin is deserving of the Death Penalty. The same as with an Adulterer. And I pointed out that your constant trumpeting of the Law makes it so according to your Standard.

            You just lied again. You have said numerous times that the Law is righteous and then you tried to backpedal when I caught you unable to answer all the terrible laws and SCOTUS rulings that have occurred over the years.

            All you’re doing is continuing to prove you have NO basis for your “morality” and you have no foundation for what is JUSTICE.

            “A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found.” (Psalm 37:10)

          • Jenny Ondioline

            How are they going to change their sexuality, which CANNOT be changed, by following your religion, Royce? How the hell does that work? The countries that want to kill them are backwarded and completely fcked up and so are you if you’re defending them in ANY way. Stop looking for answers in the wrong book. The Bible in this case is the wrong book. Look to medical science instead.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            The below contained links to videos by numerous Ex-homosexuals that expose Jenny’s continued lies. I don’t know if that’s allowed here so I’ll repost with an edit. You can Google the name to watch the videos and I highly recommend them.

            Another lie from Satan’s minion. Jenny’s phony god-complex has caused her to delude herself but here’s what the Ex-homosexuals have to say themselves:

            (Just Google Rosaria Butterfield, Christopher Yuan, Sam Allberry, and Jackie Hill-Perry. ALL EX-Homosexuals who can give you the Truth.)

            As for the rest of what she says, just consider the source and look at what comes outta her mouth and you can see her heart.

            But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. (Mat 15:18)

            Once again, she’s shown herself to be utterly depraved and one sick puppy.

          • Gary

            Where does the Bible say that God revoked Leviticus 20:13? Just because the US Government won’t obey God doesn’t mean God’s rules have changed. By the way, when Jesus Christ returns and takes over, Leviticus 20:13 will be the law, worldwide. And it will be enforced.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Look below at Jenny’s comment. She’s the one that got me banned from ChristianNewsNetwork for calling her the God-hating spiritually-dead child of wrath and troll that she is.

            Ain’t it just grand that CNN bans Christians while letting that stuff run rampant.

          • Ruth

            This Jenny must  be the one to be get banned on the CNN site if that’s truly a Christian site. Anyone like Jenny should not be given space or should not have place in any Christian site. I pray and hope that the Stream would give time in moderating the comments on their site and be vigilant enough as not to allow these trolls who represent as Satan’s minions and messengers to annoy, harass, bully and insult Christians. This site should not partake in any unfruitful works of the devils, they should not be a channel of the unbelievers, the LGBT to celebrate or boost their pervert minds and sinfulness. If they will not put efforts to examine the respective  comments, time will come that their site will be infiltrated by these pervert minded people and will become the  venue of the devil and his messenger to push their agenda, to drag blinded people to hell.
            This site should be a venue where the true believers and followers of Christ meet and have fellowship, to edify, to enlighten,  to study, to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and His word, and most especially to glorify God.
            I wonder what’s the purpose of the Christian sites if God will not be glorified in there?

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Yup. One and the same. She’s trolling me. Just like a little demon. Too bad she can’t figure out that her little fiery dart and ignorant lies gain no ground here.

            I agree with the rest of your comments. It’s one thing for an Unbeliever to stumble across a Christian site and have some honest and sincere questions out of curiosity and perhaps being drawn by God to the Truth. It’s another for the trolls to follow Christians from site to site because of Disqus and engage in nothing more than harassment and other troll behavior.

          • Ruth

            You’re right concerning the unbelievers, and I hope so that they may have stumble or come across this site out of curiosity or being drawn by God to the truth. These kind of unbelievers deserve mercy and hopefully may come to repentance. The Lord Jesus came for sinners to come to repentance, that’s why the sinners after they have been forgiven should go and follow the Lord Jesus Christ and sin no more.

          • Ruth

            And by the way, his/her comments described her/ his pervert mindset.

          • Tribtrooper

            God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow.mdont like Levitical law, check out Romans1:26-32. That’s New Teatament and God is just as much against PERVERSION in the NT as in the OT. Also might take a peak at revelation 21:8. What does God call homosexuality…
            ABOMINATION. Keep that in mind when yin read Rev reference.

          • Timothy Horton

            LOL! What is your tough guy God going to do to me? Make me watch reruns of the PTL club for eternity?

          • Timothy Horton

            What is God going to do to me Gary? Lock me in a room with Tammy Faye Bakker for all eternity?

          • Gary

            You are going to Hell for eternity. I don’t know if Tammy Faye Bakker will be there.

          • Tribtrooper

            Just wait, it’s coming….judgement, that is..

  • Kathleen Oldt

    Conclusion: confusion.

  • Williamdrago

    Strong delusion, only Satan is androgynous.

    • Kristin Solo

      In a nutshell !

      • davidrev17

        As always…Wow! AAAAMENNNNN Kristin!

        • Kristin Solo

          Mutual appreciation, as always, David ~
          Shabbat Shalom my worthy friend x

        • jessica valdes

          Kristin You do not know what you are discussing. You need
          a remedial science course. There are indeed fertile XY females and fertile XX males. Thus, chromosomes and DNA are not an infallible marker of sex. Phenotypic sex and morphological sex can be changed. That is fact also

          • Sarah

            You need to understand the basics from God’s perspective

          • jessica valdes

            I do. The point is that God does create fertile males with a DNA pattern typical of normal females and vice versa.

          • davidrev17


            Do you believe that “free-will is an illusion”?; that “the mind is, what the brain does”?; that “you are your brain”?, or essentially that:

            “You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behaviour of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules.”

            (Quotation by the late Nobel laureate & atheist, Dr. Francis Crick, in his [1994] book, “The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul.”)

            Your answers to the above questions – provided from the WHY it is you believe, just WHAT you believe perspective – will help me understand your volitional, or motivational aspects which lie behind your statements? Thanks you!

          • jessica valdes

            I am a fundamentalist Christian so I do not believe any of that junk. I do believe though that the brain has a sex and that it can contradict other sex markers (gonads, genitals and so on). I believe that this contradiction of sex markers can be a type of intersex-just like hermaphroditism. As for free will, that is more complicated. I do not believe that any unsaved person has free will. I believe that those who are not saved can not choose nor believe on God and that this person’s will is total depravity and that they cannot have free will to do good unless God saves them. Yes God tells them to believe on Him, to repent, to seek Him but they cannot do it unless God saves them. Their good works or will to do good or belief are the result of having been saved first-not a cause of salvation. I do not believe in a works/grace Gospel or that we can choose Christ. I believe our will is always to do bad unless God saves us. While I do believe that this sounds like predestination or Calvinistic I do believe that no one will choose or can choose or will believe or can believe unless God gives them a resurrected soul in which they delight in His law. The body then gets saved on the last day. But for the saved person they have the desire to do God’s will if they have already been saved but they still have a body that lusts after sin.

          • Tribtrooper

            Hermaphroditism is a birth defect. A child is born with both genetalia to one degree or another, with a certain degree of malformation as well. It is extremely rare and should not be used as an example to support your invalid notions.

          • jessica valdes

            I am not talking about hermaphroditism. I am talking about fertile XY females and the fertile XX males. No evidence that they are defects.

          • Kristin Solo

            Jessica ~ do you attribute all that is warped about this fallen World to God’s doing?

          • jessica valdes

            absolutely not.

          • Kristin Solo

            Then you can’t claim that ‘God creates fertile males with a DNA pattern typical of normal female and vice versa’
            The underlying cause is a corruption of God’s creation .

          • jessica valdes

            Of course I can and it is correct because non-typical does NOT mean abnormal. A 4 leaf clover is created by God and is not typical but that does NOT mean that it is abnormal.
            Variation, atypical does not mean or even imply pathology.

          • Kristin Solo

            You can claim it but that does not make it correct.
            God made Man in His Image with not a distorted version in sight until Sin corrupted His Creation ~ Enough said .

          • jessica valdes

            You have no evidence that fertility is abnormal-as in fertility for XX males and vice versa.

          • Kristin Solo

            The evidence speaks for itself.
            Nothing more need be said on the matter.

          • Sarah

            No, He does not actually, unless you think God is responsible for wrecking His own perfection

          • jessica valdes

            Of course God creates the fertile XY females and XX fertile males. Plus no evidence that they are wrecking perfection.

          • jessica valdes

            I do

      • jessica valdes

        The DNA and chromosomal stuff you state is debunked. There are some fertile born XX males with no male specific DNA and there are some fertile XY females who have the same DNA profile of fertile XY males.
        Sex can indeed be changed as demonstrated with the Renee Richards case where it was found that “according to overwhelming medical evidence this person is now female”.

        • Kristin Solo

          Utter nonsense.

          • jessica valdes

            You do not know what you are discussing. You need
            a remedial science course. There are indeed fertile XY females and fertile XX males. Thus, chromosomes and DNA are not an infallible marker of sex. Phenotypic sex and morphological sex can be changed. That is fact also.

          • Kristin Solo

            Evidently , you fail to grasp the enormity of the distorted depravity involved, regarding the core issue and its underlying cause, which is NOT primarily attributed to genetic disorders.

          • jessica valdes

            I know the condition. I am just stating the fact that DNA is NOT a marker for gender or sex and that a person can be a normally fertile female with normal XY chromosomes and a fertile male with normal XX chromosomes. Thus, the sex can be opposite of the DNA pattern-FACT

          • jessica valdes

            it is scientific fact

          • Kristin Solo

            Yes, I appreciate where you are coming from but you are mistaken, as in ‘short sighted, ‘ to caim that the underlying, primary cause of transgender issues is ‘debunked’.

        • Tribtrooper

          What sci-fie novel did you dig this utter nonsense out of? Try explaining this rubbish to God when you stand before Him..and you will, you know.

          • jessica valdes

            It is science and there is no conflict with HIS knowledge.
            Sometimes some religious folks believe in a flat earth.
            Before you judge me……..
            and we all know in part

          • Tribtrooper

            There are chromosomal issues, this is true, such as Down’s syndrome and other syndromes, but homosexuality, gender identity are NOT asking them. God did NOT create something then Turn around and label ti abomination. He is NOT paranoid schizophrenic nor is He bipolar. LGBT is perversion brought on by the devil. No two ways about it. You cannot believe in a HOLY GOD and also embrace utter evil

      • Tribtrooper

        Excellent post Kristin!! And scientifically accurate, in spite of what some nonsensical rubbish choose to believe, which amounts to utter satanic delusion.

  • Timothy Horton

    The way this board censors posts they don’t like is despicable. Posts that don’t come close to violating board rules are vanished on a regular basis. I lost four more today. I hope the coward who’s doing the censoring is proud of himself and how he’s representing Christians.

    • Gary

      I wish they would leave your posts alone. Everyone should be able to read your comments. Not because they are true, or helpful, but because they are not.

    • Triple T

      What kind of cheese would you like to have with that whine?

      • Timothy Horton

        I’ll sleep well knowing clowns like you can only “win” a discussion by having your YEC leaning mods delete all posts with any scientific content.

        • Triple T

          I don’t know what a yec is, either, although from the context in which you’ve used it, I’m sure it doesn’t mean super cool guy. But if you’re going to insult people, it helps to use words they know, or are real, or something like that.

      • Tribtrooper

        One with lots of holes, very large holes…

  • Candace Lazzaro

    Thank you Michael Brown for being a voice in the middle of this ocean of insanity. Transsexuals aren’t born they are created. They had to go through a lot of suffering to get to the point where they don’t even know who they are. Children raised by animals believe they are animals. They identify as monkeys or dogs or whatever animal “raised” them. Why is it so hard for our society to see that a person raised by a dog is NOT a dog but a person with the XY biologically will never be a XX.

  • The Fisherman

    Natural Law has been the foundation by which even countries like the US established their
    Declaration of Independence and Constitution; and further by which human
    conduct in general can be judged to be either beneficial or detrimental to society.
    Sexual deviation is in violation of Natural Law since nature has designed the
    male sperm to interact with female eggs for the procreation of our species. Therefore,
    it is Natural for men and women to be attracted to each other.

    Further, and without apology, all other sexual deviation can be summed up simply by stating; those practicing
    such behavior do so out of an appetite for their personal sexual gratification only. The term “Sexual Orientation” must be removed from the Canadian Charter and the definition of “family” must be restored to its Natural meaning.

    To be clear; and so there is no misunderstanding; persecution of any kind toward any
    human being regardless, is wrong. On the other hand, prosecution in
    violation of Natural Law must be upheld for the ongoing benefit of society.

  • Transformed

    I was a woman who lived as s man for 11 years. I have gone back to living as a woman. God does have a better way. I worked thru a lot of pain and wrong beliefs that told me all the reasons I should be a man. None of it was about DNA or even hormones. I did feel I was born in the wrong body. Though I may have “felt” that way, the feelings was not the truth. The “feelings” were based on wrong perceptions about men and women from a very young age (like before 4 or 5) with no tools to know the trauma that happened to me or the violence to women I saw was not ok or that it didn’t make being a woman bad. Yes, those things that happened were terrible but had nothing to do with whether or not I was a woman. I would of probably been glad I was a woman if those things would of happened to men. I have came out of living as a man 24 years ago when God said He had a better way. I am healed, restored, redeemed and delivered from the lies that led me down the path of gender confusion.

God Transforms You to Participate in the Work of His Kingdom
Paul David Tripp
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