‘May the Lord Be Glorified!’ Say Chinese Christians Facing Persecution

By Aliya Kuykendall Published on December 13, 2018

A Chinese Christian college student was released Dec. 12 after spending several days in a Chinese reeducation center. The student, named Zhou Xiaojuan, reported to her church that more than 50 students are still detained unlawfully at the reeducation center, where they have been for several days.

The students negotiated with police to have their Bibles given back and have corporate worship. They are fasting and taking turns leading worship services twice daily.

“The brothers and sisters there have transformed that place into a sanctuary through their fiery faith,” said a prayer update from the church. 

Police broke into Early Rain Covenant Church’s four dormitories between Dec. 9-11 and arrested all 50+ students, the church and its college report in prayer updates. The church has a liberal arts college, Western China Covenant College, and a seminary. Police forcefully took these students to a reeducation center called Xinjin Legal Education Center and has been holding them there illegally. The students await deportation to their hometowns.

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This raid is part of a larger raid on the the major Chinese house church that oversees the college, Early Rain Covenant Church. Police raided the church around 6 p.m. Chinese time on Sunday, making over 100 arrests of church members and students. Several church leaders have been charged with causing trouble on the internet. Senior Pastor Wang Yi has been criminally detained and charged with “inciting subversion of state power,” his mother told South China Morning Post

In a prayer update Western China Covenant College reports:

Every day a seminary student leads worship in the morning and evening. They worship continually on the outdoor balcony. The detention center has become a preaching grounds for the Lord’s gospel and a place for his people to worship. Glory to the Lord! May the Lord be glorified! When we heard this news we were greatly comforted. Sister Xiaojuan said that the brothers and sisters inside are in a very stable condition and very joyful. There have been no issues. They’ve been guaranteed standard food and shelter. Everyone is greatly cherishing their time locked up, worshiping together. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!

Early Rain Covenant Church reports in their update:

Lord, you are the Almighty One, yesterday, today, and forever. We will worship you in our homes. We will worship you in churches. We will worship you in detention centers and in prisons. This nation does not worship you, but we will worship you. For you are the only Lord who has died and risen again, and you will rule forever! The church is the bride of Christ, holy and spotless. May the Lord accept our worship!

King of Kings, Lord of Lords,

You alone are worthy of worship and honor!

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