What Are We to Make of the New (Atheist? Trans? Gay?) Conservatives?

Can you be a true conservative if you reject the most fundamental conservative values?

By Michael Brown Published on June 12, 2018

What does it mean to be a conservative? What separates those on the right from those on the left?

In the past, being a conservative normally meant that you held firmly to traditional moral values. That you were pro-life and pro-marriage. That God and the Bible played an important role in your life. It also meant you favored smaller government and reduction in taxes and a strong military. But for many conservatives, those were the secondary issues. Faith and family came first.

Today, there are new types of conservative. We have conservatives who are atheists. And we have transgender conservatives. And gay conservatives. Some of them are even “married” to their same-sex partners.

What are we to make of these conservatives?

On the one hand, the more voices opposing the radical left, the better. And that includes non-religious and non-traditional voices. As conservatives, our doors are wide open.

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But there’s another question we need to ask: Can you be a true conservative if you reject the most fundamental conservative values, starting with the biblical (and historic) definition of marriage? Can you be a true conservative if you say that gender is whatever you perceive it to be? And can you be a true conservative if you don’t believe in God?

Those are the questions we take up in our second, “Consider This” video titled, “What Does It Mean to Be a Conservative?”

The reaction to our first video (“Can You Be Gay and Christian?”) was quite extraordinary (and intense), to say the least.

Click here to watch the “What Does It Mean to Be a Conservative?” video, or watch below. If you find it helpful, share it with a friend. Then weigh in with your comments. We value your feedback and solidarity. Together, we’re making a difference!


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  • KC

    Conservative – a label – I will watch the fruits of the person calling themselves a conservative. And always remember – God loves those conservatives that don’t fit exactly into the mold that we personally say is conservative.

    • YogicCowboy

      Leftists make all things malleable and meaningless.

      If one does not conserve the most inherent Natural Law, then one is not conservative in any way that matters.

      That does not mean they should be hated, but their efforts to infiltrate and subvert the church must be opposed.

      The real hate is coming from the militant homoerotic cabal.

  • Jacob Miller

    We saw the same thing with the civil rights movement. The conservatives were the last to come on board but many eventually did. A few never will.

    • YogicCowboy

      That is a leftist lie. The Democrat Party was the party of institutionalized bigotry from the Civil War on – opposed consistently by the Republican Party, which from its inception was anti-slavery. LBJ was cynically garnering power – and said so.

  • YogicCowboy

    Authentic conservatism is not merely traditionalism.

    Heterosexual monogamy is inherent in Natural Law; the tradition of marriage comes from that, not the other way around. Marriage is the cart, not the horse.

    A woman could have sexual relations with fifty (50) men in one night. Such so-called polyamory might yield a pregnancy; that pregnancy would have one impregnator – not fifty.

    There is no such thing as a functional form of sexuality between two persons of the same sex. Sex in its essence implies procreation: sexual reproduction. Two males intrinsically cannot reproduce; two females intrinsically cannot reproduce.

    Secular, atheist scientists used to boast that all that mattered was spreading the genes through copulation, not the illusory emotion of love that induced it. Now they are militant propagandists dismissing binary sex while promoting same-sex love.

    There is no such thing as homosexuality; the very term is oxymoronic. It is actually homoeroticism.

    The true haters in this are those on the left who hate anyone who does not actively approve and promote their behavior. They are the ones who refuse to live and let live.

    Jesus said, Go and sin no more; he did not say, Go and sin some more. The carnal, communist State of California would seek to punish him for that simple stance.

  • tz1

    Start with Milo Yanniopolis. Gay but otherwise conservative enough to be attacked by Anti-fa (if they aren’t threatening you, you are doing something wrong).

    But the error is that “Conservatism” – I can’t think of a better word, other than “right” – is a POLITICAL label. Render under Caesar – or Caligula, Nero, Diocletian, Aurelias, or Constantine – what is theirs.

    Liberty suffices for being an ally. Lest we waste ourselves fighting between Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, etc. I’d rather have a rabid Anarchocapitalist (no-gov) Lesbian Atheist than a Christian Totaliarian like “Lord Protector” Cromwell that banned Christmas. God gave us free will so we can love, and to the extent it doesn’t PHYSICALLY damage others, it should be given free reign.

  • B King

    I draw a distinct line between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. Trying to lump “conservatism” into one homogeneous group always proves antithetical to the advancement of individual issues. For example, an audit of the federal reserve and balanced budget ammendment are different than government healthcare and common core, and those are both separate from gay marriage or abortion. I think gays fit more into libertarian platforms as opposed to conservative because it is more of a limited government fiscal issue rather than a moral one.

  • Jed

    This article is an exhibit of the standard split between
    descriptive and normative meaning.

    Normative – prescribes behaviour
    Ex: “You SAY you’re a conservative. But your actions don’t show it”

    Descriptive – describes behaviour
    Ex: “You say you’re a conservative?! Then I should expand the definition.”

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