So, LGBT Activists Do Want to Put Christians in Jail

A new California bill would put nursing home caregivers behind bars over pronouns.

A recently proposed California bill would send nursing home caregivers to jail for “misgendering” their nursing home patients.

By Michael Brown Published on August 31, 2017

During a TV interview in 2011, I quoted the words of a Christian lawyer who said that just as gay activists were once put in jail, they now want to put us in jail. For making this comment, I was vilified by Right Wing Watch, mocked by gay activists, and ridiculed by others.

I wonder what those critics are saying today in light of a recently proposed California bill that would send nursing home caregivers to jail for “misgendering” their nursing home patients. As a Daily Caller headline announces, “California Could Start Jailing People Who Don’t Use Transgender Pronouns.”

That’s right, “The law is currently limited in its effects to nursing homes and intermediate-care facilities, but if passed, those who ‘willfully and repeatedly’ refuse ‘to use a transgender resident’s preferred name or pronouns’ could be slapped with a $1,000 fine and up to one year in prison, according to the California Heath and Safety code.”

As utterly outrageous as this sounds, note that the “state senate passed the bill 26-12 at the end of May. Since then, the Assembly Judiciary committee recommended the bill unanimously and the General Assembly held its first hearing on the legislation Wednesday.”

Yes, we’re talking about putting nursing home caregivers in jail for refusing to refer to 90-year-old Sally, who now identifies as Sam, with male pronouns. This is insanity.

A Grotesque Bill

Lest you think I’m getting this from an LGBT adaptation of Orwell’s 1984 rather than from an actual, proposed law, just take a look at this video exchange between Tucker Carlson and Robin Biro, who supports the bill.

Carlson rightly rejects Biro’s position, saying, “It doesn’t sound very American. You go to jail if you say something someone doesn’t want you to say … You can be put in prison for saying what you think is true. This bill criminalizes speech … If you use the wrong pronoun, you can be put in jail. That’s grotesque.”

Grotesque is a fair way to describe this. Yet, as far as I can tell, LGBT activists around America are not raising their voices in protest.

And make no mistake about it: Christian conservatives — specifically, those who care for the elderly — would be among the first to be jailed should this bill become law. What a monstrosity.

Returning to 2011, my dialogue with Christian TV host Cindy Jacobs went like this:

Brown: Here it is in a nutshell: the activists who came out of the closet about forty years ago first said “we demand our rights.” Then they began to point to others and said “you have to accept our rights.” Then they began to point to conservatives, especially conservative Christians, and said “we’re taking away your rights.” And next thing, they want to put us in the closet.

Jacobs: Or in jail.

Brown: Or in jail. In fact an attorney friend of mine said “cycle it once more: it’s not just they came out of the closet and want to put us in the closet; they were put in jail, they want to put us in jail.”

Remembering Kim Davis

When Kim Davis was jailed for refusing to comply with a judge’s order to issue same-sex “wedding” certificates, many LGBT activists argued, “This proves nothing, since she was jailed for refusing to obey the courts and do her job.”

In reality, there were other options available to the courts. She was within her legal rights to refuse to issue the certificate, based on her religious convictions and Kentucky law.

But even if this could be disputed, what was indisputable was the glee with which her arrest was greeted, as a chorus of joyful mockery was heard around the nation. To paraphrase, “This Christian bigot got just what she deserved. May she be the first of many!”

As I wrote shortly after Davis was arrested:

The national outrage against Kim Davis has nothing to do with her refusing to obey the law and everything to do with her Christian beliefs.

Had she found herself on the opposite end of the conflict and had she stood for “gay rights,” refusing to obey a law that she felt discriminated against them, she would be praised from coast to coast.

Instead, she is being vilified in the ugliest terms and has quickly become the target of death threats simply because, in conscience before God, she cannot comply with the judge’s order.

One Giant Step Further

California has now taken things one giant step farther, and for the moment, with strong legislative approval.

And what happens if the bill passes and the first Christian nursing home caregiver goes to jail for the crime of misgendering a patient? I imagine the same gay activists and allies who mocked me for predicting this in 2011 will say, “The bigot got what was coming to him! Let it be a lesson to all that you don’t have the right to discriminate against others.”

I would be delighted to be proven wrong on this and for LGBT activists to join as one in denouncing this bill.

I would be even more delighted for sanity to prevail in California and for this monstrous bill to be withdrawn and repudiated, with heartfelt apologies.

If not, get ready to visit your parents’ doctor in the local jail for refusing to collaborate with social madness.

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  • Paul

    Why is anyone surprised about this?

    • Chip Crawford

      … coming out of The People’s Republic of California, after all …

      • Paul

        Yea but we all have the same Constitution of the United States don’t we?

        • Chip Crawford

          Sadly, we aren’t all following it the same … truly sad …

          • Paul

            True, or perhaps the issue is about who is ignoring it or not, and which parts

        • GPS Daddy

          I’m not sure there is any political will for people to stand up for the constitution.

  • meamsane

    Totally wrongheaded and pathetic!
    Who follows State Constitutions (or the US Con.) anymore? Those elected to defend them don’t!

  • Miriam Ben-Shalom

    I would civilly like to say, as a Lesbian, that it is NOT Lesbians or Gay men who wish to jail people for misgendering. It IS, however, the community of people identifying as trans who wish to do that. There are many of us who wish the “t” would be dropped from the ‘LGBTQetc”. Trans issues are not LGB issues at all. I think such a law criminalizing “misgendering” is the epitome of silliness. Biology is not bigotry, it is the truth.

    • Patmos

      “There are many of us who wish the “t” would be dropped”

      I’ve heard this too, and always wondered why they were lumped together in the first place.

      • Charles Burge

        I think the reason is that the underlying agenda has always been to blur – and eventually erase – the distinction between the sexes. It’s a direct refutation of the clear teaching in Genesis that God “made them male and female”. It’s a full-frontal assault on the very nature of what it means to be human.

        • moms4patriots

          Very insightful.

        • Paul

          Bingo!! Also includes destroying the traditional family.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            I have often wondered why you heterosexuals think you are so attractive to us? You are not, you know. We prefer the company of like-minded people and rrally are not interested is attempting to seduce hets. You aren’t that attractive–get over yourself, please.

          • Paul

            And this has what to do with destroying the traditional family? Nothing.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            Simply put, Paul–we are not destroying YOUR families–you are doing that YOURSELVES!!!! Don’t put the failures of your community on us, thank you very much. Get over yourself, grow up, and become a decent human being.

          • Paul

            Who is advocating homosexual education in public schools? Who pushed for homosexual adoptions? Who is undermining parents rights to use conversion therapy for their kids? Please don’t pretend the homosexual advocates have done nothing to undermine traditional family values.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            1. Conversion therapy is totally discredited by the psychiatric and psychological communities–and if it did work, could we “convert” you??
            2. Is adoption a traditional family value? You might like to look up the studies thsat confrm Lesbian and Gay parents do a good job of raising kids–but don’t take my word for it,
            3. Homosexual education? That we are mentioned is not–education; it is a mention. I was a teacher for 37 years, so I know about this! Your exaggerations are dismaying.

          • Paul

            1: the media has been doing the part of conversion therapist advocating for you for many years, they have had great success but it hasn’t worked on me.

            2: homosexual parents isn’t a traditional family value

            3: washingtontimes(DOT)com/news/2016/jul/15/calif-public-schools-adopt-pro-lgbt-curriculum/ As noted in the article, the homosexual advocates compained it didn’t go far enough, so more is to come. Stuff like this I’m sure… huffingtonpost(DOT)com/2015/03/07/lgbt-inclusive-sex-education-_n_6819854.html

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            You are entitled to your opinions as am I. I will just say in finishing that I respectfully disagree with you–and that the HUff Post is NOT doing any research!!

      • Paul

        It’s actually quite an honest association since they are all one category… sexual deviants.

        • Miriam Ben-Shalom

          As are males who continue to commitviolence and to kill; according to the FBI and othr governmental stats, males commit 97% of all violent crimes. Peerhps we need to look at want “deviant” really means! Men rape, men murder their wives, their girl friends. Think about that before you go and cast stones.

          • Paul

            Nice try. I’m all for heavy punishment for rapists and murderers, are you?

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            Yes, I am. Although I do not like the death penalty, there are some people –especially those who molest and murder children–who ought to be put pown. Be a great many fewer males in this world, however.

          • Paul

            the whole man-hating lesbian theme is quite revealing.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            I do not hate men, but I HATE their violence. There is a difference, you know. Nothing I have mentioned is untrue. Go look it up for yourself since you choose not to believe me. You will not win this Paul.

          • Paul

            Actually, Biblically speaking I will, and those who persist in their sin will not.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            Which part of the Bible, may I ask?

          • Paul

            Matthew 7:13-14 provides a good illustration.

          • salesgirl

            So it’s only men who commit violence against others? so Lorena Bobbitt, Lizzy Borden, Squeaky Fromm, Juana Barraza, Susan Smith, Kristen Gilbert et al are saints? Got it!!!!

    • Gary

      Aren’t all trannies homosexual? If a male wants to be a female and have sex with a man, he is a homosexual. Or, if the same male wants to be a female so he can have sex with a woman, that means in his mind he is a homosexual. Either way, he is one of you.

      • Andrew Mason

        No, and the definitions are kinda confusing. Men who have sex with men are not homosexual – only men who have a sexual preference for men are homosexual, unless they also like women, in which case they’re bisexual apparently. Men who think they’re women and want the cosmetic surgery to make them look it are transgender. If a man who wants to be a woman still has a preference for women is he a lesbian or ‘normal’? If a man who wants to be a woman has a preference for men is he normal or a sodomite? It all gets very confusing and not even the LGBT crowd agree – Lesbians don’t consider ‘men who try to be women’ to be real women.

    • GPS Daddy

      Miriam, I want to write the following with as much respect as I can. Back before SSM ruling one argument that Christians put forth was the slippery slope argument. Well, we see that that argument was correct. The argument was not that all those who were gay would then signup for this. It was if we open the doors of SSM we open the doors for anything. Like it or not that was correct reasoning.

      Natural law clearly shows us that same-sex sex is NOT the design of the human race. It takes one man and one woman to procreate. This is the foundation of the family and marriage. The LGBT community did not start the downward slide of sexual ethics. That started a long time ago. Rosaria Butterfield has a book out on that topic. But SSM destroyed that last stop gap in our culture. There is now no logical reason that ANY sexual presentation can be denied. Its only going to get worse. Get ready, Miriam, to be controlled by someone who switches their gender pronouns ever other sentence. Keep in step or go to jail.

      The LGBT community has a lot to answer for is this.

      • Mo

        @ GPS Daddy

        Absolutely right. Well said.

      • moms4patriots

        In fact, I would go even further and say that gays and lesbians opened the door for gender confusion by rejecting traditional gender roles in their own personal relationships. They started the ball rolling that way, and are now upset when their reasoning reaches its logical conclusion. They are actually doing exactly the same thing as their transgender friends, just in a different way.

        • Miriam Ben-Shalom

          Who amongst us is the “perfect” example of her or his gender? Gender is an artifical construct of a society which governs the behavior of the members of that society. We who are Lesbian do not bend gender–we just do not exemplify the sterotypical woman. In fact, if you wear trouseers or jeans, if you have pounded a nail or mown a lawn, you are not the perfect example of gender–which, by the way, is set by MEN. As if a man would know what it means to be a woman. We are not the same as transgendered people–and I must take umbridge at the suggestion.

          As for “drestroying marriage–well, I never have destroyed a marriage. I think blming anther for the failings of one is cheap and tawdry. What say you to the fact that I have been 25 years with my life partner for whom I am not the primary caregiver since she has become disabled? What marrriage did I destroy?

          As for me: you may be surprised to know that I SHALLL GO TO JAIL if I am forced to call a male a woman or a female, a man. It is wrong and I will not lie. I will not march in lock step. Here is MY guide to my beliefs:
          Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe. It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.
          Thomas Paine

          • John

            Interesting, yesterday you said “biology is not bigotry” and today you state that “gender is an artificial construct of society”. Which is it?

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            Biology 101: sex is biological–you, may I presume, are male, so your chromosomal makeup is XY. I am a female, so my chromosomal makeup is XX. THAT is biology. There are the rare intersex persons, but they are not germane to this right now. GENDER is not biological. It is basically a set of behavioral rules for the members of a society. If you look around the world, you will see different expectations for males and females of different societies–that’s gender. Only females can give birth and only males produce sperm. Most of the world is binary which means that there are just 2 sexes. Being a woman is more than feelings–and being a man is more than feelings; trans are trying to say–that one’s identity is based on feelings. Not true. It is unfortunate that today, people use “gender” and “sex” interchangeably which is leading to much confusion. I decry the lack of accuracy in language. I hope this helps.

          • John

            I agree that there are cultural influences and expectations, but we cannot deny the many biological factors – and thank God for them! – and the marvellous complementarity they bring; sensitivities, preferences, styles, expression, perception, talents, etc.

          • Kevin Carr

            This is a bit of a side question, if gender is a construct, then why when when under going gender reassignment surgery, that makes no sense if it is a social construct, and why is the first thing they go after is the anatomical parts? I realize that is not you but in you post you did state as many others have that gender is a social construct.

        • Adele Hunt-Concon

          I reject gender roles in my personal life as well as in my heterosexual marriage.

    • LgVt

      The sad truth is that for those at the top, LGBT was never about LGB. It isn’t about T, either. You of LGB were useful for a while, and thus you were used. Now, you’re no longer useful; thus, you are now ignored, and T is being used instead.

      Eventually, T’s usefulness will also be exhausted, and those behind it will move on to something else.

      It’s nothing personal. It barely even has anything to do with you.

      It’s about destroying us. It always has been, and it always will be.

      • Miriam Ben-Shalom

        You are absolutely correct which us why I also work to “get the L out” of the GBT balderdash.

        • Getitright

          How intolerant of you! The T’s just want to be accepted for who they are, just like you. If you can’t accept them for the gender they identify with then you are hateful! You bigoted, hate filled, intolerant, narrow minded, judgmental, sexist, bitter lesbian! You will accept them! You will call them by the pronoun they prefer! YOU WILL NOT PASS JUDGEMENT on them OR ELSE!!!!!!

          • Getitright

            And now you know how Christians feel when gay activists go after them for disagreeing with them.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            No I don’t since I have never “gone after” Christians using the language you did. I may disagree, but I do it civilly. Bugger off.

    • Shaquille Harvey

      Why ? The rest of the LGBT group would disagree.
      Yet many of the LGBT have said nothing about it.
      The lgb have pushed for their agenda all the t is doing is pushing for theirs.
      The lgb is no innocent either when they sue businesses for not wishing to perform at a gay wedding or calling people bigots for not 100% celebratory of one or the lgb lifestyle, even if they are tolerant of those in the lifestyle. This began because of the lgb or the t is doing is following in suit.

      • Miriam Ben-Shalom

        Goodness gracious mercy sakes alive! ***THE*** LGB. Is that like ****THE*** Blacks? Honey, as all members of your commuity are not all alike, neither are we.

        Can you please tell me what “my liferstyle” is? Is it caring for my disabled life partner of 25 years 24/7?? Is it going grocery shopping at Woodman’s? How about watching the Big Bang Fireworks Display on July 3 here in Milwaukee? How about working with Hands Across The Aisle Women In Coalition, an org of progressive AND consrvative women to fight this trans siliness and to preserve the human rights of born women? I am a co-founder fo this org along with Kaeley Triller Haver, a conservative fundmentalist Christian woman for whom, I carry the greatest respect.

        Using your logic, there should have been no civil rights movement nor any lunch counter protests as who knows about the lifestyle of Negroes (as the term was sued back then–not my words). You do know, of course, that White Supremicists and the KKK want kill me just like they want to kill you–and I will get it twice because I am a Jew.

        Judge not lest YOU be judged.

        • Shaquille Harvey

          1. The lifestyle is those who are in the LGBT community specifically speaking.
          2. That’s fine being part of those groups but the issue at hand here is that there would be no trans agenda had it not been for the whole LGBT one.
          3. I would like to know what being black or civil rights movement has to do with this ?
          4. I’m not sure what the last phrase you mean by it “the judge not lest you be judged.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            1. Are you a lesbian? Most likely not, so I think you’d best not be telling me what my “lifestayle” is! You don’t know, although I gave you ssome hints.
            2. There is a trans agenda because billionaire trans have been funding the trans movement. It has notthing to do with me! Check it out on your own as I can see you are not inclined to believe me.
            3. It has everything to do with it. If people said they would not serve a Black person because of their beliefs, how is that different from a person saying they will nto serve a L or G or Bi person because of their beliefs?? If the business serves the public, then the public it must serve.

            You have made a great many assumptions about people like me with out any soecifics at all, Hence, judge not.

          • Shaquille Harvey

            1. ” Definition of lifestyle
            : the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture”
            Merriam-websters dictionary
            I, by what I mean of lifestyle in speaking of you is the lifestyle of living in both the LGBT community and homosexuality. That is what I mean.

            2. I don’t deny the trans funding but Apposed to what ? As apposed to the millionaires and billionaire homosexuals and homosexual activists funding the LGBT and homosexuality funding ?
            3. People in business have always had the right to refuse service, under both the fee market and thier business rights. Bussiness employers have the right to do business transactions with whom ever they choose or not choose to dealings and services with. Companies should not be forced to coerce especially with things that go against their will and convictions. Under the situations of the Christian businesses however they did not refuse service to general LGBT people but rather to participating in something or particular ceremonies, which they find goes against their worldview or encourages a sin i.e. Homosexual wedding.
            If you still disagree then may I ask you this can a homosexual bussiness be forced to participate in a service/group which celebrates only traditional biblical marriage ?

            “Judge not” is alluding to verses to Matthew 7:1-5;

            It does not say not to judge but actually speaks on judging righteously, especially to the Lord, not hypocritically.

          • SophieA

            I have one question. Not a judgement. How does one identify a lesbian by her appearance as easily as one identifies a person of color? I was friends with a woman for a long time before I was introduced to her wife. I had no indications of her orientation until then. I think it unjust to put the burden on and criminalizing misplaced pronouns on ones’ “knowing” the orientation of everyone one meets. Until we all have the power to read hearts and minds, this seems horribly unjust.

        • Kevin Carr

          Please do not join being black with LGB(T). Skin color is benign characteristic, there is nothing that has to be actively done to be the race or ethnicity you are. The other is behavioral.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            May I respectfully ask that you revisit your idea that hwat I am is merely “behavioral”. I also see you borrowed from Colin Powell.

          • Kevin Carr

            If it fits and it does.

        • UlaireToldea

          Usually broad terms like “the gay lifestyle” are not very helpful in conversations like this, but it is usually meant to refer to someone who has sexual relations with someone of the same sex, and not anything else. I agree that it is not helpful to paint a large froup of people with a broad brush. Also, I think it is great that you work with other people who think quite different than you on a lot of issues, especially in time like these. I take the most problem with your last statment. If you are against judging other people, then why do you judge other people for judging you? It appears to me that you are doing the same thing to others that you condemn them for doing. Thanks for the respectful consenting post.

          • Miriam Ben-Shalom

            Actually, I just get tired of people talking about my “lifestyle” and calling me sinful and saying that what I am is –to try to be nice here–a behavioral quirk. As if I wanted to have to be subjected to that sort of slaptrap because of “behavior”? I so try to be civil, but you know–I am human and I do get upset at times. I don’t swagger down tha aisles of grocery stores nor do I smoke cigars or wear black leather. I am an almost 70 year old women who has fought since 1974 for civil rights–and I honor my brothers and sisters of color who sat down and ate with me after I was placed back in the Army. I worried about them sitting with me and told them they ought not to do so–and they said “What else can they do to us?”

    • Becky

      Excellent point.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Just admit it, you’d like the “B” to be dropped as well.

  • TheSaint4JC

    Any jail time for not using a preferred pronoun is ludicrous… I think it’s ludicrous for even any type of verbal abuse… honestly!
    Getting people fired, sure, fine… restraint orders, yes, good and well, fines and prison time? Heck no!

    • Harvey Thomas Creech

      You mean you would support people , i.e., Christians, getting fired and restraint orders being filed over a missed pronoun? Surely you jest!

  • Patmos

    The LGBT Movement is and always has been a backwards movement, a manifestation of push back by people being shunned by society. In that regard I respect it in a way, but what is lost in that push back is an honest look at why people are LGBT in the first place, and that has resulted in a mass glossing over of serious things like abuse and neglect. Perhaps once emotions settle a bit that aspect can be addressed, as it would be a travesty to let the lies coming out of the movement to settle in as truth.

    • Paul

      When do you expect emotions to settle? It is only going to get worse.

      Besides, they’ve already blocked your line of thinking by making it illegal for parents to send their mentally ill child to counseling on how to be normal.

  • eddiestardust

    Yes this is terrible…BUT….look at it this way…the more these insane things happen, IN CALIFORNIA, the more likely it’s going to eventually spill out into the news and eventually folks will throw all these MILITANT LBGT’s into the soup of jail or just back into the closest! Most of us are NOT LBGT so why should they have the right to persecute everyone else?

  • JP

    The lawmakers in California who wrote this law need to be fired immediately.

  • Andy6M

    “I wonder what those critics are saying today…”

    My guess is they’re of the, “It will never happen but when it does you’ll deserve it” crowd.

  • SophieA

    Naturally using the “correct” pronoun is unimportant because people make verbal mistakes all the time. My sympathy ends for the mentally ill when our legal system bends to accommodate their sickness.

    • Melinda Mann

      Right! Next we will be going to jail for refusing to tell and anorexic girl that she looks fat. Shizophrenic says he was abducted by aliens? You had better agree with “his reality.” Insane!

      • moms4patriots

        I just don’t understand why the progressives who support boys claiming to be girls won’t allow me to operate on their brains on the days I identify as a brain surgeon.

    • moms4patriots

      We already are accommodating the mental illnesses of leftists!

      • SophieA

        Yes, yes you’re correct. But the insanity of making it CRIMINAL to use an incorrect pronoun in which conviction comes with JAIL TIME is beyond comprehension. This idea must not pass.

  • Gary

    Why does any Bible believer live in California? Seriously. What can the positives be that outweigh so many negatives?

    • Joel

      Actually there a lot of great churches in California, Biola is an excellent Christian college there, and a number of other Christian organizations like Stand To Reason. If Chriatians are to be the light to the world, light tends to shine the brightest when surrounded by darkness.

      • Gary

        I guess you have to be willing to give up your freedoms. Kind of like living in a communist country.

        • Andrew Mason

          The church in the Islamic World is growing, albeit constantly at risk of extreme persecution. Perhaps California etc will come to be similar?

          • Becky

            Yes!! Revival is happening here. !!!

    • Becky

      I live in the “Bible Belt” of California. It’s a very conservative place. (See the red center on an electoral map post election.) Really good people here who believe in God, family, and country. I can’t stand to part with my ocean and mountains, but if the time ever came for God to call us out of state, maybe…Colorado?? 🙂

      • Thisoldspouse

        So, when a couple of men go to your conservative Christian County Clerk in the “Bible belt” wanting to get married, you accommodate them?

        The point the original poster made is that you will be FORCED to sin if you live within the state’s borders, even in the relatively “conservative” belt. But, I’ll bet it’s really not that conservative, compared to other central areas of fly-over America.

  • Mo

    Of course they want to put us in jail. They loathe us. They’re murder us outright if they thought they could get away with it!

  • No one wants to put anyone in jail. We would prefer that people simply obey the law. It’s not that difficult.

    • Paul

      No doubt there were plenty of klan who said the same thing back in the Jim Crow law days.

      You seem to be so blinded by your zeal for everything sexually deviant such that you fail to see that the law is once again being leveraged to persecute and descriminate.

    • Harvey Thomas Creech

      So you would support such a ridiculous law if it were to pass. And please don’t make this issue a civil rights issue. MLK Jr. and his friends resisted bad laws which resulted in the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965. Christians would have the right to resist such a bad law and if arrested and put in jail, there would be “hell to pay.”

    • Mo

      @ Chuck Anziulewicz

      What law is that?

    • Getitright

      So, why just nursing homes? Why don’t prisoners, students, employees, or others get the same “protection”? If someone wants to be called “Master” do the black employees have to “obey the law”?

    • Thisoldspouse

      Did you obey the law when sodomy was illegal? I didn’t think so.

  • Bob Adome

    I have worked in the care industry. The burdens place on the caregivers are huge. There are too many regulations and guidelines already. Many of them ridiculous and burdensome. Regulations written mostly by people who have alot of letters behind their names. Written by organizations with alot of labels before their names. Many have not even set foot in a school or care-giving facility. This is just another useless load to put on caregivers.

  • Otho Cooley

    “Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    and clever in their own sight.” (Isaiah 5:20-21)

    Sadly, in the ignorance and arrogance of the so-called progressives, there is much blindness and intolerance toward others. Because their confusion is called freedom and enlightenment, they want to force others to conform to their deluded way of thinking. The truth of scripture yet brings freedom to those who will acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ.

    20 “Behold,
    I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the
    door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” (Revelation 3:20) There is a choice set before all humanity to open one’s heart door or refuse. Jesus awaits your decision for eternal life or eternal death.

  • Jim Walker

    Please address me as Your Lordship or I’ll sue you.

    • Getitright

      If a nursing home resident wanted to be called “Master”, would a black CNA have to use that name?

  • cestusdei

    How about demanding they call priests “Father”? I know some who refuse to do so. Shall we jail them?

  • SkippingDog

    More “conservative” victimhood?

  • Thisoldspouse

    Al Gayda is just getting started. This is nothing compared to what they want. Read up about Lot’s house in Genesis.

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