The Left’s Hatred of Mike Pence Undermines Its Hatred of Donald Trump

In this Oct. 14, 2017, file photo, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks during a campaign rally for gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, R-Va., at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Abingdon, Va.

By Michael Brown Published on September 12, 2018

We know why President Trump is so hated. We’ve heard it time and again. The man is out of control. He’s a threat to national security. He has damaged our international standing. He’s unstable. He’s volatile. He’s in totally over his head. No one can work for him.

Just read the latest books about Trump. Listen to his former employees. Look at his tweets. Donald Trump must go!

In the words of Rep. Maxine Waters, “I say ‘impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.’”

Is there any validity to the charges against Trump? Is there any truth to these concerns?

Perhaps there is some truth to some of them. Perhaps he has been autocratic. Perhaps he has created a White House environment that can be chaotic. He has certainly spoken out of turn at times and given his opponents plenty of fuel for their fire.

But I don’t believe for a minute that these are the real reasons the left wants to get rid of President Trump.

I say that because many on the left fear Vice President Pence even more, pledging to get rid of him once they get rid of Trump.

To quote Maxine Waters: After getting rid of Trump, “You knock one down, and then we’ll be ready for Pence.”

Target Pence

Yet Mike Pence is an experienced politician, having served in the House of Representatives from 2001-2013 and as governor of Indiana from 2013-2017.

And Mike Pence is not unstable or volatile, nor does he have a history of alienating those who work for him, nor has he been accused of being an autocratic narcissist.

He is clearly in control of his words and actions, he has not insulted or maligned his opponents, and he has done nothing to disgrace the office of the Vice President. Yet he too must go. He too is a threat. He too must be removed.

To quote Maxine Waters once again: After getting rid of Trump, “You knock one down, and then we’ll be ready for Pence. We’ll get him, too.”

Yes, Mike Pence must also go. Away with this man too!

Waters’ words drew a sharp rebuke from Trump supporter Philip Schuyler, who tweeted, “When Maxine Waters says, ‘We’ll impeach Trump,’ she’s fantasizing, since he didn’t do anything wrong. But when she says re Pence, ‘We’ll get him too,’ isn’t she admitting that her party is closer to a vengeful mob than to a lawful org?”

But it’s not just Maxine Waters saying this. The anti-Pence rhetoric has been building for months. Most recently, it was Omarosa Manigault Newman who echoed these sentiments.

As reported on Yahoo News, “Ms Manigault Newman, who is busy promoting her book, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, was asked by TMZ which of the top White House executives was worse – the president or the vice president? ‘Pence,’ she shouted, before being driven away in a black SUV.”

Yes, Pence is worse than Trump!

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Back in July, New York Times op-ed writer Frank Bruni penned a piece titled, “Mike Pence, Holy Terror. Are you sure you want to get rid of Donald Trump?”

His article opens with these chilling words: “There are problems with impeaching Donald Trump. A big one is the holy terror waiting in the wings.

“That would be Mike Pence, who mirrors the boss more than you realize. He’s also self-infatuated. Also a bigot. Also a liar. Also cruel.”

Mike Pence is a monster! The man would bring a reign of terror!

But there’s something even worse, and it lies at the heart of Bruni’s concerns: Pence “adds two ingredients that Trump doesn’t genuinely possess: the conviction that he’s on a mission from God and a determination to mold the entire nation in the shape of his own faith, a regressive, repressive version of Christianity. Trade Trump for Pence and you go from kleptocracy to theocracy.”

Yes, Mike Pence wants to turn America into a Christian theocracy, with himself the earthly tyrant ruling in God’s stead. Oh, the horror!

The Tylt website conducted a poll (apparently late in 2017), asking the question: “Who should liberals fear more: President Trump or a potential President Pence?”

By a vote of 51.9 to 48.1 percent, the answer was that a Pence presidency would be more dangerous.

In short, Pence is an evangelical Christian, a biblically-based conservative. As such, he could be a worse threat to the left than Donald Trump.

In support of this claim, Tylt cited a New Yorker article by Jane Mayer dated October 23, 2017. According to Mayer, “Pence has the political experience, the connections, the discipline, and the ideological mooring that Trump lacks. He also has a close relationship with the conservative billionaire donors who have captured the Republican Party’s agenda in recent years.”

Target Christianity

But that is not the worrying part. Rather, “Even as [Governor] Pence argued for less government interference in business, he pushed for policies that intruded on people’s private lives. In the early nineties, he joined the board of the Indiana Family Institute, a far-right group that supported the criminalization of abortion and campaigned against equal rights for homosexuals.”

In short, Pence is an evangelical Christian, a biblically-based conservative. As such, he could be a worse threat to the left than Donald Trump. (Really now, if the left could make President George Bush into a religious fanatic who allegedly waged war based on Bible prophecies, what will it do to Mike Pence?)

So, to repeat, I do believe there is some validity to some of the charges raised against President Trump. And at times, he is own worst enemy, spreading disunity and dissent rather than rallying the nation around his very real successes.

But, the truth be told, the vast majority of concerns raised by the left are merely a convenient ruse for the real issue, which is this: They hate the fact that their radical agenda is being thwarted. They despise the fact that some of their strongholds are being demolished. And they will do anything in their power to remove anyone who dares to get in their way, be it Donald Trump or Mike Pence.

The more conservative, the worse. The more Christian, much, much worse.

Let’s not take our eyes off the real stakes involved.

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  • Paul

    “The man would bring a reign of terror!”

    Music to my ears when coming from a wingnut lib. Bring it.

    • Athena771

      You know both sides extreme left and extreme right would be a terror.

      That is why is say they can all go to hell , tired of the bickering and fighting.

      • Paul

        The problem I see is the goal posts have moved so far left that a guy like Pence was middle of the road 50 years ago but is now deemed far right.

        Then there’s people like me who would demand every able bodied citizen be a part of a militia, own and maintain standardized firearms and report for drills and marksmanship training at least once a year (that’s a well regulated militia).

        • Athena771

          well of course, 50 years is a long time in terms of politics, their was a time when southern democrats used to be pro-slavery and for prohibition and republicans were against prohibition. A lot has changed since then.

          • Paul

            Constitution is pretty much the same though, but has been often ignored. Finally started correcting the course regarding the second amendment, but took way too long.

          • Athena771

            yes but the constitution can be amended and it has been amended at least twice, and it is subject to intepretation.

          • Paul

            Subject to interpretation is the motto of activist judges who seek to amend from their bench. Originalists not so much.

          • Athena771

            It was the 25th amendment that ended slavery in 1865. The 19th gave women the right to vote, the 9th amendment gave all of the right of trial by jury.

            Are you still against amendments ?

            You stating that your an originalist is just a knee jerk reaction.

            Their is a reason why the founding fathers allowed for the consitution to be amended.

          • Paul

            “Are you still against amendments ?”

            Never said I was against amendments, I’m against judges trying to do it by ‘interpreting’ in things that clearly are not there. Originalist is a term referring to judges who see the Constitution as it is written, as opposed to judges who deem it a ‘living’ document that they interpret as they wish it were written. Originalist does not mean using only the original unammended Constitution. I’m not aware of any such movement.

          • Athena771

            Well if are not against amendments then you are not an originalist. The original unamended constitution does NOT exist. The constitution has been amended as recently as the 1960’s

            Well the Constitution is subject to interpretation, everything is.

          • Paul

            You are confused. Please read these so you can better understand what originalism is:



          • Ken Abbott

            Paul is correct–you demonstrate a misunderstanding of constitutional originalism. The process and success of amending the Constitution as stipulated by the document itself is entirely consistent with originalism.

            By the way, the 27th amendment was ratified in 1992, having originally been proposed in 1789.

          • Athena771

            Ok thank you i stand corrected.

          • Athena771

            sorry the 13th amendment ended slavery in 1865.

  • Ken Abbott

    And “we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are the smell of death,” because we remind them simply by holding up Christ that God is holy, they are not, and there’s a judgment coming.

    • concerned

      Exactly, Amen!

  • A Cater

    After reading what the NYT wrote about VP Pence, I am wondering why he hasn’t sued the paper for slander.

  • Sharon

    Bingo. The Leftists are really showing their hand.

    • RRKore

      That’s sorta cryptic; I think I understand you to be saying that Americans are not buying what the left is selling. And if you’re referring to the left’s policies, I’m not sure polling supports how you think the majority in America feels. (Or maybe ya do and what godless folks think doesn’t count, lol.) Cool passage anyway, though.

      • Sharon

        The statement is a little convoluted, I agree, but I can’t exactly argue with the speaker. 🙂 I believe it is a commentary on the hypocrisy of people who refuse to be pleased and criticize no matter what. I’m not making any statement on the extent to which Americans buy or don’t buy the left-wing narrative.

        • Andrew Mason

          How about the condemnation of Christ as a drunkard and glutton, John the Baptist as having a demon for he neither ate nor drank. Those who hate will always find grounds to hate, the only question is the pretext they’ll use.

          • Sharon

            That’s exactly what the quote is about.

        • RRKore

          “Criticize no matter what”? Aren’t we talking about Pence? If so, it’s reasonable to suspect that Pence is likely dirtier than Spiro Agnew when it comes to lawless Vice Presidents. In case ya don’t know, Pence was handpicked as VP by (Trump campaign manager) Paul Manafort, a guy some of those “refusing to be pleased” folks have been complaining about for a couple of years now. (You’ve heard the recent news that Manafort has flipped on Trump and is confessing all to Mueller, I assume.) Pence is scared and should be. He definitely was aware of shady stuff around his relationship with Manafort and his association with Flynn. Manafort’s cooperation agreement in his guilty plea REQUIRES him to talk about everything he’s asked about by the FBI. For ever and ever. (He signed a confirmation that he’s fine with delaying his sentencing to the whims of the gov’t AND staying in jail until then, fergawdsakes.) So save your “those mean lefties” argument for another, more relevant time…cuz “Complicit Pence” ain’t the hill to die on. lol

          • RRKore

            BTW, my tone IS wrong even if my facts good…but I just drank too much coffee. Hope you understand. Sorry. Peace out.

    • Juan Garcia

      Matthew 11: 16-17. Jesus speaking about opposition to Him. Read it in context and it’s a perfect explanation of what is really going on in the world.

    • Qnon

      Is that the song American Pie.

      • Sharon

        My quote? It’s Jesus’ words from the Bible. Matthew 11: 16-17.

        • Qnon

          Cool . He could of been inspired by that verse.

  • tz1

    Pence/Paul 2024!

  • Jim Walker

    And MadMax Waters says she is doing God’s work to impeach Trump and now Pence.
    I’m pretty sure the devil was talking to her.

    • Qnon

      The devil could be working for trump. The reason is his promotion by shady religious folks.

      • Jim Walker

        You are daft. Devil won’t do the things Trump had done.
        Like defunding abortion, which is child sacrifice, appointing Conservative SCOTUSs, promote religious freedom, bring back freedom of expression like “Merry Christmas”.
        I don’t see him inviting fake Shady religious folks like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson? They are the pocket cronies of MadMax and the Dems.

        • Qnon

          That would be too obvious. Don’t you think that the devil would be way more subtle. I would watch the series called fighting for the faith. It would shock you it.

        • Qnon

          The devil worked with the religious leaders of Jesus’s day.Satan also worked with churches that were targeting Paul’s congregations .One of them wanted them to follow the laws of moses .

  • Athena771

    This is so ridiculous, both sides are wrong, both sides want power, yes Conservatives are happy that Trump/Pence won because Conservative Christians want their agenda shoved down the nations throat.

    I see through both sides, nothing but a power struggle. I remember Jesus saying “my kingdom is not of this world”.

    Christians need to stop being so pre-occupied with getting the people they want in power.

    For the record i like Trump, but don’t like Pence. I would vote for Trump, but not Pence.

    But in truth i really don’t care, they can all go to hell for all i care both conservatives and liberals.

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