What We Learned from Ted Cruz’s ‘Vote Your Conscience’ Line

By Michael Brown Published on July 21, 2016

A headline on Townhall.com read: “Analysis: Cruz Boos Dominate RNC’s Penultimate Night.” That is certainly the media consensus, but the question is: What did we learn from Sen. Cruz’s very public non-endorsement of Donald Trump?

1) Both The Drudge Report and Breitbart remain militantly pro-Trump which right now means militantly anti-Cruz.

The featured story on Drudge announced “Hell’s A-Burnin’,” with a picture of an angry Ted Cruz as if burning in red flames. Breitbart was less graphic but more direct, declaring, “Lyin’ Ted Breaks His Pledge” and “Cruz Booed Off RNC Floor After Failing to Endorse Nominee” among other Cruz-bashing headline stories.

2) Cruz remains a polarizing figure.

He will be revered by his supporters for his incredible backbone and integrity; he will be reviled by his critics for his incredible selfishness and small-mindedness. Seeing that he is an astute political thinker, he must have anticipated what the reaction would be and decided that, in the long run, it would be worth it.

3) The Republican Party remains deeply divided.

On the one hand, there has been a real effort to unite behind Donald Trump. On the other hand, with notables like George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and even John Kasich absent from the convention, it is clear that the party is anything but unified. The Cruz speech underscored this.

4) Political rhetoric can go too far.

Given the attacks that were launched against Cruz during the campaign, including attacks on his wife, his father, and himself (remember the National Enquirer sex scandal nonsense?) it is not surprising that Cruz was unable to endorse Trump. And let’s not forget that Cruz made his feelings about Trump very clear shortly before dropping out, calling him a “pathological liar,” “utterly amoral,” and “a narcissist at a level I don’t think this country has ever seen.” If words mean anything, without private reconciliation and public apologies, too many lines were crossed for either candidate to endorse the other.

5) Ted Cruz has guts.

It is true that his speech was submitted to the RNC leadership before it was delivered and Trump himself states that he saw it. So, they all knew he was going to say “vote your conscience” at that point in the speech. Still, it takes chutzpah to actually get up and do it, knowing what’s going to come in response.

6) Despite the delegates’ support of Trump, they welcomed Cruz warmly, perceiving him to be part of their celebration until he failed to endorse.

He received a prolonged standing ovation — quite the opposite mood from the end of the speech — which means that, even without the delegates knowing whether Cruz would endorse Trump, they showed him their respect and admiration. But when he crossed that fateful line of non-endorsement, the respect quickly turned to hostility.

7) The Cruz speech powerfully articulated the conservative position.

As others have observed, there were quite a few touchpoints that connected Cruz’s speech with Trump’s positions (for example, on destroying ISIS and building a wall), and he did congratulate Trump for his victory. But viewers can now measure Trump’s ideology by the conservative ideology laid out by Cruz. Are they one and the same or do they diverge?

8) When it comes to voting for Trump, “vote your conscience” is a loaded phrase.

Under no circumstances could anyone listening to Cruz think that he would countenance a vote for Hillary, and he did he urge the Republican voters not to stay home in November. So, as Newt Gingrich sought to spin things, this really was a call to vote for Trump. That being said, because of the many concerns about Trump’s character and behavior, “vote your conscience” now becomes an overt non-endorsement. That alone is telling.

9) Donald Trump does not feel he needs Ted Cruz and his camp to win.

Trump must have thought it would be strategic to have Cruz speak at the convention, otherwise there would have been no invitation. But since Trump tweeted that he saw the speech in advance, he must have decided that he can win with or without Cruz’s supporters. Given his success rate so far, it wouldn’t be surprising if it proves true.

10) For Cruz, this was about 2020.

Shortly before Cruz spoke, I tweeted, “Here’s my guess on the Cruz speech tonight. He’ll call the party to unify around conserv. principles more than around Trump. So Cruz 2020.” But this was hardly rocket science. Who didn’t know that?

When all is said and done, given that Cruz never promised a Trump endorsement, I’m not entirely sure why he was invited to address the RNC. But if it was a calculated risk, it seems to have backfired, adding another chaotic event to an already chaotic convention. Will the DNC be marked by as much drama and division? I doubt it.

Still, I don’t think it will hurt Trump in the long run — he is increasingly becoming Teflon Don. At the same time, the convention events further solidified Cruz’s reputation as one of the most loved and hated political leaders in the nation.

All the plots have thickened, and all the players were true to form.

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  • MofPennsy

    Don’t forget Murdoch & FNC contra-Cruz efforts….I won’t

  • Cowboy

    Well I had a great deal of respect for Cruz – until last night – I have thought about it a lot and he failed in his attempt to unify the party if that is what he wanted to do. I doubt that unification was even in his mind. He saw a change to stand on the stage and be all about Ted Cruz. I remember he isn’t lily white when it comes to attacks and half truths during the primaries.
    I would have respected him as the Christian he claims to be if he would have honored his word and pledge and supported and endorsed the republican nominee. Like it or not – Mr. Trump is that man. Get behind him or get out of the way.

    • Carolyn

      I agree with you Cowboy. Ted Cruz broke his pledge. He should have turned the other cheek and endorsed Trump. Can you imagine how that convention would have erupted in cheers and applause if he had? It would have been a unifying moment. But instead Cruz’s selfish ambition got in his way and they rightfully erupted in boos.

      • Everett Robert

        Sen. Cruz withdrew his pledge in the primary season, as did Gov. Kasich and Mister Trump. What is wrong with voting your conscience? And what is your conscience telling you if your first reaction is to boo when hearing that? why do we expect this blind loyalty? Why aren’t leaders allowed to criticize their fellow leaders and call them out for practices that they don’t agree with? Why, in this mythic world of politics, do we expect our candidates to insult and hurl each other under the bus and then stand next to the victor with a smile and an endorsement of the winner, when you really don’t?

        • Really

          Let’s face it, the new GOP despises Cruz and those like him, and have been empowered to treat the freedom caucus with more disdain ever sense he dropped out. They don’t stand for values anymore. They just don’t.

    • Really

      How did he not unify the party? He espoused the supposed principles of the GOP, is that not unifying?

      Cruz said, “Vote for candidates up and down the ticket you trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution.” And then people went off the deep in and and later said he was endorsing himself? What is that supposed to mean? That the people who support trump don’t even trust trump to defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution?

      I don’t get it. For me, it was a 1 Corinthians 8 moment that should have brought unity.

      • ” .. Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.” – 1 Corinthians 8:1 — Maybe you should contemplate this part of Verse 8:1 and take it to heart!!! Stop being an intolerant, bigoted, ignorant and hateful so-called “Christian”!!!

  • Barbara Cueto

    Ted Cruz? Integrity? Like signing a loyalty pledge when it suits you and then turning your back on it, and your party, when it doesn’t suit you? With that kind of loyalty I’m surprised he cares so much about Heidi and the pledge he made to her. Inviting Ted to speak at his convention despite Cruz’s campaign’s dirty dealings with Trump, Melania, and Dr. Carson, showed me that, in biblical parlance, Trump proved more able to “forgive those who” persecuted him. Ted Cruz said “We deserve leaders who stand for principle”. How about the principle of keeping your word? He’s just another smooth talking, typical, politician like Hillary and BHO.

    • Marc Leysens

      Well said. Also, yes, I had forgotten about the incident with Dr Carson.

    • YCNAN


      • iadydi

        Do you have to make it impossible to read with all the CAPS. Do you remember Trump said he would not honor the pledge?

        • YCNAN


          • Really

            I know, because Trump can shoot someone on 5th Ave, and his people would still support him, but anyone else must be perfect.

          • YCNAN


          • Really


          • YCNAN


    • Everett Robert

      I’m hesitant to weigh on this, but I’m going to. Mister Trump was the first to withdraw his support from the pledge, followed by Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich. What kind of blind loyalty are Republicans expected to hold to? If you don’t like the man, don’t trust the man, and do not think he would be a good president, wouldn’t offering blind support be worse than just saying “vote your conscience.” And what might your conscience be telling you if your first reaction to hearing that is to boo? Wasn’t there articles just last week blasting Sen. Sanders for doing just that with Sec. Clinton? For endorsing her, when it appeared to go against his beliefs? Why do you expect this from Republican leaders but blast Democrats when they do the same thing? (I don’t know you personally Ms. Cueto, so I don’t know if you blasted Sanders or not, but I know there were some in the Republican party that did.)

      • Barbara Cueto

        Thank you for your thoughtful response, Robert. I am not blindly supporting Donald Trump. He says that he supports life in the womb, Israel, and the protection of Christian values and Christians, for that matter. He has been transparent about his Supreme Court selections, all conservative constitutionalists, and is the first politician I’ve ever heard say will endeavor to abolish the Johnson amendment, which has silenced churches for too many years. He is running with a man who claims to be a Christian first and has proven to be so. Many of the evangelical leaders, now counseling Trump, and whom I trust, reiterate my belief that we have only one choice this election: the potential for good, Godly, policies, Trump/Pence, or the certain perpetuation of wicked policies, Obama/Clinton.

        • iadydi

          So basically you trust a man by what he says not any actions he has taken… so all those years of supporting Democrats candidates means nothing, his being establishment by having Ford’s campaign manager and all of Bob Dole’s people working for him, him possibly wanting a big Dem for Treasury Secretary.- that all means nothing.. .just believe what he says he will do?. I myself would rather go with a guy who has shown over and over that he will fight for the state who elected him. Too bad and will give it to Trump he has effectively destroyed a man and his career along with the RNC help and media who all hate Cruz. Interesting they all hate Cruz so much…

          • Barbara Cueto

            A baby Christian is a lot less disconcerting than a mature Christian who acts like a baby. I, for one, don’t hate Ted Cruz. I believe he is a brother in the Lord. I just don’t think he’s prepared for the job that is necessary for the Executive branch at this point in time.

          • Really

            Oh my, and you believe that Trump, who can’t control his emotions, and knows nothing about government, who is whichever way the wind blows, is prepared for the job? Just wow!

  • Julie Thompson

    Ted Cruz hasn’t ruled out endorsing Trump. He said so, himself. Yes; he signed an agreement to endorse the nominee. Later; both he AND Trump (snd Kasich) withdrew that agreement. The funny thing is, that the agreement didn’t say WHEN the endorsement had to be enacted. Ted could literally wait until the eve of the election to endorse Trump, and still fulfill the terms of the agreement that he signed. Here’s the wording of the agreement, as released by the GOP:
    The pledge, circulated by GOP officials, stated: “I, ________, affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is.”
    The pledge continues: “I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party.”

    But, God forbid, that anyone in the political realm should deal in plain old facts. We must fuel the emotion and the venom! Demagoguery is so much more palatable, than reason and logic! Let the ad hominem begin! The Age of Reason is so passé. I will reluctantly, and with great sorrow, tip my hat to those who played a part in the sumbing down of America: you have been wildly successful.

  • Marc Leysens

    As far as I recall, and I followed the process intently, Cruz was always the first to insult. Insult Mr Trump, insult his wife. In each case Trump merely responded. Cruz just cannot handle the response. It’s not surprising that he is so disliked among Republicans and Democrats in DC.

    • Marc Leysens

      PS I have come to notice that Michael Brown, unfortunately, has a selective memory and superficial judgement. Reminds me of Jesus’ words, not to judge superficially or be appearances only.

      • Sherry Clark Falls

        Boy are you blind

        • Really

          The question is, what is the definition of a hypocrite? It’s someone who who accuses others of doing the same thing that they themselves are doing. Now go back and read what Marc said in his PS, cause he is guilty of doing exactly what he accuses Brown of doing.

          I love Ted Cruz, and even if Trump’s supporters vote him out like they are demanding, I will always be grateful for the way he has defended our freedoms.

          People don’t really seem to care about the power of the Constitution or freedom any more.

          This election has been about Trump making America great, and Trump keeping us safe, and I understand that desperation has brought us to this place, but people seem to have lost sight of our Provider and Who keeps us safe.

  • kidoist

    As a Cruz supporter in the primary, he lost me forever. Blind ambition. And it certainly did backfire on him.

    • Really

      But trump is not ambitious at all, right? lol

      • Every person who runs for any kind of public office is got to have ambition or they will never win! But I guess your hatred and intolerance, your bigotry gets in the way of logical and reason thinking. It appears you don’t think at all but react simply with emotions and hysteria to the events going on around you. That, and the ad hominem attacks you constantly engage in put your Christianity to shame. I’m starting to wonder if you truly are a Christian and not a plant placed here by satan!You know, you just might be one of those wolves in sheep clothing the Bible warns us to be on the lookout for and avoid at all cost!

  • O’Pinyon

    I wanted to like Cruz more than I did. He is smart and has thought about the Constitution in a serious way.
    But his email appeals were dishonest – well beyond what the other candidates were sending out; they reflected poorly on his character.

  • Estelline

    Maybe Cruz honestly feels the way a lot of us do–we’ll hold our noses and vote for Trump to avoid a Clinton presidency, but we don’t trust him and can’t be persuaded to trust him while he’s busy currying favor with anyone and everyone. Cruz does have guts–more guts than all the people kowtowing to Trump now that he’s the one with cabinet positions to hand out.

    • Estelline

      And I should add that yes, I had reservations about some of Cruz’s behavior during the primaries too. But people apparently hold him to a higher standard, while Trump gets a pass because we all expect bad behavior from him.

      • Really

        For example, Cruz wasn’t tithing for awhile. Huckabee, who has not only conveyed his hatred toward Cruz as far back has when he had his show, also openly displayed it when Cruz went to see Kim Davis. Talk about Matthew 23….

        • It seems to me the hypocrisy warnings in Matthew 23 apply extremely well to you and your so-called Christianity! You put aside your Christianity when it’s convenient to make ad hominem attacks against anybody that has a temerity to disagree with your narrow and selfish social and political agenda. Time after time I see you making those attacks unapologetically. As an example of Christianity, well, let’s just say you are a very poor example of Christianity! Remember little child, FORGIVENESS and love of your neighbor is supposed to be a virtue among Christian people! You have absolutely no forgiveness or love whatsoever in you, only hatred, bigotry, and intolerance which is seemingly inspired by the devil himself!

  • Apostol Pappas

    Running for the highest office in the world is no joke. If you cannot handle the heat, get out! Ted Cruz did not say the nicest things about Tump either. The stakes were very high. He did significant character assassination. The people voted for Trump. Cruz has spoilt what respectability he had previously. He could have handled it better. He abused the invitation to speak at the convention.

    • Sherry Clark Falls

      There are some liberal journalists that see it for what it is – set up. Trump saw his speech ahead of time and knew about it

      • Really

        But Trump was upset about that one sentence that Cruz added he congratulated Trump, that “could be viewed as a nasty thing”.

        Cruz actually had the audacity to say, “And like each of you, I want to see the principles that our party believes, prevail in November.”

        What kind of person says something like that at a GOP convention!!?? rofl

  • AndRebecca

    From the comments below, it looks like Cruz not endorsing Trump has actually caused a big stir in Trump’s favor. I am a Cruz supporter and liked him standing firm in support of the people he loves. Trump is a nasty character, and people think we need just such a character now. All I can say is get out there and work for him because people like me will not. Trump and his followers have alienated lots of people at this point due to their pushiness and nastiness, so all of you can get out the vote for your guy.

  • bruce jacobson

    You are right in that it will NOT hurt Trump. In fact I believe it has caused many to coalesce to the Trump campaign. But it will hurt Cruz. It certainly has with me and I am a Christian, conservative Texan. It really is very simple and boils down to integrity and character. When you give a pledge, a signed pledge no less, you are giving your word. When you break your word everything you say from that point on is deservedly suspect. I understand that Cruz is highly offended by what Trump had to say about his wife and his father. Rightfully so. However if Cruz knew he could not stand in unity then he should have graciously rejected the invitation to speak. That would have been the honorable thing to do. But lets not forget that Cruz said and did some very mean things about/with Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio. As a Christian, and with Cruz identifying himself as a Christian, it breaks my heart that many may stumble spiritually by the lack of a Christian example. Sad.

    • Elaine

      Ted was honoring his wife and Father. God bless him. Donald didn’t apologize for slandering his Dad. He stood behind his family which is his first responsibilty. God first, family second. Quite honorable

      • bruce jacobson

        Elaine I appreciate your comments but it is apparent you didn’t read my response fully.
        How is breaking your word honoring God? As Christians we are held to a standard of honesty and forgiveness.
        The honorable thing to do would have been to not accept the invitation to speak. Cruz’s motive was pure political positioning. As a Christian conservative who worked for both President Reagan and Bush, I held Cruz to a higher standard as he identifies himself as a Christian conservative. I was greatly disappointed with his display. Nothing honorable about what he did.

        • iadydi

          According to the RNC rules Ted had a right to speak as # 2 winner in the primary and it was not because Trump invited him. Go to Conservative Review and read the article, he could even had 2 of his surrogate’s speak on his behalf. I am appalled at the outrage against Cruz. He talked about conservatism, said his congrats to Trump and spoke about liberty. No one has said anything about Reagan not endorsing Ford. I for one have more respect for a man who never told anyone what to do but do what you think is right by your conscience not just tow the party line. Really don’t understand the outrage. Trump said he would break the pledge in those words… Ted never even said that.. just didn’t come out and endorse… neither have the Bushes. Romney, Kasich and many others.

          • Really

            I don’t understand what the big deal is about endorsements anyway. Is that so people who are uninformed know how to vote?

        • Really

          Bruce, considering that Trump maybe the next president, don’t you think it’s about time people start holding him to a higher standard?

          From what I’ve read, if many Christians get their way, Trump, Lee, and all of those that have been fighting for our freedoms will be voted out the next election, and you won’t have to worry about them interfering with Trump and the RNC’s agenda.

          Since you worked with Reagan, did it disturb you that after all of the attacks from Gerald Ford on Reagan and his wife, did it bother you that Reagan didn’t endorse Ford?

        • Elaine

          You cannot judge the motive of someone’s heart. Nothing honorable about presuming you know the thought and intent of someone’s heart. You worked for Reagan so,you know that Reagan didn’t endorse Ford at the convention? You also know that Trump told Anderson Cooper on March 29th interview that he didn’t need Or want Ted’s endorsement. And Trump said he didn’t know if he would endorse the republican candidate himself. Maybe we should get the facts straight before we accuse a brother in Christ. I am greatly disappointed at Christians who don’t realize that they will know we are Christians by our love. I am so disheartened by all the ugliness.

        • Michael Gore

          You know, there is the biblical concept of the “rash vow”. It is un-biblical to say that a Christian must always honor their promises because sometimes Christians can make very stupid promises which would be immoral to follow through on. Sometimes the sin comes from making an inappropriate vow, and doing the right thing would be to renounce the vow. And Paul talks in Romans 14 and in Corinthians about our Christian liberty. He says we ought not offend our conscience. If Cruz did not think he could endorse Trump at this point in good conscience, then he should obey his conscience, and you should not judge him so harshly for it.
          Now politically is a different matter, but it’s important not to conflate the two. I don’t think Sen. Cruz handled the situation properly. I would have probably said days before hand publicly that in light of the unresolved personal attacks on his family by Mr. Trump, that he could not in good conscience support the man. Then if Trump still wanted him to speak, everyone is on the same page.
          On the other hand, Cruz did exactly what he told the Trump campaign he would do. He promised he would not attack Trump, and did not, and they agreed to that. Supporting somebody and endorsing them are not the same thing. And to think that saying “vote your conscience” from Ted Cruz would be implying vote for Hillary is just crazy thinking. It really is like Newt said (which were prepared remarks by the way, the whole thing was set up, between Laura Ingram encouraging him to endorse and Newt “clarifying” his remarks, well ahead of Ted’s speech, they knew what he was going to say), in this race there is only one conscience vote if you love the constitution. I just don’t think that Sen. Cruz could bring himself to personally endorse Trump for personal reasons, but didn’t try to sabotage him either. I think Trump is big enough to handle some dissent with class.

          • Mr. Gore, the rash vow is still a vow, however foolish it may be. That’s why Jepthah’s vow, which was extremely foolish to make, was honored. (Judg 11.30ff). Dennis already mentioned Ps 15.4 (who pleases God? He who keeps his oath even when it hurts.), and of course Ecclesiastes talks about God’s view of people who make vows and don’t fulfill them: They’re fools who sin in breaking their vow:

            “4 When you make a vow to God, do not delay in fulfilling it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow.
            5 It is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it.
            6 Do not let your mouth lead you into sin. And do not protest to the temple messenger, “My vow was a mistake.” Why should God be angry at what you say and destroy the work of your hands?”
            (Eccl 5.4-6)

            I have been a fan and supporter of Cruz up to his non-endorsement of Trump.
            If he could not have given a clear endorsement in good conscience (not one that makes people wonder what he’s saying), he should have stayed home like the others who couldn’t. Now for all his political acumen he appears to me to be like any other politician – not trustworthy.

            As someone above noted, I think his calculation was he’d never have to honor the vow since Trump would never be the candidate (or so many thought). But isn’t that why vows are made? To compel a course of action even when you rather not?

            To those concerned about the attacks on his family – tough I agree – but if every marriage were allowed to be dissolved because someone in the marriage was hurt, attacked, or otherwise felt they had some unforgivable wrong done, I doubt there would be a married couple left in America.

            The Biblical message is clear – if you don’t want to keep a vow, don’t make it.
            If you don’t want to stay married, don’t get married. (Which means a life of celibacy.)
            If you don’t want to support a candidate, don’t vow to do so.

            Ted knows this, and doesn’t care. In this, how is he different from any other two faced politician?

          • Michael Gore

            Thanks for the reply Duane.

            In the case of Jepthah, are you saying you believe God was happier with him sacrificing his daughter than going back on his vow? I understand that breaking your word is a sin in all cases. I am not saying breaking a rash vow is not a sin. The reason a vow becomes a rash vow is because keeping the vow becomes a bigger sin than breaking your word.

            In Jepthah’s case, he had a choice of breaking his word, or murdering his daughter. This is the very essence of a moral dilemma. When we have two bad choices to make we must choose the one that does the least evil.

            Now much better had he never made the pledge I think, but it is what it is. Imagine if you had, say, made a pledge to vote for whoever the republican candidate would be, no matter what, then somehow, say Hillary Clinton got nominated as the republican candidate. Would you say “Well I have to honor my vow” or would you say “there is no way in good conscience I could vote for a pro-abortion, anti-religious liberty candidate like her”?.

            And in your reply, it seems like you are not living up to your own standard. You say “If he could not have given a clear endorsement in good conscience (not one that makes people wonder what he’s saying), he should have stayed home like the others who couldn’t. ” But staying home and not endorsing Donald Trump he would not fulfill his pledge of support either, how could you be happy with that result. He would still be breaking his vow by not actively endorsing him. The only difference would be that he would be trying to hide it instead of putting it out in the open.

            Oh, and I wouldn’t put rash vows and marriage too close together, you are likely to get clobbered by your wife if you are married! Hahah! Seriously they are in a completely different category though. To treat a vow of marriage as being of the same stuff as any other vow is to make marriage less than what it is. That’s why Adultery is not called lying. Breaking marital vows is on a whole nother level. After all, you are not banned for life from making promises if you break one!


    • Really

      It’s always an honorable thing for a man to honor is marriage vows, to honor his father, and to defend the constitution. You don’t like it? Don’t vote for Cruz, and you’ll get what this country deserves. More John Boehners and Mitch McConnells. PS – Glad my husband loves me.

    • Patriotic American

      The pledge to support the eventual nominee was to prevent any challengers from running as a 3rd party candidate. Cruz fulfilled this pledge.

  • TooLongInTheSun

    I don’t think any less of Ted Cruz for what he said last night…at the very least, he was honest–something we don’t see a lot of these days. Just showing up there was about as much of an endorsement as I would have expected–considering the circumstances–let alone his agreement with many of Trump’s positions, encouraging everyone to vote, and vote their conscience. Albeit veiled, I considered this as an endorsement–or at least as much of an endorsement as he was able to give. Mind you, I don’t think that there are many, if any, of us who can give Trump our endorsement without some concern or reservation. Ted Cruz is still one of the best true conservative politicians that the Republican Party has, and we cannot afford to throw him away because of this. I expect that he still has a bright future ahead of him, this will help (not hurt) Trump, and I expect that they will work together quite well in the future.

  • Really

    Great to see the very few left in this country that hold fast their integrity. I wonder if Trump would be able to humble himself and publicly apologize to Cruz and his family, in order to unite the party?

    • Linda Rhyne

      That is what I would like to see.

      • Really

        It would certainly be a step in the right direction, but I don’t see it coming. As far as I know, Carson is the only one left that is not demanding Cruz’s head on a platter. I mean, they want him absolutely out of politics, because he causes to much trouble for their agenda.

        I don’t think the party is striving for unity. To me, it looks like it is about squelching the conservative base, and veering more and more to the left.

        When you think about it, the things that affect our lives, don’t really affect the lives of the powerbrokers.

  • cstump

    Cruz accepted the invitation to speak with the understanding that he was not obligated to endorse Trump. Therefore, Trump was able orchestrate the response to Cruz’s speech. Simply, Cruz told the truth, standing against the storm for conservative principles. If that offends the Trump mob it just confirms that their motives are about raw political power at the cost of Constitutional government. For Christians to be offended at Cruz’s message of conservatism, Constitution and conscience is plain sad.

    • Really

      And today, trump came out in full psychopathic-narcissistic mode again, against Ted Cruz and his father. It gives him pleasure, with his personality order to do it. He won’t be satisfied until he destroys everything the tea party has managed to achieve. AND he has the full blessing of the GOP to do it.

      How revealing it is, when Cruz said, “God bless America, and God bless everyone of you”, that they boos started. God gets booed at the GOP convention… Well, at least the cat’s out of the bag now.

      I forget if it was the first or second time that Obama won, but you know how the defeated party comes out and says what they need to change in order to win? The one thing that I specifically remember, is abortion. I wish I could find that speech. The GOP didn’t want Christian conservatives then, and they don’t want us now. #newparty

      • I thought up several excellent replies to your post. But then I decided it was a waste of my time to try to educate you as to why the crowd was actually booing. Your hatred, intolerance, bias and ignorance puts your self-proclaimed Christianity to shame. What happened to love thy neighbor as thyself??? Apparently you don’t believe that because you engage time after time after time in worthless yet vile ad hominem attacks against those who disagree with you. In that respect you are no better than the far left extremely radical FASCIST democrat party death operatives, politicians, and useful idiots throughout America who engage in that same ad hominem attack mode as you.

        It appears what you haven’t been able to comprehend is that the election this year is a binary choice. No third-party candidate is going to win the presidency so reality says we are down to two choices. If your hatred and intolerance of Donald Trump moves you to vote either third-party or for the democrat party of death candidate and the democrat party death candidate wins you can thank yourself when we have 4 to 8 more years of the further destruction of America, our Constitution, our Constitutional Rule of Law, our First Principles, and especially the destruction of our Freedom and Liberty and every American Tradition since America’s first days. So good luck with your Brave New World of tyrannical and dictatorial rule of man, the kind of rule where from day-to-day you have no idea where you stand under the law. The kind of rule where rights are given by government, not by God, so therefore the government can take any right given away just as quickly they gave them. If you truly are what you claim to be, a Christian that is, be prepared to keep your faith and your words to yourself and go underground with your church because you will be persecuted. This is apparently what you are advocating with your hatred and intolerance. To all of that that I say good luck to you wearing the chains of slavery to a bloated and out of control government who cares nothing about you except the money in your pocket they will confiscate.

        • Trump The Everchosen

          Thanks for pointing those things out Sean, people think that this election is just like any other but in reality its probably the most important election in our nation’s history, keep spreading the truth bro and God bless!

  • Dennis Preston

    Dr. Brown, I understand you supported Cruz. However, you did not mention the fact that he did not show integrity in upholding his word, in endorsing Trump. Clear violation of Scripture. Cruz is great to listen to, that is, until he starts to trash Trump, and it’s like one needs to take a shower after hearing Cruz do that. As others have mentioned, Cruz also is not above reproach, in his actions with Carson, and his comments about Trump. As he claims to be a believer, he should know better. Where are the comments denouncing Cruz’s behavior and speech?

    I’m sorry, but confirmation bias abounds in your column, since you are only looking at the potential positives, while ignoring the negatives, including that many are saying Cruz committed political suicide last night by not holding to his word. Does Psalm 15:4b not mean anything..”…who keeps his oath, even when it hurts”? Trump said some things about Ben Carson that Carson forgave him for, BECAUSE he is a Christian. Should not Cruz do the same, or is he (as it appears to be), blinded by his own ambition? He comes off as petty and small. According to many pundits, his political career is over as he appears only to be in it for himself.

    • Really

      The Word also says to honor your father, and to honor love your wife. If a bully attacks your wife, do you support that?

      Cruz is a brilliant man. Cruz laid it all on the line for his loved ones and America, knowing it could cost him politically. Wish we had more men in America that thought as highly of their families and our nation “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

  • Jolene

    why didn’t he even once say anything about how it would be wrong to vote for Hillary and about all the things she has lied about and how her actions have put our country in danger? If he wasn’t going to support Trump he could have at the very least said something about how it would be wrong to put her in office.

    • Really

      He did. Sorry that didn’t hear it, because all you care about is if he kisses trump’s ring.

    • Bonnie Alter Roe

      You obviously did not listen to all of Cruz’s speech. He did talk about how wrong it would be to vote for Hillary.

  • Jan

    I think most of the Republican primary candidates signed the pledge and made a big deal of getting Trump to sign it because they assumed he had no chance of winning the nomination. When it was clear he was a real threat, the fists came up. When he won, they were gobsmacked. So some of them, for the sake of party unity and the goal to defeat the Democratic candidate, have been determined to find common ground or give input to assist Trump to refine some of his raw assessments of issues. To me, that is honorable. I don’t find much of anything honorable in torpedoing the work to do that. The person I did support has truly disappointed me with their actions since the day Trump became the presumptive nominee. It reminds me of how stiff-necked legalists act when someone messes with one of their traditions. Now that Cruz has stuck his foot in it, I will be hard pressed to support him down the road. It really was bad form.

    • Really

      Why do trump supporters judge Cruz as a legalistic, and his supporters as well? I’ve been called evil, a religious bigot, told I need to pray, that I have a religious spirit, and on and on. All because I say that I don’t trust Trump to do what he says he will do.

      • Trump The Everchosen

        Really, look at your comments towards others, you have used ad hominem attacks against Trump supporters despite the fact that they did not attack you or your candidate, look at your comment to Jolene, Jolene did not insult you or Ted Cruz but made a slight error and then you proceeded to bash him for it, understand I am not questioning your faith, I am merely point out the flaws in your statement.

      • Jan

        I don’t think I called anyone any of the things you listed. Trump was not my first choice and I didn’t say who I previously supported, because it no longer matters. I also didn’t make any comments about the difficulty people have trusting Trump to do what he says he will do. I understand the hesitancy to trust him. My comment was about what I thought of the actions of the other candidates towards the Republican nominee for President.

  • Michael

    Cruz lost my vote long before I considered voting for Trump. As far as I’m concerned, he acted like any other politician when lies were spread that Ben Carson was pulling out of the primaries…politics as usual!

    • Really

      Just wondering if you caught Trump in any lies during this whole process?

      • Brent Enloe

        probably not…after all, to Michael, Trump is probably the most perfect candidate to ever grace the Republican stage…

        • Really

          Perfect for the GOP that wants to annihilate the tea party. I think it’s time for a #newparty. They GOP is corrupt to the core.

        • Michael

          There are no perfects in this election…of course, there never have been. Perfect is already “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords”

    • S_O_T_A

      Sigh. That non-story has been explained a hundred times. If you think Cruz lied, you’re frankly 100% wrong. Go do some research, OK?

      • Michael

        He didn’t speak out against the lie, did he?

    • Elaine

      It wasn’t Cruz. It was one of the workers who reported what CNN said. CNN put out a false report. It was not Cruz being malicious. So many people will run with misinformation therefore impugning someone’s character. Ted Cruz is not a liar.

    • Trump The Everchosen

      I would like to personally apologize to you Michael on the behalf of all my brother and sisters who as saints and sinners have attacked or patronized you for having a different view and by not supporting their favored candidate.

      • Michael


        Cruz failed my leadership test at the time of the lies regarding Ben Carson because he didn’t perform as a true leader.

        I’ve seen true leaders and, when a problem breaks like this, they get out in front of it. They agree: “The buck stops here!” They take the responsibility for their organization.

        If there was even a hint that someone within his organization spread those reports (and especially if CNN or any of the major news media was the source), he stands up and lays those rumors to rest – not remain silent about it.

        My judgment is based more on what he didn’t do than on anything he did.

        In my eyes, his was not the behavior of a true leader…it was just another politician. I’m tired of politicians.

        • Trump The Everchosen

          Amen, the Carson and Colorado delegates controversies really put Cruz in a bad light for me, I’m glad you’re voting for Trump and wish you the best of luck, have a good day and God bless

  • Brent Enloe

    for the record, Donald Trump renounced the pledge long before Ted Cruz did…

    keep that in mind before you go off on a rant about how Ted Cruz is “evil”, “dishonorable”, “pathetic”, blah blah blah…

  • S_O_T_A

    It’s important to remember that Cruz would’ve been entitled to continue his campaign in May all the way to the end and turn up in Cleveland and CAMPAIGN for his nomination at the RNC – as well as being given three speaking spots to others – due to him winning the minimum eight states.

    The fact that he just turned up and encouraged people to vote AND congratulated Trump AND submitted his speech AND Trump never apologised for smearing his family makes a YUUUUUGE difference.

    It seems to me, those upset at Cruz are backhandedly admitting they respect him deeply, but are too proud to admit it. If you really thought he was nothing, you wouldn’t have this level of outrage afterwards, it’d be forgotten in 5 minutes.

    In other news, I think God is judging the USA. The country is in deep trouble, irrespective of the outcome in November. DEEP trouble. Reading Ezekiel at the moment makes me shudder.

  • Ignatz

    Why do you think Trump was telling the truth about having seen the speech beforehand?

  • MofPennsy

    Amazing…The New Establishment in hysterical paroxysm over one guy who won’t lie down and go along…

    • Really

      Trump is the GOP establishment’s dream come true!

      • Trump The Everchosen

        Yes, borders, nationalism, rejecting globalism and lobbies, defending churches from losing their tax exemptions when they support political parties, and lowering immigration, yes he is very establishment and I suppose Bernie Sanders is an ultra-capitalist.

  • Greta Rich

    If you listened to the speech it set the stage for the conscience to be the guide for voting against Clinton and the democrats. He spoke of freedom and liberty. Of constitutional principles that the states being the laboratory of freedom should be leading and controlling. He spoke of the amendments that are primary to our freedom. If after he spoke so clearly to these anyone’s conscience could vote for other than Trump he was speaking to the wrong convention!

  • Chip Crawford

    Cruz is purportedly a Christian. Like all of us, it has a way of not coming into play at certain times. That’s bad. But when you are a public figure and should know better, it’s larger. Trump doesn’t know better. Really, I don’t think he has enough Word to instruct/convict him of the truth. I think he actually thinks he is justified to handle this area of competition totally differently than other parts of his life. I think when (through Mike Pence and/or others repeating the lesson), he may change his ways. This is really bad stuff.

    • Really

      I think people need to stop making excuses for Trump’s narcissistic psychopathic behavior.

  • azbuckeye

    Dr, I agree that Cruz is a smart political thinker. But he is more than political. While he may well have harbored resentment which influenced his speech, Cruz – I believe – was also was driven by principle. Sure he’s a politician, but more so a statesman and a Christian.

  • Terry Mather

    I think the Christian right has gone bonkers for Trump and God help us all! Ted Cruz should not be crucified for his principles and Trump should not have tried to manipulate an endorsement from him by asking him to speak at the convention.

  • davidrev17

    Anyone recognize a spirit, or heart attitude of forgiveness & reconciliation, toward the typically much-maligned, and morally UN-Christian Donald Trump – let alone any evidence of the “fruit of the Spirit” – exhibited in the behavior of the self-professed Christian, Ted Cruz?

    After all, the Lord Yeshua/Jesus did in fact observe, “that out of the abundance of one’s heart, one’s mouth will speak.” Sure is strange, how this major, glaring, and very serious “character-flaw” in the otherwise morally-upstanding Ted Cruz, was conspicuously lost on the part of his longtime ardent supporter, Dr. Michael L. Brown?? (Unless of course, I’m just plain wrong about this?)

    • Mr. Cruz was given the dilemma of supporting Mr. Trump OR his wife and his family. Because of Mr. Trump’s refusal to apologize for the smear campaign he publicly engaged in against them, there was no chance of supporting both. He therefore supported his wife and family, with which there is no so-called moral problem.

      Mr. Cruz stood tall in his faith, while Mr. Trump edged a bit closer to fleeting power, fleeting power that will not last beyond his last breath, while Mr. Cruz has demonstrated that he will spend eternity in the company of the King.

      Personally, between the two, I stand with Mr. Cruz.

      • davidrev17

        No “so-called moral problem” sir? Are you the omniscient God then, of whom alone, “knows the thoughts and intents of the heart?”

        I’m not sure about your theological disposition, Mr. Maddock, but I know this one thing for certain: Mr. Cruz – as a professing follower, or disciple of the “Most High God,” in Yeshua/Jesus, Israel’s Messiah, i.e., Redeemer/Savior & Judge of all humanity – possesses a citizenship, that’s first and foremost centered “in heaven” itself. As a consequence of this aforementioned primary reality for the child of God, on earth, Senator Cruz’s earthly citizenship here in America, thus takes a decidedly back-seat position.

        As such, Mr. Cruz’s primary biblically-based responsibilities are that of an “other-worldly” child of God first, or “servant of the Lord Jesus Christ” – which means representing the Kingdom of God & the “King of Kings” at all times, in any-and-every situation; which also necessarily includes his concurrent “this-worldly” (back-seat) responsibilities, as a U.S. Senator of Texas, and former Republican presidential candidate.

        So having watched Mr. Cruz’s dialogue (from his own mouth) with the news media, subsequent to his RNC debacle before Almighty God and man Wednesday evening, it was crystal-clear that he still harbors the sinful heart attitudes (toward Mr. Trump) of considerable bitterness, resentment, anger, or even potential malice.

        Now, I ask you: what do those fleshly/sinful (this-worldly) “works of the flesh,” of which Ted Cruz still clearly harbors toward DT, have to do with the “other-worldly” characteristic “fruit of the Spirit” – i.e., love, joy, peace, gentleness, meekness, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control” (Galatians 5:22-23)? And please don’the forget: for the child of God, the act of granting “horizontal” forgiveness, ain’t optional; and it’s to be consistently, and UNconditionally bestowed – thus providing the very same “vertical” illustration mankind has been abundantly given, through the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus…for OUR benefit alone!

        Mr. Cruz was presented with an inestimably precious, Divinely-choreographed “teaching opportunity” before untold millions, who were no doubt watching and listening on electronic media; in order to exemplify this very same vertical/heavenly (other-worldly) pattern, toward Donald Trump, in horizontal fashion – namely granting unconditional love, grace, forgiveness etc., thus seeking reconciliation. Tragically, Ted Cruz has clearly chosen to demonstrate the “works of the flesh” in this regard, toward Mr. Trump.

        As such, he has failed miserably in this instance, as a servant of the “Most High God”; whose ignominious act as an “Ambassadors for Christ,” has unfortunately brought serious reproach upon the Holy Name of our Creator, Lord & Master…Yeshua/Jesus, of Nazareth.

        So I do earnestly hope and pray, that one day soon, Ted Cruz will sense the urgent need to get right with God & Donald Trump; because there’s a lost-world out there – not to mention believers themselves – who could benefit immeasurably from an “other-worldly” example of the unconditional grace, love, forgiveness, goodness, mercy, and compassion, that God Himself has clearly provided for us – in Jesus the Messiah!

        • You’ve never been married, have you? If you are, and you find yourself in the position that Mr. Cruz was in, and you take the stand you demand, here, from Mr. Cruz, you won’t be married long. Mr. Trump leveled vicious attacks against Mr. Cruz, his wife, and his family, then followed up by refusing to apologize. Forgiveness DEMANDS repentance, which Mr. Trump rejected offering. I stand with Mr. Cruz.

          • davidrev17

            Then tragically, by employing the wisdom of man – which certainly isn’t wisdom in the first place – you stand in tragic error sir; and you also find yourself in the unenviable position of having in your company, those referred to as the “adversary of men’s souls.”

            You see William, the Word of God & the ways of God, can be exceedingly exacting, not to mention profoundly unsettling, for not only “fallen” mankind – but especially His professing children. (I know this from intimate experience!)

            And by the way, I was married; but unfortunately, I wasn’t at all aware some twenty-five years ago, of the inviolable truth’s of which I’m now acutely aware, and sharing opely. Otherwise, perhaps I’d still be married? BTW: I stand with the Lord Jesus & His inerrant teaching.

            Thanks so much for sharing your heart too, Mr. Maddock!

          • Are you claiming to have been saved without repenting of your sin? Forgiveness DEMANDS repentance. If you do not repent of your sin, then you are still in rebellion against God, and “[you] are [a liar], and the Truth is not in [you]”. The only way out of this for Mr. Trump, short of repentance would be if he was unaware of his offense, but he REFUSED to repent, thus meaning he is aware of his offense. Refusal to repent is a rejection of even the possibility of forgiveness. Remember, Jesus told the scribes and pharisees that questioned Him, “If you were blind you would have no guilt, but since you claim to see, your sin remains.” Forgiveness DEMANDS repentance.

            I do not claim to know the heart of Mr. Cruz, but am only assessing the visible evidence, and this I know: Peace at home is a prerequisite to peace abroad. If he did not stand by his wife and his family there would no peace in his home. The man is the head, and therefore the protector of the wife, and of the children, and is responsible for those of ancient age. If he fails his own home, he fails his primary responsibility. For Mr. Cruz this was no ego play, but a necessity.

            And, in the spiritual realm, my company is pure and bright and unfailing and never lies. Years ago, I was driving an old car with bad shocks when it went into a spin and toward a cliff. When I cried out to God, I said “Please, Lord! Please, Lord!” and my car did not shake, and did not slow down, and I felt no effects of inertia when my car simply and suddenly just stopped, as if grabbed by a giant hand. Satan does not save; God does. And that, Sir, is the company I keep.

          • davidrev17

            “Forgiveness DEMANDS repentance.”

            Unfortunately William, you’ve stated the “vertical” principle of forgiveness – thus the very concept of reconciliation, redemption, adoption etc. of which transpires between God & man, at this critical juncture between heaven and earth; when Almighty God actually “regenerates” and/or “justifies” a fallen, truly repentant, sinful human being.

            Yet you’ve completely ignored the “horizontal” aspects of this unerring biblical command, between we human beings – whether saved or unsaved – because WE children of the Most High God, are to conduct our lives according to a much higher, other-worldly standard!

            * * *

            “It is written”:

            “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:9-12)

            “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? Therefore you shall be perfect [mature], just as your Father in heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:43-48)

            “For if you forgive others their offenses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive others their offenses, your heavenly Father will not forgive yours.” (Matthew 6:14-15)

            “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. Be of the same mind toward one another; do not be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly. Do not be wise in your own estimation. Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all men. If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. “But if your enemy is hungry, feed him, and if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:14-21)

            “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:29-32)

            * * *

            There’s even more biblical evidence in this area too William; but suffice it to say, we’ve just witnessed above the inerrant, “other-worldly” [righteous] moral standards, of which the Lord Jesus [and the Word of God] emphatically teaches, is indeed the very benchmark of human behavior – especially as this concerns His own – toward which we must consistently aspire, in all of our “horizontal” relationships.

            So having emphasized all of that, would you be kind enough to point in the above verses, just exactly where it was that the self-professed child of God (i.e., Ted Cruz) had actually obeyed His Heavenly Father, in his dealings with the either saved, or unsaved [heathen] Donald Trump??

          • When Peter asked Jesus how many times he must forgive someone, when (not how many times, but WHEN) did he say to Peter that he must forgive them?

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Don’t let slewfoot distract you from the real issue. Forgiveness is not the issue. The issue is whether davidrev17’s false view of himself and his faux omniscience can know whether Cruz has forgiven or not. He claims to know that Cruz hasn’t. That’s playing God and yet he refuses to acknowledge that sin and seek forgiveness while simultaneously throwing stones at Cruz. Is that not all that really needs to be known? Pretty hard to see correctly when a Giant Sequoia Tree is sticking outta yer eye socket.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            There’s that tree again.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            I would also add that daverev17 fails to see the spiritual application in what Cruz did by standing up and protecting his wife. Are we to think that Christ will standby and do nothing when His Bride is treated as Trump did Heidi? I hardly think so! Cruz as a follower of Christ is commanded to love His wife as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it. If Cruz has given up his political career for standing beside his wife, well, so be it.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          “As such, Mr. Cruz’s primary biblically-based responsibilities are that of an “other-worldly” child of God first, or “servant of the Lord Jesus Christ” – which means representing the Kingdom of God & the “King of Kings” at all times, in any-and-every situation; which also necessarily includes his concurrent “this-worldly” (back-seat) responsibilities, as a U.S. Senator of Texas, and former Republican presidential candidate.”

          And that is EXACTLy what Cruz did when he stood up in support of righteousness by putting down the sinful and ugly things Trump did against himself, his wife, and his father!!

          “it was crystal-clear that he still harbors the sinful heart attitudes (toward Mr. Trump) of considerable bitterness, resentment, anger, or even potential malice.” LOL Let me quote you from earlier…”Are you the omniscient God then, of whom alone, “knows the thoughts and intents of the heart?””

          I could go on but that one statement right there shows you have a Giant Sequoia Tree sticking outta your eye socket and aren’t seeing clearly as is. You got the early part of your post correct but are completely misreading/misunderstanding what that all means. Get a chainsaw and take care of that tree in your eye and maybe you’ll see better.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Yes. Your’e just plain wrong about this. IF you’d take off whatever is blocking your vision/hearing and watch/listen to the speech again, you will find that NOTHING came out of Cruz’ mouth that violates what Jesus said or Eph. 4:29 & Col. 3:8 for that matter.

      Your characterization of the press-conference speaks for itself, Cruz’ response was a “somewhat mild emotional tirade”. The very fact that is was “somewhat mild” speaks volumes and speaks to Cruz’ “self-control”. An attribute that is listed as fruit of the Spirit. “Emotional”? Who wouldn’t be? “Tirade”? Interesting choice of words there that are revealing as well. I hardly think so. There is little doubt in my mind that Cruz exercised a far better level of walking in the Spirit and demonstrating self-control than I likely would given the same experience.

      If there’s anyone spiritually myopic on this page and in commenting on the events, it sure isn’t Dr. Brown.

      • davidrev17

        You seem to have ignored the very words Mr. Cruz had spoken, during this press conference; whereby he arrogantly and defiantly attempted to justify (or make excuses) for his continued bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, malice etc. toward Donald Trump; all sinful heart attitudes, or “works of the flesh,” which are clearly indicative of anything BUT the “fruit of the spirit,” my friend.

        I can’t imagine our Lord Jesus responding in such a non-Spirit-led manner! Can you? Ted Cruz failed miserably, in representing the “other-worldlly” principles of the Kingdom of God, in his dealings with Mr. Trump – in no uncertain, biblical terms either.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Your faux omniscience and Sequoia Tree continue to fail you. I didn’t ignore the very words of Cruz at all. None whatsoever. Instead I see them for what they are and no different than Jesus saying “You wicked generation of vipers!” Can I imagine Jesus responding is such a manner? Absolutely! He has and He will again. The difference between my imagination and yours is that you characterize it as a “non-Spirit led manner!” The difference between my spiritual sight and yours is that you claim to have the ability to know what was behind those words and evidently feel perfectly at ease with playing god and assigning Cruz’ motives to bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, malice, etc. You’ve accused Ted Cruz of “all sinful heart attitudes”.

          And now I tell you that unless you can absolutely prove that is the case you stand accused of very likely bringing a false accusation and bearing false witness against a Brother. Does Cruz hold those attributes in his heart? I don’t know. And neither do you!

          What I do know is this, you may well be an abomination to the Lord. How do you feel about being an abomination to the Lord? God says, “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord” (Proverbs 17:15).

          I suggest you take that seriously, confess, and repent from your sin. Have you NO fear of the Lord at all? While you’re at it, read a little bit of 1st John 3 and what Jesus says in Matt. 18 about comments like yours.

          Then you might study a little bit about how God feels about and deals with those who make false accusations against His children and bear false witness against His servants. You seem somewhat Biblically literate so I would guess that you are aware of who it is that is labeled the Accuser of the Brethren and who Jesus said those who follow that belong to.

          Oh and for sure study up on what God does to those who think they have and can exercise His attribute of Omniscience which He retains for Himself. Oh, and don’t forget to look at what Jesus said about those who attribute the works of the Spirit to Satan. There is NOT one single thing that Cruz said in that press conference about Trump that isn’t true. And you attribute that to what?

          You can’t imagine “our Lord” responding… I’m not so sure have the same Lord given your “in no uncertain, biblical terms either”. It appears you’ve made the crucial mistake of creating a “Lord” in your own image according to your ways. Are you familiar with Matt. 7:21-23? There’s a whole lotta folks who did that very exact same thing right there who call Jesus “Lord” to His face.

          You put yourself in the place of God and pretend to know only that which God can know, condemn the children of God for righteous acts, characterize them as sinning and/or walking in the Flesh, and… well, I won’t go on. I’ll just say, there’s that Sequoia Tree again.

          • davidrev17

            Love that particularly misguided, man-derived analysis; but it’s actually much more akin to what one would find in some of these reality tv shows we hear of, being bantered about (like “Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s,”) in so-called Christian circles! Otherwise, I’m through with this nonsense…and thank you.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Thanks for proving the point and that it’s not Cruz who has the problem being Spirit led. At least you didn’t characterize and attribute my Holy Spirit led analysis to the Devil. There’s still hope for you.

          • Jim Walker

            Actually, endorse DT or not, Cruz did not win the voters to make him the nominee.

            I do not approve DT bad-mouthing TC wife and father but this is after all politics.

            I would rather hear TC say in RNC, he forgives DT and since the people has chosen him, he will pray to God for DT to use him to defeat Hillary.
            This way, he continues to uphold his principles and integrity.

            Remember our Lord says Matthew 5:39
            But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.
            So I say, that both of you Royce and davidrev17, are puff up in pride and both of you need repentance.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            “I do not approve DT bad-mouthing TC wife and father but this is after all politics.” “But” basically means “Now, forget what I just said, here’s what I really mean.” The “but” shows that you do, in fact, approve. And as long as you continue to justify it as “this is after all politics”, you’ll get what you ask for. The “politics” as you define them will continue as long as you and others continue to ask for it and excuse it.

            “I would rather hear TC say in RNC, he forgives DT and since the people has chosen him, he will pray to God for DT to use him to defeat Hillary.” I couldn’t agree more. THAT would have been the best thing he could’ve done.

            If you referred to Matt. 5:39 as pertaining to my comments to davidrev17 and his to mine, you misused and misapplied God’s Word. There was no pride in my comments. You’ve made a false accusation against me and borne false witness to my comments. So I would refer you to a few verses up from the one you cited. Try applying verses 22-23. And, if I were you, I’d apply them before Sunday when you go to make your sacrifice of praise and worship.

          • Jim Walker

            Royce, we win souls for God by our humility. I have nothing against you and davidrev17.
            Remember Jesus says in Matt 5:44 – But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

            Or Proverbs 25-21-22
            If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink,
            In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the LORD will reward you.

            In fact I pray to God to soften your heart.

            May the Peace of God that transcends all understanding be upon you this day forth.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Interesting. You start off by saying you have nothing against me but end by saying you’ll pray that God will soften my heart. And you don’t even see the arrogance in all that. All while speaking of humility. That would be laughable if not so sad. There’s that log again. SMH…

          • Jim Walker

            wow praying for you can mean a log over my eye !
            We all need God to soften our hearts don’t we ? Peace out

          • Linda Murray

            I am standing up – applauding. I have followed Ted Cruz for years and I cry to think of all he has had to take from false media. When I read your defense of him, even if it comes by way of holding someone else accountable for their words, it makes my heart happy. You, sir, truly did a great service to davidrev17. He would be wise to take your admonishment to heart.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Thank you, Linda. Yes, that would be the wise thing to do and not because it came from me but rather simply because life is always much better when one is not walking around with a tree sticking outta their eye socket. Most especially when they are doing the Devil’s work while using God’s Word to do so. Of course, that’s exactly what Satan did to Jesus in the desert so I guess it shouldn’t surprise us.

  • Istvan

    its hard to tell whatever were Cruz”s true motives.
    For his most committed supporters he comes across as one who has the guts and stick to his principles.

    The problem is that for a lot of the republicans and independents he came across as someone divisive and calculated who puts himself and potential political gains first and would not honor his pledge.
    This perception will be very difficult to overcome after his speech..

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      That’s very true. I would only ask, where does it come from when folks assign evil intent/motives to another? Especially when evil intent is assigned to a man who professes to be a Christian and has a long track record of actual fruit to backup the profession?

      I submit it comes from The Flesh, The World, and The Enemy – Satan.

  • Terry Mather

    I can assure everyone that if Cruz had endorsed Trump he would have been labeled in the media as just another politician who does whatever it takes to stay in power even throw his family under the bus. Don’t you think the problem here is everyone with an opinion who hasn’t walked in this mans shoes! When do we start acting like Christians?

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Well put. All good points and well covered. As you said at the end, Cruz never pledged to “endorse” but only “support” Trump. And that he did with his “Congratulations” and other comments. I’d like to know one thing Cruz said in that speech that any Constitutional Conservative or Christian could disagree with??

    For Cruz to have “endorsed” Trump it would have revealed him to be the typical unprincipled, untrustworthy politician that all those Trump supporters loathe. One of the things that the Trumpites laud Trump for is his refusal to ever admit he made a mistake or to apology for anything. And yet they excoriate Cruz for standing on his principles and integrity. This strikes me as the height of hypocrisy.

    And this hypocrisy was fully displayed during the speech by Peter Thiel. The same crowd that booed Cruz off the stage and became so unruly as to have the need for Heidi to be physically escorted out of the hall previously the same day gave a rounding applause to Peter Thiel. Thiel, a man who is co-founder of PayPal reneged on his promise to build an office in NC after the “Bathroom Bill” was passed. Cruz booed for falsely accused of not living up to his promise and Thiel applauded for wrongly breaking his. Cruz booed for exhorting the crowd to vote their conscience and Thiel applauded for bragging about his Homosexuality and obviously searing his. Cruz booed for exhorting the crowd to vote for Constitutional Conservatives that create jobs and Thiel applauded for breaking his promise and taking hundreds or thousands of jobs away from NC. Cruz was roundly booed for standing on principle and integrity and for not giving some gushy, malarkey-laden speech that would have been lying about Trumps wonderful attributes while Thiel received thunderous applaud on announcing he’s “proud to be gay” AFTER just a couple days before the GOP putting a plank in their platform defining Marriage as between one man and one woman. Are we to believe that Thiel and Trump actually support that plank? So who’s the real hypocrite?

    If Trump is anything, he’s a shrewd man. I do not believe for a second that his walking into the hall and the height of the booing was an accident or incidental. He saw the speech beforehand and I believe he capitalized on what he knew full-well ahead of tine was likely to take place.

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