Joe Biden’s Twilight Tantrum

By Christopher Manion Published on September 5, 2022

Last Thursday night, Joe Biden gave a speech that, in word and image, exuded the temper of a tyrant bent on exterminating his critics.

In this case, that means about a hundred million of his countrymen.

In the days since, serious sorts tried their best to make sense of it. After all, millions of Americans were offended and indignant at being so flagrantly demonized. Biden’s outbursts were so out of bounds that analysis on the political level faltered — he was simply incomprehensible.

To put Biden’s tirade in the proper perspective, we have to move the analysis to another level. In doing so, we calmly discover that it really does make sense after all.

The Perverted Past Of A Petulant Prez

All his life Joe has played the “tough guy.” Unhappy with being just an “average Joe,” he has been a serial liar, miscreant, and degenerate.

His lies are legion and famous. After high school he was admitted to Naval Academy, he told the graduating class of 2022 (the Academy has no such record). He went to the University of Delaware on a on full scholarship (false). He graduated in the top half of his law school class (he was 76th in a class of 85).

And most outrageous, he claimed says that the driver of the truck that hit his wife’s station wagon when she pulled out in front of him was drunk. That driver, Curtis Dunn, wasn’t drunk, but Joe’s bitter and malicious lie about him revealed a lifelong perversion of Joe’s personality: he lies, often blatantly, about others who get in his way, not just to embellish his own ego, but to get what he wants.

So a day after his speech the prevaricating prez said he didn’t mean it. “I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country,” he told reporters.

And there’s another weird compulsion — little girls. Maybe it all started when, as his daughter Ashley writes, he showered with her when she was young. Too young? Who knows.

All that, not to mention what’s on Hunter’s laptop (see for yourself on Wednesday).

Joe not only lies and lusts, he steals.

In law school he repeatedly plagiarized, stealing the work of others and claiming it as his own. He got rather famous for it during his brief campaign for president in 1988. In one campaign, he managed to steal lines from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock, Robert F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and even John F. Kennedy.

With Joe, stealing was a compulsion that he couldn’t stop ­— he even plagiarized Bernie Sanders in 2020.

Thursday Night’s Thievery

Joe’s dark-side performance on Thursday featured a pair of world-class hijackings.

First, his stage managers stole the diabolical tyrant optics from Mao, “Uncle Joe” Stalin, and Adolf.

And Joe the Uniter also stole something else: MAGA.

In 2015, “Make America Great Again” was an instantly popular slogan — in fact, Trump was surprised no one had used it already. Nobody could object to that goal, and most Americans could see, after eight years of Obama-Biden, that American greatness could use some help.

In seizing MAGA, Joe took a page from Vladimir Lenin in the Russian Revolution of 1917. There, the Bolsheviks destroyed as much of the social fabric as they could, but what they couldn’t destroy, they hijacked — emptying it of its meaning and turning it upside down.

Joe couldn’t destroy MAGA — the theme was too popular. So last Thursday he corrupted it, Humpty-Dumpty style. Making America great was now such a threat a to “democracy” that those who embrace it must be recognized as evil incarnate.

And Joe stole something else even more precious: The Eucharist.

Anatoly Lunacharsky, Lenin’s first Minister of Education, hated religion, especially Christianity. But Christianity was too deeply engrained in the Russian people — so Lunacharsky simply proclaimed that Christ was the first Communist.

In that spirit, we read in the Washington Post that Joe Biden, the most pro-abortion president in history, is a “very devout Catholic.” While Nancy Pelosi’s archbishop has barred her from receiving Communion, Joe Biden’s bishop has not.

So like Lunacharsky, Joe Biden brazenly flaunts his reception of the Eucharist, which Catholics believe to be the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ, as a Catholic Seal of Approval as he devoutly advances the most vile, anti-human and murderous agenda ever advanced by an American Chief Executive.

That’s right. “Devout Catholic Joe” debauches the Eucharist, empties it of its transcendental truth, and defiantly wields it as a symbol of his superior virtue.

What we’re dealing with is a mean and angry guy with a lifelong compulsion to lie, to steal, and to retaliate, all to serve his sick and irreversibly wounded ego.

And now we have seen the curtain pulled back — and Joe Biden is kicking and screaming to stop it.

Dementia And Joe


Because there’s no doubt about it. Joe Biden suffers from advanced dementia.

A majority of Americans recognize it, but Americans are a very forgiving people, so we shrug, shake our heads, and move on with our lives.

But we also want to understand when Joe takes the stage and raves like a lunatic.

So with the help of those who deal with it every day, let’s take a look at what Joe’s dementia as done to him — and to the country.

Patients with dementia often resort to childlike behavior, slowly losing touch with the good habits of courtesy and dignity that they learned as they grew up.

What we’re seeing erupt in Joe these days are the immature behaviors that he never grew out of.

While often under a modicum of control, they have haunted him all his life.

But now they’re full-blown, because dementia patients openly revert to acting like naughty little children who play with toy guns.

They just can’t help it.

So we can best understand Joe’s outrageous performance last Thursday night if we perceive it as the behavior of an eight-year-old who has been chosen for the role he’s secretly always wanted in the grade-school play:

Supreme Ruler.

OK, so Joe’s sick. Well, as Lenin would say, “What is to be done?”

It’s no accident that Biden’s wife is a schoolteacher. She knows the territory, and she’s probably doing the best she can.

But she can’t change reality.

The particulars that accompany the diagnosis of advanced dementia go far to explain Biden’s repeated angry outbursts and threats of physical aggression. They explain why Biden threatens millions of Americans with massive bombing by their own Armed Forces.

And if Joe sounds like he’s getting violent, the experts say, “remember: Don’t take it personally. It may seem like the dementia patient is attacking you, but really they are anxious and you happen to be around.”

He’s a mean little brat in a sandbox.

Drop Bomb Here

The diagnosis of dementia also suggests how properly to deal with such outbursts: Biden’s caregivers must “make sure that any dangerous items are kept out of sight and out of reach,” the dementia caregivers warn us.

Uh… “dangerous items”?

Perhaps “Dr. Jill” should be quietly discussing with the Pentagon the prospect of hiding the nuclear codes from Joe, that way Pelosi tried to keep them from Donald Trump.

“MAGA” is Joe’s Hidden Handlers’ new, focus-group-tested hate-word.

On Friday, Mad Bomber Joe repeated it fourteen times. Such mindless repetition is quite common in dementia patients.

Once we understand that Joe is very sick, we can perhaps be slightly less apprehensive that he might be obsessed with killing us all.

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Another repetitive aspect of Joe’s deranged habits is his frequent “inappropriate sexual behavior” (ISB), especially with children. Here, we learn that “(ISB) is a relatively common and potentially disruptive form of behavior in people with dementia.” If a typical grown man in a responsible position (but who wasn’t president) acted like Joe has with young girls, he would have been sent to jail.

Pathological stealing is also a well-known tendency among patients with dementia. Of course, Joe has had a habit of stealing all his life. In the life of the mind, plagiarizing is worse than Grand Theft Auto. And Joe always goes for the work and words of smarter men than he.

But that’s small potatoes, compared to the past eighteen months.

Since January 2021, Biden has stolen 10% of Americans’ net worth — trillions of dollars. But that’s OK with him, because we are told that “If you see that a person has taken an item that does not belong to them, it is important not to react as though they stole it.”

And so we are told to sit idly by while Joe steals another trillion to bribe his political supporters with student debt forgiveness.

What does “the science” tell us? Well, we have to pretend that he didn’t really steal it.

“Manipulative,” “deceitful” — these earmarks of dementia are distressing to see in those who suffer it. But they are not restricted to the Alzheimer wards. They are also powerful tools when wielded by tyrants and their enablers. Those in the know realize that our beloved Republic now stands at the door of a Turnkey tyranny.

Joe’s helpful handlers know that his hateful slogans have a subconscious impact that serves their radical agenda. Especially when they are repeated — shouted, in fulminating anger — again and again.

They’re right. Words matter.

Even when it’s a dementia patient who’s shouting them.


Christopher Manion earned a Ph.D. in government from Notre Dame. For many years he was the staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, chaired by the late Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C.

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