Joe Biden’s Disturbing Groping of Young Girls and Women

By Rachel Alexander Published on November 21, 2017

He’s got nicknames like “Handsy” and “Creepy Uncle Joe.” He was also vice-president of the United States.

Now that other famous men in entertainment, politics and the media are being accused of sexual abuse, videos and photos of Joe Biden touching young girls and women are starting to attract attention. As bad as the things people have accused Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore of? No, not nearly so bad. Okay then? No.

Not okay? Then liberals criticize Biden for being creepy and “inappropriate”? Do they tell him they won’t support him as a candidate if he acts like that? Well, no, not yet. They find excuses for him. He’s strongly for “women’s rights,” after all. He’s thorougly pro-choice.

But the possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidate may still find that being handsy means not being president.

Known For Years

Journalists have been writing about this for a few years. Look at this article from the lefty website Gawker from 2015. It gives lots of pictures of what it calls “groping Joe moments.” Time magazine let a Republican writer suggest the same year that “America Shouldn’t Tolerate ‘Biden Being Biden’.”

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Amanda Terkel, writing in Huffington Post, described another incident. “The teenage daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), for example, visibly cringed and pulled away when Biden whispered in her ear and kissed her on the head.”

NPR found the incident amusing. The news site relayed the incident in an article entitled, “The best of Biden being Biden from the new Congress’ first day.” Richard Armande Mills and Ace of Spades compiled a long list of Biden’s groping.

“The teenage daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), for example, visibly cringed and pulled away when Biden whispered in her ear and kissed her on the head.”

From the same year, New York Magazine posted a slideshow of photos called “9 Times Joe Biden Creepily Whispered in Women’s Ears.” In the first photo, he places his arms on the wife of the new secretary of defense speaks after being sworn in and whispers in her ear. Stephanie Carter does not look comfortable.

Joe Biden Whispering in Stephanie Carter's ear During Swearing in. - 900

Joe Biden being friendly with Stephanie Carter, as her husband, new Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, speaks. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Members of congress are aware of Biden’s handsy history of groping children. In one video clip taken in congress, Biden reaches out to touch the granddaughter of Jeff Sessions. Sessions brushes his hand away from her. In another video, he puts his arm around the teenage daughter of Senator Joni Ernst while swearing the senator in. His joke made it clear he wasn’t hugging the girl in merely a fatherly way. He said, “I hope mom has a big fence around your house.”

They Think It’s Okay

Biden’s fellow politicians, liberal activists and the mainstream media have known about his inappropriate touching for a while. And how have they responded? Karl Markovitz, the writer in Time, listed some of the responses from 2015: “His defenders claim he’s from a different era, the equivalent of the kissing host on Family Feud,” he writes.

Except this isn’t the 1970s and these women aren’t on a game show. Others find the humor in sexual harassment in a way they likely wouldn’t if Joe Biden didn’t have a (D) after his name. NBC’s Capitol Hill Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell joshed Biden was “multi-tasking” when he had his arm wrapped around a teenager while swearing in her mother, Senator Joni Ernst. … Today co-host Matt Lauer wise-cracked that this was Biden’s way of “welcoming” the families of the new Senate class. Even PBS found “Biden being Biden” just so adorable.

Liberals haven’t changed where Biden is concerned. Niall O’Dowd, writing for Irish Central, says Biden “grabs men and women, hugs them, kisses them, gives them a shoulder rub, whispers in their ears.” He thinks it’s no big deal. He also doesn’t mention any of the incidents like that with Sen. Ernst’s daughter or Stephanie Carter.

Was he upset, though? No. O’Dowd excused the behavior as that of a “classic Irish politician.” He’s “tactile.” He’s an “old-fashioned meet and greeter.” Does that mean it’s OK to grope girls if you’re in politics and Irish, but inexcusable if your name is Weinstein or C.K.?

The Lack of Outrage

Writing in the Washington Examiner, also in 2015, conservative Byron York noted the lack of outrage, “Why is that kind of stuff OK when the vice president does it and cringe-making when it’s the overly-friendly guy in the office?”

Here’s the political problem as York sees it: “Do the incidents add up to anything?” he asks.

Assume that all of Biden’s gestures were entirely innocent, just Joe being Joe. Still, in today’s society, sexual harassment complaints have been lodged for less. Biden’s behavior gives critics plenty of ammunition and puts supporters in a difficult position.

Every liberal in America now says that men shouldn’t force unwanted physical contact on women. Even Democrats known for their support of “women’s rights” might not get a pass. Due to the current heightened scrutiny of sexual assault and sexual harassment, the groping may rule Biden out as a top presidential contender for 2020.

As HuffPost writer Amanda Terkel says, “the newly energized women under the Democratic tent may not want a relic from the pre-woke era to be their standard-bearer.”


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  • KC

    People write their own rules and justify acceptable conduct to fit their situation rather than follow the wisdom of God’s Word.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Replace the graphic evidence of Biden’s “affectionate ways” w/photos of Trump in those sketchy scenes & lets see how fast the MSM rushes in for the kill. That secret service agent that got disciplinary action for pushing Biden away from the inappropriate “cupping” of his girlfriends breast , would conceivably have gotten a pass from the left were he to have pushed Trump into the pool or worse in a comparable situation. Come on, Biden’s not stupid. He’s well aware of the appearance his “chummy ” behavior towards young girls & married woman present to even the casual observer. Yet alone the public faced w/a variety of visuals & the suggestive captions accompanying them ..!
    Seems that his awareness of how others perceive these simple pleasures takes a back seat to whatever it is that propels him to action everytime a camera & a little girl are w/in “groping” distance …..!!

    • TadhgMcLir

      The left always excuses “their people” when anything sexual happens.

  • If it were my family, I might be tempted to break a hand or two.

    • TadhgMcLir

      Amen! Though I admit that if I started I might have trouble stopping with just that.

  • Jim Walker

    Stephanie’s look on her face cannot be clearer that she is pissed. Imagine Biden is already so bold in front of cameras, what will he do when he is out of the spotlight ?

  • bfast

    My word! There is a HUGE difference between touching and sexual touching. Boobies, heinies are off limits! Remember “the parts the bathing suit covers”?

    Some people are touchy, cuddly. It often steps past the “personal space” of others. However, every example I have seen of Biden from this article, his touching doesn’t carry a sexualizing context. It might be unwanted, but it isn’t an unwanted SEXUAL advance.

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe you should try it sometimes with Joe and see how it feels.

    • eddiestardust

      We all have our own personal space…apart from family or very close friends..maybe it’s wise for men NOT to be so much touchy feely? Biden makes me cringe…and I’m 60 years old.

      • TadhgMcLir

        I am even older than you, and I cringe too, also get the strong urge to beat the crap out of him. Unfortunately, I have to wait for him to get what is coming to him. I’m looking forward to seeing it!
        I was taught that a man will honor and protect women (of any age) and treat them with respect. America seems to have lost that these days. That, by the way, did not mean treat them as your property, it meant that you gave them honor and respect just as you would a man, and IF they needed it you would protect them.

    • Chip Crawford

      The “unwanted” fits with “non-consensual.” If this is what he does openly so profusely, does he do more personally in less public settings? When is imposing yourself on others, including young girls, wives, etc. okay? He’s pretty drunk on Obama’s kool-aid, the medal of honor and all such kudos and payoffs for fawning go-along loyalty. You’ve compromised yourself as well with condoning one of your guys – for the simple reason that he’s one of your guys? Hey, most learned in kindergarten, “Keep you hands to yourself.” It’s never too late to learn early lessons and finally grow up Mr. Biden.

      • babyowl53

        If he is doing openly how do you equate it with doing it less public? Do you have proof? I’m fairly sure you do not? Dirty minds turn nothing into something.

        • Chip Crawford

          Not equating, nor charging. Your comprehension or lack speak of your acumen or lack thereof. You fail to note the obvious discomfort of the women and girls in the photos. Defensive? Do the same, do you? Maybe that’s how you know about dirty minds.

        • TadhgMcLir

          How did the Kool-Aid taste?

      • TadhgMcLir

        In a non-political situation he would have “LEARNED” already. Someone would have decked him. But, “Uncle Joe” has the Secret Service to protect him, and they are REQUIRED to protect him whether they like him or not. I feel sorry for his detail personnel.

    • Thomas J.Stratford

      Really? How about some of the inappropriate comments, like “don’t get married till your 31” , and “do you have a boyfriend” ? What drivel!

    • Hughspeaks

      For normal people, touching and smelling a woman’s hair is usually a prelude to having sex with them. Biden does it to other people’s wives, and to underage children. If he does that while the cameras are rolling, imagine what he gets up to when they aren’t. After Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, you can pretty much guarantee that he’s yet another high profile Democrat who’s actually a serial rapist and child molester.

  • eddiestardust

    Dementia…perhaps Bush Sr too?

    • TadhgMcLir


    • Biker Guy

      And Trump!

  • Hmmm…

    Try telling the shoulder massager, cheek toucher, etc. that you would prefer they not do that, and see what happens. Often the reaction will be a retort on you, something to the effect that you’re a cold fish. They may even turn to another person and laughingly (ha, ha) say – oops, I think she’s not in a very good mood… and make a scene out of it. Oh, having a bad day? Ask me how I know that … Why be forced to endure it? I heard someone say that parents might have an eye out for their children, taking up for them even with overly demonstrative relatives if the child is genuinely overwhelmed by it. Just keep smiling all through the protestations. Remember the old fashioned thing of pinching cheeks? Why does a relative have a right to inflict pain like that? Ha, ha. We don’t want to get to where everyone is jumpy and accusative, or you can’t give a friendly compliment, but we do have to develop the art of setting boundaries for those who don’t have them.

  • babyowl53

    Sad that people try and make something out of possibly nothing. It’s the dirty mind syndrome. Or kind of like something you would do and more, so blame others with the same stick.

    • TadhgMcLir

      Make something out of Nothing??? B.S.! He is obviously a (possibly senile) child molester. Ah, but the Democrats only care how he MIGHT, SOMEHOW, help them in the next election.

    • HJ

      Sad how some folks are so brainwashed that they don’t see a groper in their own midst.

    • Thomas J.Stratford

      Bizarre! I guess you have no daughters, or would not mind a grown man massaging her chest!

  • Patricia

    I’m on the left and I do NOT support Biden for many reasons and this is the biggest one. He’s a perv and he’s found a way to get away with it.

  • Paul 25

    Is there a “Me Too” chapter for children?

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Still waiting for the Sunday morning network talking heads to confront Biden….going to be a very long wait! Me too crowd? Well a couple of decades ago many of them openly wished to trade places with Monica L.

  • sophie1150

    If someone other than a leftist behaved like Biden, Me too, media, talk shows would shred him. Disgusting how the powerful protect their own. How about Joe walking naked around secret service female agents? Its like todays feminist supporting muslims that take a chain saw to women’s private parts.

  • ncblonde68

    He asks all the young girls how old they are, I heard him say to the second blonde, that said she was 24, that she was too old, how disgusting: then he gets the 18 year old blonde girl and the even younger girl to stand close to him…he is a sick perverted child molester!

  • Good summary of some stuff I’ve seen before.

    Never hurts to remind.

    The guy definitely is thinking about going forthetop in 2020.

  • Sara Conner

    If this scumbag is not a pedo there is none.

  • L Garou

    ‘They’re creepy and they’re kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    They’re all together ooky
    The Biden family’

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