When Islamic Terrorists Think They Have the Right to Terrorism

Talk about turning reality upside down.

Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, attend the funeral ceremony of three Palestinian fighters after Israel destroyed a cross-border tunnel linking the blockaded Gaza Strip to Israeli territory, at al-Bureyc refugee camp in Gaza City, Gaza on October 31, 2017.

By Michael Brown Published on November 2, 2017

Earlier this week, Israel blew up a tunnel built by Islamic terrorists. The explosion resulted in the death of seven of those terrorists. In response, the terrorists claimed that Israel engaged in an act of terrorism. Their response is as telling as it is bizarre.

As reported by Peter Beaumont for the Guardian, “Seven Palestinians, including an Islamic Jihad commander and two members of Hamas, have been killed and nine others reportedly wounded after Israel blew up a tunnel leading into the country from Gaza.”

The tunnel, which “was detected less than two miles from the Israeli village of Kissufim,” was detonated on Israel’s side of the border. But the resultant explosion killed the terrorists who were working in the tunnel along with those who entered the tunnel to rescue their co-workers.

So, a tunnel built by Islamic terrorists for the purpose of terrorism was blown up by Israel, thereby stopping a potential terrorist attack. The tunnel was detonated on Israel’s side of the border. Which means that the workers had encroached on (or, under) Israel’s territory. As noted by Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, the tunnel was a “grave and unacceptable violation of Israeli sovereignty.”

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Accordingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “Those who try to harm us, we harm them … Today we detected a tunnel and destroyed it and we will continue to do so.”

Clearly, Israel was acting within its own rights. The terrorists, tragically, got what they deserved.

Since When is Self-Defense Terrorism?

Well, not according to the terrorists. They believe that terrorist acts against Israel are their sacred right. Anyone who tries to thwart their efforts is — dare I say it? — a terrorist. In the words of Daoud Shehab, the spokesman for Islamic Jihad, Israel’s bombing of “a tunnel of the resistance is a terrorist aggression.”

Did you get that? Shehab fully acknowledges that this is a “tunnel of the resistance.” It was built to resist Israel. But the cause of Islamic Jihad is a just cause. Resisting Israel is always the right thing to do. So Israel’s counter-resistance action “is a terrorist aggression.”

Yes, not only is Israel’s action described as “terrorist,” but it is also an “aggression.”

To brand Israel’s justifiable and commendable actions “a terrorist aggression” is to brand oneself the true terrorist.

Talk about turning reality upside down. Palestinian terrorists dig a tunnel into Israeli land with a view to kidnap or kill Israelis. Israel responds by blowing up the tunnel. Yet Israel is the aggressor.

This is like an armed home intruder branding the homeowner an aggressor because he safely defended his family. Or like a rapist protesting that the woman he assaulted acted aggressively when she successfully fought back. Or like a murderer calling a policeman violent because the cop shot and wounded the murderer before he could kill others.

In the same way, evil Israel is guilty of a “a terrorist aggression” because it stopped an act of terror before the terrorists were able to carry it out.

The True Terrorist Aggression

Recall that in 2013, a spokesman for Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades tweeted in Arabic that “The will engraved in the hearts and minds of the men of resistance is much more important than the tunnels dug in the mud. The former will create thousands of the latter.”

And recall that it was in 2013 that Israeli soldiers “uncovered a mile-and-a-half-long tunnel running between the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and ending near an Israeli kindergarten, underscoring concerns that the Iran-backed terror group is seeking to rebuild its fractured credibility with a spectacular terror attack.”

Yes, the tunnel “contained rails to rapidly transport terrorist squads, as well as lighting. IDF Spokesman Brigadier-General Yoav Mordechai told Ynet that ‘it is one of the most advanced terror tunnels to be uncovered in recent years.’”

And to think that it appeared to target an Israeli kindergarten. Who can imagine what these terrorists were planning?

It is this type of madness against which Israel is defending itself. Consequently, to brand Israel’s actions, which are both justifiable and commendable, “a terrorist aggression” is to brand oneself the true terrorist.

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  • Well if they didn’t think they had the “right” to commit acts of terrorism, they wouldn’t, now would they?

    • Howard Rosenbaum

      An aggressor’s thinking that they have the right to be be an aggressor is not the equivalent of a non-aggressor acting on their rights to prevent the aggression.
      Obviously these aggressors view themselves not as perpetrators of evil but rather as defenders of liberty. These terrorists opposing the nationhood of Israel apparently seeing themselves not as terrorists but rather as defenders of a just cause can never w/that mindset be trusted w/any so called peace negotiations . Their end ( sooner or later ) will be the just reward for their deviation from both truth & justice.
      They may trace their spiritual lineage to one for whom a similar type of judgement is reserved …

      • aaacccc

        Jihadists are not fighting for liberty. I don’t just mean we don’t think they’re fighting for liberty. In their own minds Jihad has nothing to do with that. Liberty is not valued in the Muslim world.

        • Howard Rosenbaum

          Perhaps we’re dealing w/semantics here. Sure Jihadists don’t value liberty in the western sense of the word. You know, the kind of things our Declaration of Independence & the constitution promote. These Jihadists are defending nevertheless their perverse & twisted values which they promote to the status of something worth fighting for …

  • Paul

    “This is like an armed home intruder branding the homeowner an aggressor because he safely defended his family.”

    Agreed, that’s as ridiculous as branding American Christians who owns firearms as being persecutors. Oh wait, that’s what you Michael Brown claimed in another article here at the Stream. I guess there is a lot of ridiculous going around.

    • William Powell

      @disqus_jAgzCphAkE:disqus , read that article by Michael Brown again, you are saying things that he did not say. He is not branding American Christians who own firearms as being persecutors on the Stream. Thanks. God bless. 🙂

      • Paul


        “This remains the pattern around the world today, where followers of Jesus are the persecuted, not the persecutors. How did this switch so dramatically in American culture?”

        In this linked article discussing the connections (or lack thereof) between American Evangelical Christians and arms, he says in the included quote that in America the followers of Jesus have become the persecutors.

        So yes he did say it and no I am not making it up.

  • Linda

    Acts 17 Apologetics has some of the best teaching revealing the deep roots of immorality in the prophet Muhammed and the Quran, and the Islamic call to violence amd jihad. David Wood leads the video teachings. His friend and former teaching partner is the late Nabeel Qureshi, a wonderful Christian convert from Islam who recently died far too prematurely, but not before leaving many hours of valuable teaching videos.

  • Kelly B

    I’ll bet Western media (BBC especially) is reporting the incident as Israeli aggression too – they are incapable of objective reporting anything regarding Israel. Disgusting.

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