Is Obama Buying Magnum P.I. House in Hawaii?

Presidential Pal Drops $8.7 Million for Beachfront Home Used in Famed TV Show

By Al Perrotta Published on March 21, 2015

Today’s mystery: Is Barack Obama following the footprints of a famed and fictional TV detective? Will the Obamas moving to the lush Hawaiian estate used in the show Magnum P.I.?

The clues are compelling, if not convincing:

  • Hawaii’s where President Obama grew up and has family.
  • A beautiful property is purchased by an LLC with connections to an Obama donor.
  • It is then sold to a golf and Hawaii travel buddy of the President,
  • The same buddy who’s already in charge of building Obama’s presidential library.
  • The property is adjacent to the town where the Obamas have been spending their winter vacations.
  • Plus it’s the home made famous by Thomas Magnum himself, Tom Selleck — a man who publicly endorsed John McCain in 2008 and is a staunch supporter of the NRA. Buying Magnum’s house? Could Obama resist an opportunity to score points on a political opponent?


Magnum PI House


Politics and speculation aside, here are the facts:

The sprawling, 3-acre beachfront property known on the show as “Robin’s Nest” is located in Waimanalo, one town over from Kailua, the Obama family’s winter vacation spot of choice.

According to Fox affiliate KHON,  the estate was first purchased by a group called Waimanalo Paradise LLC. The listed contact person was Obama donor Seth Madorsky. Waimanalo Paradise turned around and sold the property to Chicago businessman Marty Nesmitt for $8.7 million.

Although Nesbitt’s attorney said Thursday his client didn’t have any partners or co-investors in the deal, amateur sleuths suggest he would be the logical choice for procuring a post-presidential home for the First Family. Nesbitt is currently the chairman of the Barack Obama Foundation, which is responsible for funding and building Obama’s presidential library. Earlier, he’d been treasurer of the President’s 2008 campaign.

And, according to Politico, Nesbitt is also a frequent golf and travel partner of Obama in Hawaii.

On the other hand, perhaps the “Case of Obama’s New Crib” is as fictional as the TV show’s mysterious Jonathan Higgins. When asked Friday if the Obamas are shadow buyers of the Magnum P.I. house, White House spokesman Josh Earnest declared, “They are not.”

Stay tuned for the next episode.





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