I’m Sorry, Sir, But You are Not a ‘Ma’am’

By Michael Brown Published on December 30, 2018

Did you see the video footage? A customer in a game store, a transgender woman, is livid. (In case you forgot, a transgender woman is a biological male who identifies as female.) The customer claims that the cashier called him “sir,” and the customer demands an apology, shouting, “It’s ‘ma’am!” The customer even challenges the cashier to a fight. What’s wrong with this picture?

Amanda Prestigiacomo on the Daily Wire paints the picture.

The video starts with the trans individual cussing out the male GameStop clerk after being offered store credit rather than a refund.

“I don’t want credit, you’re going to give me my f***ing money back,” the customer yells.

A woman not in the view of the camera took issue with the trans person’s vulgar language.

“Excuse me, sir, there’s a young man in here — you need to watch your mouth,” she says in a calm voice.

The trans person instantly becomes aggressive, screaming, “Excuse me — it is ma’am! It is ma’am!”

The two customers interact, after which the trans customer resumes his attack on the cashier, who denies calling him “sir.”

The enraged customer responds: “No, you said, ‘sir’; once again, it’s ma’am! Mother f***er! Take it outside! You wanna call me ‘sir’ again? I will show you a f***ing sir!”

To repeat the question: What’s wrong with this picture?


“I’ll Show You Sir”

First, when you watch the video, it’s immediately clear that the customer is a man who identifies as a woman. He is sir by birth, even if he now identifies as female.

Listen to his voice and look at his face.

He can take hormones and grow breasts. He can surgically alter other parts of his body.

That still does not make him “ma’am.”

This is not to deny that some men have very feminine characteristics, by nature, and that some women have very masculine characteristics, again, by nature.

It is just to say that this transgender woman is not a biological female. This “sir” is not “ma’am.”

Second, listen to his challenge. It is the challenge of an angry male. “Take it outside! You wanna call me ‘sir’ again? I will show you a f***ing sir!”

Yes, young man, you call me sir and I will show you how much of a sir I really am! Let’s take this outside!

Again, this is not to deny that some women get into fights. Some do “take it outside.”

But overwhelmingly, this is aggressive male behavior. This transgender woman’s angry, inner male came roaring back to the surface when his femaleness was challenged.

Releasing Their Inner Male

This is as sad as it is ironic, and it reminiscent of another “transgender woman,” a male war veteran who now goes by the name “Zoey,” threatening Ben Shapiro when Ben asked him what his genetics were. Zoey put his hand on Ben’s neck, looked him in the eye, and said, “You cut that out now or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” Zoey’s inner-male rose up again!

This is also reminiscent of what happened to me when I was on the Tyra Banks show in 2010, discussing the issue of transgender children. Sitting next to me for the discussion was Dr. Marci Bowers, himself a male-to-female who is considered the rock star of sex-change surgery.

You’ll notice in the video that Dr. Bowers gently puts his hand on me a couple of times when making his points, similar to Zoey and Ben Shapiro, although in a non-aggressive fashion. It was what Dr. Bowers said to me before the show that got my attention.

I was chatting briefly with him and Kim Pearson, a heterosexual woman who is an activist for the transgender cause and was also going to be on the show.

Dr. Bowers said to me in a challenging voice, “Are you going to be able handle this?” (meaning, taking on the two of them on the air).

It didn’t dawn on me then, but as I flew home with my colleague, Scott, I said to him, “I just realized that Dr. Bowers gave me a macho challenge before the show!” On a certain level, he was calling me out. The inner male lived on.

During the show, Scott was sitting in the audience next to several other trans women, although they had no idea Scott was with me. One of them got so angry when I was speaking that he turned to his friend and said, “I wish I had brought a gun in my purse. I would shoot him!” How ladylike!

Of course, there are women who carry guns and women who start fights and women who say, “Let’s take this outside!”

But when you watch the video from the game store and when you watch the Ben Shapiro video, once thing is abundantly clear. These are males, not females, as their chromosomes and cells will attest.

A Reminder Not to Collaborate with Social Madness

As we come to the end of 2018, it’s good to remind ourselves of these realities.

As much as we have compassion on those who genuinely struggle with their gender identity. As much as we do not minimize their pain. As much as we want them to find wholeness. We do not collaborate with social madness.

And I say that with all respect, sir.

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  • NellieIrene

    “Apologize”? Have you seen the video? Firstly, the transgender does not look like a female at all. So I completely understand someone using the term sir. Secondly, the transgender is the only one getting into a snit and threatening others. I think a little calmness on the transgender’s part is warranted. If one wants others to show respect and understanding, perhaps one should exhibit that same respect and understanding towards others as well.

  • Walt Viet

    Gregory Peterson What cracker jack box did you fall out of. Did you land on your head?
    Just because someone wants to be something, it does not make it so.

  • Craig Eastom

    You can’t be serious… did you watch the video

  • Craig Eastom

    Problem is its clearly a man..we can’t keep encouraging mental disorders..sure I suppose he could’ve humored the guy but he’s clearly unstable and needs help

  • Louise

    One of the signs of the last days is offense. Many will be offended…Matt 24:10-12. That’s what I see here, a world full of people ruled by their emotions.

  • Craig Eastom

    Most psychologists agree its mental disorder..obviously some disagree..but the vast majority will tell you it’s a mental disorder as does common sense..the problem with psychology is who are the people that need it going to go to? Someone that tells them what they want to hear or they stop going

  • Sumerian King

    Oh, Gregory. Every time I think conservative news outlets may be overplaying the reality of mouth-foaming, social justice fanatics squealing about every new, daily outrage and every fictitiously contrived “oppression,” along comes someone like you to prove that the Left is still alive and well in manufacturing bitter, sanctimonious fools. I have to say, your little rant is so ridiculous you almost sound like you’re trying to parody the very college campus values you preach.

    “We’re talking about femininity and self knowledge, not your pathetically rigid white authoritarianism, where minorities are expected to be silent and invisible, thus becoming complicit in their own oppression.”

    Per usual, you immediately come out of the corner swinging, throwing every racial and gender grievance you picked up in Queer Theory and Gender & Sexuality 101 without actually making a point, countering a claim, or even having a coherent train of thought. What does “rigid white authoritarianism” have to do with anything? Why is the “anti-racist” Left always the first to conjure-up race, when the paradigm of racism doesn’t even apply? That’s right: because you have no real argument.

    The issue at hand is a man, dressed as a woman, having a semi-violent meltdown in a video game store because a rational human being refuses to go along with his delusion. If you have no real argument as to why rational human beings shouldn’t be complicit with insanity, I suggest you present them.

    If not, please move along. I don’t think this particular website will help foster your imaginings of gender, race, and class oppression you so clearly suffer on a day-to-day basis, you poor thing. Hahaha 🙂

  • NellieIrene

    I’m glad you recognize the transgender acted “over the line”.
    And the clerk did apologize. Several times. But the transgender had no reason to feel insulted at all. What the clerk did was refer to an obvious male as sir. Not from bigotry, but from habit. If a transgender wants to be seen as the sex they feel they are then they should put a bit more effort into looking and sounding the part. Otherwise people are going to naturally refer to them by pronouns that match what they see with their eyes.

    “Of course bigots …..”

    I find that sentence to be “self-righteous” and reeking of “superiority.” The political left are using these people as political pawns. They could not care less about the mental and emotional health of transgenders. You throw the word bigot around a lot. It is a perfect illustration of how useful transgenders are to you and to the left. Dr Brown took a great deal of pains to say that there were exceptions to the rule, but that this transgender woman was not acting like the average biological woman. He was acting like an aggressive male. Men are more aggressive then women. This is simple fact. Not self-righteous. Not morally superior. Just fact.

  • Patmos

    Trying to get the general public at large to go along with a person’s delusions was never going to end well. That it is even being tried says as much, nay more, than the delusion itself.

    We wrestle not with flesh an blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Note that verse in Ephesians, if you study the Greek it uncovers it to be referring to the point where evil holds power on this Earth through the wickedness of people in positions of power. The positions of power in this earth are mainly ones of financial power, and I don’t mean people with wealth I mean people who control the system of wealth, because that’s where the power is. It is not a race of people, a religion, or a nation, it is a spirit of tyranny that will one day manifest itself in the form of a man.

    This push to accept men as women and vice versa stems from that wicked spirit, for it is an attempt to rule over people’s minds by having them believe a lie. George Orwell famously wrote about something like it with his 2+2=5. That it’s come to this point is rather remarkable on the mass level, but mostly sad on the personal level, as people like the one in the video are clearly suffering. Not from lack of acceptance, but from neglect of their condition. I genuinely hope that at the mass level the tables are turned to a recognition of this, because if not the implications are dire.

  • Gecks

    *him….unless science disrespects people too.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Almost always love Dr. Brown’s articles. Informative, edifying, unabashed truth, balanced, and usually straight-forward without any PC. So, that said, while i know he didn’t intend to be PC it needs to be pointed out that calling this individual a “transgendered woman” is NOT helpful in ANY way. So no, I didn’t forget. I just choose not to buy into or perpetuate a lie. It should be “confused/deluded/deceived man who believes himself to be a woman” or at the very least “so-called” preceding the false term.

    Btw, on a side note it should be remembered that an individual having to add the “trans” qualifier IS a self-admission they are NOT who they are pretending/claiming to be.

    So thank you for the article, Dr. Brown, and the reminders of previous like-type instances, and the truth that while is obvious is sometimes overlooked (you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig and will act like one when it’s not pretending to be otherwise) but please do not collaborate with social madness by buying into these made up worldly identifications.

    • Caxamarca

      Hey great point on adding “trans” so obvious but hadn’t thought that through, thanks!

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Same here. Wish I could take credit for coming up with that but I’m just paying it forward from another who shared it and helped me to have a light bulb moment. Just one member of The Body equipping & edifying the others.

        • Caxamarca

          Your takes are really good, are you a writer or? Also, appreciate the heart for the unbeliever you display.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            I have written some but I wouldn’t call myself a Writer. Thank you for the compliments though. Both of them. I do care about the Unbeliever. Enough to tell them the truth. So many have forgotten that the Truth will set you free.

    • Kevin Quillen

      excellent point! I still use pro abortion instead of pro choice, and queer instead of lbgtwxyz. To use their terms legitimizes them.

      • Rick

        I just use sodomite for all the a-b-soup madness, even for the women. As there’s not a single so-confused woman that does not endorse sodomy among men. And their fate will ultimately be the same as Sodom.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    You just disrespected them. Not Dr. Brown. Not only that but your words are horribly unloving. Feeding one’s delusion while aiding & abetting their lies is a terribly disrespectful and unloving thing to do.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Thank you for publicly displaying that you’re not a calloused bigot and that you respect, support, and encourage Pedophiles, Zoophiliacs, and every other perversion under the sun. Now don’t you dare come back and show yourself as a calloused bigot by denying otherwise. Save your calloused bigotry for those who actually understand what Truth & Morality are.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Well, let me help you see. Because some of us understand Truth and how unloving it is to feed one’s delusion.

    Now, would you like to surrender your life as a slave to the Lord Jesus Christ as you new Master so that Self, Sin, & Satan no longer are? I’ll help lead you to Him if so.

    You’ll never regret it and you’ll see a whole LOT better!

  • Jackie

    Just saw the video; What a demonstration of psychotic delusion.
    Clearly he was expressing himself like an angry man. No woman has that level testosterone.
    So very sad. He needs mental help.
    He reminded me of a kid in a store with a temper tantrum because he did not get what he wanted.
    It’s tragic! There was a time when Men wanted to be Men.
    What happened to this world?

    • Andrew Mason

      Some decided they wanted to be women, and most of the rest were told being a man was evil.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Somebody ate some BAD fruit!! LOL

    • Kevin Quillen

      secular humanism. Government indoctrination in public schools.

    • Dena

      Gender disphoria and even homosexuality was considered a mental illness years ago. Now days instead of helping people struggling with these issues – we are forced to live in fantasy land and encourage the delusion.

  • Jackie

    “if you get someone’s gender wrong”
    He got his own gender wrong. Health 101.
    There is no denying what gender we are when we look specifically in the south direction of our bodies” that and DNA.
    We all know this right? What planet is this?

  • Andrew Mason

    Um no Brown pointed out this guy acted like an aggressive guy when folks failed to respect his ‘womanhood’. Should anorexics get irate when people disrespect them and deny that they are person they know themselves to be?

    Mental is as mental does.

  • Jackie

    You mean humor the person? How far is this going?
    So if a person wants to be called God of the Bible, or dirt or a chair, we should call him that because he wants that?
    Where is the reality check?
    Nope that’s a bad suggestion.
    That is not helping.

    • Jim

      Trilemma is completely dillusional. A troll. No point trying to reason. He has an agenda to justify his lifestyle and regularly twists scripture to do so. Nothing but a troublemaker.

      • Jackie

        Thanks for the warning.

  • Caxamarca


  • Andrew Mason

    Think you’re confused about who the bigot is.

    Sounds like you buy into the whole delusional regressive way of thinking. Men can’t be women, women can’t be men, and binary labeling of particular forms of conduct simply reinforces the absurdity. As for self knowledge, that’s not the issue, the problem is delusion. As an aside Whites are a minority so your whole theory is beyond stupid. Whites comprise roughly 12% of the global population, Orientals (Yellow) about 24%, Subcontinentals (Brown?) about 22%, SEA (BrownYellow?) 8%, Blacks about 14%, and Latinos about 8%. Whites aren’t quite the smallest minority, but they’re pretty close. Maybe lose the silly racist argument for the future?

    It’s rare to get someone’s gender wrong, but there are a few names that are ambiguous, or sufficiently foreign as to be unclear. In this case however the guy was addressed politely – sir is a respectful term, and he objected. You cannot require people buy into your delusion.

  • Kevin Quillen

    “sigh” sometimes I wish there really will be a rapture!

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      I was not aware there is a debate over whether but rather only when.

  • Kevin Quillen

    I think I am a King. Please refer to me as King Kevin in the future. Or just Your Majesty.

  • Stephen D

    Transgender is a psychiatric condition. It should be treated accordingly!

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Could be. I wouldn’t limit it to that though. So-called Transgenderism may be due to psychological, psychiatric disorders, environmental influences (like the nutjob parents who are giving their 4yo Gender Reassignment Surgery & the Texas “mother” who wants to chemically castrate her 6yo or the parents of Desmond Napoles), deception, delusion, denial, depravity (choosing to cling to their Sin instead of the Savior {Jn. 3:19-20}), or quite possibly something that many today choose to reject and that is demonic influence/possession.

      • Stephen D

        Thank you Royce. My post was too simple.
        I agree that there are mothers who inflict this on their children. Interestingly, there is a recognised mental disorder in which a caregiver (usually the mother) persistently seeks attention by having their child medically treated for symptoms that are actually made-up or created by the caregiver.
        This disorder is known in the psychiatric literature as MSP or Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy (Munchausen’s Sydnrome itself being when a person seeks medical treatment for themselves, though they are not really sick, but are faking illness as an attention-seeking device).
        Also I agree with you that some of the transgender adults may just be sinful people who are wallowing in a form of depravity (man likes dressing as a woman etc for sexual thrills).

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Why do you have such a problem understanding what a Man and a Woman is? Would it help if I get some crayons and draw ya a picture?

  • Jim

    Pardon me, but your bias and ignorance is showing. If a person claims to be a lemon and dives in ans out of a pond claiming it is a bodka and tonic, do you just agree and go along with their insanity so you don’t hurt their feelings or show yourself bigoted? No, you reaffirm reality and suggest the person get help. Competent mental health officials work to correct the disconnect with reality, not to affirm the insanity.

  • Kevin Quillen

    I would like to be called “Your Majesty”. I believe I am a king. Will you accommodate me?

  • Kevin Quillen

    perhaps it should run to it’s safe place!

  • Kevin Quillen

    being mentally ill to the point of not knowing what sex you are is having a bad day! The person is ill and needs help.

  • apollo

    This mental illness is called gender dysphoria

    gen·der dys·pho·ri·a
    /ˈjendər disˈfôrēə/
    noun: gender dysphoria
    the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex.

  • Jackie

    Your response is all backwards.
    I feel sorry for you.
    You seem to have lost all common sense.
    Turn to the Lord, ask Him and He will restore you.
    I will pray for you.
    I will not respond to any more of your comments.
    God Bless.

  • Jim

    I have dealt with you and your twisting of scripture to suit your own desire and belief rather than letting the text speak. There is not one positive biblical reference to homosexuality, yet you consistently claim that it is completely ok biblically. Your own statements bear true witness to your lifestyle and character.

  • Andy6M

    When you get something wrong about a person, such as a name, your spouse
    or your gender, you apologize and try not to do it again.

    Fair enough though it seems you and I have different ideas about who is wrong in this case. I will call someone whatever name they wish to be called. That is a subjective individual thing. But biology controls pronouns and it is objectively knowable. So I will stick to that truth and not be forced by anyone to speak wrongly, no matter how earnestly they believe themselves to be right.

  • Wade Nelson

    I have a nephew who claims to be a woman who was “married “ to another like- afflicted man a few days ago. My wife and I are now grappling with how We will refer to them, having declined to clebrate their union. We will neither shun nor condemn them but are still at a loss.

  • Sunny 1630

    If a 6-year-old girl “identifies” as a 40-year-old man, will she get to buy liquor
    and drink it? Will she be allowed to drive an automobile?

  • No one has EVER changed their gender. What they have done is to surrender to The Island of Dr. Moreau.

    Don’t bother with the movie. Read the book.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    No, he’s not bearing false witness against you. He was spot on. You’re saying that proves you’re just as delusional as the so-called “Trans”.

    You say we should just accept what someone says. Well, I just said that. Now go and practice what you preach.

    • Jim Walker

      great rebuttal !

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Another bold-faced lie. And another piece of proof Jim is spot on.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    I could ask you on what basis you think it’s “best” but, frankly, I really don’t care. It’s enough to know that a spiritually-dead, totally-depraved son of disobedience & child of wrath has NO clue what’s “best”.

    For anyone else, NOTE that this guy actually thinks it’s “best” to feed one’s delusion, participate in his lies & absence of Reality, and hold their hand as they walk down the path toward eternal torment in the Lake Of Fire.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Nice try Slewfoot!! False equivalence. I have no idea what “religious delusions” you speak of and I actually shudder to think what you might come up with but the 1A doesn’t force anyone to do, say, or believe anything. It simply allows for the free expression of those beliefs.

    Which is EXACTLY why NOBODY should be forced to call a man a woman or vice versa. Thanks for proving my point for me.

  • Jackie

    Again, all I said was he should know he is a he by what he has as part of his body.
    There IS NO “tactic demand” as you falsely call what I said. I never said anything about “silent and invisible”.
    Gregory meet Trilemma. Trilemma meet Gregory. You both have comment twisting in common.
    I will pray for you.
    I will not respond to any more of your comments.
    God Bless.

  • Jim

    And your claim is delusional. You just proved my point. Good bye.

  • Andrew Mason

    Whereas my culture doesn’t recognise insanity as reality and insisting that I subscribe to your delusion is inappropriate and disrespectful. If you insist you’re not only nuts, you’re offensive to boot.

  • Andrew Mason

    Anorexics function too. They may get on a downward spiral regarding weighthealth, but they aren’t amputating parts of their anatomy, doping themselves up etc.

  • Andrew Mason

    Whites are a minority as noted upthread so that argument is stupid. Besides, who’s defining the lives of minority people? As far as I’m aware guy in this video is White.

    Perhaps your problem is that the plebs aren’t buying the morality being pushed by the self entitled elite?

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Obeying God and being true to His Word is ALWAYS “best” for EVERYTHING.

  • Andrew Mason

    You introduced the split between pathetic rigid white authoritarianism and minorities.

    And no I don’t subscribe to the notion of minority status being exclusively racial. Try being a Conservative or a Republican at almost any tertiary institute. The fact is most groups can be defined as minority – including Christians. It all comes down to definitions.

  • Jim

    Hmmm…twenty centuries of Christian teaching, including the early church fathers who were closest to the original writers and read the Bible in Greek disagree with your privately assumed interpretation. Before that, another 1500 years of Jewish rabbis accepted the traditional meaning of the text as written. All you have is twisted interpretation that changes the meanings of words and completely disregards the established rules of hermebeutics as well as throwing out countless Bible scholars over 35 centuries. You are delusional. You should go find another religion to troll. We all choose the Bible as written and the scholarship of centuries over your imaginary scholarship.

  • Rick

    If a man identifies as a transgendered lesbian transgender man, does that just make him a heterosexual male again?

    Can he file for “protected-class” protections?

    If he gets fired, can he sue for homo-homo-phobia?

    And how dare the left claim we live in a “patriarchal society”? Do they know the inner identification of all those “men” that they’ve NEVER spoken to? Are they judging by appearances? How bigoted!!!

    • Jim Walker

      A transgendered lesbian transgendered man = a Lesbian living in a man’s body.

  • squishee

    You are thinking of detraction or slander…not the same. A good example of bearing false witness are the Anti- Cavanaugh hearings

  • squishee

    Your English is defective. Your post would correctly read “….Do you think refusing to call this person ma’am is going to cure him?”

  • squishee

    Exactly. Why is this customer not trying to make peace? And who are you to know and judge what “Jackie” would do?

  • Jim Walker

    Happy New Year ! Hope you will be a changed person this year !

  • Jim Walker

    Is the word Mankind only refers to men ?

  • Jim Walker

    You have a really serious comprehension problem. I see where your problem is.

  • Jim Walker

    What if the guy.. gets offended with you when you address him “Sir”, when he insist to be address as “Ma’am” ?
    It will come to this stage soon.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Yes, and some fools claim to be wise,.

    “Claiming to be wise, they became fools,” (Rom 1:22)

    The wise of heart will receive commands, But a babbling fool will be ruined. (Prov. 10:8)

    Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool, And so is wisdom to a man of understanding. (Prov. 10:23)

    The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But a wise man is he who listens to counsel. (Prov. 12:15)

    Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent. (Pro 17:28)

    A fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his own mind. (Prov. 18:2)

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Yes, to those with eyes to see & with a willingness to surrender to the Truth as it is revealed to them. To those who hate God, choose to cling to their sin, and troll Christian pages/sites in a idiotic and imbecilic attempt to deceive others and lead them to eternal torment in the Lake Of Fire, no. They are slaves to Self, Sin, & Satan and do what they do because they don’t wanna come into the Light and know the Truth.

    “And this is the condemnation: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.” (John 3:19-20)

    Their willingness to accept the “proof” is on par with the willingness of a full grown man standing naked in front of a mirror proclaiming, “Boy howdy, i am one good lookin’ woman!” and all the equally deluded who stand behind him and say, “You sure are!”

    “Why does the Bible never explicitly mention intimacy between two women?”

    There it is AGAIN, folks! Ol’ Slewfoot at it again. I’m very tempted to reply with, “Why do you have sex with dogs 2 times a week instead of 3? THAT is a typical tactic of Satan. Nothing less that “Did God really say.” Of course those who have eyes to see know that God did explicitly mention intimacy between two women.

    “You believe the Bible says something it doesn’t actually say.”

    Uh, no. I don’t. By that comment is self-evident that you believe to be omniscient. That’s called having a narcissistic, psychotic self-imposted god-complex.

    THAT is what it means to be delusional.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Satan quoted Scripture to Jesus for His own purposes too. Now go and learn what that means and then do it.

    “Based on this, the cashier did the right thing by apologizing”

    Uh, NO,. Based on YOUR flawed understanding of God’s Word. Told ya before but evidently your memory is as long as your understanding. So here’s a reminder:

    When the spiritually dead try to read the Book of Life it’s like a blind man trying to read a road map before hopping in the car to drive. You have to get a heart transplant before you can have eyes to see.

    Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.” (John 8:47)

    “The unbeliever does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. And he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1st Cor. 2:14)

    “There are some things in them that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures.” (2nd Peter 3:16)

    “But, apparently, you would have the cashier do the exact opposite and keep calling the customer, “sir,” and escalate the situation to a potentially violent confrontation.”

    Correct. I would not have the cashier do such an unloving and disrespectful thing as to feed a very sick & troubled person’s delusion.

    ” Apparently, you don’t follow the meek Jesus of the Bible, you follow some sort of Rambo Jesus.”

    See above. EVIDENTLY, you have NO clue who the Jesus of the Bible is. LOL EVIDENTLY, your Jesus of the Bible is in a Bible that has all the parts in it where Jesus confronted folks in their sin with the Truth AND people like you as Vipers, White-washed sepulchers, blind guides, wolves, children of Satan, etc.

    Keep talkin’, Nimrod. You’re doing a bang up job thus far! LOL

  • Jim Walker

    its himself.
    I have a solution. These people should wear a nametag what they want others to address them. But then again, I think a nametag won’t solve their problems because they need help with their inner self.

    Definition of bigot : a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
    This word swings back at you every time you speak it. Get it ?

  • Jim Walker

    What has race got to do with it ? The clerk is obviously not white…

  • Dena

    It’s cosmetic surgery. It’s not a true transformation. Males to females retain their prostate and can’t have kids. If they get prostrate cancer, the Doctor can’t pretend the organ isn’t there.

  • Jim Walker

    a condition ? how about someone is offended not being addressed as a Tree ? is that a condition too ?

  • Jason Baker

    For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.
    Roman 1:26-27 NKJV
    I suppose this doesn’t explicitly mention intimacy between two women, but I believe anyone with a small amount of reading comprehension understands its meaning. When the scripture states to abstain from sexual immorality, as it does numerous times, is it your position that homosexuality was not considered sexual immorality when these scriptures where written? Do you believe that Moses, Paul and their contemporaries believed homosexuality was an acceptable practice and therefore not considered sexual immorality? When has homosexual marriage been acceptable and practiced in the Jewish community in the past few thousand years? If you do not view scripture through the lense of the time and people, when and through it was written, how can you ever hope to understand it?

  • kenneth20754

    Gill’s full comment on the referable clause in Romans 1:26–

    ‘for even the women did change the natural use into that which is

    against nature;’

    “either by prostituting themselves to, and complying with the “sodomitical” embraces of men, in a way that is against nature F8; or by making use of such ways and methods with themselves, or other women, to gratify their lusts, which were never designed by nature for such an use: of these vicious women, and their practices, Seneca F9 speaks, when he says,

    “libidine veto nec maribus quidem cedunt, pati natae; Dii illas Deoeque, male perdant; adeo perversum commentae, genus impudicitiae, viros ineunt:”

    also Clemens Alexandrinus F11 has respect to such, saying,

    “(gunaikev andrizontai para fusin, gamou men ai te kai) (gamousai gunaikev) ”

    and such there were among the Jews, whom they call [Hebrew words that didn’t transliterate], and whom the priests were forbidden to marry.”

  • Jason Baker

    I see a previous poster was correct. You disregard the obvious, in Holy Scripture and also now in commentaries, to fit your idea of what is considered Holy and what is not. Do you not believe a women could prostitute herself to another women? Moses and Paul’s personal opinion has nothing to do with my comment. The context of the words sexual immorality, fornication and unclean, (akatharsia, porneia) along with a host of other ancient words used in the same context, by the population in the time period which scripture was written, is what we need to study. If the writers of the Bible used terms the population of their time could not or did not understand, what would be the point of writing It? Do you believe we should interpret the Bible based on the meaning of words in the time period we are interpreting It in? 20 years ago the majority of the population in this country believed homosexuality was sexually immoral. The majority may still believe that, although that opinion is certainly waning. I want you to tell me with a straight face you believe that Jesus Christ, the apostles, Moses and the prophets believed that uncleanness and sexual immorality did not include homosexual acts. There was not marriage of homosexuals in that day, so there could not have been sexual relations between homosexuals within the bonds of marriage. I do not know your lifestyle, but you seem to at least study the Word, to a point. You are either misleading yourself or misleading others with your corrupt interpretations of Holy Scripture. You will have to answer for that some day, as we will all have to answer for the lives we lived upon this Earth. Please remember that. Also, finish reading the rest of the commentary you believe makes your point. I could point you to numerous commentaries that back up my interpretation, so it seems we are at an impasse.

    Benson Commentary; the portion you didn’t read or chose not to:

    With respect to sodomy, it is not so commonly known that it was practised by the heathen as a part of their religious worship; yet, in the history which is given of Josiah’s endeavours to destroy idolatry, there is direct evidence of it, 2 Kings 23:7. That the Greek philosophers of the greatest reputation were guilty not only of fornication, but even of sodomy, is affirmed by ancient authors of good reputation. With the latter crime, Tertullian and Nazianzen have charged Socrates himself, in passages of their writings quoted by Estius. The same charge Athenæus, a heathen writer, hath brought against him, Deipnosophist, lib. 13.; not to speak of Lucian, who, in many passages of his writings, hath directly accused him of that vice. When, therefore, the statesmen, the philosophers, and the priests, notwithstanding they enjoyed the light of nature, improved by science, thus avowedly addicted themselves to the most abominable uncleannesses; nay, when the gods whom they worshipped were supposed by them to be guilty of the same enormities; when their temples were brothels, their pictures invitations to sin, their sacred groves places of prostitution, and their sacrifices a horrid mixture of superstition and cruelty; there was certainly the greatest need of the gospel revelation, to make mankind sensible of their brutality, and to bring them to a more holy practice. That some, professing Christianity, are guilty of the crimes of which we have been speaking, is true. But it is equally true, that their religion does not, like the religion of the heathen, encourage them in their crimes; but deters them, by denouncing, in the most direct terms, the heaviest wrath of God against all who are guilty of them. Besides, the gospel, by its divine light, hath led the nations to correct their civil laws; so that in every Christian country these enormities are prohibited, and when discovered are punished with the greatest severity. The gospel, therefore, hath made us far more knowing, and, I may add, more virtuous, than the most enlightened and most polished of the heathen nations were formerly.” — Macknight.

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