Why I’m Actually Rooting for Donald Trump

Maybe, just maybe, the words of the godly Christian leaders Trump surrounded himself with will sink in, even just a little bit.

By Michael Brown Published on June 30, 2016

Before you overreact to the title of this article, let me make clear that I still have grave concerns about a potential Trump presidency, that I have not personally endorsed him, that if the elections were held today I do not know that I could vote for him, and that if there were other qualified Republican candidates still in the race, Trump would not be my first choice.

Nonetheless, when I say that I’m actually rooting for him, what I mean is that I could not possibly vote for Hillary Clinton, and with Trump surrounding himself with so many godly Christian leaders, I’m hopeful that something will sink in and that God will deal with him in a radical way. Perhaps he is listening to some of the solid evangelical leaders who have become close to him?

That failing, I’m hoping that even in his Christian ignorance, even with his glaring character faults, even with his waffling on major positions, he still desires to be a champion of Christianity and genuinely desires to see America turned around and will therefore make the right decisions if elected.

Now, to be perfectly candid, I have no place whatsoever for some of the evangelical fawning over Trump, including a recent article that ended with a quotation from Isaiah 40:30-31, shockingly applied to Trump in quasi-divine terms: “Trump is our energy. … Trump renews our strength. … With Trump we mount up with wings like eagles. … With Trump, we run, we are not weary.”

Readers familiar with this scriptural passage will recoil with this interpretation which replaces the God of Israel with Donald Trump!

This is fawning to the point of near blasphemy.

I also believe that critics of last week’s choreographed New York meeting where Trump spoke before 1,000 evangelical leaders have raised valid concerns: first, regarding our gullibility (did we actually expect anything other than a humble Trump who would answer softball questions in an evangelical-friendly way?); and second, regarding our failure to probe more deeply (as Tom Delay asked, why not ask him where he gets his values from or if he’s read the Constitution and, if so, what he thinks of it?).

Not only so, but we must be cautious in believing reports that Trump has recently become born-again, especially when one of the reports claimed that a well-known televangelist had led him to Christ years ago. (If true, this would speak eloquently to the bankruptcy of some of our contemporary “gospel” preaching.) The old adage remains true, namely, that the only proof of the new birth is the new life (James Edwin Orr).

And still, I am hoping and praying that Donald Trump will indeed have a change of heart and that, by surrounding himself with so many godly leaders — some of whom are known for their no-compromise stands — something will rub off and he will provide a genuine alternative to Hillary Clinton.

Earlier this week, attorney and columnist (and almost presidential candidate) David French expressed eloquently to my radio listeners why he remains Never Trump, and his arguments sound as strong as ever. And it was I who asked him to share his thoughts with my audience.

French echoed concerns I and others have had about Trump for months, to the point that I warned in May that he could be a National Enquirer candidate for a Jerry Springer generation, bringing divine judgment rather than divine blessing to our nation.

Nonetheless, even as one who endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz fairly early in the race, I have consistently asked myself if the prophetic word about Donald Trump could be true, specifically, that he would be our 45th president and, like King Cyrus, a foreign king who did not know the Lord and who was spoken of in Isaiah 45, he would do good for the people of God. (Naturally, such “prophecies” have been roundly mocked by others, and with every presidential election, there are all kinds of alleged prophecies, most of which do not pan out.)

Now that he continues to defy the odds, with the latest poll showing him ahead of Hillary, I continue to wonder if there is a divine inevitability to his presidency.

Again, it could be part of God’s plan to judge and abase our nation, and a Trump presidency could be an unmitigated disaster, even if he appointed a good Supreme Court justice or two. (Wasn’t it Reagan who appointed Justice Kennedy, the infamous swing vote in last year’s redefinition of marriage?) And it remains very possible that Trump will not make it to the White House after all.

But as the one real alternative we have to Hillary, I’m hoping for the impossible and praying for God to do something radical in the life of Donald Trump for the good of the nation of the Church.

Stranger things than this have happened in history, and given the bizarre nature of the current presidential elections — more importantly, given the nature of God — all things are possible.

As I’ve said several times before, I truly hope that I have been wrong about Trump. Having to eat my words would be a joy.

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  • will grif

    This is a good word Dr. Brown. I don’t know what all this nonsense is of Trump being a ‘baby Christian’. Perhaps those who came to Christ at an adult age have forgotten what this means although it seems many critical Christian leaders are those who seem to have come to faith as five year olds; but being a baby Christian is actually a real, Biblical thing. How silly of us to forget that. I certainly couldn’t judge whether Trump has been drawn to Jesus but indeed a celebration is happening in Heaven if that’s true and shouldn’t we all be hoping that it is? Even though it’s judgemental I don’t see the same possibility with Hillary, yet at least. The folks surrounding her are clear and there will be no guiding her one way or the other. Maybe, just maybe, the evangelicals mentoring Trump will be able to guide him. We’ll see I guess.

    • bbrown

      “…..I certainly couldn’t judge whether Trump has been drawn to Jesus.”

      Well, for one thing, he might actually admit that he is capable of sin when asked outright. Secondly, he might claim that he’s had a transformational experience, which he never does. Thirdly, he’d not need to use a teleprompter every time he has anything to say (other than that he supports folks saying “Merry Christmas”), about Christianity (and still mispronounce basic terms and even books of the Bible). Fourthly, he might demonstrate even a rudimentary understanding of Christian doctrine and belief.

      • will grif

        That’s expecting quite a bit from someone who could have been just drawn to Jesus don’t you think? I can’t think of a single Christian I know who doesn’t fall like a child learning to walk as it is and you would expect a new believer to have a Paul like conversation? Good luck with that.

      • Barbara Cueto

        History is rife with examples then, by your definition, of great “Christians” who committed heinous crimes, including within the past, say, 8 years.

  • Barbara Cueto

    Dr. Brown I admire you, and you had me until the end of this piece revealed your true biases more than ever. Why is it “hoping for the impossible” to think God would do something radical in Donald Trump’s life, ala Paul the apostle, etc., when Christ came to make such a transformation utterly possible? And I am living proof, Dr. Brown, as are you. I’m seeing that some evangelicals are recognizing the truth that “conservatives” at large are ignoring, or are simply being willfully ignorant to, that a vote for anyone else, or no vote at all, is a vote for Hillary. I would rather stand before God and say that I believed in a man who will potentially adhere to Godly principles, than allow for someone who has been flagrantly, positionally, wicked to rule this nation. And, please, no more references to Trumps past as “proof” . I once did unimaginable things, and was married multiple times, was blind, but now I see. God washed me clean. My past is irrelevant except insofar as it can be used for His purposes. So, yes, Trump can be used. He can’t be worse than I was, and God, amazingly, is still able to use me.

    • Elizabeth Walton

      If he can be used, why on earth can Hillary NOT be used too?
      The logic of all this is utterly bewildering.
      The hatred for Hillary trumps (pun intended) all common sense.
      Oh, well.

      • bbrown

        Exactly, Barbara’s logic completely fails. However, the hatred for Hillary’s behavior is certainly well deserved. We should be praying for her as well.

      • Barbara Cueto

        Hatred for Hillary, absolutely not. Hatred for the bloodshed, lies and overt, as far as the Bible is concerned, wickedness she has perpetrated, absolutely yes.

        • channah1973

          But that’s all in the past. You shouldn’t hold her past against her, maybe she’s changed now.

          • Barbara Cueto

            That’s the point, she hasn’t changed. And her staff is untrustworthy as well. You sound like a very kind person. I appreciate your commentary. Please investigate this further, asking the Lord to reveal to you the truth.

          • Elizabeth Walton

            How would YOU know? Your internet websites told you? Fox news? Trump and his innuendos?
            You’re accusing her of murder.
            Gotta love the internet age of armchair judges.

          • Barbara Cueto

            You’re right about one thing, most of the mainstream media are not reporting the truth anymore. It’s hard to find, but not too hard to substantiate, fortunately. How about Benghazi? Four Americans died in the attack: Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, heroes Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, because then Secretary Clinton failed to render aid while watching it all take place in real time. Why don’t you ask their families if that might not constitute murder. Or maybe you believe, as she testified before Congress, that “what difference does it make”? Perhaps if they had been your loved ones you would not so blithely have forgotten who allowed for their deaths and lied in the aftermath to cover her and Obama’s culpability. No, you won’t hear about that on the Clinton News Network or from Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, or any of the other Clinton supplicants.

      • timothy nelson

        You are on point Elizabeth. Is God not powerful enough to do the same with Hillary?

      • Jim Walker

        Hillary is a puppet of the special interest group. She supports women’s rights but she takes blood money from the Middle East countries who does Honor killing of their own daughter to safe their reputation. Who execute LGBTs and she is fighting for them ?
        Wake up.
        Hillary has been bought, she can’t do anything for all of you.

        • roundhouse_c

          If the same standards shown in your comments were used for Trump in his history as a businessman, then Clinton would be a better choice. The problem with so many posts here is this weird level of trust put in everything posted on the internet about Clinton based on an inherent hatred of Clinton looking for confirmation about her deceptions as a politician. Yet every lie, deceipt, half-truth, abuse and swindle inspired or personally done by Trump is a part of a flawed but ‘successful’ American that can become a leader we can trust . . uh, okay. For all those out there interested in some oil wells in Bermuda, give me a call, you can trust me to give you a great deal . .

  • Cynthia IA

    I think it is laughable that anyone thinks Trump is a Christian at all. He cannot even answer the question about what Christianity means to him or who Jesus is. If he said “Jesus is Lord” it would burn his tongue. Trump has one god and it is himself. He will toss aside these Evangelical leaders as soon as he is elected POTUS, if indeed that happens. I am disheartened by the immense gullibility and lack of discernment displayed by these Christian “leaders”. I believe that Trump’s success is totally satanic. How else would he have convinced Christians to vote for him?

    • Cynthia IA

      as far as being a “baby Christian”, I was an atheist until 2001. As a “baby” Christian, I could not get enough of the bible, and I knew exactly who Jesus is, and knew exactly when and what it was that turned my mind, heart and spirit to believe and accept Jesus as my savior.

    • Wayne Cook

      So,….I take it you don’t believe Dr Dobson either. You’ve got more vitriol in one paragraph than I’ve seen in the last month from HRC supporters. Wish I had a way of blocking you.

    • Jim Walker

      We are voting for a President, not a Preacher. There are many good men out there that ain’t Christians but are able to lead. One example of such a person is the Late former Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
      Go read about him and you will be amazed at how a tiny island without any resources can be transformed into one of the richest countries in the world in less than half a century.

  • Puddleglumm

    Obviously only GOD Himself knows where Trump is concerning his professed faith. There isn’t much fruit for sure. At the same time, as the article pointed out, GOD can use a secular leader for good and He can even save Donald Trump. If there were another choice (Ted Cruz for example), it would be another story, but we’ve got a choice between Donald Trump and a woman who stands against nearly everything Christianity stands for.

  • azbuckeye

    When I saw the headline, I could not believe you would say such a thing. Then I read your essay, and I’m glad I did. I understand exactly: Expecting Trump to perform presidentially (a la Reagan, Washington, et al) is expecting the impossible, humanly speaking. But as we know, all things are possible for God.

    As for Isaiah 45 — well, that prophecy foretold King Cyrus, and Jesus. No reason that I know of that it should be an open-ended prophecy that foretells a charlatan destined to lead a nation. Still, one can argue: God has Pharaoh to achieve ends; why not Trump.

    So I too am rooting for Trump. And for Hillary, if by rooting you mean praying. But as for voting, I guess I’m voting for both, if that logic is valid that says if I don’t vote for one then I’m voting for the other.

  • Diane Hughes

    Republicans are in a hard place right now, because many feel like you do. Personally, I am hoping for something good to come out of the convention. I cannot vote for Clinton with a prospect of 4-8 more years of another Obama. I worked in President Reagan’s campaign, and the idea of a President Trump does not set well with me at all. Something will have to convince me to vote for Mr. Trump between now and November, and I haven’t seen anything yet that would. Meeting with 1,000 Christian leaders may or may not be out of sincerity, but knowing that without the Evangelical vote he could not possibly win. I am waiting to see who he picks for V.P. If it is Christy or Palin he will not get my vote. Christy is too harsh and will not go well with Southerns. Palin seems too much like a celebrity, and not a serious candidate. He needs to pick a serious running mate for Vice President who will bring in Conservatives and lesson the shock effect of a President Trump.

    • bbrown

      “…..but knowing that without the Evangelical vote he could not possibly win”.
      I think this is the truth of the matter in a nutshell. Frankly, I think Dr. Brown is engaging in extreme wishful thinking.

    • Jim Walker

      Diane, we are voting for a President, not a Preacher. There are many good men out there that ain’t Christians but are able to lead. One example of such a person is the Late former Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
      Go read about him and you will be amazed at how a tiny island without any resources can be transformed into one of the richest countries in the world in less than half a century.

      • Dena

        That may be true with certain people, however I’m not convinced Trump will be a good President regardless if he’s a Christian or not.

  • Eric Schramm

    I wish , too, but I can only see one outcome.
    The Christians that have replaced God with lawyers, and prayer with Facebook, will fail. Hilary will be the new president and she said it would be a great idea to make Barack Obama the new Supreme Court Justice.
    You can tell by my profile pic that I am pro-gay. Don’t hold that against me …
    Just listen with an open mind.
    I believe the Bible is inerrant and God will not allow it to be misinterpreted forever.

    What if the way the church has been interpreting scripture for the last two millennia HAS been wrong? We say just how badly others will be punished for making the Bible say what it does not, what if THEY are right and the conservatives are wrong? What punishments should have been coming to the church, but didn’t because God is gracious, Patient and long-suffering, not willing that any should perish …

    • Diane Hughes

      The reason some Christians need lawyers is due to the polices of this administration and the Supreme court. The First Amendment grants to each citizen freedom of speech and of religion. What I see happening in this country has happened in Germany, Russia, China and other Nations. Just because you do not agree with others interpretation of Scripture does not mean that they are wrong. You have to read it from beginning to end and understand what the Scripture is saying. God will not be mocked nor will He rewrite His Word or intent to satisfy any particular group or government.

    • Jim Walker

      If you just go watch the YouTube videos of Hillary and now, you will find that she’s a liar, a bad one at it.
      Go watch Trump’s video from the 80s till now and you see he is the same then and the same now. His views and beliefs did not falter at all.
      Trump tells you as it is, Hillary just tells what you want to hear.
      I can’t imagine anyone with a brain can vote for her.

      • Eric Schramm

        … really …
        … really …
        “I think every woman has the right to access abortion facilities whenever she wants”
        8 years later, when wooing repub’s
        “I am completely pro life”

        “Mexicans are the problem”
        His entire clothing line is “Hecho en Mehico”

        “Muslims are the problem. Keep them out”
        Declared Bankruptcy twice. Got his corporation bailed out both times by a Muslim Sheikh.

        “Hillary doesn’t know enough about economics to run a country. I run businesses. I know what to do.”
        Had to declare bankruptcy TWICE.

        Sorry, I just don’t see your point of view.

        • Jim Walker

          I’m talking about his views on US economy. I haven’t made that clear.
          As for pro-life, I believe a change in his mindset now is good for US.
          Since the 70s, when abortion was legalized, almost 60 million babies are murdered.
          (This is better than Killary who was against LGBT in the 90s now says she is for LGBT).

          As for Made in Mexico, its business, so all other companies are wrong too if they invest in Mexico ? If he is gonna slap a 35% Tax to import products to US, that will also apply to his.
          Mexicans are not the problem. illegal immigrants are.
          Muslims are not the problem. Radicalize ones are.

          The Syrian refugees coming to US, most have no passports or identification papers, how do you screen them ? so many ISIS terrorists have already entered US, all they need are Homemade Bombs and Buy Guns from Mexico. Why are these people able to enter US without passports while all other require to apply ESTA in order to enter US ?

          He has many companies (around 500), and 4 of them goes bust. There will always be risks in businesses. If he has only 5 and 4 goes bust, then I won’t vote for him.

          • Eric Schramm

            I am saying hat Trumps views have not changed. He is lying to us and telling us whatever we want to hear. He is as liberal as Hillary and lying to all the American people. He knows what he is saying and doing is tearing this country apart, but like a good, ruthless, businesperson – make that businessMAN in his eyes – he doesn’t care.
            He does what he has to to make money. If he was so good at it, why did he need to declare bankruptcy twice? His economic ideas won’t work for America any more than they worked for him.

          • Jim Walker

            If he is as liberal, he would have joined the Demon train from the start.
            As you are pro-gay, you have already made up your mind to go Killary as she supports LGBT. Trump did mentioned that he will leave LGBT issues to the state, which to me is not good but does neutralize the effects of a polarized nation, shifting it to the state level.
            I do support the rights to all people inclusive of LGBT but OBummer made their rights above others like going to a ladies toilet. Frankly they could have just install a Unisex toilet.
            I have already explained his bankruptcy yet you don’t seemed to get it.
            His economic ideas ? Well, US jobs has steadily left and going to Mexico, India, China, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Asia.
            It is even made worse when the jobs that are created in the US are taken up by foreigners from these countries as well.
            All these are created by years of presidency that have their hands tied by big corp money.
            Nafta was not signed to have free trade – it signed so that the big corp in the US can shift their production out of US and export back to US without tax.

          • Eric Schramm

            “All these are created by years of presidency that have their hands tied by big corp money.
            Nafta was not signed to have free trade – its signed so that the big corp in the US can shift their production out of US and export back to US without tax.”

            Your words, right?
            Well, whose corporate money was buying them?
            Donald Trumps money. He has lobbyists to push his businesses, too, ya know. He pushed jobs out of America to make pure profit for himself. He backed those free tax zones for profit.
            And I can’t stand Hillary as much as Mr Trump. But at this point I know that it really is down to the lesser of two lying, cheating, self-important evils. Hillary will not alienate all the other countries with hate speech. Nor will she try – on purpose – to divide America because it benefits her cause.

            “Stay away you evil Muslims”
            “Keep the rapist Mexicans out”
            “Liberals are the cause of all this. Get them out of government”

            She is pure liberal and she doesn’t deny it. At least she is honest about that one thing.

          • Jim Walker

            just don’t go voting for Killary. I won’t vote as I’m not a US citizen.
            However, I do have the benefit of looking from out of the box than Americans. and my view is clear as crystal.

          • Jim Walker

            Trump was part of the big corp money but he is just a drop in the ocean and a small small player.
            If he is doing great using money to get more money, what benefits dies he get by being the president?
            You say Hillary doesn’t deny her faults? To really crack me up man!
            Keeping quiet doesn’t count !
            Lying her way doesn’t count too you are so daft.
            Anyway nice to have this debate with you.

  • I’m not sure if I read this right, but yes, for a large part Christians are ignorant and gullible. Some do not know (or do not care) about what I am going to say. I talk to them, that is why I can say that. The introduction of the 501 c(3) by Johnson led to a muzzling of churches by the state. Churches, for a large part, withdrew from politics as they waited for the rapture. “Why should I fight, if I’m going to take flight?” (author unknown) Meanwhile, there has been a small cabal, oligarchy, multi-national corporation, military/industrial complex Eisenhower warned of and foreign entanglements Washington warned of pulling the strings of the world. Fiat money has made a few very wealthy while creating poverty for the masses. TPP and NAFTA and other trade agreements have further impoverished nations. It is preached that divorce, the break up of the family, is often caused by economic problems. Pure capitalism, not crony capitalism (which is what we have), is based on “if a man won’t work, neither shall he eat”. Capitalism in a pure form is an ethical economic system. People must work, create, and contribute to gain wealth. In crony capitalism and a fiat money system, those who can print money and manipulate markets gain wealth. Ethics is required for pure capitalism. Crony capitalism or other economic systems do not require ethics, as a matter of fact, the less ethics and morals those who operate in the system…well, birds of a feather flock together and they do devious things to back each other up. They unethically and immorally agree to things which impoverish others and nations while enriching themselves. If you want to help the poor, clean up the economic systems of the world. Trump understands this. He will work towards this. This is good, this is in line with the Bible. The NWO elite are satan-worshipppers. When you align with them, regardless of the smooth-talking words out of their mouths, you are ultimately aligning with satan. Christians need to understand these things and then the smoke of confusion dissipates extremely rapidly. God or satan, who do you want, what do you choose? Trump is like Patton. Not politically correct, but he will get the job done and has the right skill sets for what the country needs. Who would not want a Patton right now just because he is rough around the edges? I expect Trump and Putin will get along well as they are strong leaders who can respect each other’s strengths and neither is a war-monger as we have had so much of in the past. A lot of what is blamed on Putin (and others) is CIA-initiated. If you don’t know these things, you should, and then the smog of confusion will clear from Christians. The reason they are confused is because they don’t know these things. Get to the bottom-line realities and the choice is clear. No man is perfect. But certainly some are not satan-worshipppers. Study Bohemian Grove if you question that. Do some searches and you will see what I have written above is true.

    • OmaCMW

      Your opening statements caught my attention – much of what you wrote (economy esp) is what my son & I studied last year in a small book called “Honest Money” (North). It really falls into what is revealed as “Harlot Babylon” – and I keep asking myself, “Can I stand strong and sing, ‘Alleluia! For the LORD our God Omnipotent reigns!’ ” on That Day when the collapse is all around, and we kiss our banking system good-bye with no access to anything – savings, retirements, investments… vanished in rubble, no access, gone …

      Also – the Bohemian Grove – it’s a very interesting place, and I am saddened that so many of our nation’s leaders have submitted themselves at that resort…It needs to stop… so many spiritual darkness ley lines in our nation…

  • TheresaAK

    I do NOT support Trump or Hillary…EVER….I am Forever Never Trump/Hillary…but I find the Hypocrisy of my fellow Brothers and Sisters to be offensive to the Word of God.

    They FEAR a Hillary, so they will choose her dear friend, her Donor, the man who supported not only Hillary herself, but the rest of the Progressive Liberal Democrats and RINOs, who were opposed to Conservatives, to “right this ship”?

    So if God is able to turn the Worst of the Worst, Saul of Tarsus, into Paul, the Apostle, wouldn’t it make more sense that he would show his Power to a Hillary, as these people claim she is worse than Trump?

    I believe both Trump and Hillary are the same.

    Why are these “Evangelical” “Leaders of the Gospel” not lining up to get Hillary Clinton saved, instead of FEARING the ENEMY?

    I have lost respect for those I had believed were Strong in the Faith…..throwing in the Towel, instead of contending for the Faith, is most disheartening.

  • Truth Persimone

    You’re hoping that something sinks in? Micheal, while I believe anyone is capable of change, I don’t see Trump growing a moral compass anytime soon. Being surrounded superficially by “christian leaders” isn’t going to make any bit of difference. Trump fuels hate and prejudice and said all the things that a small but significant portion of hate filled people wanted to hear, but he has yet to say what all Americans need to hear. And when he’s called on his nonchalant attitude and given a chance to say enough of the hate, he doesn’t. He’s betting Americans will go on emotions and if so, be prepared to see a big gap form between the rich and the poor and the middle class disappear.

    I’m not a Hillary supporter either. Truth be known, I didn’t like the platforms of any of the people who were seeking the democratic and republican candidacy. I wanted to see one, just one candidate who was looking to support the working man, just one who was looking to support All Americans, just one who was looking to help not divide, but I didn’t see one. I didn’t see any.

    Come election, All Americans willing to go vote will have to choose who they think will better lead America. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much to choose from.

    • bbrown

      “……I wanted to see one, just one candidate who was looking to support the working man, just one who was looking to support All Americans, just one who was looking to help not divide….

      That would be Ted Cruz.

  • LOL, seems very hypocritical to me.

  • Black Sails

    – Dr. Brown: Once again you attack the voters. Barack Obama & Hillary
    Clinton really need you now. All of this so-called Christian leadership
    PR spin your are selling is nothing but a smoke machine & mirrors
    for you. Once again you claim to know the mind & will of God. Your
    arrogance & self-serving self righteous stinks up to Satanic levels
    now. Once again another article all about you. No one forced you to
    write this fiction & faux support. You are the problem as always.

  • Robert Simpson

    Re: “I continue to wonder if there is a divine inevitability to his presidency.”
    IF this is true, then we do not need to endorse, or support him, or even vote for him. God would take care of it without making us compromise His standards. He has sent evil people before and he may again, but we are not called to excuse them, much less to honor them.

  • All for NZ

    While I hope Trump ends up putting his trust in God, in the end it doesn’t matter. God is sovereign and if he used great nations like Babylon with non Christian kings to fulfill his purposes, come Hilary or Trump, God’s will will be done. A lot will depend on American Christians and their faithfulness in growing in Christ.

    • SophieA

      Well said. You make an important point I had not yet considered. Thank you for sharing.

      • All for NZ

        No problems 🙂

  • greghalv

    PATHETIC… No words.

  • Souheil Bayoud

    I read many articles of Dr Michael Brown and I am sure that he is number one teacher in USA for Jews and Christians because he said 2 things of truth that nobody pay attention on them for the majority are blind and it is useless to ask a blind to look.

  • FromWhereIAm

    I too have been rethinking my view of Donald Trump. I have always liked CERTAIN things he’s said, but — but — I too wanted someone with more moral fibre than someone who would go into the business of strip clubs. Nevertheless, God can use any vessel, and as Bible readers know, just because God uses a vessel doesn’t mean the vessel is pure by any means.

    I do like that Trump’s views are more to the “right” than (God-help-us) Hillary’s. I absolutely don’t trust her and would like to cancel one vote for her, which is all I can do, voting-wise. I may not stay away from the polls after all, but I haven’t decided.

    I do find myself somewhat swayed by the argument that Trump is a kind of Cyrus figure. I believe he would be fairer to Christians than Barak Obama, who has been a complete disappointment in that regard to me. So perhaps.

    I think I would not be displeased if he won, but then again, one never knows what a politician will actually DO. They can say all manner of things. What will they DO. And we can’t know, can we?

    I do like that Donald Trump will say what he thinks (and it happens to be the reaction many Americans are having, too) — but that he will revisit his opinions and temper them — something else any of us would do, given more information, facts. This is not the same as “waffling”. It is honest, all the way. “I think this, but now that I have some more to consider, I’m thinking this way.” That is not being deceptive, at least.

    But I would hate to think I’d voted for him if it turns out he behaves very badly once in. So I don’t know what I will do.

    • Jim Walker

      I’ve watch all the old videos of Trump and Hillary from the 80s till now.
      Here is what I can confidently say –
      Trump – his message then and now, does not change.
      Hillary – she lies and lies and lies and basically tells you want you want to hear.
      Do search them to watch for yourself.

  • eMarie

    You know, I have had many of the concerns of the commenters, and of Dr. Brown. Then again, 1 Cor. 1:27: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise…

  • Rudolph

    A very interesting article. In my opinion, I disagree with both candidates in many ways and I may vote for Johnson as a compromise candidate. The only time I agree with the front-runners is when Donald calls Hillary a ‘crooked Hillary’ she refers to him as a ‘fraudster. Neither of them are true Christian believers. I would leave it to the Good Lord to guide his people to make the right decision. An example of judgment is when God decided that ‘Lying Ted’ was not the right choice.

  • O’Pinyon

    It is too bad that the courts have so much power, but, since they do,
    we should vote with the Supreme Court in mind.

  • enigma721

    Trump has promised to protect Christians. He is for FAIR Trade. He wants to protect America’s borders and our Culture from Sharia Law. He is for America FIRST. Hillary is the opposite on all of this! Why is this so hard for Christians to figure out? Trump is the only candidate who MIGHT make life better for our children and grandchildren. It is very difficult to freely express yourself as a Christian in the EU today, and the last 7 years have seen the U.S. headed in the same direction. Hillary will continue that trend _ count on it!! Vote for Freedom! Vote for Trump!

  • Larry

    A sad and, frankly, inexcusable capitulation from a man who really ought to know better. An unfortunate act of compromise and conceit which profoundly undermines Dr. Brown’s moral authority.

    Once again, the very toxic Donald Trump poisons the reputation of a leader.

    At this juncture, should Dr. Brown wish to recover his intellectual integrity and moral clarity, he will abruptly recant and restate his commitment to righteousness.

    • FromWhereIAm

      I don’t see a “capitulation” from Dr. Brown. He has not compromised his principles. And he has explained very well why he is taking this position now. I don’t believe anyone was ever of the opinion that Dr. Brown was a perfect man, on the same level as the angels. All along he has maintained his principles, his best wishes for the Body of Christ, and of course, his humanity.

      • Larry

        It’s impossible to maintain your principles while simultaneously making choices in contravention tho their dictates.

        Worse, Dr. Brown does so on the basis of an extra-biblical “prophecy”. Pragmatism concerns itself with what might work (emphasis upon “might”). Principled choices concern themselves with right and wrong.

        Dr. Brown is now endorsing a vote for a slanderer, a man who lies frequently, flagrantly and effortlessly. A mentally unstable narcissist and megalomaniac. A misogynist, a bigot, a charlatan and a fraud.

        Trump’s is happily ignorant of issues absolutely critical to the office he seeks. He continues to praise Planned Parenthood, upbraided the North Carolina legislature for passing a law preventing men from using women’s public restrooms, and had offered a disaster in the making as his economic plan.

        Dr. Brown’s choices is poor as a political strategy. It is inexcusable as a spiritual one. He now compounds his error by encouraging others to join him compromise.

        It is capitulation … and far worse.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          “Dr. Brown is now endorsing a vote for a slanderer, a man who lies frequently, flagrantly and effortlessly. A mentally unstable narcissist and megalomaniac. A misogynist, a bigot, a charlatan and a fraud.”

          Thank you for showing everyone in black & white that you are a Liar (See Rev. 21:8) and false accuser of the Brethren. There is NOT ONE single reference in Dr. Brown’s article that states any such thing.

          Always appreciate when the Posers do our work for us and discredit themselves.

          • Larry

            You sound absurd

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Thank you for showing the strength of your comments. Perhaps you should get your ears checked when you have your eyes checked because you certainly have shown that you don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear. Your hearing will improve when you get rid of the filter just as your seeing will improve when you get rid of the log.

        • bbrown

          I think you articulate Trump’s character quite accurately. And it would really help if Dr. Brown emphasized this most important aspect of Trump as presidential candidate. That said, Brown did not endorse Trump and stated his hesitation about voting for him.

          We basically have a very sad state of affairs, with a choice between two power craving, narcissistic, pathological liars. To Trump you can add moral degeneracy, a life-long support of abortion and liberal politicians (including Hillary and Bill !), and a legacy of ruined & destroyed lives in his vicious striving for fame and fortune.

          It’s a sad and pathetic choice.

          • myvotecounts

            Bbrown… dr. Brown does not need to restate the human flaws in Mr. Trump.. the DNC and the media are making absolutely sure that Christians only see the negative while also making sure to suppress all the information I don’t social media proving just how corrupt the DNC is… how far in the gutter they’re willing to go to win an election like bribing weak-minded people to start riots and then have the media on hand to call it racism. I find it sad because I believe many Christians are still watching and following mainstream media and not realizing just how filled with propaganda they are..

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Did you even bother to read the article???? It appears not and, if you did, you certainly were NOT paying attention to what was written. Maybe going back and rereading would help because there certainly was no compromise nor definitely any conceit. SMH…

    • Roland Trevino

      Another Pharisee! They’re coming out of the woodwork in this blog.

  • LKR

    For the first time in my life, I will actually be casting a vote against a candidate. While I find Trump’s behavior abhorrent, I am shocked and saddened that Mr. Brown would question Trump’s salvation and further question the integrity of the televangelist that claims to have won him to Christ. Accusing this televangelist of bankrupt preaching is unloving, unrealistic and unkind.

  • Trump The Everchosen

    Anti-immigration, anti-globalism, pro-state rights, has revealed a list of well-respected conservative judges that he hopes to appoint to the supreme court, it literally destroying the regressive left and the main stream media as well as crony politics (news flash he is the populist candidate for the Republicans), pro-guns, pro-first amendment, pro-religious freedom, and has finally spoken out against political correctness, seems like Trump is what America needs. Unlike others, I was never for Ted Cruz, I supported Ben Carson (I thought he would be a good role model for African Americans) and Trump right from the start because he was the only candidate talking about immigration reform and just a warning to all who are considering not voting for him, open-borders= big government (why do you think the left wants open borders, illegal aliens if given amnesty would always vote democrat), do not throw my generation down the hole because you have a problem with Trump’s tone. My generation is gospel ignorant not gospel-hardened and I think if Trump wins, the Christian community can start doing major reforms because the federal government will neither be against us or for us, giving us the opportunity to fight and save the souls of my generation with over-relying on the president to be our spiritual/moral leader. If you disagree with me please reply, I would like to have a honest conversation and would be delighted at the opportunity to have a friendly debate.

    • LKR

      While I agree with much of what you say, I do feel that Trump was one of the worst candidates in this election cycle. I will be voting against Clinton and praying that if Trump gets elected, he will seek the Lord in all his decisions. It is not the job of the American people to judge if a leader is truly a Christian or to claim to know what is in the President’s heart. Only God knows and sees a man’s heart and that job is far above our pay grade!

      • Trump The Everchosen

        Not to sound rude or aggressive but could you tell my why you feel Trump was one of the worst candidates, make no mistake Trump has his problems but the media has blatantly lied about him constantly (i.e. Star of David debacle) which has resulted in a lot of well-meaning, rational people being deceived. Once again I am not saying that none of your concerns are warranted, I am just curious about what your concerns are.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Another well-written article, Dr. Brown. Just one suggestion. I would be VERY hesitant to lay a claim of prophecy being fulfilled if Trump should get elected. Just because that were to happen doesn’t mean the prophecy was actually from God as I’m sure you well know. We are called to test all spirits and you know well that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Can God use Trump even if the prophecy did not come from him but some nutjob who is hearing voices and running with whatever he’s told? Absolutely. Wallnau isn’t the only one to have “prophesied” about Trump. Paula White did as well earlier saying no weapon formed against Trump would prevail. Just look at White and her life? She’s not even qualified to be a “pastor” and yet we should take her prophecies seriously? Would it not be just like Satan to have one of his minions ride in on a big white horse with a ton of CINO’s behind him and all the while claiming God is behind it?

    While I applaud your efforts in hoping and praying for Trump, I would encourage you as strongly as possible to continue to spread the message that the Christian should be focused on one thing an done thing only and that is following Christ. Just as Christ ALWAYS sought to do His Father’s will – so should we. Just as Christ constantly reminded us that His Kingdom was not of this world – neither is ours. We must remember that we are not citizens of the World but rather of another Kingdom.

    God has made it clear on what Christians should be supporting in their leaders and we must not stray from that.

    Donald Trump continues to practice sin on a daily basis, he actively leads others into sin and he cheers them on as they do. The wages of sin is death. And he has shown no change or evidence of a conversion whatsoever. For those who think for a second that Trump will be a friend to the Christians and support Christians they only need to look at his tweet to Russell Moore. When Moore wrote an Op Ed saying why he couldn’t support Donald, Trump fired off a tweet calling him a terrible example of an Evangelical and a man “with no heart”.

    I would ask anyone professing to be a Christian who is thinking about voting for Trump whether they are prepared to live eternally with the consequences of having supported a man that attacks The Body/Bride of Christ? Who attacks the very same Body they would claim to be a member of. Trump according to the words of Jesus has “murdered” Russell Moore. A member of the Body of Christ. One might say he’s just punched the Bride of Christ in the eye.

    There can be NO doubt now that Trump stands in direct opposition to Jesus Christ. You can NOT support someone who stands in direct opposition to Jesus Christ AND be following Him. It’s a contradiction in terms.

    • Roland Trevino

      Jeeeez what Pharisees! “Continues to practice sin on a daily basis”, what proof do you have of that??? Get the beam out of your own eye! Matt 7:5

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        Ah yes, the ol’ “Pharisees!” cry. The often touted mantra (along with “holier than thou” of those who desire to cling to their sin more than the Savior.

        What proof do I have? God’s Word.

        And speaking of God’s Word, you misquoted it. Ironically, the verse you cited is the very verse that tells me TO judge.

        Beyond that, looking at some other comments you’ve made on here, I suggest you read on down to Verse 23.

  • “… surrounding himself with so many godly leaders …” Like who? I saw a list on Christianity Today recently, but I certainly wasn’t impressed. The few names I recognized were televangelists and hucksters – popular, yes, but godly leaders? I love you, Dr. Brown, and most of the work you do. But, I sometimes wonder about your discernment when it comes to Christian leaders.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      I think he was just trying to be gracious but that struck me as odd too. He does tend to be much more lenient that I wish he were. I’d like to see him be a bit more bold about calling out those who clearly go against Scripture as Scripture says to do.

    • myvotecounts

      They are Christians and many Christians including myself are supporting Mr Trump… probably need to step down on your judgemental self-righteous pedestal… if you need the absolute truth about all the presidents of the United States you would realize Christians have voted for men who are imperfect and sinful… they just kept it hidden well in their closets…

      • bbrown

        It’s a matter of degree.

      • As bbrown said, a matter of degrees. But, also a matter of actions, ideas, and policy apart from the skeletons that might be in their closet. What’s in the closet might speak to character, so it’s important. But, when stuff is right out in the open and part of their policies (president) or ministries (star-pastors), then it’s well beyond ‘the closet’ and certainly of importance to consider.

    • Roland Trevino

      Yeah, and who are you????

  • davessworks

    Gal 6 v7. God will not be mocked. Trump’s candidacy and behavior is the very definition of mockery.

    Read The two books of Kings to see what happens when the people chose a false leader.

    Trump must be rejected, particularly by those of faith.

    • myvotecounts

      Davesswork… watch the videos that James O’Keefe has released… and just a quick question if you don’t mind me asking are you a registered Republican? I’m just wondering because it has come to my attention in recent weeks that quite a few people weighing in on Donald Trump unfitness for office are actually not even Republicans….

      • davessworks

        Are you suggesting that only registered Republicans have a valid opinion in the matter?

        The only thing that matters in this discussion is that I boldly claim the blood of Christ for my salvation. I am a Christian.

        Anyone with an ounce of discernment will recognize that Trump is false beyond any measure. His claims to being Christian are nauseating.

    • Roland Trevino

      Well the election is over and Trump won. And if I had read this earlier I would have commented as follows:

      Your using Gal 6:7 as proof text that Trump cannot be chosen by God to lead our country? That’s a pretty weak argument. You should read your Bible more and see the many impure vessels God blessed, used to do his will, and eventually confessed of His Greatness (e.g. Nebuchadnezzar). Anyway who are you to claim that Trump has “mocked” God? Mocking God is a direct derisional, unashamed insult to God and Trump has never done such a thing in public.
      His character flaws are no different then many of us who have not had the benefit of disciplined Christian spiritual upbringing and have had the bravado of a secular masculine past (“locker room talk”). Have you ever been in a locker room full of high school or college hero athletes bragging of their sexual conquests? If you haven’t than I’ll tell they’re no different and come from some of the most exemplary people you know who are secular.
      If Trump is a newly converted Christian than the blatant character flaws will get worked out just like the rest of us (Michael Brown including, you should read about his past!). And just like the many flawed characters in the Bible like Nebuchadnezzar.

  • myvotecounts

    Mr. Brown how many others have held your views in high regard. But I’m saying this article it truly sounds like you’re saying I hope we win the war but I’m not going to get my hands dirty in the fight… and I say that with tears in my eyes because over the last few days so many things have come out that clearly show at least in part just how evil the forces behind the DNC have become. And how they brag about their evil doings because they work for them and people listen and follow. They were no doubt behind so many Christians sitting down at home in the last election and refusing to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon…. seeds of self righteous in the media and on the net…. God will know override the will of the people in this matter nor will he override the consequences in our nation…. yes for those who love God you can take what Satan meant for harm and turn it for good but the fact is Christians in a lot of situations could have avoided the evil snare of Satan to begin with…. I don’t know if Donald Trump is God’s man of the hour as summer saying and I don’t know if he and his even God like cabinet pics can do much to turn our nation around if anything at all but I do believe they will slow down the deadly spiral that we are on…. but it is absolutely certain that if he is voted down where Hillary will take our nation… so I cannot in good conscience sit down and say oh I know we’re going to win the war so I’m not even going to fight or I know we’re going to lose the war so I’m not even going to fight and just as many good soldiers who died on the battlefield in battle State knew they couldn’t win but they knew they had to fight in order to win the war I intend to fight. And I pray that you and some other Christian leaders are starting yourself to join the fight. There’s something I know won’t do it because there’s too much money involved and they don’t want to compromise there personal Kingdom but you sir I know don’t hold such a personal Kingdom and love God….

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