How the NBA Went All-Out Gay

By Michael Brown Published on June 10, 2016

It wasn’t enough for the NBA to celebrate the coming out of Jason Collins, although he was only a marginal player in the league, although his identical twin brother was not gay, and although his long-time girlfriend was surprised to learn he was gay.

It wasn’t enough for the NBA to slap players with stiff fines for making “anti-gay” comments, especially after a well-known NBA ref came out as gay.

It wasn’t enough for the NBA to threaten to punish the city of Charlotte, North Carolina with the removal of next year’s All-Star game from the city unless the state allowed men to share locker rooms with women and girls.

No, the NBA had to take another, aggressive step, announcing that it is now partnering with GLSEN, the leading gay activist educational organization.

As the official announcement declares, “In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, we’re excited to announce a new collaboration between the NBA, GLSEN and Teespring. Beginning on June 7, fans can purchase an exclusive line of Teespring NBA Pride T-shirts featuring the logos of all 30 NBA teams, with all proceeds benefiting GLSEN.”

Yes, you can now get T-shirts of your favorite NBA team featuring a rainbow-colored version of their logo.

How in the world did this happen? And does the general public really know what GLSEN stands for?

Just a few days ago, I published an article documenting GLSEN’s radical activism dating back more than a decade, including: class activities for elementary school students such as “Deconstructing Definitions of Family” and “Discovering Your Inner Trannie” (meaning, of course, your inner transgender identity); a lesson plan that included a section on “cross dressing and non-gender conforming clothing,” with the cross dressing lesson entitled, “What’s With the Dress, Jack?”; vocabulary cards defining terms like “Genderqueer” as, “People who do not identify, or who do not express themselves as completely male or female; may or may not identify as transgender.”

And I remind you: This was what GLSEN was pushing more than a decade ago in our children’s elementary schools.

What is GLSEN pushing now? And the NBA has entered into a special partnership with them to celebrate Gay Pride?

I thought this was the National Basketball Association, not the National Gay Association. And how do the players really feel about this, especially those with conservative Christian (or Muslim) values?

I don’t know much about the background of Adam Silver, the NBA’s current commissioner, but I do know that Roger Goodell, the commission of the NFL (which is also strongly pro-gay activist) has a gay brother whom he protected over the years against bullies. This would help to explain Goodell’s aggressive pro-gay activist stances, along with this being the PC thing to do these days.

Whatever is motivating Silver, one can only wonder how far this will go. But already, an important question has been raised by one of my Facebook friends. He wondered aloud if the WNBA would be willing to accept an NBA player who came out as a transgender woman. Why not?

The WNBA is certainly well-known for its openly lesbian players, so, in fairness to all aspects of LGBT activism (and in keeping with Silver’s stand against North Carolina), shouldn’t the NBA affirm transgender identity as well?

It’s unlikely that even a great WNBA player could make it as a transgender man in the NBA, but what about the reverse? What if, say, Shaquille O’Neal in his prime came out as transgender, changing his name to Shanita? He would have become the greatest women’s player in history, smashing all records and dominating all games. And if anyone protested this as unfair, that person could quickly be branded an intolerant, bigoted transphobe, with Commission Silver adding in his Amen.

Of course, I recognize that the NBA and the WNBA are two separate leagues, but perhaps Silver could confirm if he, indeed, would back this and, for argument’s sake, would have affirmed Jason Collins as Janet Collins and given his blessing to Collins becoming a WNBA superstar.

What say you, Commission Silver?

After all, this is the very policy he is advocating for North Carolina, in which a boy who identifies as a girl can play on the girls’ sports teams and share their locker rooms and showers, regardless of the terrible unfairness of it all. Why not carry this out on the pro-level as well?

If you truly embrace LGBT activism, Mr. Silver, and really want to celebrate gay pride, how about going all in?

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  • Joe

    Preface: I am 100% pro-traditional marriage. My question is this – This affects us as Christians how? I don’t understand the outrage at a organization supporting something that the culture has decided they support. What would we expect them to do? So people can go buy a tee shirt, who cares? It has absolutely no consequence on anything eternal or meaningful at all. Maybe I am just missing the point entirely but I don’t understand the outrage Christians have when sinners sin, as if they are suppose to do something else.

    Secondly, tone down the rhetoric please. You seem like an angry old man with no compassion or understanding for the world and people who don’t know Christ.

    • Ken Abbott

      Joe: Is this your first encounter with Dr. Brown’s writing? I can assure you that your impression (“You seem like an angry old man with no compassion or understanding for the world and people who don’t know Christ.”) is entirely mistaken.

      On the broader point, how should the believer in Christ react to specific acts of sinful rebellion on the part of unbelievers? A shrug of the shoulders and an “Ah, well, he’s a worldling, what do you expect?” Christ commands men and women everywhere to repent and believe and they ignore him at their eternal peril. Individual Christians may not have the prophetic charge that God gave to Ezekiel, but God’s warning to that watchman not to neglect his responsibility to tell the rebels of Israel to heed the coming judgment (chapter 33) should sober all of us. For indeed the celebration of sin and rebellion does have eternal and meaningful consequences if it sears the conscience and hardens the unbeliever in his sin.

  • Max

    The ancient Romans were paragons of virtue compared to Americans today. It’s like people are down in the sewer, telling everyone else, “Come on in, you’ll like it here with us!”

  • GaryB

    It seems clear to me that anyone who agrees to work for a team in the NBA is giving their endorsement of all NBA policies, whether that is their intent or not. So people who claim to be Christians, like Seth Curry and Jeremy Linn are participating in the endorsement of homosexuality, even if they don’t mean to. The big money that is made by NBA players will overcome any disagreement with policy for probably every player. None of the current NBA players could make that much money without the NBA, so I don’t expect any will quit in protest.
    I haven’t had any interest in the NBA in years, so I don’t watch it anyway, but this support for the sodomites by the NBA has given me a new reason not to watch. The NFL and MLB are also pro-homosexual, if not to the degree that the NBA is. And being pro-homosexual makes it necessary to be anti-Christian since Christianity and homosexuality are incompatible.

    • Joe

      So an employee has to agree with 100% of it’s companies political policies? And if they don’t they should quit?

      • GaryB

        Speaking for myself, I could not work for the NBA because of its support for lgbtq. There might be other reasons that also would prevent my working for them, but their support for lgbtq is a deal killer for me. I also could not be in the US Military, or work for any part of the US Government for the same reason. They are all pro-lgbtq, and anti-Christian. I cannot respect people who choose to associate themselves with lgbtq, or with those who promote them.

        • Joe

          How does that align with the Gospel? We obviously need to declare truth and stay true to our faith, but how does are we suppose to impact society and reveal Christ to those who don’t know him when all we do is distance ourselves from those who differ from us or hold non-Christian views? Jesus doesn’t distance himself from sinners he goes where they are and shines as light. Quitting a job or not going somewhere because there are “sinners there” is anti-gospel in every way shape and form.

          • GaryB

            2 Corinthians 6: 14-17

          • Joe

            That is not what Paul is saying in that verse, and I again I would counter your 3 verses with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in their entirety. But agree to disagree.

          • GaryB

            Joe, Associate with whoever you want. You have to answer to God for yourself.

    • Wayne Cook

      I don’t know that I’ve ever agreed 100% with any employer…and I’ve worked for every network in this country.
      In case you didn’t know…most of the secular movies you watch are produced, financed and directed by people who either are gay, promiscuous, or abused.

    • Kevin Carr

      That would be the same for people that work at Lowes, Home Depot, Allstate, State Farm, AT&T, Verizon, Pepsi, etc. You can’t always get away from it. Not making excuses the players are under contract while these other workers are not and are free to quit anytime. If you are going to say that for them it should be said of all. While I disagree with the NBA’s position, I don’t have to watch and I won’t, just like I don’t and won’t go to Target. The society has become increasingly anti-christian, this is the mild part. It is getting worse, by some losing jobs, and being taken to court. More to come.

  • I can’t remember the name of the movie. I think it’s “Jaunita Mann”. It’s an older movie now, but it’s about a man joining the WNBA in drag and taking a mediocre team all the way. Funny movie is proving to be prophetic. (He’s not actually a tranny. He got kicked out of the NBA for unsportsmanlike conduct. I think he was supposed to be a parody of Kobe)

  • brothergc

    here is a thought just boycott the NBA just like target

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