Homeless Trump Supporter Attacked by Pro-Clinton Mob

We see now that the Left uses the weak as human shields.

By Jason Jones & John Zmirak Published on October 31, 2016

There’s a toxic myth in the culture that Christians and other pro-lifers need to debunk. Let’s call it the Seamless Snuggie, since it makes so many people so very comfortable. The Seamless Snuggie teaches:

  • The Left is the voice of compassion and empathy toward the vulnerable.
  • The Right is more attached to abstract rules than to concrete human beings.
  • So the Left is willing to trash abstractions such as property rights and national borders, for the sake of protecting the weak. The Right pushes back, defending the ideas which it cares about more than people.
  • However, the Left has a soft spot when it comes to sexual freedom, which gives it a blind spot on abortion. It misses the fact that the unborn are vulnerable and deserve protection.
  • The Right, because of its fetish for abstract rules (such as “Thou Shalt Not Murder”), opposes abortion. It is right, but only by accident.
  • So the Left is a much better candidate for protecting unborn children than the Right. We need to keep on electing pro-choice leftists like Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, but quietly try to help them see that the unborn deserve protection — just like illegal immigrants, Ivy grads with unpayable student loans, and transgender athletes.

Freedom Begins Below the Belt

Who wears the Seamless Snuggie? Bishops like Blaise Cupich of Chicago, members of groups like Democrats for Life, and all those “social justice Christians” out there who still insist that they are really pro-life, because while their candidates do want to keep abortion legal and taxpayer-funded for all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason including sex selection and killing the handicapped — they’re willing to offer bigger government programs for pregnant women. Of course, they want bigger government programs everywhere and for everyone, with the state taking ever greater control over every part of our lives — except in the bedroom. Freedom begins below the belt, and ends just above the thighs. So maybe the Seamless Snuggie is more like an astronaut diaper.

Freedom begins below the belt, and ends just above the thighs. So maybe the Seamless Snuggie is more like an astronaut diaper.

But we saw the Snuggie ripped off this weekend, trampled on the ground, and left in shreds on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard. Watch this video, which shows a mob of Hillary Clinton supporters confronting an elderly, homeless woman — who was holding up a Trump sign, trying to protect his “star” on the Walk of Fame from further vandalism. They surround her, assault, knock her down and taunt her. (WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS DISTURBING AND CONTAINS PROFANITY.)


The leftist who originally posted this video was part of the mob, and he put it on Youtube because he was proud of it, as Gateway Pundit reports. That site preserved his original commentary, which sneered at the beaten homeless woman — comments he later took down, before making the video private. His comments were seconded over and over again by anonymous cowards willing to gloat on the Internet over the violent assault on a homeless old lady, an American citizen who was stating her political views.

Life Unworthy of Life

This is the face of the Left today: Intolerant without being coherent, self-righteous without any rectitude, self-satisfied but insatiable. The Left wants to be seen as the face of compassion, but in fact there’s a long list of real human beings whom it has decided are beyond the pale of empathy — people who are, in the words of a long-ago German socialist party, “lives unworthy of life”:

  • Unborn children, especially those who are mentally handicapped or whose parents are poor.
  • The “deplorables” who reject liberal pieties on ethnicity, sex, and religion — who make up one fourth of the population, according to candidate Clinton.
  • Believers in the “middle ages dictatorship” of the Catholic church, according to email exchanges with Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.
  • Blue collar Americans who fear the impact of massive low-skill immigration on their neighborhoods and tax bills.
  • College professors who tell students to act like draft-age adults, and stop pretending that harmless Halloween costumes make them “feel unsafe.”
  • Cops risking their necks in neighborhoods pulverized by the Sexual Revolution and the welfare state
  • Nuns who don’t want to pay for the abortion pill
  • Christian bakers, florists, and college officials who object to same-sex marriage — a practice which both the Clintons and the Obamas claimed to oppose eight years ago.
  • Religious believers whose stance on unborn life threatens the “fundamental rights” of women, as Hillary told the United Nations, so it will “have to change.”

These are the people whom the Right wants to protect, along with everyone else, by insisting on “abstractions” like individual rights, human dignity, the natural law, and all the rest of those precious discoveries that our ancestors made and defended with their lives — from the Magna Carta through the American Revolution, from D-Day through the fight against ISIS. It is these precious safeguards, not smart phones or Netflix, that separate us from blood-crazed mobs that gloat over public executions, or theocratic rapists who cite sacred texts as pretexts for turning pre-teen girls into sex slaves. The Left has been assaulting such mores as hypocritical fictions for decades, and now we see what results: Naked, vicious tribalism, hatred, and blood in the streets.Jason street

I am the Image of God

The pro-life mission I Am Whole Life affirms the human dignity of every precious human being, from the persecuted Nubans of Sudan to the homeless in America’s city streets. I Am Whole Life conducts the “Imago Dei” outreach, sharing food, drug-store essentials, and t-shirts that remind these Americans down on their luck, or worn down by mental illness: “I am the image of God.” Here’s a video from one of those missions, conducted on the same street where that homeless American was attacked.

Anyone who can’t see that homeless people, unborn children, and people who disagree with their politics are really human beings too, with the same rights from the same God, has no place in public office.

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