If Hillary Wins, If Trump Wins

A wake up call, either way.

By Michael Brown Published on November 7, 2016

Barring some unforeseen scenario, on Wednesday morning, November 9, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our president elect. What does this mean for Christian conservatives, and how should we respond?

If Hillary Wins

1) Christians who voted for Trump in the primaries, telling us he was the only one who could defeat Hillary, will only have themselves to blame, since it seems almost certain that virtually any of the other Republican candidates could have handily defeated her. This would mean that these AlwaysTrump Christians chose nationalism over biblical principles and, with all their claims to spiritual insight, saw things after the flesh, not the Spirit, overlooking his serious shortcomings because they wanted an alpha male to fix the nation.

2) We need to pray that what appears to be the massive corruption of the Clintons will still be exposed. It will be difficult with Hillary at the helm, but it can still be done. We should pray for the corruption of the media and the political establishment to be exposed as well. Perhaps a Trump defeat will not signal the end of Trump after all and he will give himself to this task as a private citizen.

3) That being said, our focus for the next four (or eight) years cannot be on the evils of the Clintons and the destructive policies that Hillary will seek to introduce. Instead, our focus must be on revival in the church, on winning the lost and making disciples, on caring for the hurting and the poor in our society, and on calling America to repent, recognizing that we are under divine judgment.

4) But that doesn’t mean we ignore Hillary’s politics. We need to pray for conservative politicians and judges to show backbone and integrity and for harmful policies to be thwarted, but our emphasis cannot be on Hillary. It must be on the Lord and on our responsibilities. A backslidden, compromised church remains America’s greatest problem.

The bottom line is that the solution to our many problems will not be found in the White House and we must turn the passion and focus and attention we have put on the elections back to where it belongs: on the Lord and on our responsibilities as God’s people.

5) We must prepare for civil disobedience (meaning biblical obedience) on a widespread, national scale should our freedoms of religion, speech, and conscience be attacked. As a body, throughout the country, we must refuse to comply with legislation that would seek to silence us, restrict us, or, worse still, force us to engage in practices that violate our sacred, historic beliefs. We must do this peacefully and with respect for authority, but with courage and unshakable faith, regardless of cost or consequences.

6) In short, if Hillary is elected, it is wake up time for the church.

If Trump Wins

1) We must give credit to those Christians who saw God’s hand on Trump through the election season, despite his fleshly flaws, recognizing that there must be a unique, divine purpose in his presidency. There is simply no other way to understand how a man like him could defeat so many fine candidates in the primaries and then bring down the Clinton machine in the general election.

2) That being said, a Trump presidency could do as much harm as good, since his “wrecking ball” methods and his questionable character are so volatile and unpredictable that he could bring us down as easily as he could bring us up. (Imagine what could happen to America if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were the president and first lady. I know this is a jarring, exaggerated example to use, but you get the point.)

3) We should therefore pray for divine restraint on Trump lest he do or say something rash as president, and we should pray that he will not only surround himself with godly and wise counsel, but that he will also listen to his counselors, doing what is fair and just when it comes to immigration and security and healthcare and the economy.

4) We should also pray that his resolve to do what is right will not waver and that he will not become a compromiser who wants to prove he can work with everyone. (Should Trump’s health fail as president and he be succeeded by Mike Pence, we need to pray the same thing for him, since he infamously caved in to pressure in 2015 with the RFRA bill in his state, and, while still a fine Christian man, betrayed his Christian constituency.) We must encourage Trump to stay true to the Republican platform, to nominate Supreme Court justices in the image of Scalia and to stand up for religious liberty.

5) As God’s people, we must work against the deepening divisions in our country, seeking to build bridges and be peacemakers, not troublemakers, also addressing issues of injustice and oppression, be they from the right or the left. And we must pray for revival in the church with the same urgency as if Hillary was president, since we would be making a terrible mistake to look to Trump as some kind of savior figure or to take our foot off the gas because the Clintons, who for many conservatives are the epitome of evil and deception, were kept out of the White House.

6) In short, if Trump is elected, it is still wake up time for the church.

Either way, things will get very messy in the coming months, with emotions high, news headlines blaring, and our nation being torn and shaken. (I would think that only some kind of national calamity would bring us together, and we certainly hope and pray that will not be the case.)

The bottom line is that the solution to our many problems will not be found in the White House and we must turn the passion and focus and attention we have put on the elections back to where it belongs: on the Lord and on our responsibilities as God’s people.

After all, Jesus never said that the president or the Congress or the Supreme Court were the salt of the earth or the light of the world. Instead, He said that to us, His followers (Matthew 5:13-16), and if there is to be a positive, nationwide, moral and cultural revolution in America, it must begin with us.

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  • Informed in Missouri

    Under if Mr. Trump is the President elect, number two should have been that the crooked dems will cause the worst riots you’ve ever seen and they’ll blame Comey for causing it eleven days before the election. They’ll say that it’s not fair and want
    it declared null and void. Then everyone will be fighting with everyone, and Obama will declare marshall law. Yup, we really need pray a lot and be ready.

  • Dena

    I agree that we need a nationwide revival with holiness and repentance. Our nation is in a mess due to a quiet, lukewarm, compromising church. Whoever gets elected this is a wake up call to Christians. We need to stop looking to politians, but to Jesus

  • Derrick Richards

    I came to this thread because this morning we had a major
    discussion on this subject. The person who made the most impact,
    explained it well. If Clinton was the Republican candidate, was a real
    estate magnet who had overseen her own TV show, ran an businesslike
    empire and exhibited a good populist message. Then if Trump was the
    Democratic candidate whose wife was the President in the 90’s and had
    confided and lived with him through this era, had started his career
    championing family values, then was elected to the Senate in NY and went
    though the World Trade Center disaster and the onslaught of the Iraq
    war, then was chosen to be the Secretary of State after running a tough
    long campaign against his rival who chose him for this diplomatic role.
    Well, how would you vote now after this comparison. I mean it isn’t even
    a contest, this is not John McCain or Mitt Romney. You have to choose
    the most qualified with the most experience, if not, then, like I posted
    earlier, you must live with your delirious decision. RD

  • Jim

    So if Hillary wins, you are advising people to double down on hateful GOP politics, do no self-examination about how you might be out of touch with the will of Americans, and to defy everything she tries to do. Nice. Wonderful constructive attitude.

    • CbinJ

      If the will of the people is Hillary Clinton, then the will of the people needs to change. I don’t have a horse in this race, I’m voting for Darrell Castle. However, just because something is “the will of the people” (which is debatable considering most don’t vote & there are many politically active people–like myself–disaffected this cycle) doesn’t mean it’s right. Obviously, you are just a Leftist attempting to wrap your hatred of the GOP in an “intellectual” argument, but my point remains.

      • Jim

        Who said the will of the people is right? The will of the people elected Reagan, which was clearly a big mistake. I merely said you should reflect on how you might be out of touch. So your point remains, uh what would that be? That people who do not vote are not saying they are happy with either candidate but rather that they hate them both? Perhaps some reflection would be in order.

    • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

      Oh look a troll with only 31 comments, the only hate here is from the like of you leftists who want legislate compelled speech and associations and want to ban Christians from living their faith.

      • Jim

        it might be good to listen to what somebody is saying rather than create a strawman and attack it. You won’t get that from the right wing media.

  • Cindy Reschke Wundrow

    And so, we pray to God to hear our pleas and give us the strength to live our lives as Christians and do good to all in His name.

  • Derrick Richards

    Well, I know it is early in the voting but I am giving Trump a lot of cred for taking some of those early states by so much. I had no idea that HRC would be unable to garner more of the vote. I am know realizing it is going to be a long night, and though time will tell, it looks like Trump is doing way better than expected. I did know the polls were wrong though, as a lot of people went to vote for Trump later in the election cycle, DR

  • Jabez hart

    I think it naive to assume that any other Republican could have won, for, like it or not, Trump appealed to those who did not vote in the last election for all kinds of reasons. American anti-establishment older rural voters likely would not have voted for a strictly Christian candidate. Look at how very likable and principled Ben Carson quickly went from top to bottom over certain citizen preferences, likes and dislikes, and beliefs on vaccinations and the like. Americans simply seem to trust their own preferences, forgetting that no leader here holds absolute sway over whatever matters and issues hold a ring of truth or dissonance in their beings. Personality and losses were responded to, and those strictly claiming Christian criteria were a mixed lot on these factors. I personally doubt that your preferred candidate, or any other forefront Christian, could have pulled it off with the diverse likes and dislikes crowd, the disgruntled, and those wanting great change from outside the political ranks. Now we will see how the decision maker in Trump stands up to the hard and the ridiculous as to the deception carried by the main stream media, the tales of other primary and non primary candidates about their own choices when actually written in history, and locates his heart of affection through the presenting challenges for emptying the entrenched and floating “swamp”.

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