Here Come the Charges of Racism and Sexism

Could it be that the problem is not with the racism and sexism of the right but rather with the racist and sexist projections of the left?

Protesters rally outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016 in Chicago, Ill., in opposition of Donald Trump's presidential election victory.

By Michael Brown Published on November 10, 2016

No sooner was it clear that Donald Trump would be our next president then the “racist” and “sexist” charges started to fly.

According to CNN’s Van Jones, the vote for Trump was, in part, a “whitelash” against President Obama’s blackness.

According to MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, populist, white support for Trump today is not “Bernie Sanders populism” but rather “George Wallace populism.”

According to ABC’s Cokie Roberts, lots of men voted for Trump because there is “probably” a “strong sentiment about not having a woman president.”

In reality, millions of Americans were fed up with the direction of this country, not with the color of President Obama’s skin. And, these same frustrated Americans would have gladly voted for a strong conservative female against a weak liberal male. (Just imagine how they would have rallied around a Republican Margaret Thatcher had she been running against Democrat Bernie Sanders.)

That being said, I do not deny for a moment that racism and sexism exist in America, nor do I deny that Donald Trump helped deepen the divides among us. We are a country of 340 million people, and we have more than enough racists and sexists among us.

The best we can do is drop the race-baiting, gender-baiting rhetoric and treat each other with grace and respect in the midst of our serious differences.

But, percentage-wise, I suspect that there are just as many black racists as white racists (or Hispanic racists, etc.) and there are just as many men-hating feminists as there are women-degrading male chauvinists. And let’s not forget Hillary’s divisiveness either.

Applying a Little Logic

But rather than look at this statistically with regard to the Trump-Hillary vote (as David French has done when it comes to race and as exit poll analyses have broken down in greater detail), let’s apply a little logic and see if there might be some double standards.

Thinking back to the Hillary-Obama primary battle in 2008, which at times was quite intense, were Obama’s voters sexist for rejecting Hillary? Conversely, were Hillary’s voters racist for rejecting Obama? Of course, questions like this would never be asked, since the voters in question were liberals and Democrats who, by default, cannot be guilty of racism or sexism. Obviously!

Interestingly, it was during the 2008 campaign that John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, yet the same “angry white males” who rejected Hillary in 2016 because of her gender embraced Sarah Palin despite hers. Or could it be that the issue was not gender but rather policies?

In my varied roles as a conservative leader, radio host, author, professor, minister, and public speaker, I have interacted with thousands of voters who could not vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. And not one of them ever brought up the color of his skin, while perhaps two or three brought up the fact that Hillary was a woman (and they believed that men should govern and lead).

Could it be that the problem is not with the racism and sexism of the right but rather with the racist and sexist projections of the left?

On the flip side, a large percentage of these people (including me) really wanted to have the privilege of voting for the first black president, but we could not do so in good conscience. At the same time, I can tell you that I know countless women and men who would never vote for Hillary because of her policies and character, not her gender.

Unfortunately, because we are all conservatives who tend to vote Republican, we are, by default, sexists and racists. Of course!

Please Help Me Understand

But perhaps I’m missing the point and one of my progressive friends can enlighten me. Please help me understand.

When it comes to a black candidate vs. a white candidate, when blacks vote for the black candidate in overwhelming percentages, that’s not racist, but when whites vote for the white candidate in fairly large percentages, that is racist. Can anyone explain how that works?

In the same way, when it comes to a female candidate vs. a male candidate, when women vote for the female candidate in overwhelming percentages, that’s not sexist, but when men vote for the male candidate in fairly large percentages, that is sexist.

Could it be that the problem is not with the racism and sexism of the right but rather with the racist and sexist projections of the left? Could it be that it is the racist and sexist lens through which some of them see the rest of the world?

Again, this is not to deny the existence of racism and sexism on the right. It is to dispute the pervasiveness of those ugly attitudes on the right and to ask if there is not as least as much of it on the left.

Ironically, in a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black, it was Al Sharpton who stated that Trump “knew exactly what he was doing, he was playing to the worst elements.” How extraordinary!

I personally believe that both Hillary and Trump ran very divisive campaigns and, as one who voted for Trump and urged others not to vote for Hillary, I will gladly hold him accountable for his divisiveness. And certainly, I hope to see a good amount of diversity in those he appoints to serve.

But since Trump has now pledged to be the president of all Americans, and since Hillary and Obama have urged their supporters to give Trump a chance, the best we can do is drop the race-baiting, gender-baiting rhetoric and treat each other with grace and respect in the midst of our serious differences.

That applies to the left at least as much as it applies to the right.

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  • Charles Burge

    Here’s a question I’d love to ask of liberals who voted for Hillary Clinton simply because she’s a woman:
    Suppose Nikki Haley runs for president 8 years from now. Would you vote for her?

    • Az1seeit

      The answer is no. Their “lens”, as you put it, Dr. Brown – I’ll call it what it is: bigotry – is ideological. Black liberal, good. Black conservative, bad. Female liberal, perfect. Female conservative, satan. Male liberal, ideal. Male conservative, sexist. That is your explanation Dr. Brown.

  • Don

    This article is so typical of the colossal blindspot that exists in the evangelical community on issues of race and thoroughly exemplifies the huge challenge the church still faces with regards to racial restoration. The fact that Dr Brown given the groundswell of alt right support and open racial pandering by Trump as well as support for birtherism, investigation for housing discrimination, and threats to ban entire religious minority groups , is unable to even fathom how African Americans could genuinely feel concerned about his election to the presidency but would rather trivially dismiss it as liberal paranoia is truly unfortunate. Its no wonder the church is still one of the most segregated public institutions and evangelicals have been so far behind and on the wrong side of history so many times on issues of race. The lack of basic empathy is stunning. Lord help us. smh

  • David Diwell

    It is the leftist agenda that encourages divisive thinking, their dialogue berates anyone who has an opposing opinion by calling them racist, sexist, woman haters and other degrading things. they have high-jacked the court system to follow their agenda to the detriment of society as a whole. When it come to the gay and lesbian population lets look at how that escalated, first it was help us not be bullied to now when they want to use whatever washroom they identify with. Unisex washrooms protect one part of society over another. Case in point a woman who has been sexually assaulted does not want to be subjected to having a man (no matter how they see themselves) in the same washroom when they either go in or exit a toilet stall. It scares them in ways that most have no idea about.
    My point in this is that in many cases they are worse than a three year old child having a tantrum because they don;t get their way. A three year old will get the point and stop asking and throwing the tantrum the leftist doesn’t. They just keep at it until they wear you down and you give in, we have allowed this to happen and I am sorry to say they will not quit asking for more. Children can’t choose their sex preference at three or four they don’t have the life experience to help them decide and don;t get n=me started on those fools that have spent more than half their lives in school and come out with a degree in psychology because they still haven’t figured out that most of the theory’s they have learned aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

  • Keith

    I’ll explain this to Mr. Brown (who writes great articles). If you are white, you are racist. If you are male, you are sexist. If you are straight, you are homophobic. It is impossible for a black person to be racist. There is absolutely no justification for a cop to ever shoot a black person, even if that black person is violent and dangerous to others. That is how the left sees everyone to the right of where they are. We have new victim classes everyday. My favorite was how sexist the world is because girls who play video games online have to endure the pain and humiliation of listening to boys going through puberty lewdly discuss women. It is called gaming while female. The struggle is real. Hillary spoke the truth (for once) about how the left sees us; deplorable.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Perhaps, racism,so called, is not the issue. Lets face it, not a one of us is is absolutely objective on matters of humanity & culture. Were I to set myself up as the standard of judgement in all matters relating to human behavior, then all matters of such behavior by virtue of my subjectivity would be something less than objective & consequently disqualifying my self proclaimed standard for judgement. Yes, there is no doubt a “yuge” lack of objectivity regarding these issues among some on all sides. The question though that should be asked, but won’t be answered, is just how racist is each & every one of us?
    You know, the throw the first stone argument. Bottom line. It’s a matter of degrees. Until we arrive to the fullness of the stature of Him who gave His life for all races, let us be honest w/ourselves & each other, & by the grace of God – deal w/it …
    So yeah, I accept Mr. Brown’s analysis & hope that this hypocrisy of some on the left (& sometimes on the right) will expose itself for what it is – time will tell – one way or the other.

  • SophieA

    The Left does not have logical, persuasive arguments so they use pejoratives in effort to shut down their opposition free speech. And when this tactic fails, these “peaceful” people resort to protests ranting on about how people must die to bring about change. I am no expert on communistic takeover tactics, but I think this talk of “doing away with” your opposition could be an indicator. So, so sad these people have bought into a lie.

  • Jim Walker

    Thanks Dr Brown. I also ask the same queston “Please help me to understand”.
    But the liberals pick and choose things to protest without logic because they are driven by fickle emotions.

  • Christine Wright

    I just want to point out that these terms, racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, these are all just terms to demonize the other side and stop people from listening to what you might say. I used to be Muslim, (I only converted to Christianity two years ago) but I was very outspoken against extremism and terrorism. I was against the Muslim Brotherhood and also against CAIR because of the brotherhood’s influence there. I was right wing politically and not left. When Obama traded 5 terrorists for a traitor I spoke out against it. When left wingers would first meet me, they would fall all over themselves in the hopes of making me their new poster child, a Muslim woman is someone they hope to get a lot of political mileage out of..yet.. the second I wasn’t on board with their agenda I was called the same names as any white male.. I became racist, xenophobic, even though I was a practicing Muslim I was called Islamophobic… I have even had left wingers who never practiced Islam a day in their life nor ever read the Quran that I was simply ignorant of Islam.. lol.. I thought that was just too funny personally. And I’m not alone, blacks who aren’t on board the leftist program are called uncle Tom’s, Latinos who are right wing are similarly accused.. for many minorities, their eyes get opened when they become they brunt of these accusations of racism and xenophobia or other demonizing terms, or when they see minorities become abused at the hands of leftists or thrown under the bus (so to speak) for a minority that might be able to take the agenda farther.. but these terms, they are just demonizing words, words intended to shut the ears of hearers and the mouths of opposing speakers. They are, in effect meaningless.. don’t let these words affect you, it’s not personal, it’s ideological.. the war we are in, is ideological..

    • imamazed

      well said sister, and God bless you for trying.

      • Christine Wright

        Thank you for the compliment, and God bless you and your family abundantly as well.

    • margaret jaeger

      Thank you for rationalism. You sound as sensible as any person who has learned to think for their self and I applaud your speaking out the truth.

      • Christine Wright

        Thank you for the compliment.

    • Dayenu

      I salute you, your life story has much to be admired and respected.

      yes, when Leftist talk about “diversity” they mean people of all races and creeds thinking the exact same way. When it comes to intellectual diversity, people of differing creeds might as well be…. infidels?

      • Christine Wright

        Very true, and such a perfect way to say it!

  • margaret jaeger

    It was made perfectly clear that Only ILLEGAL immigrants will experience the troubles of deportation yet opposition parties insisted it will be ALL immigrants. And there was never any threat to take away food stamps or medicaid support for those who are found to legitimately need those supports….and had naught to do with races but with real slackers. The rolls have been purged before by past administrative edicts and will be again. So those wishing to stir up a civil war in this country insist this is also racist. Both of these areas being purged are areas of opportunity…for the people involved to now step up and do what is lawfully required. But no….they’ve got to believe the liars who have incited them to riot as a show of indignation….false indignation at that because it was based on the lies of twisted rhetoric of the Dem. party.

  • Earl Baker

    Not all racism is overt Mr. Brown.

    When Trump demands the INNOCENT people of Mexico pay for OUR wall, to protect OUR interests, because OTHER people have broken our laws (of whom only 50% of them are actually of Mexican decent) Somehow I’m not supposed to see that as immoral and racist.

    Please tell me what the people IN Mexico did to make them liable. They have NOT broken our laws, they aren’t even from the same nationality of more than 50% of illegals. However, they are the same skin color so what the heck, RIGHT!

    I better not question though… I wouldn’t want the wall to get 10 feet higher.

    • rcur

      Yes. You are not to see that as immoral and racist. Mexico just might want a wall to keep their citizens home. Maybe with better trade and immigration practices economic opportunities might errupt and attract people to move from the US to Mexico. But I understand your point, Trump and his supports are overt haters because the migration of humans is only our interest.

      • Earl Baker

        Mexico has no reason to want a wall. Their current and past president have both vehemently told anyone willing to listen that they “will not pay for your stupid ####### wall”.

        I donno, sounds to me like they aren’t on board, and pretending they do makes you as delusional as your orange demigod.

        So are you going to support using the power that God has given our nation to make them pay when they aren’t willing; you know, using hostile trade practices to exact payment? You do realize that’s still theft right?

        How would you feel if your neighbor did that to you?

        You had better rethink what you approve of before Trump brings Gods hand down on us over thievery. If we hurt that nation unjustly, God WILL hear their cries.

        • rcur

          It is possible “sounds like to you” is different than reality. I, you, and the US can not make Mexico do anything. My neighbor can not make me do anything. I read your word “you had better”. What do you mean by that? If i don’t will you do some sort of revenge to me?

          • Earl Baker

            Ahh, but we can elect someone to represent us and right now that representative is DJT. He has promised to make Mexico pay (through hostile trade practices).

            Our representative is going to exact payment from innocent Mexicans on behalf of the guilty.

            You don’t have to worry about me, I’m no threat, but we DO have to worry about what’s being done on our behalf because God gives specific warnings about “entering the fields of the poor”.

          • rcur

            I understand your prediction and perception of what our representative will do. Thank you for telling me I don’t have to worry about you. But still, will you explain why you use the term “you better?”

          • Earl Baker

            I was thinking of this verse, its one of the reasons why I couldn’t vote for Trump

            Romans 14:22b
            …blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves.

            Also, I mentioned entering their fields, and that comes from this verse as well as some others.

            Proverbs 23:10-11
            Do not remove an ancient landmark or enter the fields of the fatherless, for their Redeemer is strong; He will plead their cause against you.

            Yes, some people have broken our laws, but if we exactpayment from the innocent then God himself will take up their cause against us.

          • rcur

            Paul is saying Christians do not have to tell everyone their opinions about such matters. But they should always obey their own conscience. To act against one’s conscience is a sin. That is because a Christian must always act in faith. In other words, a Christian must trust God completely.

            So you are saying Mexico is a child without a father and has nobody to protect it property. But God is like a father, God will protect the child, God will not allow to be stolen from.

            Earl, you are not God, the US is not God, Trump is not God.

          • Earl Baker

            3 problems there.

            First, it’s not saying that we shouldn’t state what the truth is. This is obvious because Paul says the brother who is “weak in the faith… eats only vegetables”. So its clear Paul says whos wrong and whos right in the sittuation. He isn’t shy about calling balls and strikes.

            Second, this provision of defering to someones conscience, was in the context of men going further than required because of their weakness of faith. This is made especially clear because Paul gives the warning “blessed is the man who doesn’t condemn himself by what he approves”. That means your conscience will sometimes approve of things that are wrong, you can STILL bring yourself under judgment, and you don’t get a free pass. This isn’t carte blanche.

            Third, that passage about the orphan that I used is paralleled all over the Old and New Testament and it uses different categories interchangeably; the widow, the orphan, the poor, etc.

            The idea is about paying close attention to peoples powerlessness. And the reason is that people aren’t usually tempted to steal from a 9ft tall bodybuilder with a gun. Its when the person is weak and vulnerable that we are tempted because they can’t stop us. God is telling you that HE will defend them. That just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

            Think about it, rich or poor, theft is theft. So why would God ever bother picking out the poor, and the powerless, and give specific warnings? He’s letting you know he won’t let you get away with it.

            The people (in Mexico) are innocent, and they are poor. Their water, roads, hospitals, schools, and economy is a mess… and DJT wants to take 25 billion of their dollars to build our wall.

            Furthermore, billions of our dollars corrupt their political system every year through illegal drug trade. The people of Mexico can’t compete with our dollars funding the drug cartels. Their system is broken and some of that is our fault.

            If anyone owes anyone, it isn’t the Mexican people

          • rcur

            I think I see your point now. Mexico is powerless. Mexicans are innocent and poor. Mexico is inferior (roads, economy, corruption, etc.). Mexicans doesn’t owe anyone anything. Did I understand your message correctly?

            If yes, the economy of Mexico is the 15th largest in the world in nominal terms and the 11th largest by purchasing power parity, according to the International Monetary Fund. Not exactly powerless and inferior. Mexico owe its citizen protection. Mexico want to build a wall on their southern boarders. It would make sense that they would want to build a wall on their northern boarder, and have us pay for it.

            Gather with people who believe the bible is true and call Christ their savior. It the best method to understand scripture. The more a person entertains impure thoughts the harder it is to accept the truth of the gospel.

          • Earl Baker

            You are conflating Mexicans as a collective with Mexicans as individuals.

            Lets say brake into your home and eat all your MM’s, (if do anything for chocolate) and I tell others about your stash of MM’s and some of them also come steal your MM’s…

            Question, do white people owe you? Can you take “whites” to court?

            What if 50% of those who stole were of Czechoslovakian decent (as I am) yet the rest were of any other kind? Does Czechoslovakia owe you, or do whites? What if the other half are from Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador?

            What’s the more legitimate connection, place of origin or akin color?

            Trump is leading this nation down the wrong road on this issue.

          • rcur

            Is that what I am doing? Well, I better go and fix it. Thanks for your feedback.

          • Earl Baker

            “You better” is just another way of saying “blessed is the one who…”

          • rcur

            I guess, thank you for blessing me then. I happen to think it is a form of intimidation but i understand your perspective that you are just giving me your blessing.

  • Hmmm…

    God can fix this smear attached almost automatically, but very operative right now, to Trump and anyone within miles of him. We do not have to labor under this liberal trashing, and it is dangerous at this point. We seriously need to petition the Father to protect and defend against the lies of the devil. We love people, but we must resist evil lest we appear to acknowledge it. A breakthrough on this is in order. He is able. We needn’t have not because we ask not.

  • Shaune Scott

    The failure to comprehend why anyone would vote outside his/her “community” (race/sex/nationality/ ethnicity) is an indication of limited scope and complete insularity. Such people do not have the intellectual depth to understand that I voted against Hillary Clinton, not because she is a woman, but because I did not like her politics. I did not vote for Barack Obama, not because he is biracial, but because I did not like his politics. In my voting lifetime, I have voted for whites, blacks, Hispanics, women, and men. Failure to understand people like me is why the MSM has lost all credibility.

  • Juan Lopez

    “Could it be that the problem is not with the racism and sexism of the right but rather with the racist and sexist projections of the left?”


    “Please Help Me Understand”

    Obviously impossible.

    “the best we can do is drop the race-baiting, gender-baiting rhetoric and treat each other with grace and respect in the midst of our serious differences.”

    Like conservatives did when Obama was President? They spent 8 years ranting about him being the Anti-Christ and then elected someone who is literally anti Christ.

    If you see complaining about racism and sexism as “baiting,” it is probably because you are a white male who has no idea what you are talking about.

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