How Does Growing Apostasy Prove That Christians are Getting Closer to the Truth?

The truth hasn’t changed. But some professing Christians have departed from it.

It is theologically ignorant to imagine that the Church worldwide will one day embrace homosexual practice.

By Michael Brown Published on June 19, 2017

There’s a bizarre argument which basically goes like this. “Look at how many churches are embracing homosexual practice. This proves we’re getting closer to the truth.” The logic behind this argument is as wrongheaded as it is unbiblical. All it really proves is that more and more churches are apostasizing. 

‘Many False Prophets Will Arise’

To argue that acceptance of homosexuality by churches is proof of spiritual growth is like arguing that acceptance of obesity by doctors is proof of medical progress. The reverse is actually true.

The Bible often warns us against compromise and apostasy, both moral and creedal. In every generation, there are heretics who depart from the faith. Should we celebrate every heretical doctrine and practice as proof of our spiritual maturity?

What is to be celebrated is not apostasy but faithfulness, not deception but steadfastness, not moral laxity but moral firmness.

Jesus warned His disciples, saying “See that no one leads you astray” (Matt. 24:4). He also said, “And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved” (Matt. 24:11-13).

What is to be celebrated is not apostasy but faithfulness. Not deception, but steadfastness. Not moral laxity, but moral firmness. The words of Jesus may have more specific application to certain times in history. But there is certainly an application to our day, in which “lawlessness” has greatly increased. 

4 Reasons Why the Church Will Never Embrace Homosexual Practice

Last month, the gay activist organization Faith in America announced its plans to ask the Southern Baptist Convention to remove homosexual practice “from the sin list.”

“Ultimately,” they said, “we at FIA believe LGBT people should be removed from the sin list. We know interpretations and new revelations come to light. We believe the Church will one day stop diminishing the lives of those who are LGBT and we strive to help this come to pass. We are optimistic people and see the glass 75% full!”

They are encouraged by what they have seen in recent years, as more and more churches in America and Europe drop homosexual practice “from the sin list.” Soon enough, they believe, the whole Church will follow suit. To paraphrase (in my words, not theirs!), “We’re encouraged by the increasing apostasy we see in the Church. We’re expectant that one day, the whole Church will be completely apostate.”

The facts are as follows.

First, as I’ve stated repeatedly:

No new textual, archeological, sociological, anthropological, or philological discoveries have been made in the last fifty years that would cause us to read any of these biblical texts differently. Put another way, it is not that we have gained some new insights into what the biblical text means based on the study of the Hebrew and Greek texts. Instead, people’s interaction with the LGBT community has caused them to understand the biblical text differently.

The truth hasn’t changed. Instead, some professing Christians have departed from God’s unchanging truth. This is because of personal relationships and cultural decline.

Second, most church groups that have removed homosexual practice from the sin list are in numerical and spiritual decline. In contrast, most church groups that are holding to biblical truth, especially overseas, are growing numerically and spiritually.

Third, the embrace of homosexual practice cannot be separated from the larger cultural embrace of the sexual revolution. This includes an increase in extra-marital sex, out of wedlock births, pornography, and divorce, along with all kinds of sexual perversions. That’s why the same society that celebrates same-sex “marriage” is increasingly celebrating polyamory, polygamy, and consensual adult incest. (I’ve documented this in many articles and several books. See, conveniently, the relevant chapters here.)

Wherever the Church is growing worldwide, it is growing with a conservative message and morality.

This points to spiritual and moral regress, not progress.

Fourth, the idea that the whole Church will one day embrace homosexual practice is as certain not to happen as the idea that the whole Church will one day deny Jesus. Forget about not holding your breath. Don’t even think about holding your breath.

Tragic Self-Deception

It’s certainly possible that in some locations, parts of the Church will fall away, and this will be marked by numerous spiritual compromises. But the notion that the whole Church will fall away is completely self-contradictory. If there is a true Church, it has been established by Jesus Himself. And it was He who said that He would build His church and that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18).

It is not only theologically ignorant to imagine that the Church worldwide will one day embrace homosexual practice. It is also missiologically ignorant. Wherever the Church is growing worldwide, it is growing with a conservative message and morality.

I truly believe that the leaders of groups like Faith in America mean well. They believe they are doing God’s work. That makes their self-deception all the more tragic.

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  • Wayne Cook

    Michael…we have a growing “Christian” population which is as arrogant as it is ignorant. That is as much of a problem as what you right analyze.

    Especially in the US, I’ve been unfortunate enough to meet hundreds of these ostrich type Bible thumpers…from Replacement Theology to New Age New Order liberals, the church is disintegrating with wrong doctrine. I have a friend on the North West coast who changed churches 5 times in the last 2 years for unBiblical teaching!

    I’m seeing growth in house churches and crumbling of mainline congregations. Interesting that there are mega bodies and tiny counterparts.

    • Kevin Quillen

      “Replacement Theology” Ephesians 2:14-16 Jesus through His death on the cross made the “jews” obsolete. He made “ONE” man from “two”. Jews and Gentiles. Replacement theology is correct.

      • mbabbitt

        That is on the spiritual level, Just as there is no male or female, yet when I look there definitely are males and females and Paul gives instructions to both as having different roles, yet both are equal in Christ. One in no longer in conflict with the other. We are one in Christ. See Romans 9-11 where Paul talks about 2 groups Israel (the nation) and Gentiles/Greeks, one is grafted on and in the end all Israel will be saved.

  • Patmos

    So they want the grace, but they don’t want the salvation. You cannot serve two masters.

    • Andy6M

      They want the grace, they want the salvation, but they think they get it without repentance and sanctification.

  • Dean Bruckner

    You can tell when a movement is false by its parasitical actions. What new positive thing did the LGBT movement and ethic produce?

    While you’re thinking that over, I’ll remind you that everything I’m aware of that the LGBT activists have done is to seize other people’s ideas, practices and organization make and twist them to their own purposes, and destroy those who disagree with these changes. For example:

    – the word gay
    – pronouns
    – the very concept of male and female
    – the idea of pride
    – parades
    – sex
    – marriage
    – family with children
    – church teaching on all of the above
    – civil rights laws and penalties

    What hospitals have gay activists founded? What homeless shelters have they started? What world relief organizations have they founded? What new service or new organization have they founded, all on their own, to benefit humanity? I’m coming up with a blank.

    Individual gays and lesbians may contribute greatly to the world, as individuals. I know some and respect them, and am glad they are in the world and the U.S. But why do gay movements and gay activists feel compelled to take over things other people have built? And once n control, why do they work to silence and destroy everyone who disagrees with them? That is not the mark of a healthy movement.

    Why doesn’t Faith in Action start their own religious group? That’s in the American ethic. Why do they feel compelled to change the Southern Baptist denomination?

    The answer seems obvious.

    • Dant e

      You can add the rainbow to that list as well.

    • Jim Walker

      “What hospitals have gay activists founded? What homeless shelters have they started? What world relief organizations have they founded? What new service or new organization have they founded, all on their own, to benefit humanity? I’m coming up with a blank.”
      Sorry Dean – you are giving them ideas to rebuke us a 100 years later…

      • Dean Bruckner


        • Jim Walker

          It means they will heed your suggestions to start building homeless shelters, hospitals etc just to get even, probably a 100 years later.

          • Dean Bruckner

            Heh. And pigs will fly too 🙂

            The problem is, they don’t naturally or usually have kids or grandkids or great grandkids, so they don’t pass down an ethic. And, like the Progressives that they usually are (and like John Maynard Keynes, who was both a Progressive and a homosexual), their lifestyle shows no evidence of caring one bit about the following generations, thinking only of how to take stuff from future generations to keep the party going now. That’s where Keynes’s “stimulus” deficit spending came from. Barack Obama was a clear example of this “steal from future generations to party now” mindset.

  • John Vallotton

    Michael, thank you for this clear word. We need to have preaching and teaching based on the word of God. For myself, I’m serving the Lord full time since 1962 and last year preaching about repentance in a church in Europe, after the service many people thanked me for this message, they told me: It’s been a long time since we heard such a message.

  • ARB

    “We know interpretations and new revelations come to light.”

    This alone shows their tremendous degree of theological ignorance, considering the Baptists they write to hold to Sola Scriptura, which *expressly denies* any sort of “new revelations.” If every wolf these days were just as unsubtle as to merely wear a wool hat and call its disguise good, they’d never have gotten this close to the flock in the first place.

  • Romans 1:21
    For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking and darkened in their foolish hearts.

  • Dant e

    It may come to a point in the future that it seems there are no true Christians left, however unlike Elijah, we know that God always has a remnant.

  • itsnotaboutme

    Michael, you’re exactly right when you say “people’s interaction with the LGBT community has caused them to understand the biblical text differently.”
    But don’t forget the tidal wave of media propaganda, from leftist news “reports” to comedies & dramas that portray homosexuals as kind & smart (while they portray Christians as stupid & nasty).

  • m-nj

    They have been more or less successful taking over the mainline churches (Methodists, Episcopals, many Lutherans, etc) b/c they are hierarchical… infuse the lies and rot into the upper levels and it works all the way down.

    They have been and will continue to be far less successful in denominations in which the power is vested in the elders/pastors in the local church, like Southern Baptists… a few congregations may be infected, but these can easily be isolated and cast out of fellowship.

    • Liz Litts

      I know –the church I attend is Diciples of Christ and they have embraced it. We have tried to leave, but it’s not God’s time yet–so we stay and try to communicate God’s truth to all who will listen. Someday we will be called but in the meantime we have to stay. Otherwise who will pray and stand for Truth.

  • Fishcicle

    So are all of you as against the eating of shellfish as against homosexual practice? Just curious.

    • Jim Walker

      You better consult your pastor to explain to you as this is a very old argument from people who doesn’t understand the bible.
      Alternatively go read about Mosiac law and the key word “Sanctified”.

    • ncsugrant

      Satisfy your curiosity at Acts 10:9-15

    • Kevin Quillen

      your ignorance is showing, or your deceit. There is a New Testament you know. Read it sometime.

    • Andy6M

      This is a tired trope that comes from not understanding the difference between the Sacrificial Law, the Civil Law, and the Moral Law.

    • m-nj

      i’m more of a lobster/soft shelled crab/shrimp man myself…

  • Gary

    REAL Christians will NEVER accept homosexuality as being moral or in any way legitimate. NEVER!!! So, if homosexuals are waiting until Christians accept them, they will be waiting eternally.

    • Dena

      We should love the person, but hate the sin. Jesus can set them free. My cousin was a lesbian then became a Christian. She left the gay lifestyle and is so happy now.

      • Gary

        I don’t believe God ever saves a homosexual.

        • BroFrank

          He already has, Gary. Please open your Bible to 1 Cor.9-11. “And such were some of you. . . .” Homosexuals are sinners, and Christ came into the world to save them. To deny this is to deny the power of the Cross.

          • Gary

            Just because God supposedly saved a homosexual once does not mean He has done it since then.

          • BroFrank

            Gary, the Bible is not “supposedly” telling the truth. I suggest you reconsider your position. Let God be true . . .

          • Gary

            We don’t know the circumstances behind the person, or persons referred to in 1 Corinthians. My experience has been that God does not save homosexuals today.

          • Andy6M

            I will simply say that I am very relieved that God’s forgiveness is not up to “your experience”, nor mine for that matter. I’m with BroFrank – I’ll rely on the Scripture to determine what God says he’ll forgive.

          • Gary

            God can save whoever he wants to save. And it looks like he isn’t very interested in saving homosexuals, or their supporters.

          • m-nj

            Gary, i am usually tracking with you 100%… but this has come up before. Not to heap on, but i agree with the other posters here… it is neither a Biblically supported fact, nor consistent with the character of God, that He would not save people with a certain sin problem… in this case, homosexuality.

            I assume you believe “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God[b] may be complete, equipped for every good work (2 Tim 3:16,17). We are also warned to no go beyond what is written, and to not add to nor take away from the Word of God. There is nothing in the context of 1 Cor 9 scripture quoted above that indicates this ONLY applied to those specific believers in Corinth. Therefore we can know that God has saved, and is still saving, homosexuals.

            Brother, if your attitude is based on some past bad interaction, or heaven forbid, abuse, at the hands of a homosexual, i pray that God would give you healing and freedom from it.

          • Gary

            No, I have not been abused by a homosexual. I have had several bad interactions with them. I have not seen ANY evidence in my lifetime, and I am 65, that homosexuals, or their supporters, ever repent. As I said, God can save whoever he wants, but I see no evidence that God has any interest in saving sodomites, or their supporters, and that is a lot of people

          • Liz Litts

            So wrong Gary–Jesus went to the cross and died for Every sin that every one ever commited and will commit. As for not saving homosexuals today—you are sadly out of touch.

          • Andy6M

            Gary, honest question… If someone has homosexual attractions, but strives to remain Biblically obedient in how they live their life (say through abstinence) are they also outside your understanding of who can be forgiven and called a Christian?

          • Gary


          • Liz Litts

            My sister was saved from this lifestyle. She is living proof that God can save to the uttermost.

  • It is easy for Michael Brown to say that the Church will never embrace homosexual marriage, if he holds that churches which do embrace it are no longer churches but apostate communities. Thus the empirical observation that many churches are indeed in the process of accepting homosexual marriage vanishes because it shifts into a purely logical and terminological point, and the assertion that the Church will never embrace homosexual marriage becomes a logical tautology.

    To avoid this silly logical zero-sum game the real question to be asked here is: Which Church or churches does the author have in mind? If the question is about empirical church communities and denominations, it is only terribly clear what devastating developments we are facing in these days. And the most important of these developments is undoubtedly that the largest Christian community on earth, the Roman Catholic Church, has completely fallen into the hands of modernist clergy and hierarchy, and is on the verge of accepting the LGBTQ agenda through the agency of Pope Francis and his minions.

    Should this traditional bastion indeed fall, then relentless persecution will be the fate of the remaining faithful Christians in the West. The Vatican hierarchy will make a U-turn and actively support and assist the gay fascists in order to destroy the tiny remainders of true Christianity. That’s the horror scenario ready to unfold when homosexuality is accepted by the empirical Church.

    According to Christ’s promise there will be a faithful remnant until the end. But this doesn’t take away the possibility that all organized bodies of Christianity will either be destroyed or commit apostasy.

  • Jim Walker

    Any establishment of worship that embraces and promotes homosexuality/LGBTQ and says its normal is not a Church of Christ.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Westerners need to differenciate the following three: 1) Skin colors 2) Genuine mental or physical disability 3) Willful sins such as homosexuality and transgenderism. #1 and #2 are altogether different from #3.

  • I like how you don’t mince your words, yet it isn’t said in a vindictive or provocative way. (Not that it would stop liberals from taking offense of course!) This is clear, concise, honest and Biblical. I am stunned at how many “Christians” I know who are in support of homosexuality – and this is a slippery slope because now they’re okay with abortion too, what’s next..? A loss of morality and common sense on one point leads to the loss of all morality eventually. They are fooling themselves – but this article says that so much better than I could.

    • Gary

      Real, legitimate Christians don’t support homosexuality. Those who claim to be Christians and support homosexuality are not real Christians.

      • Of course, Gary. And the next time you encounter any of them, demand that they surrender their “Christian” cards.

        • Gary

          I wish I had the ability to stop pagans from calling themselves Christians.

          • Have you tried asking nicely?

          • Andy6M

            ^ That was worth a giggle Chuck!

      • Yes, absolutely. Apologies for not making that clearer. People who call themselves Christians and support/agree with homosexuality are apostates and do not follow the Bible’s teachings (to put it bluntly). They need to be corrected with love, mercy and patience.

      • Nunyadambizness

        Love the sinner, hate the sin, right? Here’s my position, Biblically speaking–We can and should support persons that are homosexual, and are genuinely trying to get their life right through Christ and the Holy Spirit. In the same way we would love and support someone going through drug addiction or pornography (not that they’re the same thing). WE are ALL sinners, we are ALL struggling with sin in some form or another, and just because some of us find a particular sin revolting does not make OUR sin any less sinful or more pleasing to God.

        • Gary

          You would have to find a homosexual who was genuinely trying to get right with God. But I don’t believe such a creature exists.

  • As if “The Church” was some kind of singular, monolithic thing. It’s not. Churches vary widely in their doctrines and approaches to social issues.

    • Andy6M

      While there certainly are lots of differences among churches and denominations, there are a set of non-negotiables that define the faith and define the church. Departure from those things delineates churches as within the fold or apostate. So yes, not monolithic in every sense, but no, not as free wheeling as a reading between the lines of your comment might like to suggest.

      • If you think that a church that welcomes Gay couples and has wedding ceremonies for them is not authentically “Christian,” that’s okay. The people in the pews don’t really care. In the meantime, any Gay Christian who wishes to find a welcoming and supportive congregation, of almost any denomination, can do by going to gaychurch(dot)org.

        • Gary

          There is no such thing as a “gay Christian”. And no such thing as a real Christian who supports homosexuals.

          • That’s fine, Gary. Live your life. What you think doesn’t affect the churches in question.

          • m-nj

            And likewise Chuck… you can call yourself a “black lesbian woman”, but based on your profile pic you are a white male … what you call yourself doesn’t change who you really are. the same applies to these churches… they can claim to be christian, but by holding to ideas that are antithetical to the clear teaching of Scripture, they prove they are are NOT christian, but are apostate.

          • Even if they are “apostate,” as you claim, they have the same First Amendment freedom of religion to practice their beliefs as they see fit.

          • Andy6M

            Of course they do – but the Lord isn’t so concerned with a man made constitution, and He’s the one who has outlined for us what a church that is faithful to Him consists of. It is to that, that all churches that identify as Christians are responsible too.

          • m-nj

            nothing in the original article nor any of the comments raised the issue of freedom of religion. the gay-affirming churches can do whatever they want.

            the issue is that they are not abiding by God’s Word, and will thereby reap the consequences… either in the here and now (e.g., decline in membership as true christians leave for Bible-believing and Bible-obeying churches) or in the hereafter (e.g., Romans 1:32 – “Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” and Matthew 18:6 – “[W]hoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”).

        • Andy6M

          Welcoming gay couples is not the issue. Everyone is welcome to the church. Endorsing/condoning homosexual practice (such as weddings which would imply sexual intimacy) is an issue. I realize that the prevailing thought for many is that you can’t say you love and accept homosexuals without also accepting the lifestyle. But as you say, that’s okay. The people in our pews don’t really care. In the meantime, any gay Christian who wishes to find a welcoming and supportive congregational experience alongside other sinners that are striving towards sanctification can certainly do so in many places.

    • davidrev17

      The “church” is described in the Bible as a “spiritual” living organism, comprised of the true “children of God,” throughout planet earth – not those multifarious buildings with innumerable religious names/titles attached. Pssssst: It’s a supernatural “God-thing,” Chuck! And there’s lots of room for you too, my friend!

      ▪ ▪ ▪

      “For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ.For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free—and have all been made to drink into one Spirit.For in fact the body is not one member but many.” (1 Corinthians 12:12-14)

      “Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” (Ephesians 2:19-22)

      “And He [God the Father] put all things under His [God the Son’s] feet, and gave Him [the Son] to be head over all things to the church, which is His [the Lord Yeshua/Jesus’] body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all” (Ephesians 1:22-23).

      “…but if I am delayed, I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” (1 Timothy 3:15)

  • TimmyTucker

    It’s bizarre how fixated religion is on what people do with their genitals. If there is a god she’s got to be baffled by the idiocy that takes place on this planet.

    • TomD

      The problem is, what people do with their genitals often determines what they do with their words, with their money, and with a whole lot of other things. For example, I know of someone who in family counselling was told he should get a mistress (because of his wife’s sexual dysfunction). His reply was a good one: “Tell me, how many lies do I have to tell to get a mistress?”

      The Church is FAR more concerned about lies (and the father of lies) than it is about sex. The unfortunate thing is the two often go together.

      • Telling a Gay man that everything will be hunky dory if he just gets married to a woman, as “God intended”? THAT would be a lie.

        • Andy6M

          Maybe, but a gay man maintaining a lifestyle of abstinence as an act of self denial in obedience to God would be a man well rewarded in eternity.

        • TomD

          No Christian in their right mind would tell anyone that getting married would make ‘everything hunky-dory’. In fact, the words of the marital promise strongly imply otherwise: “for better OR WORSE, for richer OR POORER, IN SICKNESS or in health”.

          On the other hand, a homosexual man marrying a homosexual woman, with both people fully aware of their same sex attractions, and being fully committed to a life together of prayer and fidelity to the Church, just might have the holiest of marriages. Things might not be all ‘hunky-dory’ for them, but they might be ‘hunky-dory’ with God, which is what matters.

      • TimmyTucker

        There’s nothing about a homosexual relationship that implies lying or being unfaithful. There are no more or less issues than there are with “normal” relationships. Why should he have to lie to anyone? There are plenty of people who have open relationships that are honest and up front about what they want and need. Clearly there’s a problem in their relationship or they wouldn’t be in for counseling. Monogamy is one way to live. I’m glad it works for some people. But it’s NOT the only way and certainly not a natural way of living.

        • TomD

          “Why should he have to lie to anyone?” Because that is what many people do, and even expect. Remember the Bill Clinton perjury defense most people made: “Everyone lies about sex”? Can’t have it both ways.

          “Clearly there’s a problem in their relationship or they wouldn’t be in for counseling.” My recollection is it was family counselling, so we should not expect that the counselling began with the parents. Your post just goes to prove how everything is assumed to be sexualized, even family counselling. Shame on us.

          • TimmyTucker

            Yeah, I totally should have figured that out from you describing an event where sexual dysfunction was the issue you brought up. That’s totally a family issue. For sure shame on me… unreal.

          • TomD

            Snideness aside, yes you should have at least had some doubts about your position. Frankly it is your sure views on sex that is unreal.

        • M McKinley

          According to…?

    • Gary

      There is a God. He is not a she. And He has a rule that prohibits sex outside of heterosexual marriage.

      • Fascinating, a “god” that exists beyond the confines of time and space. Oh, and it’s a MAN, by the way.

        • ncsugrant

          You seem to spend quite a bit or your time and energy on something you claim does not exist.
          That is what is fascinating.

        • Gary

          Yes. You understand!

      • TimmyTucker

        That god being a female part really rubs you the wrong way huh? But you’ve got a book right? I’m sure it’s correct.

        • Gary

          It does not matter to me what you think of God. But it should matter to you.

        • M McKinley

          To insult someone, they must first care what you think of them. I’m sure no one here does.

    • Andy6M

      Your comment seeks to deny the importance of sexual intimacy by making it sound as if that intimacy is only a physical thing. But it is much more than that – it is a physical, emotional/relational, and spiritual thing that impacts not only themselves, but the person they are intimate with on those levels as well. That is why “religion” takes it seriously.

    • Mo86

      @ TimmyTucker

      Be gone, troll.

    • M McKinley

      The church didn’t have much to say about “what people do with their genitals” until those people wanted the church to approve of everything they did with their genitals.

  • Otho Cooley

    4 For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; 5 and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah, one of eight people, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood on the world of the ungodly; 6 and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly; 7 and delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed by the filthy conduct of the wicked 8 (for that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds)— 9 then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, (II Peter 2:4-9)

    The reality that the Word of God speaks very plainly about the godly and the ungodly and God’s concern for the human race is clear. The scriptures are either true or false, accurate or inaccurate or foolishness or fact. Many generations have tried to ignore or blaspheme the truth of scripture. Those of the past are gone while the Word of God stands firmly. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word endures forever. His love with yet cover a multitude of sins to all who will yield to the Holy Spirit and repent of sin.

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