Germans, Others are Frustrating Munich Attackers on Twitter by Posting Cat Pictures

We've all heard about cat pictures on social media. Now they are being used to combat terrorism!

By Alan Eason Published on July 22, 2016

We have all heard about cat pictures on the Internet. But as a weapon against terrorism?

Germany is currently enduring its second suspected terror attack in a week, and our prayers are with the people of Munich.

With the incident unfolding and as many as three armed suspects believed to be on the loose, German authorities asked residents to NOT post any pictures of police activity on social media or any speculation that could aid the killers and compromise police efforts to safely bring them to justice.

So what did the Germans do? They started a new trend (or, rather they reused an old trend).

They started filling Twitter with cat pictures.

Rough translation: “It was once again stressed not to post any pictures. Ok, here come the cats again!”

Rough translation: “After Brussels’ example. Tweet cats instead of police pictures. “Fool the attackers!” Who will follow us?”

Note: if you want to follow this trend, at least for the present, you need to search for the German hashtags for Munich, not the English ones.  #Munich does not show much. But  or #Muenchen will help you. To get even more specific, throw the word “cats” into the search.

Our prayers are with you, Munich!

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