I’m Not Playing the New Game of ‘Deny Trump to Prove Your Love for Jesus’

We don’t have to prove our morality by giving our “Amen” to the left’s latest cause.

Demonstrators hold placards and march to protest U.S President Donald J. Trump and his immigration policy concerning Muslims and Immigrants from Latin America on June 30, 2018

By Michael Brown Published on July 3, 2018

We hear this on a daily, if not hourly basis. Evangelicals have hurt their witness by voting for Trump. Evangelicals have lost their credibility by supporting Trump. Evangelicals can no longer be taken seriously because they’re in bed with Trump. And on and on it goes.

It doesn’t matter who he appoints to the Supreme Court. It doesn’t matter if he improves the economy. Or strengthens the military. Or helps stabilize the Middle East.

Not at all. Trump is a heartless, misogynistic, immoral, narcissistic, xenophobic monster, and whoever voted for him (or continues to support him) is not worthy of the name “Christian.”

This has almost become the new orthodoxy: Prove your allegiance to Jesus by denouncing Trump. Failure to denounce him is proof positive that you have compromised your witness.

Sorry, but I’m not playing this game. In fact, I refuse the premise of this game.

They Wouldn’t Accept Us Anyway

First, the very ones driving this narrative are the ones who didn’t take our faith seriously before. They branded us bigots and homophobes. They criticized us as Bible-bashers and rightwing extremists. And they’re the ones now saying, “We would take you more seriously if you denounced Trump.”

I don’t think so. They didn’t take us seriously before. Why should they suddenly say, “Now that you’ve put a distance between yourselves and that crazy man in the White House, we’d love to hear your views on abortion and homosexuality. Yes, please tell us why abortion is murder and why same-sex marriage is illegitimate in God’s sight. You have so much to offer us.”

Not quite!

There are plenty of evangelicals and conservatives who didn’t vote for Trump (some were Never Trumpers), yet they still get hated and ridiculed by the left for their conservative views.

This reminds me of some criticism I got for our video “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” A lot of hateful viewers vilified me as an “old man” (and much worse, of course). This prompted me to ask, “So, if I was a cool-looking young guy, would you like what I had to say?” I think not.

It’s the position we take that primarily brings us rejection, not our age or appearance.

Second, there are plenty of evangelicals and conservatives who didn’t vote for Trump (some were Never Trumpers), yet they still get hated and ridiculed by the left for their conservative views. Did journalists like Ben Shapiro and David French earn the respect of the liberal world by not voting for Trump? Have they become less hated? Are liberal campuses opening their doors saying, “Please speak to us, now that you’ve proved your credibility by not voting for Trump”?

It Doesn’t Matter if We Voted With Reservations 

Third, many of us who did vote for Trump said from the start that we had grave concerns about his character. That we thought he could be very divisive. That some of his rhetoric could be dangerous. And plenty of us have expressed our disagreement with the president since he was elected.

How, then, does our vote for him impinge on our faith?

I’ve said repeatedly that Donald Trump didn’t die for my sins and that he’s not my savior. And I will not sell my soul in support of him.

But you better believe I’d vote for him against Hillary Clinton any day of the week. I’d far rather have him picking Supreme Court nominees than Hillary. Or standing against LGBT extremism. Or protecting our religious freedoms. Or standing with Israel. Or facing down Iran.

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Please tell me, then, how a vote (with hesitation) for a man who would stand for the life of the unborn, resist LGBT activism in our schools, push back against the assault on our liberties, challenge radical Islam and support Israel is somehow a compromise of my faith.

Yes, when I was a Cruz supporter and opposed to Trump, I was personally sick of the line, “We’re not voting for a pastor. We’re voting for a Commander-in-Chief.”

Yet it’s true. That’s who we voted for, with the hopes of him getting certain things done. Some of us loved him from the start and others held their noses as they voted. But to make this a test of our faith is nonsense.

Don’t Dance to the Media’s Tune

Fourth, the media is framing the narrative and deciding when outrage is called for. “If you don’t speak out against the separation of children at the borders you’re a hypocrite!”

Frankly, I don’t know anyone who likes this, whether the policy goes back to George W. Bush or Barack Obama, or whether Trump is the main cause of it. Of course we want better solutions. But why are we required to join some leftwing, Trump-hating rally to prove we’re not evil people?

The fact is, an incredible amount of social good is done every day by evangelicals around the country, from feeding the poor to housing the homeless, from fighting human trafficking to adopting rejected children, from helping addicts get free to sponsoring refugees. (This is just the tip of a giant iceberg of evangelical good works.)

We don’t have to prove our morality by giving our “Amen” to the left’s latest cause. (And to repeat: I don’t know anyone who was pleased with kids being separated from their parents, and many of my colleagues raised their voices too. But we don’t have to dance to the media’s tune.)

Of course, there are evangelicals who seem to idolize Trump, who will never differ with him, let alone criticize him, who seem to have double standards when it comes to this president. I concur with those who believe that those types of actions can hurt our witness and make us seem hypocritical.

But to make the denouncing of Trump a litmus test of Christian orthodoxy is utterly ridiculous. I urge my colleagues and friends not to be lured into this game.

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  • Chip Crawford

    The glaring aspect of this, including here, are Christians falling for the MSM, liberal left mantra. They are being picked off like a stray by the enemy of our souls. The answer is not to go over to the other side, but to tighten up one’s connection to the Lord and bishop of our souls and allow him to guard and lead our lives. It is very unsafe to be marginal these days, certainly trying to go it alone. It matters to feed more on the truth and what is right than what is not. Too many are there as well. We all need to double UP with God instead of doubling down with this confused world.

    • billy b

      ^^^^ This !

  • Earl Baker

    I get that this is a tactic of theirs, and when I criticise Trump its not to win their approval, much in the same way that I refuse to applaud him to win yours. Trumps character is what it is irrespective of what you or they want me to say about the man.

    We can and SHOULD pick a better man to represent us and our values. End of story.

    • Chip Crawford

      I’ve picked the man Jesus Christ to represent me and have taken HIS values. If you are with Christians who look to a president the way Israel looked to a king, then God is not pleased with you in that either, and your story won’t end as well as he desires.

      • William Powell

        His name is Herod not Harod. Thanks. God bless. 🙂

        • Chip Crawford

          Check. God bless you.

    • Gina Lynn

      The Lord “deposes kings and raises others up”.
      Rest assured, Trump was placed in power by the Lord and will remain in power until His purposes are fulfilled.
      I most definitely will be voting for him again and thanking God every day for his leadership.
      God Bless.

      • Chip Crawford

        Yes, this very flawed man has actually provided more leadership in his short time than decades of others.

        • Earl Baker

          Yeah, because Bush wasnt a good president right?

          Give me a break.

          • Chip Crawford

            I prefer not to be led into a ditch, thank you. Well meaning is not any better than “close.”

          • Jim Walker

            The 2 bushes thrive on making wars because they are beholden to their puppet masters.
            I’m OK with Bill Clinton’s tenure, but Barack’s only agenda was to legalize SSM.

      • Earl Baker

        Your taking the wrong lesson away from that verse. That list of kings includes Pharoah, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Nero, Caligula, Herod, and Pontius Pilot. Just because God puts someone in authority doesnt make them good.

        Is Trump better than a turd sandwich… Maybe so, but it still doesnt make him good.

        • Gina Lynn

          Nowhere did I say it made him good or bad. I simply said the Lord raised him up. Further, just because you see him as bad, doesn’t mean everybody else does or has to.

          • Earl Baker

            I’m not the side demanding allegiance, your side is. Also you did say he was good.

            “I most definitely will be voting for him again and thanking God every day for his leadership”

            Ratger than looking forward to your vote you should be asking God to raise up someone better, people to represent you rather than a casino/strip-club owner. Unless of course a pornstar dating, adulterous, strip club/casino owner does represent you… If that’s the case I feel sorry for you.

          • Gina Lynn

            I dont see anyone demanding “allegiance”. All I see is a deranged left hell bent on finding any reason they can to remove him from office.
            Also, I and millions like me feel hes doing amazing things for our country, so yes, I will be voting for him again. I refrained from making any judgements on his moral character, so again, from that standpoint, I never said he was good or bad. I think he truly loves this country and her people and is basing his decisions on those two very important points and that IS a good thing.
            As for calling into question his moral character, the same can be done for all past presidents, including Obama, as it relates to his drug use and homosexual lifestyle. Was that a representation of you?
            Trump won the election. Time to move on with your life.

          • Earl Baker

            LOL @ “move on with your life”
            I’m not the one rehashing the last election. Yes, “But Hillary!” I remeber folks. Trump was still a bad choice. Cruz was 100% stronger in every aspect.

            I see a ton of NUTSO media bent on destroying trump and will believe anything. I get it.

            I also see a bunch of NUTSO Trump voters (even in this very thread) who believe any crazy conspiracy to defend him and to prop him up.

            The NUTSO MAGA crowd and the NUTSO’s at Democrats deserve eachother. We shouldnt be fighting crazy with more crazy. How about a reasonable man like Ted Cruz?

            Oh wait, lets write off Cruz because hes bought out by that dirty Jew money from Goldman Sachs, and his dad helped kill JFK too. (Sarcasm)

          • Gina Lynn

            Hi Earl…I actually wrote a lengthy reply to this several hours ago, but for some reason it never posted or at the very least, I cant see it. :/ Ill wait for awhile and see if it turns up, otherwise I will try to rewrite it. Hope your evening is going well!!!

        • Margaret Jaeger

          No but comparing Trump to hill booby and Bill booby, and O’Bama does. Even comparing Trump to G. Bush does…make him ‘gooder’ than….

        • Jim Walker

          I always say, you can’t be a Christian if you endorses the DNC agenda.
          Everything they represent is to make this world the playground of the devil.

    • Margaret Jaeger

      Yet, haven’t they ALL been..flawed..? This President of these times and years is the first I remember being judged by his past moral life…and the first who has had his past made public before and after becoming POTUS. The glaring flaws of others were mostly kept hidden from the public by msm and their own press secretaries out of a real respect for our country and the office of POTUS. Their truly scandalous behaviors generally were revealed after their deaths. But,,as the point of this article makes clear, President Trump may be our ..saver.. but will never be our savior,,nor will any other be the saver of our souls. And like it or not, I believe most of us were voting for President Trump to be the astute business man this country desperately needed and not our Christian leader. That job is already taken by Yeshua. Yes, they are a separate office and she who occupies our soul told us how to prove our love for God and Jesus. I believe not onlynare we to,pray for our leaders but we are to put in office who will truly do what’s best for our country and its people.

      • Chip Crawford

        Some of these “less offensive” recent ones in particular have actually put our nation on very unsound ground on several levels and against the will of God and cause of Christ.

      • Gina Lynn

        “she” who occupies our soul?
        Sorry – confused.

        • Margaret Jaeger

          I didn’t write it intentionally, I didn’t even know it printed as she. I will correct it now as I don’t believe God is a she at all…. thanks for calling it to my attention.

          • Gina Lynn

            No worries Margaret! 🙂 I was just trying to understand what you were saying. I didnt think you were making reference to God being a she, I just wasnt sure if you were Catholic and it had something to do with Mary or what – like I said, I was just trying to understand the point you were making! Otherwise I agree with everything you said! 🙂

      • Earl Baker

        Every President has had their past scrutinized. This is par for the course. George W apologized and explained his alcohol abuse. Bill Clinton was afraid to admit he smoked pot and lied abour it, remeber the line “I smoked but didnt inhale” ?

        Trump is a sleeze, he was a sleeze, and will probably stay a sleeze. The only redeeming thing about him is he knows how to placate the right.

        I’d rather have a more intelligent and principled man.

        • Chip Crawford

          God works with whom he has available, all flawed; that’s the only kind he has. At which point you decide to get out of the stands and in the game, he could even use you.

    • ncsugrant

      I agree. We “should” pick a better person to represent us.
      However, in November 2016, we had a choice between two people. For thinking people of faith, there really was no choice.

      • Earl Baker

        So thinking christians couldnt have done otherwise?

        • Rick

          Sure, we could be getting rounded up to be sent to “re-education camps” right now, under Hillary Von-Pantsuit. I think she meant it, that our views and faith “have to change.”

          • Paul

            And lets not forget she believed half of voting America was a basket of deplorables.

        • Greg B

          I voted for Castle in 2016.

    • Patmos

      “We can and SHOULD pick a better man to represent us and our values. End of story.”

      You clearly have no idea what the story is. Trump is up against a host of traitors who have their sights set on world government rather than the American people who they are supposed to represent, and that’s not even counting the outside forces who want to do away with everything this country represents.

  • KC

    Anytime we follow a man or woman rather than Jesus we are headed for a fall. That being said God can and will use people to do His business. Even people we can’t stand.

  • Sandi Kyle

    Great article Michael. I am a Canadian and it never ceases to amaze me how personally connected Americans are to their political views and candidates. It’s as though the political stand that an American supports also becomes the essence of who they are. No doubt that the painfully long and arduous 2 year process before the next election doesn’t help. I was exhausted after watching your primaries and election last time, so I can’t imagine what it does to you all. If I were an American, I too would have held my nose and voted for Trump. Better him who is standing for children, religious freedoms, Isreal etc., than Hillary Clinton. I was afraid for your nation in that election…afraid for Canada as well. Trump is pretty “out there,” but there is something in my spirit that still says that he’s the right man for the job, and that it takes a certain kind of crazy to turn you guys around from the direction you were heading (that Canada is also heading). So much could be said, but I’ll stop here. Take heart and keep praying, neighbours to the South, it’s the Lord who seats kings on their thrones, and we’re all in this together.

    • Chip Crawford

      Wow, thank you!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Wait ! Is the MSM now getting “religion “ ..?! When did they have that “come to Jesus “ moment ..?
    Hey, these guys are not even those proverbial wolves in sheeps clothing.
    They’re more like that serpent in the garden . You know promoting deceit in such a way as to deceive even those who should know better.
    They promote enlightenment but they themselves stumble in the darkness of their seared conscience.
    Trump has displayed more “moral character “as president than these antagonist’s are capable of understanding ….

    • ncsugrant

      If the leftists can “fundamentally transform” the church, some of them will support it. The “old” church that reveres the Holy Bible and the teachings on the sanctity of life and that sex is a gift from God to be practiced within marriage (real marriage), that one is still not so popular with these guys.

    • Patmos

      Correcting the left and their sudden interest in the Bible is like shooting fish in a barrel.

      And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God.

  • Hmmm…

    You know, Jesus did not teach diversity and inclusion. Even some leaders don’t get that. He taught repentance and the kingdom of God. He taught separation from the world, not everybody amalgamated in one mass. There’s loving enemies, yikes, much that goes crosswise with the world. But he’s not calling us to be all things to all men. You know, when a political party clamors about morals and values while refusing to help at all because that would give credit to their target, uh, maybe they are just political and their words are not to be trusted. GOD is right and he’s also smarter than we are. You know there’s a way that seems right, but it leads to death. We have the opportunity to walk that narrow path that leads to life, but we have to find it. Whenever you find yourself thinking some things the world is saying sound right to you, maybe ask yourself if you’ve asked God about it, sought counsel in his word and those who have a record of living in wisdom’s ways. More and more, we are going to have to be pretty sharp with the Holy Spirit. As for me, I do not want to follow the voice of a stranger. Jesus is my lord,

    • Chip Crawford

      Someone I respect said to not ever let the world tell you what Christians should do or believe or what the bible says. It’s like asking a blind hog on its way to the trough anything. First, they don’t know and second, they don’t care about you. Maybe the hog, but definitely the world: third, they want to make use of you in their agenda.

  • As usual, Mike: Well written! Well said! Thank you for your witness.

  • guy

    The author raises a number of strawmen it this piece. First , the left does not say they are testing Christianity based on our denouncement of Trump. That is a gross exaggeration of the narrative. It really isn’t about proving it on the left’s terms. It is about declaring a standard for the glory of the Lord. Anyone who says what the author does is saying, I will not uphold a righteous standard if the left reminds me to, is placing the left at the helm. The Lord uses the unrighteousness of the world to remind us of the call to be holy.

    It seems that his assertion focuses more on the left as the judge and completely ignores those who have the moral authority granted by the Lord, (other believers and leaders in the faith). We are the ones calling those who would use an uneven measure in supporting Trump while holding others involved in the GOP to account for lesser failings. The never Trump group and Christians who opposed Trump are not the left. They actually matter most, but he acts as if it is only the left. I’d say, wrong audience. He is correct in one thing, the left will not accept conservatives anymore than conservatives will accept the left.

    • NorrinRadd

      I’ve seen plenty of online anti-Trumper leftist infidels who DO like to wave the hypocrite hammer at us.

      • guy

        I agree, yet they are not the only ones. What of Christian conservatives who point to the truth? The author does not address them. It seems he only has concerns for liberals /leftist s.

        • Chip Crawford

          What are you calling “truth” being pointed to?

          • guy

            The truth I refer to is the Word of God , the holy scriptures, the Biblem

          • Chip Crawford

            What exactly are Christians doing that we believe is wrong? We all need to grow, but not if what others think we should do is not what God’s word actually teaches. Many think Socialism agrees with Christian giving, just letting everyone in the border no questions asked. Most of the slams about that are biblically erroneous and dishonest. Those promoting giving away the ranch are not invested themselves. The average Christian gives proportionally far ahead of these accusers. So, to what do you refer in particular?

          • guy

            I’d start with the America First ideology. There are a number of issues packed into that. Giving the farm away is not what most are endorsing, neither is socialism. Those are from along the fringes. I’d never support that nor America first.

          • Chip Crawford

            Can’t agree with you there. That represents the essence of the course correction, to get our country back. An answer – not a problem – for many Americans watching their former President dissing us on his overseas apology tour etc.

          • guy

            Understood. However, it would not be me that you’d be at odds with, but the Word of God. All are made in His image and loved by Him, even the non-American. America first just doesn’t live up with that.

          • Chip Crawford

            Relax. Take a deep breath. America First represents a much needed course correction. Get real. Gutted military, on and on. However, all along, the United States takes a back seat in giving to no one. Poor people on welfare in the U.S. live better than many regular people in many nations. The issue you should be concerned about is that we are increasingly not putting God first. That has also come up thanks to Mr. Trump’s association with men of God who showed him the mercy of God and gained his respect. He has struck many blows for religious freedom, respect for God, pro-life. I think you are missing much with your very small view. Religious freedom and prosperity help Christians continue to spread the Gospel abroad, to go and send. Why is it you do not note and express thankfulness for the sea change President Trump has begun for the Body of Christ. It insults the work of God in our midst and answers to our prayers.

          • guy

            Completely relaxed. Every leader in our history has done some to help and some to hurt I’ll acknowledge both. Trump has far from renewed the kingdom though. There is much correction to come. I’ll come down when he does well and when he doesn’t I’ll speak up there. Social media will never provide the bandwidth needed to convey comprehensively where we each stand, so your assume too much. America first actually represents a small world view. I’d say looking at it through the Lord’s eyes provides a much expanded perspective. Once again, I am keeping Him central, not His agent.

          • Chip Crawford

            God bless, but seeing negatives is not sharper vision — it’s a critical spirit. Don’t strain your arm patting yourself on the back. Being unthankful and failing to acknowledge the Lord working in our midst isn’t so hot either. Your holding out for all things well according to you is kind of a chuckle. Bless your heart. Keep in mind God uses flawed vessels, the only kind he has. But God has mercy and is working with all of us.

          • guy

            God bless you too. Not patting myself. Once again, you assume more than you ought. I’ve done this with every President. If you can say you have not been critical of Presidents , you might have grounds for pointing out my criticism as a negative posture. We are called to be discerning. I’ve expressed thankfulness as we as criticism.

          • Chip Crawford

            Well, good.

          • Gina Lynn

            Wish I could “love” this response. Bravo Chip!

          • Chip Crawford

            Thank you Gina

          • Gina Lynn

            I see my response is out of order here a bit..i was referring to the post that begins with “seeing negatives” just so you’re aware. lol I too believe that what we are witnessing is absolutely the Lord working in our midst. Do I “adore” Trump and believe he is our savior? Absolutely not. Quite frankly, I believe he is only a respite due to the overwhelming number of Christians who fell on their faces before God during election season and prayed for this Nation. I know I sure did. But as I said in another message, I have been a student of prophecy for a very long time. I know whats coming, and its not some perfect world with Trump at the helm. God in his infinite mercy, has granted a little more time for the unsaved, and a breather for Christians….but a down fall IS coming…and nobody should doubt that for one moment.
            Please, if anyone out there doesnt know the Lord or the Good News, please wait no longer! Time is so very short!!!
            God Bless you and yours Chip! Thanks for letting me ramble! Haha. 🙂

          • Linda Choquette

            I appreciate your thoughts. It’s unfortunate that if you continue to express them here, The Stream will remove them and block you. Other commenters with constructive criticisms and questions have been silenced here before too long.

          • Chip Crawford

            Linda has removed her recent response to this:
            “Linda Choquette
            I appreciate your thoughts. It’s unfortunate that if you continue to
            express them here, The Stream will remove them and block you. Other
            commenters with constructive criticisms and questions have been silenced
            here before too long.”
            The Stream is patient, but they will eventually cut off trolls. It’s a good thing. However, I question her lumping you in with them, which I personally would consider an insult. Though I disagree with you, I witness you to be of a right spirit with the Lord.

        • Marty Haas

          By agreeing, you have just demonstrated that your claim that he was creating a strawman was actually a strawman on your part. He did not at all ignore the Christians who oppose Trump. They are the point of the post; they are the ones with whom he’s been actively trying to reason.

          • guy

            Nope. I indicated the following, “the left does not say they are testing Christianity based on our denouncement of Trump.”. I stand by that. I don’t see claiming hypocrisy as a test of Christianity. We all do what we say we believe is wrong. That includes Christians and infidels.

          • Chip Crawford

            The sign at the top of the article indicates Christianity in general is being compromised by not agreeing with them. It is a problem with not knowing the word of God. See Hmmm’s post below. The world and a lot of Christians think agape (the God-kind of love) is sloppy and that we believe in greasy grace. That’s not the case. It’s only the actual truth that makes free. Religion is the culprit, teaching natural thinking for God’s word, what it actually says. That is revolutionary, but what gives victory. Jesus said he came to bring a sword and other such outrageous statements to wake up and shake up the status quo and get some real help to you and me and cut the devil off at the pass.

  • Sapient

    Great! Column! Mike! Brown! Evangelicals devestate their ability to influence our country and our politics when they decide they’re too pious to be pragmatic in a binary choice. This is nowhere near as complicated as some intellectually constipated expositors make it out to be. Which moral imperative do you hold to be preeminent: 1) not voting for Trump, or 2) ending abortion? (You could replace “abortion” with any number of the topics Mike Brown enumerated, and more.) Too many Christians are so ignorant of their own faith, so reflexively cowed by accusation, and so prone to letting others frame the debate that they allow themselves to be marginalized—even to the point that they, in effect, support their far greater antagonist. If I were the enemy seeking abortion on demand, draconian restrictions on religious liberty and personal freedoms, etc.—I’d be thankful for Christians foolish enough to help me.

    • Dave D Widener

      You say “Too many Christians are so ignorant of their own faith”. You say “they’re too pious to be pragmatic in a binary choice”. I have to disagree.It would seem to me to be “ignorant of your own faith” to believe that our God is restricted to a “binary choice” The binary choice that you speak of, is a man made choice. Limiting, in the minds of Christians who buy into it, the true power of our God. No. I am not ignorant of my faith. My faith is in my God. Not in some binary choice that a political system placed before me.

      • Chip Crawford

        God is actually working through a person who seemingly deliberately made himself odious. Many saw a spark, fresh words and took a measure of the ability to follow through. They went with “slim” on the choices. Actually, I voted “God” when I was prompted about Mr. Trump, that God wanted to use him. It was definite. God is able to do above what we ask or think (Eph 3:20), and I have always credited him with the turnaround I am seeing . If you have an idea of a choice of a third person that should have been chosen, you will need to explain that. It would truly be miraculous for there to be an overwhelming number of write-in votes for the same person, but God did not do that and usually does not operate that way. He generally works in real time rather than spectacular means. It takes eyes to see many times, but the work gets done he desired.

      • Sapient

        Foolishness. You are a good example of the very excerpts with which you take issue. Christians who reason the way you do have ceded to forces unfriendly to the Christian faith much of what God had blessed us with. Christians often stay home because they don’t like the candidates—even when one is far friendlier to us than the other—and things worsen for Christians as a result. Notwithstanding candidates, the very act of voting (to vote or not to vote) is a binary choice. You either choose to vote or you choose not to vote. But, by your reasoning you would say we have other options: maybe pray before the Presidential election that the election is cancelled; maybe pray that God would intercede and miraculously install a President (a sinless one, of course, because we’ve already established that we can’t have a sinner as President) before a vote could be held; etc. Crazy examples? No more so than believing that in the waning days of a Presidential campaign that millions and millions of people are going to be miraculously inspired to write in another candidate, or vote for a third-party no-name with no political track record. Famously, Mitt Romney actually wrote in his wife (I suppose that’s really great faith). The most obvious question to you is this: In the 2016 election how did your expression of faith turn out for you? You might have to concede that other Christians won the day and that you’re blessed to be along for the ride—even though you were too good to take part in the battle.

      • BillClintonsShorts17

        I had no ‘faith’ in the ‘binary’ choice before me back in November 2016. It was, however, a BINARY choice. I considered carefully and voted against the person I most distrusted: Hillary!

  • Nick Stuart

    There are two Donald Trumps:

    1. The Donald Trump you can see. Whose statements you can read and listen to. Whose actions you can observe. Direct and unfiltered. All can be weighed on the merits or demerits according to your beliefs and temperaments.

    2. The Donald Trump you hear talked about and reported on. Viewed through someone else’s subjective filter.

    I would encourage everyone to pay attention to the first Trump, and pretty much ignore the second.

  • pseudo-intellectual

    The Left’s strategy includes infiltration of as many Christian organizations / news outlets as possible.

    They want Christians to focus on acts of charity, piety… and to get out of politics.

  • Dave D Widener

    Dr. Brown, It’s easy to speak to those who would seemingly reject our message, no matter what we do. However, what do you say to the seeker? The one who sees Christians standing on God given morality? They see Christians protesting Gay marriage. They see Christians opposed to LGBT issues. They see these Christians unwilling to compromise their beliefs, and rightly so. But then, it appears to them that those same Christians are now willing to compromise their morality. for political gain.

    • Chip Crawford

      I’ve not seen Dr. Brown answer or comment on any post here.

      What makes you think Christians are now willing to compromise their morality, etc.? That unless we oppose Trump as an equal to the above unbiblical or other sinful behaviors, we are hypocritically receiving an evil. How is that?

    • Sapient

      Why are you so cowed by accusations intended to marginalize you, and why are you so willing to let others frame the debate? By your reasoning all anyone has to do is point out sin in the candidate more friendly to Christians (and that has a realistic chance of winning) and we’re hypocrites if we vote for that candidate. When we’re dealing with humans as candidates—every choice represents a moral compromise. King David had a man murdered. He committed adultery. He kept wives and concubines. He was wildly rich. Shall I go on? How much time have you spent in prayer telling God he made a mistake with David? How much time would you spend handwringing if an agnostic or atheist pointed out David’s failings? In your statement below you reject binary choices as a product of our political system, and you instead want to rely on nothing short of a miracle to place a candidate in the WH. But, you face and make binary choices all day, every day in this world. Do you not decide to eat vs go hungry—or do you wait on an angel from heaven to feed you? And what do you think would happen if you chose to wait on that angel? You have a binary choice concerning your taxes: to pay your them or not (even though a lot of tax money goes to unholy things). Or, do you pray for a miracle to keep you from having to choose between the two, as the two choices are products of our worldly political system?

      • Gina Lynn


      • Dave D Widener

        Why are you so triggered by my comment? My comments have nothing to do with being cowed. That is nothing more than a straw man argument. My complete trust is in God alone, not any man. Nor any system created by man. But, you seem to miss the point. Which is, the nonbelievers is watching. We, as Christians need to be ever mindful of that we are not here to protect freedom. We are not here to make our country better. We are not here to make our lives, as Christians, easier. We are here for one purpose, to lead others to Christ. When the non believer sees you setting aside the things you have been preaching, for your own political benefit, and make no mistake that is what they see, does that lift up Christ?I say it doesn’t. I am not cowed. I want the non believer to see Christ in me. All of your talk, binary choice, David did this or that (need I remind you that those things David did, we’re after he gained his position. Am I to assume you are now willing to forgive Trump of anything he might do, now that he’s gained his position?) None of this his this talk leads to glorifying God. It is nothing more thisohisalk his finding excuses for the depraved behavior of the person you support. As for the binary choice, and relying on a miracle. I have seen the result of the binary choice. I have seen where it has gotten our country. Someone said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. So, I did the sane thing. I rejected the binary choice and voted for a candidate that seemed to honor God. After all, we have been trying it your way. It doesn’t work. The ONLY sensible thing is to give it to God and Let Him handle it. You see, my eyes were not on the system. My eyes were on God, and His greatness. You say God could use a man as bad as we say Trump is. But, I take my faith a step further. Believing that God could use Hillary, if He chose to. This freed me to vote my faith, and rely on Him for the results.

        • Sapient

          Well, did your man (I must assume he was sinless) win the election?

          • Dave D Widener

            What’s ridiculous is relying on man for the things that you mentioned. Did you not read, in your Bible, that our fight is with powers and principalities of the air? I will never apologize for seeking God first and His righteousness, and letting Him take care of the rest.

          • Chip Crawford

            It is also written that Peter and Paul and others spoke with and sometimes strongly those leaders and opponents to their work. While the background is the spiritual, there is a living person involved with whom we must communicate. No doubt, attempting to avoid difficult confrontation is easier than seeking and hearing God for what to say to them not to mention dealing with the fear and so forth. Excuses for inaction roll off easily. Engagement costs. That’s where one’s God bears one up and equips. Luke 21:15: “For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.”

  • Rick

    Great article. Like you, I held my nose while finally voting for Pres. Trump. But I’m now so glad I did. He’s surprised me on many fronts.

    Sure, he can come across somewhat crude and thuggish sometimes. But would a pansy-man be able to stand up to the withering attacks the left would throw against ANYONE who moved us away from their agenda?

    I think not. God knows what He’s doing in giving us Donald Trump.

  • MyNightmare

    I’m not even a Christian and “…you better believe I’d vote for him against Hillary Clinton any day of the week,” also. Outstanding article!

  • Xrucianus

    Brother Brown, your argumentation here is not what I’ve come to expect with you. I think you know that the presenting premise of your debate here is a little disingenuous. Your faith is hardly being taken to task for simply having to make the choice between Hillary or Trump. The integrity of your faith is being questioned because of your lavish, apologetic and oft-times obviously contra-Christ support for Trump. (As in the case of your enthusiastic endorsement of Jonathan Cahn’s ludicrous book “The Paradigm” where your support amounts to near-theological malpractice) If we ARE daily hearing the integrity of our faith challenged by unbelievers, liberal believers, Spirit-filled believers & international brothers & sisters, perhaps the better part of wisdom would suggest that we listen to these voices?

  • Aaron37

    Unfortunately, President Trump has recently employed another shoot-from-the-hip tactic to slow border-crossing. And all the “Christian leaders” and their organizations hasten to the nearest media street corner to criticize these predictably unwise policies. They cannot wait to rush to their bully pulpits and vaunt themselves as superior, wonderful Super-Christians, who, unlike the other lowly Christians, do not back President Trump’s decision.

    Where were these Super-Christian “leaders” and their denunciations when President Obama also separated children from their parents? How many Super-Christian “leaders” have offered to take in these children before and now?

    Most of the recent border-crossers have come from Guatemala, fleeing from violent drug gangs. Why do our Super-Christian “leaders” refuse to speak out or take action when we have the same situation in every major city in the U.S.? We have many thousands of poor citizens who are trapped in neighborhoods controlled and intimidated by murderous drug gangs. There, people constantly live in fear for their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren. These Super-Christian “leaders” have made NO attempt to rescue the poor from these third-world conditions here in the U.S.

    The only hope for all these oppressed peoples is for Christians to speak out against the oppression and injustice, as Billy Graham and others did when the racist, “apartheid” government of South Africa was removed from power.

    But there is nothing except silence from the Super-Christian “leaders” of today.

    Jesus had a lot to say about such super-religious people:

    “HYPOCRITE! First take the log out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. ” (Mt. 7:5)

    “…you must not be like the HYPOCRITES, because they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners TO BE SEEN BY PEOPLE.” (Mt. 6:5)

    HYPOCRITES! Why do you refuse to criticize the Mexican government–the focal point of illegal immigration–for their racism and their neglect of basic living conditions for the dark-skinned native population, for their refusal to take on the woman-hating of their “machismo” society, for their endless corruption, and for the unhindered, murderous lawlessness of Mexican drug gangs, all of which put fear in every poor Mexican’s heart and have driven millions of these poor people across our border?

    HYPOCRITES! Your silence willfully allows the Mexican government to maintain their racism, woman-hating, corruption, and lawlessness. Silence is a willful act. Refusing to speak out against this great evil is a willful, evil act.


    Your silence IS racism,
    Your silence IS woman-hating,
    Your silence IS corruption,
    Your silence IS murderous lawlessness.

    If Jesus were here today, he would chase these HYPOCRITES out of the temple!

  • bbb

    The struggle for religious freedom brought many to the shores of North America between 1600 and 1800.
    The founding fathers based the Constitution on Judeo-Christian laws as found in the Old and New Testament.
    A main component of the modern DNC that adopted communist tactics and tenets in its 2017 convention is openly identified as setting about to destroy a massive and intangible opponent called Christianity in its efforts to replace any and all belief systems with Government ruled by one party.
    I see the struggle Americans face as having less to do with Donald J. Trump than with the overthrow of the USA Constitutional Republic. Could Cruz have withstood the amount of hatred from congress, the Deep State or, negative and dishonest media?
    Could Rand Paul or others who ran for President? Someone like Donald Trump who stands for honor, justice, the Constitution and American liberty is the only voice that spoke for the majority of Americans who pray, work, pay taxes, constitute the bedrock of America’s greatness since Reagan.
    Until and unless we pry our wee little minds off the media’s 24-7 indoctrination and propaganda that this IS about Donald J. Trump we will not know or see God’s will for the USA.
    Personally I would never want to be President. Personally I cannot live in a nation that obliterates my right to believe God and pray daily and tithe and live as Christ lived.
    Christ had nothing but contempt for politics, but he knew that governments would come and go and so would very evil people who managed to claw their way to the top of the food chain. He promised His children, followers and believers a far better kingdom than the one here on earth. In the meantime Jesus told us the time would come that we might have to fight for our right to be a Christian, and a man with two cloaks would have to sell one to buy a sword.
    All else is rhetoric.

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