Former NFL Player Turns Conservative Author

By Rachel Alexander Published on February 6, 2018

Former NFL defensive back Burgess Owens has a thing or two to say to the professional athletes who refuse to stand for the national anthem prior to football games. “My concern with this whole process is what the flag stands for,” the All American and New York Jets star said on Fox News. “When I stood on the sideline I remembered getting teary-eyed at points because I was so excited about being there, I was so proud to be part of that process.” 

Now a leading black conservative, Burgess published in late 2016 an attack on liberalism called Liberalism. How does he really feel about it? Look at the subtitle: How to Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Wienies and Wimps. The books focuses on the history of the black community in America, and how socialism hurt the black community.

He devotes a chapter to the early black leader W.E.B. DuBois, whom he calls a “low-life elitist.” DuBois brought Planned Parenthood and abortion to the black community. As a socialist and the face of the NAACP, DuBois tried to discredit Booker T. Washington, a conservative who favored capitalism.

Owens takes on other big targets, too. The NAACP he calls a trojan horse. The group promises to fight for blacks but pushes a left-wing agenda.

I recently interviewed him on Conservative Commandos, a radio show he co-hosts.

He Grew Up, the NFL Has Changed

Owens told me he grew up in the deep south in the era of the KKK and Jim Crow. He and his family were always conservative, he says. They thought Democrats were their friends, and you’re always loyal to your friends.  The Democrats were the party of slavery and segregation and now the party of socialism, but being a Democrat was like a religion. Even so, he wrote in his book, “pride in community was not founded on the embellishment of opportunities lost due to racism.”

Owens told me that Ronald Reagan opened his eyes. He didn’t vote for him the first time he ran, but did the second time. He’d seen things he liked. He liked how the Republican Party stood for a hand up, not a handout.

When Owens played football, it was a melting pot, he says. People looked at the character inside the player. But in the last 20 to 30 years, things have changed. The left has taken over entertainment, running the TV channels ESPN and BET. “They are using entertainment to demean our race,” he told me. We used to get teary eyed listening to the national anthem. Now, these athletes make millions but have no respect.

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He believes the kneeling permanently damaged the NFL. Corporatists and globalists in the leadership care more about how the league looks internationally. They’re arrogant enough that they will let the kneeling continue. But people will hurt them in the pocketbook.


The Biggest Problem Facing Blacks

Owens said to me that the biggest problem facing blacks isn’t racism or the KKK. It’s the elitist blacks he calls the “Royalty Class Black Man.” DuBois called them the “Talented Tenth.”

DuBois was a part of them and that fueled his desire to bring abortion to the black race, for those blacks who were inferior. These elites “will vote with no shame against black kids and mothers by promoting abortion,” Owens said in our interview.  They believe in Marxism and atheism above all else.

One result is that young black men are no longer trained to be strong young men. They call themselves “baby daddies,” not husbands and fathers. They call young ladies “baby mommas.”

He devotes an entire chapter to the damage that Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger did to the black community. Another chapter deals with the racism of Darwinian evolution, which teaches that apes transitioned into blacks before they evolved into “the intellectually superior white race.”

The Left On Black Conservatives

Owens agreed with my statement that the left has it out for black conservatives, especially black conservative women. They want black spokesmen to complain and whine and demand government aid. They don’t want them to be strong individuals who support the American system. But today the Democrats are finally losing their hold on blacks. There is no longer 93 percent supporting Obama.

Owens has another book coming out in a couple of months on how white liberals use blacks. He wasn’t sure if he’d watch the Super Bowl this year. He’s disappointed watching the NFL go downhill.


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