ANALYSIS: For Truth about Ted Cruz, Look Beyond Politifact

What Ana Marie Cox gets wrong in her hit piece on the Republican forerunner.

By Anika Smith Published on March 23, 2015

Ana Marie Cox over at the Daily Beast wants to tell you that Ted Cruz is a liar. How does she know this definitively? Because Politifact, that very special arbiter of arguments, tells her so.

Politifact, like almost everything these days, is not exactly disinterested in political candidates and their statements — which means you might want to take their “rating” of Cruz with a grain of salt.

Breitbart has an example (language warning) where Politifact misses the point on one of Cruz’s claims: to wit, earlier this month Sen. Cruz said on Hugh Hewitt’s show that Iran has a “Death to America Day.” Politifact found that there were accounts both in the New York Times and the Associated Press that claimed a November celebration of a “Grand Day of Death to America” and “Death to America Day,” respectively. But because it’s not a bank holiday, Politifact rated Cruz’s claim as mostly false.

Cox may not like the Republican forerunner, but she should find better grounds for her argument against him.

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