The Election of Donald Trump Tells Us That Anything is Possible

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks after being sworn in as President on Jan. 20, 2017 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

By Michael Brown Published on February 5, 2017

We are often too rational for our own good, not willing to believe in the seemingly impossible because, well, after all, it seems to be impossible. But are some of the things we’re afraid to dream about any more unlikely than the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States?

In the morning prayer service the day of the inauguration, evangelical leader James Robison said after addressing Trump, “We believe, dear God, that the stage is set for the next great spiritual awakening, and I believe with all my heart it is absolutely essential.”

Yes, of course, an awakening “is absolutely essential” to our nation, but are we really supposed to believe that “the stage is set for the next great spiritual awakening”? Are we really supposed to believe that the moral and spiritual climate of our nation can be changed? Absolutely.

History tells us an awakening is possible and the unlikely events we’re witnessing before our eyes remind us that anything is possible.

The Unlikely Surprise of Donald Trump

History tells us it is possible and the unlikely events we’re witnessing before our eyes remind us that anything is possible.

From the perspective of history, if you’ll study past awakenings, you’ll see that they all came after a season of steep spiritual decline, often leading to hopelessness, with many feeling as if “things will only go downhill from here.”

But if God awakened us before, He can do it again and, from the perspective of current events, is it really any harder to believe that God can send another great awakening than it is to believe that a man like Donald Trump could become our president?

Just think about it.

Let’s say I asked you this two years ago: Which is more likely to occur? There will be a spiritual awakening in America or Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, defeating senators and governors along the way, and then will defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election, getting 81 percent of the white evangelical vote. What would your answer have been? Which would have seemed more likely?

Let’s take it one step further. What if I asked you two years ago, which is more likely to occur? There will be a spiritual awakening in America or Donald Trump will become the darling of the pro-life movement, nominating a solid pro-life conservative to replace Antonin Scalia within two weeks in office?

Certainly a spiritual awakening would have seemed far more believable than what has happened already with President Trump. What stops us, then, from believing for the former if the latter is happening before our eyes?

In an interview in the Star-Telegram, Robison said, “I do believe if [Trump] remains wise — as preposterous as this might sound to some — … he can prove to be as great a president as this nation has ever had.”

For some, this does sound preposterous, but is it any more preposterous that these words came from the mouth of Robison?

After all, during the primaries, Robison had very strong reservations about Trump, urging Dr. Ben Carson not to endorse him. In fact, Robison shared on my radio show that to the very last moment, even as Carson was on stage, about to endorse Trump, the two were talking by phone, with Robison urging him not to give his endorsement.

Ironically, Carson gave his endorsement on the condition that Trump would meet privately with Robison, which he did, for 90 minutes. Afterwards, Robison joked to Trump that it was “the longest you’ve been quiet in your entire life.”

Who would have thought that this staunch opponent of Trump would have become of one of his most trusted spiritual advisors?

The Lesson of Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II

John Zmirak, a conservative Catholic columnist who holds a Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University and is a senior editor of The Stream, told me that when he was a student at Yale, his professors uniformly praised communism, making clear that it was communism, not capitalism, that was the key to the world’s future success. They were quite confident that this socialist system was here to stay, with its sphere of influence growing by the decade.

Who would have imagined how dramatically and quickly it would collapse around the globe? And, Zmirak asked, who would have believed that the principal players who would help topple communism would be a former Hollywood actor (Reagan!), a female Prime Minister in England, the daughter of a lay preacher and grocer (Thatcher!), a shipyard worker who became the head of a Polish trade union (Walesa!) and a Polish pope (John Paul II!).

Today, it is a wealthy, former playboy, real estate tycoon and reality TV star who is shaking up the political scene and exposing the biases of the mainstream media.

If this, then, is actually happening, why is it so hard to imagine that God will send a massive spiritual awakening to our nation?

Why not?

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  • Linda

    “Grasping at straws” is the phrase the Lord dropped into my spirit as I read this article. Very sad.

    • Jim Walker

      maybe this was the message he is giving you.

    • Kevin Quillen

      Linda; I agree. What happened was that gov got too big for its britches , too corrupt, and sold out to big money, to the point where finally the “people” became so angry that overthrow was in order. That is all that happened! Christian and non Christian alike voted for overthrow. This nation killed 58 million babies! Gods most precious children. We will never overcome that sad fact. America as was intended will crumble into socialism. In time there will be a revival and renewal but it is a long ways off. Now the good news…….one can still have the joy of the Lord and live in the New Jerusalem right now. The gov cannot take my peace and I WILL spread the good news until I die, regardless of circumstances.

  • Autrey Windle

    Never mind alluding to the modern-day unlikely heroes; Jesus used the most unexpected and unlikely men and women as did His Father, God. The stutterers, harlots, tax-collectors and Christian assassinators come to mind first. The word is full of examples of the impossible being in the truest service of awakening down to the criminal on the cross next to Jesus. I say again; Thank You God for President Trump and bless this country to lead by example especially through our President’s courage. AMEN

  • Steve Montes

    Perhaps the vision of people of faith do not have the faith to believe this claim. I believe we should be praying our Lord work THROUGH this administration to bring spiritual awakening, not that there works is the ONLY way awakening can happen!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Sure is a good thing that God skips the polling process before making a move upon the affairs of men. Even Jesus had His antagonists from w/in the “party”. It seems like in the wisdom of God, He gets a “kick” out of being “contrary”. Contrary to popular opinion & ideaologies imbedded in religious indoctrination. Look, as Mr. Brown implies & as much of the world has had to concede – none of this was “supposed” to happen. That in itself is practically all that is needed to provoke considerable thought. So while much of the world & some in the kingdom “doth protest too loudly” it only lends further credence to the prospect that we are on the verge of something “yuge”…!

  • Mike

    NO offense but the idea of a government bringing “spiritual awakening” is utterly unbiblical. If that does occur, it’s likely to come through the church not through the state (as it has done in the Bible and throughout church history).

    • Aliquantillus

      A worldly government cannot be the main cause of spiritual awakening. But it can be an accidental or instrumental cause by creating the circumstances for it and facilitating it. The Persian King Cyrus wasn’t the main cause for the spiritual awakening of the Second Jewish Commonwealth, but he created the circumstances and facilitated it by permitting the Jews to return to the Holy Land and rebuild the Temple. For “the king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of HaShem” (Prov. 21:1).

      • Mike

        After the Temple was built, what was the state of Israel spiritually?

        Also, do you have any examples of this from church history?

        • Aliquantillus

          The spiritual awakening was that after the edict of Cyrus was promulgated groups of Jews returned from the diaspora and started rebuilding the Temple, as I said. They followed the instructions of Ezra and Nehemia and began to re-organize their lives in Israel according to the Torah. This was a national spiritual awakening.

          In Church history we have the example of Constantine, who gave Christianity a legally protected status. This made it possible for the Church to gain influence on society and to reform or outlaw many pagan practices, such as official idolatry, polygamy, and homosexuality.

          To avoid a misunderstanding, I’m not speaking here of a spiritual awakening in the sense of a movement of repentance and faith renewal within the Church, but on a national scale. I think that was the subject of the article. I know quite well that Christianity can flourish under persecution and that persecutions can be a blessing for the Church. But that’s not my point. My point is simply that a wordly ruler can facilitate and favour a national spiritual awakening by giving the Church the means she needs for exercising her influence in society.

          In our context this could mean restraining the gender ideology, limiting or outlawing abortion and euthanasia, protecting religious liberties, &c.

    • tylerjones

      This article doesn’t mention anything about any government bringing spiritual awakening. It talks about both government, and also spiritual awakening, but not a government “bringing” spiritual awakening.

  • Hmmm…

    The believing church is on the same page with the need for awakening, and some having prayer assignments concerning it. Most revivals or awakenings – widespread moves of the Holy Spirit – are birthed in prayer. This is despite what is going on in the outer world, that being the condition that demonstrates how acutely awakening to God is needed. Mr. Trump reflects some recent exposure to the vital quality of God and the people and things of God. However, with that, he much more reflects his need for a personal commitment to them.

  • Charles Burge

    A new great awakening is exactly what I’ve been praying for for at least the past 15 years. I know that God *could* do that if he wanted to, be trying to discern His will by looking at politics is specious and dangerous. Who knows? Maybe we’ll descend into 700 years of spiritual darkness (it happened before). Or maybe a revival is just around the corner. Either way, we MUST NOT yield to the temptation to put our trust in political leaders. Chuck Colson used to remind his listeners that “salvation will not arrive in Air Force One.” If a revival is coming, it will be solely the work of Jesus Christ. *He* is where our faith belongs. Nowhere else.

To God be the Glory
James Robison
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