Donald Trump Says His Pro-Abortion Sister Would Be a ‘Phenomenal’ Supreme Court Justice

Maryanne Trump Barry is in favor of constitutional protections for partial-birth abortion — and she's a federal judge on the 3rd Circuit.

By Anika Smith Published on August 28, 2015

Donald Trump has a revealing interview over at Bloomberg with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann at Trump Tower. Trump answered questions ranging from taxing hedge-fund managers, his going after Jeb Bush and his being endorsed by David Duke, to how he thinks his sister, federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, would make a “phenomenal” Supreme Court Justice.

Trump was asked for his Supreme Court picks and said, “I have a sister who’s on the court of appeals, and she’s fantastic.”

Halperin asks, “Would she be a good Supreme Court justice?”

“Oh, I think she’d be phenomenal, she’d be one of the best,” Trump said.

He went on to say that would have to be ruled out “at least temporarily,” but did not explain why she would have to be ruled out or why he might rule her out only temporarily.

In his book on the culture of death (p. 59) National Review‘s Ramesh Ponnuru has written about Barry and her extreme support for partial-birth abortion. At NRO’s The Corner he noted:

She called a New Jersey law against it a “desperate attempt” to undermine Roe v. Wade. It was, she wrote, “based on semantic machinations, irrational line-drawing, and an obvious attempt to inflame public opinion instead of logic or medical evidence.” It made no difference where the fetus was when it “expired.”

So, Trump’s sister does not see a partially delivered newborn as worthy of legal protections, and yet he thinks she would make a “fantastic” and “phenomenal” Supreme Court justice.

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