Does the Ruling Class Hate Black Americans?

By Jason Scott Jones Published on June 10, 2020

First it was the economically catastrophic lockdown orders from petty Democrat tyrants. Next, the death of George Floyd, followed by peaceful protests against excessive force in Democrat stronghold cities. Finally, violent riots broke out across the country, destroying homes, businesses, and churches — predominantly in black communities.

Black Americans have had a front-row seat through it all. In some ways they’ve had more occasion than anyone else to ponder the events of 2020 in their hearts.

In light of the current riots and protests, if COVID-19 and its accompanying lockdown orders and messaging campaigns have shown us anything, it’s this. Our ruling class hates black Americans. Straight up hates them.  

Let me explain.

Black Lives Come In Handy

For months now, white leftist ideologues have been pummeling the public with shame for wanting to leave their homes, earn their livings, gather to worship together, or even visit their doctors for lifesaving screenings and elective surgeries.

Our ruling class hates black Americans. Straight up hates them.

Failing to wear a mask or “socially distance” wasn’t only a matter of protecting yourself, they said. It was a matter of protecting others from the virus in the event that you were unwittingly carrying it. Mainstream media commentary compared people to murderers if they failed to comply with the lockdown orders of Democrat governors drunk on their newfound COVID-19 power.

In fact not only was it murderous to resist “quarantine.” It was racist. Why? Because African-Americans we were told are suffering disproportionately from the pandemic. So white protesters of the lockdowns were showing a disregard for black lives.

Black Health is Expendable

Fast-forward to now.

A few days ago, CNN reported that over 1,000 health professionals had signed a letter in support of public protests and riots among blacks. The letter condemned any suggestion that these gatherings posed enough of a public health risk that they should be banned or limited.

CNN’s report makes no mention of rioting or violence against black neighborhoods, but does quote this key passage from the medical experts’ letter:

As public health advocates we do not condemn these gatherings as risky. … We support them as vital to the national public health. … This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.

The anti-lockdown protests, you see, are “rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives.” Mass gatherings of black Americans with no social distancing and only sporadic use of masks, on the other hand, are “vital.”

And just like that, all the vapid pop stars of the COVID narrative have hopped to it: praising black protest groups for doing the very same things that were condemned as deathly dangerous mere days earlier.

Media Giddy with Glee

MSNBC anchor and NBC News correspondent Katy Tur celebrated by tweeting a video of nurses and doctors reacting to black protests like they were at a birthday party. “Healthcare workers … come out to cheer on and take a knee in support of protestors.”

Other leading anchors, public health experts, and celebrities are enthusiastically endorsing the gatherings too. Even as the marches and demonstrations reach into the tens of thousands or more, as seen in the video below from Los Angeles:

White Lives Matter to CNN

Contrast that laissez faire attitude toward black gatherings with the way white media figures feel about gatherings that might affect their own health:

ABC News’ Chief White House correspondent was horrified. “This is a flagrant violation of CDC guidelines on social distancing,” he chimed in, “and a move that puts reporters at risk for the purpose of turning the press corps into a prop….”

NPR’s White House correspondent shared the terrible news as well, and several media outlets published a flurry of write ups about this appalling endangerment of our nation’s white press corps.

Media veteran Ron Fournier, formerly of the Associated Press and The Atlantic, summed up their collective hysteria well:

America’s Spoiled Aristocrats

I don’t believe most of the recent protesters are putting themselves in mortal danger from COVID. In any case, I apply the true, American tradition to the question: If there is risk, I believe my neighbors can be trusted with the responsibility of choosing the level of risk they are willing to assume. The government too should trust them to look out for their own well-being.

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I also believe the cause of holding police accountable for the assassination of George Floyd is a just one. And that black Americans have legitimate reasons to feel resentful of their unequal conditions in relation to their neighbors.

But if we want to know where contempt for black lives is most alive and well in America today, it’s high time we acknowledge this fact: It’s in the heart of our ruling class.


Jason Jones is a senior contributor to The Stream. He is a film producer, author, activist and human rights worker. You can follow him @JasonJonesShow.

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