Does Being “Super-Straight” Make You a Bigot? A Debate Between Karen and Obadiah

By John Zmirak Published on March 19, 2021

The Stream is running a series of fanciful political dialogues between a white female Democrat, “Karen,” a Manhattan native, and a white male Republican from Lubbock, Texas, “Obadiah.” Since Obadiah has been banned from Twitter and Facebook thanks to Karen’s complaints, the exchange takes place on — a free speech platform which Karen has joined with the intent of monitoring it for “hate speech.”


KAREN: I see you took refuge here at Gab, a platform too hateful for the Governor of Texas. Why I am not surprised?

OBADIAH: Because you lack the capacity for surprise. Or insight. Or rational analysis. Why aren’t you teaching literature at Harvard?

KAREN: And you’ve adopted in your profile description the newest hate-term, “Super Straight.” Of course you can’t leave Transphobia out of your portfolio of biases.

OBADIAH: I’m a man who believes in thoroughness. I reject Satan, and ALL his works, and ALL his pomps.

KAREN: You’re willing to use a term coined by online Nazis to express your hatred for a whole new category of people, transwomen.

Do We Have Any Free Decisions Left?

OBADIAH: It wasn’t, and the term doesn’t mean I hate them. Just that I won’t date them. Think of it as more like a “No Fat Chicks” policy, in case that helps.

KAREN: Sizeism and Sexism, check and check. You’re filling in all the boxes.

OBADIAH: Or a black woman checking on a dating site that she’d rather date just black guys. Is that still legal, or has Big Woke decided that’s bigoted too? I’m losing track of the newest infallible declarations from the Woke Church.

KAREN: And now you’ve moved onto Racism. No surprise, it always ends up there, at the heart of inequality and hierarchy in our society.

Your Name Will Be Reported

OBADIAH: And you’re here to take all this down, and report it to the Authorities, aren’t you? Well, make sure to spell my name right. If your kind ever takes complete control, I want to be one of the “incorrigibles” you people outright execute on the first day of Year Zero. No hope of re-education here, let me assure you. I demand a bullet through the back of the head. It’s not much to ask for.

KAREN: You’re losing and you know it. Now you’re getting a little scared. Did it shake you up that a transwoman is now a finalist to be Miss Nevada, in the Miss USA Pageant?

OBADIAH: I expect every manner of depravity from a state built by the Mafia on gambling and whoredom, ma’am. But I think those judges need to get themselves a manhood test.

KAREN: So you’re saying that any man who’s attracted to a transwoman …

OBADIAH: … Is at least a little bit gay. He ought to check himself before he wrecks himself. Maybe get a testosterone supplement, and spend more time lifting free weights or at the gun range. Yes, ma’am. Nobody born with male parts is on the menu if you’re straight. You can’t help thinking of those cast-off male bits, floating around the world somewhere, whispering the truth. Which is that you’re holding hands with and kissing … a mutilated dude.

KAREN: How exactly do you justify negating the lived identity and experience of transwomen around the world? Just … indulge my curiosity here.

OBADIAH: Why should I have to justify it? Do you have to justify your intimate decisions, even those that include killing an unborn baby? It’s fascinating how selective your new religion is when it comes to personal choices and preferences. Pretty soon you people will be demanding that every straight white male have at least one “gay” experience, to prove he isn’t bigoted or something.

Dad Goes to Prison for Calling His Daughter “She”

KAREN: Well, let me issue you just a little warning: Hate speech and hate crimes will land a lot of your type in prison. And once you’re there you might find yourself forced into … opening your minds on that issue.

OBADIAH: So now it’s okay to fantasize and crack jokes about your political opponents getting raped in prison. All without losing your credentials as an open-minded “liberal.” Boy it’s hard to make any sense of what you people call your “ethics.” But on the facts you might be right.

A dad in Canada now faces prison time for calling his daughter “she,” since a judge ordered him to refer to this poor “transboy” as “he.” Policing which pronouns parents use about their children, whom the state is allowing quack doctors to pump with testosterone, while the kid’s too young to take out a credit card. All this in the name of “science” and “freedom.”

KAREN: Every mainstream medical association has accepted transgenderism as a healthy human lifestyle.

OBADIAH: Because the depraved, mutilated male billionaires behind the trans movement poured their money into branding dissenters as “hate groups.” Now the same pharmaceutical corporations who used research on aborted babies to make all those Dr. Mengele COVID vaccines will make billions more poisoning teenagers and rendering them sterile. All so they can switch sexes, to match their tragic delusions — probably brought on by other, untreated mental conditions. Or the willfully unstudied side-effects of looking at porn.

There’s just one problem: the results are rarely “passable.” Transmen just look like surgically butchered lesbians, and transwomen look like drag queens. They remind us there are still only three genders: Male, Female, and Ewwww! That’s deeply sad for them, but now you’re demanding that the rest of us pretend we can’t tell the difference. It’s funny, you probably will only eat organic vegetables, but you’re demanding that we sleep with artificial women.

Freedom Is the Freedom to Say “Bruce Jenner”

KAREN: I can’t believe that a platform like this, which permits you to vent such hatred, is even still legal. It won’t be for long.

OBADIAH: Maybe not. You and your kind are busy beavers, building little Berlin Walls in every nook and cranny of life. But while I can, I’m signing off now with two watchwords of freedom: Bruce Jenner. Bruce Jenner! Bruce Jenner!

Karen blocks Obadiah and reports him, but nothing happens as a result. This is Gab, which actually acts as a neutral platform and follows the First Amendment.

John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.” 

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