The Democrats: Blame Israel First. Whatever the Subject

By Rob Schwarzwalder Published on April 10, 2019

A Jewish state for the Jewish people. Leading Democratic politicians don’t believe that. Indeed, some seem to believe the opposite.

Irrational hatred of Israel in general is becoming more common in our political discourse. It’s one thing to give candid criticism to a friend. It’s another to have a “blame Israel first” mentality. And that’s become the norm in the Democratic Party.

Beto, Ilhan, and Rashida

There’s former congressman and Democratic dream-boy Robert F. “Beto” O’Rourke. He calls Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “racist.” Why? Because Netanyahu believes the Jewish people deserve a free state of their own. 

Then there’s Rep. Ilhan Omar. Even the liberal Vox news site says that “Omar’s comments on Israel keep falling into well-worn anti-Semitic tropes. … Her language is unintentionally providing mainstream cover for [Klansman David] Duke’s brand of conspiracy theorizing.” 

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, another freshman member of Congress, “follows an Instagram account that routinely shares blatantly anti-Semitic posts and 9/11 conspiracy theories.” One post, for example, had the heading “the real picture” and a picture of a rat with a Star of David on it. Only last month, Tlaib met with activists with ties to or support Hamas and similar groups.

Bernie, Alexandria, and Steny

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Octavio-Cortez belong to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The DSA has endorsed the “boycott, divest, and sanctions” (BDS) movement against Israel. 

What is BDS? Simply an effort to cripple the Israeli economy. Why? To force Israel’s government to do “justice” to the Arabs living in the 2,400 square mile region called Palestine. By justice is meant recognition of two states: one Israeli (dare we say Jewish?), the other Palestinian.

And we have the second-ranking Democrat in the House, Steny Hoyer of Maryland. In his remarks to AIPAC a few days ago, he said, “When someone accuses American supporters of Israel of dual loyalty, I say: Accuse me. By the way, there are 62 freshman Democrats. You hear me? 62. Not three.”

In other words, the obvious anti-Semitism of Omar, Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez does not represent the Democratic Party.

But by the next day, Hoyer was wheedling like a puppy that just got its first spanking. “Our caucus has a dynamic freshman class … all of whom are doing a great job and bringing unique perspectives and backgrounds to their work in the House,” he said. “In pointing out that much of the press attention has been on a few new members in particular, I was lamenting that the media does not appear to be paying enough attention to other excellent new members.” 

“All” are “excellent”? Poor Steny Hoyer. Political power — at what cost to the man’s conscience?

Never-Ending Terrorism

Thus far, the anti-Israel Democrats have been quite silent about the ongoing terrorism by Palestinian militants. It has become a tragic routine in Israel. There have been at least than 14 terrorist attacks against Israel just since last October. 

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Also in October 2018, “Human Rights Watch … accused both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas of routinely engaging in ‘systematic’ unwarranted arrests and torture of critics, suspected dissidents and political opponents, and of developing ‘parallel police states’ in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, respectively.” 

Hamas continues to refuse something as simple as Israel’s right to exist. “Hamas advocates the liberation of all of Palestine but is ready to support the state on 1967 borders without recognizing Israel or ceding any rights,” the group said in 2017.  That is nothing more than a promise not to destroy Israel — for a while. This is progress?

Israel’s Right to Exist as a Jewish State

There is no reason why the Jewish people should not be able to live in peace in their ancient homeland. Mitchell Bard speaks of “Israel’s international ‘birth certificate.’” It has been “validated by the promise of the Bible [and] uninterrupted Jewish settlement from the time of Joshua onward,” he writes.

And in modern times by “the League of Nations Mandate, which incorporated the Balfour Declaration; the United Nations partition resolution of 1947; Israel’s admission to the UN in 1949; the recognition of Israel by most other states; and, most of all, the society created by Israel’s people in decades of thriving, dynamic national existence.”

Beto, Omar, Tlaib, and their ilk would, in a time when decency mattered, be drummed out of their party. Now, they are celebrated, their comments excused, their ideas floated as impressive.

This is more than sad. It is dangerous for the security of Israel and drags the honor of the United States in the filth that is anti-Semitism.

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