Deceitful Political Ad Portrays Ed Gillespie Supporter as Racist Trying to Kill Kids

Latino Victory pulled the ad after the outcry, but it is still posted on YouTube where it has received over 12,000 views.

By Rachel Alexander Published on November 1, 2017

The left is pulling out all the stops to defeat Ed Gillespie. The Republican is running for governor of Virginia in a close race against Democrat Ed Northam. 

In a stunning new low, the left-wing group Latino Victory, co-founded by actress Eva Longoria, released a campaign ad portraying a racist Gillespie supporter trying to run over minority children.

Chasing Black and Hispanic Children

In the ad, a truck with a huge Confederate flag chases after black and Hispanic children, as well as a Muslim girl. It has an Ed Gillespie bumpersticker and a “Don’t Tread on Me” Tea Party front license plate. The driver chases the children to a fence where they can go no farther. One boy wakes up and realizes it was a nightmare.

A woman’s voice asks, “Is this what Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump mean by the American Dream?” as footage plays of a recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. 

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The ad doesn’t explain how Gillespie is racist. Nor does it explain why racist killers would support him. In truth, in August he promptly denounced the far right rally in Charlottesville that ended in violence. 

This isn’t the only time the left has tried to tie Gillespie to white supremacists. In a mailer, Democrats superimposed photos of Gillespie and Trump over white supremacists carrying torches. It states, “On Tuesday, November 7th, Virginia gets to stand up to hate.”

The Gillespie campaign denounced the ad as an “ugly character smear.”

A Desperate Left

The left is desperate from one simple reason. Gillespie has a fair chance of winning. He gets along well enough with Trump, so the Republican base will show up and vote. He’s a seasoned politico and the left has failed to convince the voters that he’s a fringe candidate. 

Perhaps the left should be more concerned about their candidate deleting the photo of a black man from his campaign literature at the request of unions. Photos of Doug Fairfax, the Democratic candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor, were removed from Northam’s campaign flyers because unions disagreed with his opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Latino Victory Pulls the Ad, But Not for Why You’d Think

Meanwhile, Latino Victorypulled the ad Tuesday afternoon. Not because of the outrage over depicting Republicans as murderous rapists, but because of yesterday’s terror attack in New York City.

However, the ad it still posted on YouTube where it has received over 12,000 views.



Update: Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie said Tuesday that as a result of the inflammatory ad his campaign donations have tripled. “Our [online] fundraising has tripled from people who are just disgusted by this and feel that they’re under attack, which they are,” Gillespie said. “But, again, it’s not just my supporters who are under attack here. It’s all those good, decent Virginians who may not agree with me, but understand that this is not good for the commonwealth of Virginia and that this kind of political attack and these smear campaigns are not good for the country and they’re not good for the commonwealth.”

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