Deceitful Political Ad Portrays Ed Gillespie Supporter as Racist Trying to Kill Kids

Latino Victory pulled the ad after the outcry, but it is still posted on YouTube where it has received over 12,000 views.

By Rachel Alexander Published on November 1, 2017

The left is pulling out all the stops to defeat Ed Gillespie. The Republican is running for governor of Virginia in a close race against Democrat Ed Northam. 

In a stunning new low, the left-wing group Latino Victory, co-founded by actress Eva Longoria, released a campaign ad portraying a racist Gillespie supporter trying to run over minority children.

Chasing Black and Hispanic Children

In the ad, a truck with a huge Confederate flag chases after black and Hispanic children, as well as a Muslim girl. It has an Ed Gillespie bumpersticker and a “Don’t Tread on Me” Tea Party front license plate. The driver chases the children to a fence where they can go no farther. One boy wakes up and realizes it was a nightmare.

A woman’s voice asks, “Is this what Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump mean by the American Dream?” as footage plays of a recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. 

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The ad doesn’t explain how Gillespie is racist. Nor does it explain why racist killers would support him. In truth, in August he promptly denounced the far right rally in Charlottesville that ended in violence. 

This isn’t the only time the left has tried to tie Gillespie to white supremacists. In a mailer, Democrats superimposed photos of Gillespie and Trump over white supremacists carrying torches. It states, “On Tuesday, November 7th, Virginia gets to stand up to hate.”

The Gillespie campaign denounced the ad as an “ugly character smear.”

A Desperate Left

The left is desperate from one simple reason. Gillespie has a fair chance of winning. He gets along well enough with Trump, so the Republican base will show up and vote. He’s a seasoned politico and the left has failed to convince the voters that he’s a fringe candidate. 

Perhaps the left should be more concerned about their candidate deleting the photo of a black man from his campaign literature at the request of unions. Photos of Doug Fairfax, the Democratic candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor, were removed from Northam’s campaign flyers because unions disagreed with his opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Latino Victory Pulls the Ad, But Not for Why You’d Think

Meanwhile, Latino Victorypulled the ad Tuesday afternoon. Not because of the outrage over depicting Republicans as murderous rapists, but because of yesterday’s terror attack in New York City.

However, the ad it still posted on YouTube where it has received over 12,000 views.



Update: Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie said Tuesday that as a result of the inflammatory ad his campaign donations have tripled. “Our [online] fundraising has tripled from people who are just disgusted by this and feel that they’re under attack, which they are,” Gillespie said. “But, again, it’s not just my supporters who are under attack here. It’s all those good, decent Virginians who may not agree with me, but understand that this is not good for the commonwealth of Virginia and that this kind of political attack and these smear campaigns are not good for the country and they’re not good for the commonwealth.”

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  • Linda

    From the Latino Victory Fund site, for perspective:

    “Gillespie…pulled out the Republican campaign playbook and started running political ads that tapped into whatever racist Trumpist DNA he could find in Virginia’s voters. Gillespie’s first ad rails against Northam’s support of “sanctuary cities”. It’s worth pointing out that there are no sanctuary cities in Virginia. Then Gillespie ran an ad last week against Northam claiming that the Democrat would “take our statues down.” Note the “our” part of the commercial…Joy-Ann Reid blasted the ad on MSNBC for pandering to terrorists, especially since the commercial prominently and intentionally features a statue very similar to the one that white nationalists marched to defend in Charlottesville.

    Of course, right-wingers are already mad about the commercial, with Mediaite claiming that the Virginia race has now turned ugly, which is funny. When Gillespie ran commercials pandering to the terrorist and anti-Hispanic vote, that was fine, but when he’s called out for that behavior, the race has turned “ugly.” It’s important to remember that in white, right-wing America, calling out racism is a worse crime than racism itself. Fortunately, the Latino Victory Fund could not care less, and it’s running ads to win, not make friends with bigots and terrorists. I only wish more Democrats had the same courage.”

    • Bryan

      You do know that Robert E. Lee was a native of Virginia, right? So by convention tearing down a statue in Virginia of General Lee is tearing down the statue that a Virginian, any Virginian, could claim as “ours”.

    • Rachel Alexander

      Oh look, another left-wing troll. I’ve pointed out before that they always have generic female names and no profile photo. They’re Democrat hacks who troll conservative sites leaving demoralizing, dishonest comments. How is Gillespie defending Confederate statutes racist and pandering to terrorists? Plenty of regular Americans think the statues should stay up. There was no cry to take them down just 20 years ago. Why the urgency now? Are those crying to take them down racist 20 years ago? Plenty of blacks are fine with the statues, including my boyfriend, who is black. Are you calling me and him racists?

      • Chip Crawford

        This one slithers into sites with “perspective” copied from a site. Does a lot of “opposition research.” Good copy and paster. Tries for the casual approach, but never quite pulls it off, and when challenges, you get the tongue of the asp.

      • Linda

        It shouldn’t get your back up so much that I copied and pasted what the authors had to say about their ad. There is nothing wrong with informing oneself before deciding to detest someone or something. The ad is very well done, so I looked the originators up. I don’t want to base my opinion on your analysis alone. I can’t answer your questions though because you are asking the wrong person.

        • Chip Crawford

          You know, the left’s platform, speech, talking points, whatever they say is so skewed to their takeover ambitions, so anti-American, increasingly anti-God and downright illogical in many instances, that it’s hard to believe anyone could actually credit them. It is so odious to freedom loving, truth embracing Christians especially. So, when someone comes along, seeing the values held here, and just routinely goes ahead and drops a load of their poop, it‘s really hard to think they may not intend to give offense.

        • GPS Daddy

          >> I don’t want to base my opinion on your analysis alone.
          >> not make friends with bigots and terrorists.

          Nope… these two do not go together. In these posts, Linda, you have tipped your hand that your firmly in the left’s agenda. An agenda that stands against the gospel.

          • Linda

            I read a few paragraphs on a website by the creator of the ad after first reading an article here about it. I shared what I read in case others also consider it important not to form opinions based on one article. It is downright shocking that people here jump up and down and consider that a traitorous and malicious act. Explains quite a bit in fact.

          • Bryan

            Linda, without any analysis from you about the paragraphs you copied from their site, a logical conclusion is that you believe what you pasted. To many, what you pasted from their site is as bad as the ad itself. It’s name calling in the guise of holding up a mirror. It’s patently unfounded except by those in a delusional state where acceptance must equal affirmation and race is the only factor that has any bearing on political discussions.
            And now you’re playing yourself as the victim of those who disagree with the ad and the press release of the ad that you pasted from their site. People didn’t jump up and down, etc. because you pasted something from the other side. They jump up and down, etc. because you seem to believe that site over the analysis and criticism in this article.
            I, for one, am glad that you found that press release. I’m glad because it confirms what the author of this article wrote. That this ad was a gross and desperate attempt to discredit a political opponent because they couldn’t defend against the logic of his positions.

          • Chip Crawford

            It is amazing the way today’s Democrats, left “thinkers,” have resorted to accusation equating to deed, as you have expressed here, the name calling substituting for a true reflection of actions. They even declare as proven, without proving, what the president or Republicans or “the right” think and want to do. It reflects their severe bankruptcy of ideas and wholesome dialogue. They have dislodged reason in communication because they cannot participate. It is so sad because some of the young ones you get to see ever so often have ideas, are fresh and constructive, but are being held down by this stuck, decaying old guard. That this “Linda” cannot see the reckless and unbridled hatred in that piece she dropped here speaks of the disconnect they suffer.

          • GPS Daddy

            >>that people here jump up and down and consider that a traitorous and malicious act

            Your the one who implied that people here are bigots.

          • Chip Crawford

            What is explained by your paste is your level of gullibility.

        • allie B

          I think the ad speaks for itself, don’t you Linda.

          You are correct – the ad is very well done. That is, if the purpose is to light a fire under conservative voters most of whom take umbrage at being portrayed as bigoted, vile, child killers. I cannot imagine anyone with conservative values – respect for life from birth to natural death, individual freedom, religious freedom, property rights, the right for parents to educate their children as they see fit, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and respect for the rule of law – who isn’t motivated by this ad to get out and vote. Every voter in Virginia ought to see this ad.

          • Chip Crawford

            The ad speaks for its promoters – bullies, libelers, slanderers. If they had proof, real actions, real deeds, real words and not just twisted ones, they wouldn’t have to create it. It would be all over the news, you can bet on that. Remember those nazis they like to bring up so often — it’s because they are using the same propaganda and other tactics from that infamous group. THEY DO what they accuse others of doing. **Please note that Donna Brazille is speaking out against HRC and shady Dem tactics during her time there. Caution: she may begin to have health problems …

          • allie B

            I think you misunderstand my comment. I am not supporting the ad or its promoters, quite the opposite. I am pointing out, however, that they are fools if they think this kind of vitriol won’t blow up in their faces.

          • Chip Crawford

            I saw that obscurely, but your subtle approach with irony would be lost on her, and a clear stand is so important. Mine was not so much directed back at you. Thank you. 🙂

    • Patmos

      “for perspective”

      Perspective? Yeah, they’re even more bonkers than I thought, trying to justify this garbage.

    • Paul

      The perspective I got from that is they are as nuts as their ad

  • Chip Crawford

    It’s quite interesting that that malicious accusing ad corresponds with the recent NY city terror attack. Bet they wish they had not stooped that low. The Alinsky influenced accusing bombardment, assigning motives, vilifying and slandering to the point of declaring what someone thinks or wants or feels as proven fact is ripe for exposure these days. It’s time these unfounded slanderers be legally challenged and these reckless and divisive accusers be made subject to heavy judgments and even criminal prosecution with jail time where warranted. This would include members and leaders of Congress and other political figures. They are using the evil premise that a drumbeat sounding to repetitive numbness will eventually take hold. Stand up accusers with your proof or sit down and shut up your lies.

  • Patmos

    Check the video on this by Mark Dice, “Worst Political Campaign Ad of All Time !” on YouTube. It features another video that has young, and yes I mean young, Hispanic kids cursing and giving the finger. I’m not kidding. Be warned, it’s honestly probably worse than this latest one, just because of the child exploitation angle. After seeing it, I think maybe I now understand how DNC head Tom Perez got his foul mouth.

    And we wonder why the left is unraveling so dramatically? If you can’t take care of even the little things…

    • Paul

      Wow, hadn’t seen that 2016 ad before, disgusting

  • The General

    I’ve spent lots of time around Civil War buffs, include re-enactors. I’ve never yet met one that would deserve to be called “racist.” This past year, the animus against Confederate monuments is just plain silly, and so is assuming that anyone displaying a Confederate flag is a white supremacist.

    That is the most sickening and libelous political ad ever.

  • Hmmm…

    The Democrats doing these kinds of things have left established norms. The irony of this should not be lost. They are the ones hiring thugs to fill the streets all over the country, literally bashing with cudgels those with whom they disagree. I think it’s the Clinton effect, Bill’s backhanded, underhanded ways, to which Hillary infused her Sol Alinsky indoctrination.

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