The Death of Hugh Hefner and the End of the Sexual Revolution

By Michael Brown Published on September 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. I hope he found grace and repentance before leaving this world. I also hope that his death will signify the end of the sexual revolution. It has failed miserably on every front. May it never rise again.

The sexual revolution promised freedom but produced bondage. It promised excitement but produced emptiness. It promised thrills and produced STD’s. It was destined to crash and burn from the very first day.

It’s a terrible shame it took so long.

Although Alfred Kinsey’s perverted sex studies, first released in 1948, helped pave the way for the sexual revolution, the real seeds were planted with Playboy’s nude photoshoot of Marilyn Monroe in 1953. Then, those seeds grew with explosive force in the counterculture revolution of the 1960s. And the rest, as they say, is history — a very sad history, for sure.

Playboy’s Legacy? Nothing Good.

Today, 8-year-olds are getting exposed to hardcore pornography. Children as young as 10 are learning the relative health risks of anal vs. oral vs. vaginal intercourse. Twelve-year-olds are sexting each other, sometimes committing suicide when their naked pictures circulate through their school. Condoms have been made available to first graders. (What, pray tell, does a 6-year-old child do with a condom?) Healthy young men cannot perform without Viagra because of their porn addictions. Married couples in their 20’s no longer have sex because it has become so meaningless to them. Half of all babies born to first time mothers are now conceived out of wedlock.

Thanks for nothing, sexual revolution. You have brought nothing but destruction.

And what does this porn glut produce? Broken marriages. Sexual addictions. Perverse fleshly appetites. Deadly STD’s. The degrading of women.

Last year, for a short period of time, Playboy announced that it would no longer carry nude pictures in its magazine or on its website.

But Playboy did not temporarily abandon nude pictorials because society had become more moral. It was abandoning these pictorials because society had become so immoral that Playboy’s relatively mild pornography was no longer a draw. Pornography of the most sordid kind was freely available everywhere, so who needed pictures of nude women in Playboy? Porn was now ubiquitous.

And what does this porn glut produce? Broken marriages. Sexual addictions. Perverse fleshly appetites. Deadly STD’s. The degrading of women. Lots of bad and lots of evil. Absolutely nothing good.

The Sexual Revolution: Destroying Our Sons and Daughters

Consider these stats from a government website:

Adolescents ages 15-24 account for nearly half of the 20 million new cases of STD’s each year. Today, two in five sexually active teen girls have had an STD that can cause infertility and even death. Also, though rates of HIV are very low among adolescents, males make up more than 80 percent of HIV diagnoses among 13- to 19-year-olds.

This is the reality of the sexual revolution, not that naked woman inviting you into her chat room to satisfy your fantasies.

Sir, that smiling beauty calling to you from your laptop makes you feel wanted. She has what you need. Let your dreams come true!

But here’s what those flirtations will get you. An increased desire for more of the same, followed by an increased desire for something more intense, followed by an embarrassing addiction to hard-core perversion. And it started with that beautiful smile!

Young lady, when that photographer told you were beautiful, he did it for one reason only. Money. And that fleeting high you got the first time men paid to look at you was tinged with embarrassment, then hardness, then drugs to ease the pain.

It’s a trap. It’s a lie. Get out while you can!

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Although I didn’t see the episode myself, I was told that many years ago, Hugh Hefner appeared on the Mike Douglas show. At one point during the interview (and I paraphrase), Douglas said to Hefner, “Hey, your daughter has become a beautiful young woman. I guess it’s time for her to pose nude?”

Hefner’s response said it all. “Of course not! My daughter won’t be posing nude.”

And there, in a nutshell, is the bankruptcy of the sexual revolution: It destroys our sons and daughters. But all hope is not lost. The sexual revolution can be reversed. There is a better way. A much better way. God’s way.

The True Path to Being Satisfied Sexually

Sexual intimacy divorced from relational fidelity produces frustration and shame and guilt in the end.

I’ve read a number of studies that all say the same thing: Singles who engage in one-night stands and have multiple sexual partners are the least satisfied sexually. Committed, married couples are the most satisfied sexually.

That’s because we are not just physical animals, fulfilling a bodily function. We are human beings with emotions and values and desires, and sexual intimacy divorced from relational fidelity produces frustration and shame and guilt in the end.

That’s why, in more than 41 years of marriage, it has never dawned on me once to envy the likes of Hugh Hefner, a man who slept with more gorgeous women in a week than most of us have met in a lifetime.

What a pitiful, lost soul, and what a tragic, ugly legacy.

And this brings me back to where we started. I hope he found grace and repentance before leaving this world. I also hope that his death will signify the end of the sexual revolution.

(For supporting data for some of the information cited in this article, see the chapter, “From Playboy to Purity: Reversing the Sexual Revolution,” in Saving a Sick America: A Prescription for Moral and Cultural Transformation.)

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  • Hildabeast

    Even more noteworthy than his Mike Douglas Show answer is the rare known fact that his very first wife cheated on Hefner.. It devastated him. and instead of forgiving, his resentment gave birth to Hef, the Playboy…. generalize it to an unloving mother… or a harsh father… matters not. Our Lord implores us to forgive that He will forgive us.

    The cost of unforgiveness… as we can see, is dire.

  • Craig Roberts

    Exploiting young women for profit. Hell’s probably not hot enough. The only thing worse I can think of is exploiting the word of God.

  • Kathleen LaValley

    I think the seeds of the sexual revolution were planted by Margaret Sanger and fertilized by Hugh Hefner

  • Jeremy L

    I actually agree with a lot of this. I wouldn’t dismiss Kinsey, however, since his work has revealed much about human sexuality, his methods and personal life notwithstanding. Some of your claims are simply wild – namely the exposure of young children to pornography and sexual health lessons. It would help if you could back these claims up with something instead of directing us to your book. Is it really selling so poorly you have to keep trying to force us to buy it?

  • Stephen D

    Although it is said that pornography “exploits” women, it often does so by taking advantage of certain immoral drives of the women themselves. Hugh Heffner’s “bunnies” presumably were not forced into their roles. Women have to take their share of responsibility for pornography, just as they should take their share of responsibility for prostitution. It is true that some women are forced into these activities by extreme poverty and I’m not denying that sexual enslavement of women exists and is evil. But in many cases in our society the women involved regard their participation in these activities simply as a professional choice. Hence the terms “sex worker” and “porn (movie) star”. Many women are naturally promiscuous and like to demonstrate their skill at seducing men. There is a real sense in which they are exploiting men in many cases, rather than the other way around – or perhaps they are exploiting each other. Either way, the warnings in Proverbs about this, directed to men, should be noted by both sexes.

  • Steven_Broiles

    I disagree with you that Hefner had more of an impact than Kinsey, on the ideological level. This turn of events, the Sexual Revolution, was a long time in the making, beginning with Freud and Jung, and then moving on to Bernays, Kinsey and then Hefner. This is not to defend Hef; on the contrary, the relatively mild centerfold of Marilyn Monroe, just the appetizer, could not have been socially acceptable without the prior work of the other men I have mentioned. After all, the foundation must be built before the building goes up.
    Playboy Magazine was an entrepreneurial success for a number of reasons, most notably not merely the centerfold but the variety it offered its readers, from gonzo journalism and advice, on to the party jokes page and assorted humor, fiction and the like. This in and of itself did not make Hefner any more moral, to be sure: I remember seeing him on Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin. The man was an amoral criminal psychopath, in my layman’s humble opinion. He was quite cynical.
    And not to be cynical myself, but I DO NOT hope that Old Hef found grace and repentance: He was a self-avowed and proclaimed enemy of Jesus Christ and the Gospel, calling the Bible “The world’s most dangerous book.” Let’s not be naive here: Yes, Hef did his share of the damage, but he did not do it alone. Hugh Hefner DID NOT invent The Pill, either, which, I think, did more damage than anything save for abortion. At any rate, we all go through this life once; Hef seemed to indicate—at every twist and turn—that he preferred to go to the Devil. So, Yes, I am confident he is with him: We all get the chance to choose our Eternal Master; Hef—like the other men I’ve mentioned—made theirs. They knew what they were doing.

  • Xrucianus

    How is it that we evangelicals can so deftly (and rightfully, in my mind) denounce the compounding destructive hedonistic immorality of Hugh Hefner… and yet remain so blindly silent toward the compounding, destructive hedonistic immorality of one of Hefner’s greatest devotees: our current POTUS??

  • ‘Tis Moi

    Wow– no one projects quite like the religiously deluded! And no one wishes retribution like them either. It’s that sound of rubbing hands together all excited at “hellfire & brimstone”….All nonsense designed by some very creative & evil men in order to control & savage others. No, the bible isn’t the most dangerous book, but it’s sure one of them, along with the Quran & other outright blather produced by the aforementioned charlatans. Hefner was just a man– nothing more & he won’t be burning (unless he was cremated) because that’s hogwash. He lived a long life the way he wanted & now he no longer exists, just as he didn’t exist for all of time until he was randomly born. Done. Condolences to his family & friends.

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