Christians Must Unite Now Against LGBT Bullies and Their Allies

By Michael Brown Published on March 28, 2016

The mayor of San Francisco has banned all publicly-funded city employees from traveling to North Carolina.

The NFL is threatening to block Atlanta, Georgia from hosting a future Super Bowl.

The NBA is threatening to relocate next year’s All Star game from Charlotte, North Carolina to another city.

Corporate giants like American Airlines and Hollywood giants like Disney are threatening action against Georgia and North Carolina.

Why? It is because North Carolina has passed a bill requiring people to use the public bathroom or locker room that corresponds to their birth certificate gender and because Georgia has enacted legislation (yet to be signed by the governor) that would protect pastors from having to perform same-sex “marriages.”

It is time for Christians and all people of conscience to say, “Enough is enough with your bullying. We are not going to bow down to your threats. We will do what is right, regardless of cost or consequence, and in the end, we will be vindicated for taking a stand.”

As for Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, he’s acting more like a dictator than a mayor. Who gave him the right to tell city-funded employees where they could travel in their own country, once known as “the land of the free”?

Unfortunately, the pattern is all too familiar.

A state like Indiana passes a Religious Freedoms Act that mirrors national law, as a result of which gay bullies and their allies threaten to pull their businesses from the state — from Wal-Mart to Apple to Craig’s List to the NCAA — and within days, the governor and the legislation cave, passing a new law that makes things worse than ever. (This happened in March, 2015; the Indianan legislators and governor have since pushed back to some degree.)

We cannot let this happen in our states (I have lived in North Carolina since 2003), and as believers nationwide, we must stand together and reject these pressure tactics and call them out for what they are: unethical, strong-armed, bullying.

Never bow down to bullies.

Earlier this year, I helped draft an 8-page letter to the mayor and City Council of Charlotte, detailing the negative effects that their new, “anti-LGBT discrimination” bill could have. (Ironically, a gay man who was instrumental in helping to push this bill through was a convicted, child sex-offender who has since resigned as president of Charlotte’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce because of his past record.)

Among the negative effects of this bill outlined in my letter were:

  • The door would be opened wide to heterosexual predators who would use transgender bathroom rights to spy on girls and women (for chilling video evidence of what these heterosexual predators have done, see here).
  • The proposed changes could lead to widespread discrimination against Christians and other people of faith who, in good conscience, could not participate in same-sex “weddings” (such as photographers, bakers, florists, and others). The law would now be decidedly against them.

I also noted, “National studies indicate that states which do not have non-discrimination laws including ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ are suffering no ill effects economically,” dispelling the myth that only “progressive” (= “pro-LGBT”) cities are prospering. The evidence is clearly against this.

This is yet another reason to stand up to the bullies: Good business practices and hard work lead to prosperity, not being politically correct. (For the truth about the North Carolina bill, which the secular media is largely failing to report, see here, and note that in North Carolina, some of the companies protesting the loudest already have policies to protect LGBT “rights” and those policies are completely unaffected by the new law.)

In Georgia, the main focus was preserving religious freedoms, such as protecting pastors from having to perform same-sex “wedding” ceremonies. (Religious freedoms were certainly an issue in North Carolina, but the central focus here was on the bathroom bill.)

Yet as Ryan Anderson pointed out, the bill passed by the Georgia legislature was quite narrow in its protections, contained language that could be used against people of faith, and was a significantly gutted version of a far from perfect original bill.

In other words, the current bill awaiting the governor’s signature is quite tame, simply providing the barest of protections of our religious liberties, and it is still creating an uproar of protest, as “More than 30 of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters sent a threatening letter to Gov. Nathan Deal, telling him in no uncertain terms that if he passes the religious-freedom bill the legislature handed him for consideration, they’ll never work in Georgia again.”

As I have warned for years, the activists who came out of the closet want to put you and me in the closet, and they will not rest until that door is safely shut. It is time for us to say: That will never happen, and we will go to jail rather than compromise our convictions. Your bullying will backfire in the end.

When it comes to transgender issues, we are dealing with an unquantifiable, untestable condition which relies entirely on self-perception (and can switch by the day or the hour), as noted by Margaret A. Hagen, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University. Yet the mayor of Seattle recently used an executive order to allow biological males to use women’s bathrooms.

What kind of social madness is this?

In the days to come, I plan to lay out some specific calls to action, including a strategy for Christian athletes in the NFL and NBA. But for now, it’s time for us to get on our knees before God so we can stand tall before man, resolving in our hearts that, whatever it takes (in godly, not fleshly terms), we will do what is right. (For an excellent, strategic handbook, see here.)

For the moment, I encourage you to take a moment to send a note of appreciation to Gov. Pat McCrory in North Carolina for not caving in (he will be under heavy pressure in the days ahead) and a note strongly encouraging Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to sign House Bill 757 into law. Will you stop and do that right now?

Billy Graham once said, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” Let courage spread from you to others — in your home, your school, your place of business, your congregation — beginning today. We will not bow down to the bullies!

Update: Shortly after this article was posted, news came that Georgia governor Nathan Deal caved to pressure and vetoed the religious protections bill for his state. This makes the matter all the more urgent.

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  • Nancy Janzen

    There is a men’s room. Transgender males can use any restroom they want. Where is the women’s room?

    • John W.

      Good point.

    • April k

      Yes, transmen use the men’s room and transwomen use the women’s room, thanks for the support!

  • TruthTeller

    Easy solution: add a third restroom everywhere that is a transgender restroom. Anyone who chooses to can use it. But those born men: stay out of the ladies room and ladies locker room while my daughter is in there.

    • 6thinclass

      The Transgender restroom could even be a one-stall (or, as we said in the olden days: one-holer) – nothing elaborate.

      • April k

        Or the one percent of the population whi think and speak like you, can use the “idiots only” bathroom. If you can’t find one you will just have to poop next to normal people like myself. Just keep your stupid mouth shut and you won’t offend anybody.

    • Mark Vukelich

      Stop being ignorant.

      There have been more politicians arrested for sexual assault in a restroom than there have been transgender people.

      • Nancy Janzen

        The only people being deprived are women. You have the men’s room. Transgender get to use any room. But only women are deprived of privacy so since it doesn’t affect you stfu.

        • Trevor

          Okay Nancy. How about this… This now becomes the business of every man who has a daughter.

      • TruthTeller

        Only liberal insanity says a man should be allowed to walk in to a ladies/girls restroom and locker room. We know your talking points of “bigot” and “ignorant.” Doing what is right and decent does not seem to matter to your crowd.

  • 6thinclass

    Why isn’t it possible for the Christian State Leaders to stand their ground & trust in God to honor their applying God’s law? Trust that God would replace businesses that leave the State and those that boycott in any fashion. Granted it would not be easy & some citizens of that State would protest. Boycotts go both ways too! We cannot remain wimps!

    I heard on the news that the Georgia Governor caved & did not sign the bill.

    • Mark Vukelich

      You can’t remain bigots either.

      • 6thinclass

        Not bigot! Dogma. I will even admit to being a fanatic. Not bigot.

    • O’Pinyon

      “But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul.”
      Hebrews 10:39

  • Ron Newlin

    The very first sentence in this article is, intentionally or not, very misleading. The mayor of San Francisco (and now the Governor of New York) is not banning public employees from traveling to North Carolina on their own time and dime; simply cutting off official publicly-funded travel, such as to conferences, etc. Hysterical articles like this one are getting people up in arms (literally, soon, I’m afraid) by creating bogeymen. In fact, the bullies are the fundamentalist Christians from rural districts, using their gerry-mandered majorities in the state legislatures to over-rule the democratic process in cities like Charlotte (or Indianapolis here in Indiana) where the majority WANT civil rights protections for all citizens.

    • Philip Wilson


      It is not hysterical at all to think that grown men standing next to my teenage daughter don’t have male chemistry working inside of them regardless of the clothing that they were. In fact it would seem that you folks have a gender stereotype believing that a certain type of clothing indicates gender. If a man can become a woman then doesn’t that indicate that there really is no such thing as a woman and if that is true then exactly what does it mean for a man to become a woman. As long as there are two bathrooms there will exist discrimination of one sort or another. Can you see that logically this is only going to end up with one bathroom for all if you truly want to get rid of discrimination. Your ideas are against the natural order. You seem to understand that they are certainly anti-Christian. What philosophy do you have that would help us to understand how you came to the conclusions that you did? What is your belief system that would say there really is no difference between men and women? It’s not just Christians who need to answer this question. So do you.

      • Elizabeth Putnam

        Thing is women’s bathrooms are separated by stalls. Unless you purposely look through the stall doors, you can’t see another person going to the bathroom. Anyways how is watching another person going to the bathroom sexually pleasing?

        • Philip Wilson

          Elizabeth, you are obviously not a male. Do you think males and females respond differently to different stimuli?

          • Elizabeth Putnam

            People in general interpret the same experience in different ways.

      • April k

        Is your opinion based on actual experience with transgender people? If it is, then your opinion may be worth more than a pile of poop.

        • Philip Wilson

          April, What is a transgender person?

          • April k

            Thats actually a really complicated answer. The word is used is many different ways to encompass a small or large set of individuals. I am a proponent of the most open definition, but will herefor use the more narrow one which is the one used by any of the bathroom laws and popular media. Specifically, when a transgender woman or transgender man is referenced, what is being said is an individual who was born and identified as belonging to one sex, by doctors, but who eventually grows up to experience the gendered aspect of identity as other than that sex, mostly as the “opposite” of that sex.

          • Philip Wilson


            Thanks for taking time to answer my question.

            Is the identification at birth subjective or objective? Doesn’t that presume that there is fixed identification for males and females that someone then identifies with? What about gender fluidity? Can I do the same thing with other aspects of my body, like my height or race or any other physical characteristic? Is there a limiting principle? Does my belief about things change objective reality? If I believe my car is an orange does that actually make it into an orange?

            What is a man and what is a woman?

          • April k

            Sex identification at birth is based on limited criteria, actually the intersex community has a lot more to say about this part than I do. They do not test the as yet undeveloped mind, nor the genetics which may reveal a different story. Have you ever thought about this importance or purpose in putting physical sex identification labels on infants? Seriously, where is the fire? The personal information about our genitals doesn’t really need to follow us around like neon signs, our government ID, our job applications, our baby clothes, sex ed class, people’s foolish assumptions of whether we should be told we are smart or pretty.

            Thank you for having some understanding between physical sex (genitals, male, female) and gender (identity, man, woman). You already have an idea for what a mother or father is, or sister or brother, or man or woman, just stop imagining what the genitals are, that is it!

            “Can I do the same thing with other aspects of my body, like my height or race or any other physical characteristic?” None of this is a broad reaching philosophy which we are only putting towards or gender atypical purposes. This is millions of people pronouncing who we are and it is the medical consensus that we are just that. To answer your question, do you really want to identify as a really tall person? I don’t care, go ahead. I can’t prove what is or is not within your mind. I would only warn you that you might have some uncomfortable social situations, since yours is a group of one, nobody is aware, and you would just be making crap up.

            This is not a fun mind game, nobody chooses these parts of there identity, we all just grow into our genders. Asking about cars and oranges is basically stating that you think we are totally crazy or that we are somehow anarchists. Neither is true, though hiding who I was for 30 years and the first few months after coming out I was treated like crap and was not at my best of mental health. I hope you can see that I am genuine and not a crazy person.

            Oh, I would rather let a gender fluid person answer that question…

            Have a good day 🙂

          • Philip Wilson


            Whether sex id at birth is based on limited criteria or not the question was is it objective? That’s not to say that there aren’t genetic anomolies and I’m guessing that you are aware that those people aren’t really what we are talking about here. Sure I have thought about sex identification. This whole transgender movement revolves around the issue. Genetalia are simply the outward manifestation of what is true of every cell in the body, that they are genedered.

            For transgenderism to exist it must first assume that there actually is some objective identity that is the opposite gender that one has a desire to be. The question then is this a mutable or immutable characteristic. Height is a somewhat mutable characteristic as one grows and then ages and shrinks as one gets older or has an accident. Sexual identification is tied to every cell in your body. Anyone can make assertions. It is another thing to actually show that those assertions are true. Besides cells differences that are many hormonal differences and differnces in internal organs. These things have nothing to do with the mind and what a person thinks. Women have certain characteristics and men have other characteristics and actually if that wasn’t true then transgenderism wouldn’t make sense. As to the philosophy why are you seeming to limit this only to sexuality, or by what principle would you do so? There are plenty of other people who believe they are a different race than they actually are. There are people who are able bodied and believe that they should have been born disabled and actually have surgery to have limbs removed. There are people who identify as dogs and various other animals. There are people who are middle aged who are claiming to be six year olds. Aren’t all of these an imposition of subjective reality? This almost sounds like a Buddhist philosophy where everything is an illusion. Are there actual facts that we can state about the world and the way that it is? Are you merely a clump of cells or do you have an immaterial soul attached to a physical body? I think a lot of the discussions are people simply equivocating on what they mean and talking past one another.

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

          • April k

            “what is true of every cell in the body, that they are genedered” Does your heart have a penis? Do your intestines have a vagina? Don’t be silly, bud.

            “Height is a somewhat mutable characteristic”, All traits have a range of potential which are expressed through life but only fall somewhere along that predetermined range. In the case of height, genetics is the determining factor, but other things like sexuality and gender identity, genes are not the factor.

            What you are looking for I cannot provide, I am not a scientist and I don’t care to be one. I am me, I experience my gender identity as immutable. There is limited data which backs that up, go do some research. Also, you will note that all transgender people say that it is immutable.

            What value does being skeptical of millions of humans who are merely asserting an identity and backing that up by working very hard to make that a reality, all the while facing contempt and danger by doing so?..

            What value is there in denying anyone any declared statement regarding their self, so long as it does not affect anyone else negatively?

            You are quite welcome, have a good night 😀

  • Randell Franklyn Busby

    When people of, one assumes, sincere religious belief raised millions of dollars and invested million of hours to defeat a pro-lgbt anti-discrimination bill in California (Proposition 8) they described their activities as an exercise of their religious freedom rights. And yet, when people of sincere religious (and non-religious) belief work to defeat pro-discrimination bills in North Carolina and Georgia, they are described as bullies. It’s all right to have an opinion, it’s not all right to be intellectually dishonest or descend to common jingoism to score points.

  • So what I hear you saying is… you don’t like it when people refuse to do business with you because of who you are?

    In fact, it even feels like persecution when people won’t do business with you because of who you are?

    Because in the same breath I hear you saying it is perfectly legal and proper to deny services to people. You’re okay with bakers refusing to bake, with restaurants kicking men out if they act too gay, with even doctors refusing to see patients if the patient’s parents happen to be gay.

    Maybe before you start screaming about persecution and the “bullies” coming to get you, you should think about how you’ve been treating other people?

  • Steve

    Those people committing crimes are obviously mentally ill and promoting their sickness by abusing the law made with the interest supposedly for diversity of culture. The law in this case original intentions aside can act to promote crimes by those within or pretending to be within a known group who endanger and harm targeted victims. Any law then promoting diversity must not be constructed so as to allow for the rights of one group in a way that allows endangerment of another group. This video shows many examples where mentally ill criminals use the guise of transsexualism whether they are or are not to endanger others apparently women of all ages. There are many transsexual people who may not be criminals and would not be classified as mentally ill by today’s dsmv categories. However, as long as the law can be used to increase the risk of crime by those within a group or pretending to be within a group in order by gain access to another group then that law should be struck down as in the case of transgender bathrooms. It becomes also a matter of practicality for crime prevention in the normal day to day activities of people.

    Transgender bathrooms is one way that has been suggested for businesses who wish to avoid litigation and this may be the best way to work around the problem given the current quagmire of back and forth legislation pressures. Transgender people should really have little complaint since they “identify” as transgender. If the argument is still by them to use women’s or men’s or both bathrooms it ignores the risks already discussed concerning targeted groups by those using that diversity argument. Transgender people need to be respectful to the rights in such case of other groups who wish to feel safe by using bathrooms accessible to their own sex and understand that some mentally ill criminals will take the opportunity to use transsexualism to attack their victims. Transsexuals cannot tell others simply that you’ll be fine when the evidence points to the contrary.

    In my opinion i believe that the transgender lifestyle is one that is deviant but the lifestyle is protected under our constitution as all Americans should be. Bathrooms are simply one of the issues involving the lgbt. There are others involving such litigation and legislative pressure. I grew up in a city where i lost jobs because i was heterosexual and not allowed to make a living and that bothered me. The lgbts were not criminals by the letter of the law but certainly they were not respectful of my rights. Another area is in health care. If a transsexual identifies as such can it be as a woman or as a man or both. The point is more clear when for instance the health insurance premiums are less for a woman but the pay is higher for a man. These are other issues that have to be decided fairly in terms of heterosexual people. It almost seems like transsexuals want to be everything and anything whenever they choose no matter if its fair to you and me.

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