What Christians Are Missing in the Roy Moore Debate

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore, sitting next to his wife Kayla Moore, waits to speak at a news conference with supporters and faith leaders on Nov. 16, 2017, in Birmingham, Ala.

By Michael Brown Published on November 24, 2017

Earlier this week, I asked this poll question on Twitter: “If Roy Moore was running against Hillary Clinton for POTUS and you believed he was guilty of the 40-year-old, serious charges being brought against him, how would you vote?”

In response, 39 percent said they would still vote for Moore, 6 percent said they would vote for Hillary, and 55 percent said they would not vote at all. (A few others wrote in that they would vote for a third party candidate.)

Some were not happy with the question, tweeting, “Why are you asking this hypothetical question about Judge Moore? It causes the thought to form in people’s minds, even unconsciously, that he might be guilty. But he is plainly innocent and he needs to be vigorously defended by all who love the truth.”

Another wrote, “personally I dislike the implied bias in the question. …so I’m. not voting.” And still another posted, “Roy Moore is a Christian brother. For the last 40 years Roy Moore has served Jesus Christ and the people of Alabama. Why do you cast obstacles and divisions? What appetite are you satisfying with your salacious questions?”

To be candid, I find such responses distressing.

Issues That Need to be Discussed

These are real issues that need to be discussed, and the nation is watching to see how evangelical Christians respond to serious allegations against one of our own. Do we simply look the other way? Do we condemn the Harvey Weinsteins (and others on the left) based on witness testimony but question witness testimony when it comes against our side?

More importantly, if we believed Judge Moore to be guilty, would we vote for him for the alleged greater good? As another follower tweeted, “Shall We Endorse Evil That Good May Result?

To reiterate my own position yet again, I hope Judge Moore is innocent and I would love to see him serve in the Senate. And I have prayed (and do pray) that the truth would come to light before the elections, whatever the truth might be.

In fact, because I’ve said we need to evaluate the evidence fairly, I was blasted by one Christian woman who wrote,

Dr. Brown, you are the reason women don’t come forward when they’re sexually assaulted. One of the primary reasons they don’t is they won’t be believed. It’s men like you that help to keep women silent. This is why women are thankful for compassionate, unbiased, Christlike leaders who believe Leigh Corfman and Beverly Nelson.

(For the record, Christian women, including a number who were molested and raped, told me overwhelmingly that they differed with this woman’s assessment. For a relevant video, go here.)

One man wrote, “Is Dr. Brown the chaplain for right wing media? He sure acts like it! Is there anything they push that Dr. Brown doesn’t repeat?” Another opined, “Dr Brown is appearing more and more to be a hireling.” And still another wrote (this man clearly a liberal), “Shame on you, you cowardly old crackpot. History will be your judge. And there’s good reason for you to be very uneasy about that.”

These attacks were the result of my calling on Gloria Allred to release Beverly Young Nelson’s yearbook for forensic analysis. So, if anything, I could be criticized for not immediately believing his accusers’ rather than criticized for casting “obstacles and divisions” or making people think that “he might be guilty.” I truly do not know who to believe at this point as I weigh the evidence before God.

Either the Charges are False, or Moore is Lying

The reality, though, is that I’m asking an important ethical question: If you knew that a staunchly evangelical candidate was guilty of trying to force himself on girls as young as 14 when he was in his 30s and was lying about it today, would you still vote for that person if it was for the alleged greater good?

It would be one thing if this was part of Judge Moore’s public record (and again, I hope the charges are not true) and, when these issues were brought to light again, he said, “Yes, I had a serious moral issue in my life at that time. But with God’s help and with the help of local ministers, I dealt with that issue and have been sexually chaste ever since. My record speaks for itself.”

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It would be one thing if everything had been worked out with the families involved 40 years ago and someone rediscovered these incidents today. (Once more, I’m not presuming guilt; I’m simply presenting scenarios.)

If that were the case, we could say, “We’ve all blown it one way or another in the past. And even if his transgressions were more serious than others, he dealt with them, all parties involved were satisfied, and he has had an exemplary track record until today. Why shouldn’t I vote for him?”

Things would even be different if he immediately confessed when the charges came forward and said, “Yes, this is all true, and I’m embarrassed by what happened. But no charges were ever pressed, I made peace with God and man and deeply repented of my actions. And as you can see, no such charges have been brought against me within the last 40 years. My life has been squeaky clean.”

Again, we could choose to forgive the past and vote for the man based on his 40-year track record.

But this is not the case. Either the charges are false or is he lying about them to this day, meaning his very Christian witness must be questioned.

The Ultimate Issue for Me is His Integrity

This is the essential point I feel many evangelicals are missing. And while I would consider voting for someone who confessed to such misdeeds from more than four decades ago if they demonstrated a changed life ever since, I would not vote for a lying hypocrite.

So, if I was living in Alabama today and nothing definitive came out before the elections, I would either believe Judge Moore and vote for him or else I would believe his accusers and not vote at all. The ultimate issue for me is his integrity and honesty today, since his whole campaign is based on his strong Christian witness and strong Christian stand.

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  • Patmos

    Politics in the US have become so dirty that I don’t really give much credence to what any politician says anymore, and it’s to the point where politicians almost have to lie in some shape or fashion or else they will get steam rolled.

    In fact, I almost consider it a bright spot of sorts that all they could drudge up on Trump was some decade old video along with a few allegations. That’s not to say I’m excusing those things, but rather I’m saying, that’s it? And remember all the factions that were against Trump: Pretty much all of DC including much of the Republican party, along with one of the more cunning political families of our time in the Clintons.

    It’s very difficult to gauge where a person’s heart is with absolute precision. Yes, you can know a tree by it’s fruit, but at some point we are not electing these people to be saints here. King David was much revered and rightly so, and yet he killed a man and took his wife. Again not trying to say that type of thing is okay, just saying these people are asked to fulfill the role of an elected official, not live up to an impossible standard of perfection.

    In the end, you try your best to take measure of a person for the sake of the job at hand, trying to see through the mud slinging especially when it’s a blatant political hit job like in the case of Moore.

    • tz1

      Clarence Thomas and his “high-tech lynching”.

      Mr. Browne, if you believed Anita Hill’s testimony was true…

      • stan schmunk

        It was. She was an evangelical.

    • Paul

      “…just saying these people are asked to fulfill the role of an elected official…”

      That’s it right there, the voters in Alabama are going to end up with either Moore or Jones winning that election, choosing to not vote won’t change that, and by going from voting Moore to abstaining you’re helping Jones.

      For most of my voting life I’ve been choosing the lesser of two evils. Sometimes that gap is huge, sometimes less so. This time it’s pretty huge, just on the abortion issue alone.

  • timeout31

    I think the article is circular, and it does not bring any insight into the exact position of truth. So, without the circular motion, it is pretty clear. You look at the accusers. You may want to be supportive of them, but the media gets in the way. Then they immediately jump on the reports as if they are true gets in the way. Then the establishment GOP mobsters get in the way. These are ancient and old, stale accusers. In my mind, I want to be more informed. Also, why hasn’t at least one of these accusers come forward over the years of public service and involvement of Moore? Since no media or politician or even lawyer is going to settle this, I must do my own research. Based upon the preponderance of the things I can find in all printed materials, eliminating the jump to guilty from the GOP Trump haters, I believe the WaPo requested and paid for women to accuse Moore of bad behavior. I can find no reason the believe them, especially Corfman and Nelson. The others didn’t even register. This is a hit job by WaPo aided and abetted by the GOP mob. Women who make false accusations like this are the very people that make it difficult for truly assaulted women to come forward. By the way, harassment is just that: harassment. Assault is much different. Moore may be a lot of things, but he is not a sexual harasser or assaulter. Unfortunately, too many have convicted this man on flimsy accusations that have not been proven to be true….as a matter of fact they have been discredited. So why isn’t there an article about false accusations, and slander? Who needs another circular article that offers no solution? Or insight to the truth? Until we stop being a slave to what the media is brandishing, bring back common sense and thoughts, this will continue to swallow all men.

    PS: I am a woman, mother of many daughters, grand daughters and great grand daughters. If I lived in Alabama I would vote for Moore after the research I have done. In my opinion, there is more “evidence” that says this was a set up by WaPo that has been used by Mitch, and GOP mobster to take down a man they do not want in the Senate. They are haters, liars, and cheats. Many of whom are probably holding their breaths that no one unseals those “accusations” that were covered up by my tax dollars.

  • BroFrank

    For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world–our faith.
    (1 John 5:4)

    There is no one greater in this house than I, nor has he kept back anything from me but you, because you are his wife. How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”
    (Genesis 39:9)

    —And so it was, that the young aspiring protégé, named “Joseph,” who was on his way UP—was willing to spill the beans, lose his shirt, and miss an opportunity to succeed—all because of a “foolish” commitment to retain his virtue before God. Yes, Bro.Brown, you have nailed it on the head!! I have personally had to lay my own livelihood on the line (more than once)—but, to tell the truth, such is a privilege and honor (won’t go into details—it’s simply normal Christianity – Luke 17:10). This one issue, of lying (which no real Christian can do, knowingly, and rest easy at night –Rev. 22:15) is what disturbs me most about this “Moore issue.” Has the Christian community misplaced its understanding of overcoming faith? What is faith for, if not to stand against evil . . . within our own lives???

  • I would vote for Moore were I in Alabama. I went into this with an open mind, see what comes of the evidence mentality. There have been serious holes poked in all the particulars of the Nelson woman and the woman who was 14 at the time, statements by some family of Nelson who say they don’t believe her, and a statement by the mall security head who says Moore was never banned. The ex-policewoman who claims Moore had a rep back then is, in my mind, simply not at all credible. Add to that Allred’s refusal to submit the yearbook for analysis, plus general knowledge of Allred and her lawyer daughter’s MO in these matters, and I believe the accusations have not passed the sustainability test.

    I don’t believe Moore has handled himself perfectly in response to these charges, his first Hannity interview was a bit weak. But he has not handled himself badly either. By hanging tough he has won.

    The charges are almost 40 years old. Come up with something much more recent, show a persistent pattern, and I will call for Moore to step down. But as it is, this senate seat is far too important to give to a liberal Democrat because of what very much looks like an orchestrated 11th hour attack.

  • tz1

    If you, Michael Brown were ACCUSED with roughly the same level of seriousness and evidence Moore was, would you give up all your positions?
    Would you sue for defamation to clear your name?
    Would you care that people BELIEVED you were guilty though you might be completely innocent?
    Would you care that people doxxed you and harrassed you and every family member over the mere accusation?

    There are two potential sins. The lewd acts. And bearing false witness.

    If you BELIEVED the women were making a false accusation, would you approve of hounding and harassing them?

    If instead of Moore v.s. rabid partial birth pro-abort gun grabbing LGBTQ Jones, it was Moore v.s. David Duke, who would you vote for?

    Weinstein has admitted his abuse and there are many more abusers, over a long time span and more recent. That applies to others. He was accused in the normal course of events, not at the 11th hour in a critical senate race that has to raise questions. But you don’t seem to care about asking who benefits, or is there a different level of credibility.

    You IGNORE the KEY question by jumping “if you believed Moore was guilty…” – but that should be the critical question. Is Moore Guilty, beyond the proper level of doubt for the situation. You jump and phrase it such that if he was guilty, then what? His guilt, or any evil cannot be considered in isolation.

    Worse, you also ignore his opponent the Democrat Demon Doug Jones who wants to kill babies in the womb by pulling them out feet first and crushing their skulls. I don’t think you have ever said we shouldn’t have allied with Stalin to defeat Hitler. Sometimes that is the choice, but in this case one is a clearly admitted evil, and the other is a denied accusation of evil.

    If evangelicals really, really want a to support Partial Birth Abortion, they would have no guilt? Are you mad? Or on the side of the same evil you are seeking to avoid?

    Also, Christianity is supposed to make distinctions. And what I “believe” is irrelevant to the question of actual Justice, including my vote. This is like the trolley switch – an out of control trolley is hurtling down a track but there is a split. On one side is Doug Jones, on the other side hundreds of babies and Roy Moore. Which way do you throw the switch?

    I’m not in Alabama, but first I would determine what I believe about Roy Moore. But I would not end there. I would then evaluate his opponent Doug Jones. I would not take “The Benedict Option”. I must choose between Moore and Jones, not simply evaluate Moore in isolation – no more than I would do Jones.

    Are any of the accusations of Moore worse than Jones support of partial-birth abortion and LGBTQ evils? That is the decision.

  • tz1

    So, if I was living in Alabama today and nothing definitive came out before the elections, I would either believe Judge Moore and vote for him or else I would believe his accusers and not vote at all.

    This begs the question. Whom do you believe? Someone who has suffered persecution for his beliefs and has been open and honest for as long as you can determine, or someone with “problems”, and another that went public with Gloria Allred?

    And do you let something uncertain or an unconfirmed belief of guilt override the demonically evil positions his opponent has publicly advocated even a few weeks ago?

    Integrity? Is there ANY reason you don’t think Moore will vote pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Christian positions? ANY evidence from the last 30 years where he hasn’t? That would be a real reason to doubt his integrity.

    Mr. Brown, do you really thing Moore would vote for ANY pro abortion legislation (See Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnell’s Omnibus in December 2015 that funded Planned Parenthood – do THEY have integrity? If you say so, you are the hypocrite). Do you believe Moore would vote for transgender bathrooms?

    Moore was willing to lose his position on the Alabama Supreme Court TWICE rather than compromise his integrity on two serious issues or to deny Christ (he invokes God at the start of each session). On what basis do you challenge his integrity?

    • stan schmunk

      He certainly is a consistent conservative, what evidence is there that he’s a born-again Christian and not just an old-time southern conservative Democrat?

  • Tara Pleban

    I understand what you are saying Dr. Brown. I believe lying about a transgression is the greater transgression and compounds the transgression. Especially if you are a child of God and know you have an advocate. As children of the Light we are to run to the Light, which means being truthful. I do believe this is nothing more than dirty politics. Could I be wrong? Sure. My gut tells me dirty politics. I would vote for him. I would not stay home or give the next guy a free pass. But I understand clearly what you are saying above.

  • Paul

    Doug Jones and Gloria Allred are jumping for joy reading this article. Dissuading Moore voters from voting helps Jones, their mission is accomplished. Jones may even send you a festivus card in appreciation.

  • tz1

    I can side with the good. You seem to demand I side with some nihilistic abstention because the perfect isn’t available, and let the known monstrous evil win.

    I can only see that on one side stands the Devil, and his temples of Molech and Ghomorra. On the other side stands Roy Moore, who sacrificed and suffered to maintain his integrity on the 10 commandments and Gay Marriage. It is not a referendum on Moore’s character or integrity but whether we want to weaken the thin majority in the Senate.

    All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. And that seems what many would advocate. I can’t see inside Moore’s heart, but I can compare how he and Jones have practices over the last decade. I refuse to dismiss that.

    The Pharisees demanded Peter not talk about the cripple healed at the beginning of Acts. You would add “see! see! you denied Jesus thrice! You aren’t qualified!”.

    I will add one thing – if Moore is elected, the Senate can investigate all the accusations UNDER OATH, and call all the witnesses, examine evidence, etc. in a proper legal forum. Why is this NOT acceptable? If he is expelled, we do a reset. But he might be found innocent.

    And if Moore is shown innocent, do you think his accusers should serve long prison sentences for perjury? Assuming they don’t recant under oath.

    • stan schmunk

      Tell us about Jones’ practices over the last decade. I think he prosecuted some KKK guys successfully whereas Moore said in the last two weeks that he blames prayer being taken out of school and ‘newt rights’ given to some in 1965. BTW, the GOP Senators don’t want anything to do with him. Do they know something about him that we don’t?

      • tz1

        Jones supports killing every other black baby in abortion. That is actual genocide occuring today.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Theres something else some Christians & most others not from Alabama are missing.
    It’s the issue of 40 years of authentic service to his country AND authentic witness to his faith. It seems that the overwhelming affirmations to these criteria by 40 years worth of community, family, friends coworkers & congregants attest to that fact. Consequently to presume upon the judges innocence is paramount to presuming upon his spiritual convictions. Were the Judge lying, He’s lying not just before men but more importantly to a man whose record speaks w/out contradiction for at least 38 years, ( given the allegations ) he would be lying before his God. Why unbelievers , particularly those who prefer these allegations to be true for reasons of political expediency may choose to believe these recent accusations is somewhat understandable . Yet those who claim to understand the value of these convictions seem to discount them on a wholesale basis where the Judge is concerned. Even in the face of unsubstantiated accusations which are falling apart by the hour. Come on ..! The timing & the political motivations point to this as being a political hit job. It would seem to be particularly so given the bull dog tenacity w/which these allegations have been met w/by the Judge & the principles that he’s stood for before men & his God. So as I agree w/Dr Brown as to the “ultimate issue “being his integrity, is it unreasonable to presume his innocence in light of everything that should be obvious to even the casual observer ..!
    So, would I vote for a liar for the “greater good” ? Well almost by definition most people do when they vote for most politicians. Greater good or otherwise….
    The operative word by the way is Politician. Not every candidate for office runs as a politician. Some run as statesmen. Some ran as businessmen ….

    • Howard Rosenbaum

      Oh, & sometimes a vote against the”greater evil” is a necessary “lessor evil” .
      Who was it that said whoever is not w/me is against me” ? One can understand
      that ( in the context of values voters ) to mean whoever is not w/the positions (values) I advocate is against those same positions ….

    • Andy6M

      If he’s lying about it today and seeking to discredit his accusers today, that puts his character into question today, regardless of the last 40 years. If he was acting with humility today, or could demonstrate repentance sometime ago, that would lend him more credibility. He doesn’t seem to be doing that though.

      • Howard Rosenbaum

        You seem to have missed my point. Your comment seemingly rejects the presumption of innocence for the presumption of guilt. Both logic & the politics of expediency proffered by the Judges political foes speak much more loudly to my sensibilities than the increasingly crumbling claims of veracity by his accusers . Theres no comparison w/these accusations & those of the Hollywood Elites & largely liberal politicians whose “open secrets are being exposed. With cause. The judges critics should understand that.
        Though at present they don’t & some probably will refuse to even in the face of the last 40 years which are not inconsequential “regardless” of who may think so …!

        • Andy6M

          No – I get your point and I believe due process should be followed. He is innocent until proven guilty. And I hope his 40 years of service and his Christian witness do indeed withstand the accusations. They speak well in his favor. But if due process is to be followed, then it must be followed from both ends. The accusations and his claims against them must bear the weight of scrutiny. You seemed to be coming from the position that his good record should be given heavy weight.. I agree that it should certainly be considered. But only IF… which is why I said IF at the start of my post. His 40 years of good service mean nothing if he’s lying today – it’s all for not. Which would be sad.

          • Chip Crawford


    • Jack Danner

      Quick question for you Howard, why did you say, “…he would be lying before his God”? Why did you use the term, “his God”? I’m not trying to pick a fight; I’m just curious why you chose to phrase it that way.

      • Howard Rosenbaum

        Well Jack, the personal pronoun “his” lends strength to the concept of relationship. It was not an implication that it is perhaps some other “god” of Roy’s own creation . What so many critics of this man who claim an affiliation w/”his” God seem to discount ( in the face of obvious unsubstantiated , politically expedient increasingly discredited accusations ) is character.
        The character that they themselves would be expected to claim were they to choose between continuing to lie or an adamant defense against a lie. The most important factor should be not the consequences of lying before men ( were they guilty as charged ) but the ramifications of lying before the “Judge of both the living & the dead” who one day they will face & won’t be able to discount the temporal consequences of a deliberate & calculated deception. True, theres grace sufficient to provide a mercy capable of forgiveness for that lie. Yet to embrace that forgiveness adequately it would seem that they would need to repent adequately . Now that would involve confession of that sin not just before a merciful God but also before an unforgiving public. There would be consequences . Don’t ya think ..?
        When I weigh all the variables it is much more reasonable that it is NOT the Judge who is guilty here. I could be wrong, but theres also this inner conviction that like me this man values truth more than political expediency …! I have little cause to think the same of the WAPO , MS Allred & most of his political foes ….

        • Jack Danner

          Totally understand your points, and have zero qualms with your arguments regarding Judge Moore, and his current predicament.

          Here’s where I take issue: to say, “lying before his God”, implies that there are multiple gods capable of being lied to. Now, we both know that there is only one true God. Since there is only one true God (Who is by the way, the only just Lawgiver), it’s only possible to lie to Him.

          Therefore, regardless of whether or not the liar belongs to Him, the liar can only lie to God, and not to, “his god”, which is to say, no god at all. In other words, it’s impossible to sin against a false god, as that god has no legal authority.

          That being said, Roy Moore can only lie (if he is indeed lying), to God, and to God alone. It’s literally impossible for him to lie to “his god”, since that “god” is not actually God.

          • Howard Rosenbaum

            Right. There is only one true God. He is the Father of those who call upon Him as His sons & daughters . Children in the family. There are those who ( sadly ) have no idea that God invites them to share in the blessing of sonship. Those outside His family should they be guilty of falsehood are guilty before God in the sense that that they stand condemned already. The wrath of God is reserved for them on the day of judgement should they depart this life as strangers from Gods “unspeakable grace” manifested in the redemptive work of the Savior. My point though, was that when an unbeliever lies he is not conscious of this God who he does not know as Father. The Believer, particularly one whose heart is turned towards God can’t help but regret that he chose to lie to men but more importantly in the presence of the God he is personally accountable to. No such sense of accountability w/the unbeliever. So yes, theologically speaking theres no record of any sin in any of the memories of the so called “gods” that frequent the “great world religions “.
            Come to think of it theres no memory of the believers sins In Gods memory. Though there are consequences both temporally & perhaps in some sense eternally. As ones faithfulness to Gods will for us seems to have a bit to do w/our “eternal rewards”.

          • Jack Danner

            Howard, I had a retort all typed up, and then this hit me – just recognize you made a grammatical error, repent of your pride, and move on…

  • Kent Mummau

    I wrote almost the exact post on Facebook a few days ago.

    I say almost because I differed on “if he is lying now.”

    I hope he isn’t but I also realize he might. We will probably never know and Aldred has raised the possibility to new heights.

    If honesty is the critical question than let’s atleast admit that anyone who supports abortion, transgender issues and even gay marriage is dealing in academic and moral deception.

    Absent a viable 3rd candidate I would still cast my vote for Rot Moore.

    Given a choice between 2 liars, I would choose the liar with the political position I prefer.

  • D Zhao

    There is another option. It is to vote for the policy of what the candidate stands for, rather than the person. The premis is that the US political system is based on checks and balances, and not depend on a benevolent leader. If so, Christians should vote for Moore.

  • LessThanCrazyDevvv

    How about instead of claiming to only be accountable to some fictitious God all Christians actually be responsible and accountable to the people they assault while on this earth? Might be a novel approach to make the world we all live in and share a better place. Tribalism and ideology has relegated the US to a selfish laughing stock.

    • How about you bring actual evidence of assault instead of just spouting an anti-Christian attitude.

    • Jack Danner

      Why is it that more often than not, those who hate and deny God, hate and deny America as well?

  • Andy6M

    I’ve seen numerous people talking about the decision to vote between the lesser of two evils. We’re not just talking about the lesser of two evils when it comes to policy decisions. Moore is facing serious allegations that bring moral character into question. I know he hasn’t been convicted and due process needs to be followed, but still, he should be putting on the breaks and having this cleared. Character used to mean something. So many were so angry and disgusted (rightfully so_ to hear Clinton supporters poo pooing character assessments during the Lewinsky saga…why is that not the case here?

    If we stood upon the faith we say we believed, and cleaned our own house, and held ourselves accountable, as the Scriptures call us to -as individuals and a corporate body – we could act and lead within our culture with credibility. All I can say is that we are putting our faith in men and politics rather than the God who demands more of us. Do I want to see Moore’s opponent win? No! Should the price of my hoped for electoral result be the capitulation of what my faith demands – no!

    I fear we have lost sight of the biggest picture and a quick assessment of the culture around us today, and its disdain for Christianity, shows those roosters are on their way home to roost.

    • Hmmm…

      Things do seem to be stirred up right now to shake what can be shaken, so that what cannot be shaken will remain. Christians must reinforce their adherence to principles and claim to grace in times of challenge and/or persecution, not defer to political criteria. That is, if you want to be in line for what God can do in the situation.

      • stan schmunk

        Too late…we elected Trump.

  • People who are telling the truth don’t bring evidence or testimony that can be proven false, and Christians do NOT believe liars.

    • stan schmunk

      We believe Trump and a plethora of false prophets…

  • NellieIrene

    In your scenario, if I believed the charges were true I could not vote for Moore for POTUS. He not only would be a pedophile, but a liar as well. I couldn’t vote for Hillary either. I would have to vote third candidate or write someone in.

    But, at this juncture, if I were an Alabaman, I would vote for Moore for Senator without blinking an eye. What we have currently is he said/she said accusations. And some extraneous “evidence”, i.e. the yearbook, that he was banned from various areas, which seemed to be corroboration, but which is now falling apart.

  • Chip Crawford

    It seems to me that Judge Moore is not doing well under the influence of Steve Bannon. I pray he access the counsel of the Lord, which will stand. Does he not have some solid Godly mentors around? Is he praying with them, have prayer backing and support about him? He is not handling himself like a person with conviction, but more along political lines. That’s not his strong suit, or anyone’s, and he purportedly knows the Lord.

  • tz1

    Rep. Barton from Texas is a Republican and part of the Freedom Caucus.
    There was a picture and even a video and an admission he was with other women before his divorce was final.
    I unequivocally call for him to resign immediately. Today. Though I would want him in because he would vote favorably on the issues which concern me.
    I’ve missed the similar call here and instead only see sophistry on “if Moore is Guilty”… and which the voters of Alabama can decide.
    There’s also documents against John Conyers, and we have a picture of Al Franken. Where is the outraged call to democrats, or even the same Evangelicals you wish to inquire about on Moore?

    Ought you not attack the planks where there are enough to build a deck before speculating about what to do about an alleged speck?

  • Géant Ferré

    This is like the third or fourth column written by Dr. Brown in which he declares that he doesn’t know whether or not the accusations are true. If you don’t have anything new to add, then stop wasting our time, old man

  • davidrev17

    AMEN Dr. Brown…to all you’ve truthfully stated throughout this debacle!

    However, I do find it profoundly disheartening, when so few professing followers of Jesus seem to openly express little or no regard (or concern?) for the Holy Name of Roy Moore’s Lord & Savior, Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth, during yet another public tragedy of epic “Kingdom-related” proportions, concerning the moral failures (potential, or otherwise) of these highly visible & influential professing Christians, of whom choose to live the ultra-sanctimonious, holier-than-thou lifestyle – be it political, or culturally “Christian”!

    “No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the Lord” (Isaiah 54:17/NASB).

    And so the people of God wait for the Lord’s “vindication” of Roy Moore – if that is indeed the ultimate outcome in this very sad situation.

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