Canada’s Supreme Court Rules Against the Bible

By Michael Brown Published on June 16, 2018

In a ruling that is sure to send shock waves through the nation, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Trinity Western University’s (TWU) Law School. In effect, what the court declared is that universities must choose between biblical standards and accreditation. Put another way, the court ruled that Christianity and higher education are incompatible.

I am not exaggerating in the least.

Here’s a brief summary of the case. Trinity Western is a Christian university that requires its students and faculty to live by basic Christian standards. This means that to be a student or faculty member in good standing, you can’t commit fornication or adultery, nor can you engage in homosexual relationships.

There’s nothing surprising about these requirements. There are thousands of schools in North America with similar standards. These include Christian schools from K-12, Christian colleges, Bible schools, seminaries and universities.

This is gospel 101, the basic requirements of Christian discipleship. And it’s honorable that TWU seeks to live this out on its campus.

These standards have long been part of TWU’s mandatory covenant, which requires “that all students and faculty pursue a holy life ‘characterized by humility, self-sacrifice, mercy and justice, and mutual submission for the good of others.’ It requires members to abstain from using vulgar language, lying or cheating, stealing, using degrading materials such as pornography, and ‘sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.’”

Again, this is Gospel 101, the basic requirements of Christian discipleship. And it is honorable that TWU seeks to live this out on its campus.

Where’s the ‘Tolerance’

Unfortunately, when TWU opened its law school, it fell afoul of Canada’s LGBT activists and their allies. They argued that TWU was discriminating against LGBT students, because of which students graduating with a bona fide law degree should not be allowed to practice law in Canada.

There was a ray of hope for TWU when a regional court ruled in its favor. But now, “In a pair of 7-2 rulings, the majority of justices found the law societies of British Columbia and Ontario have the power to refuse accreditation based on Trinity Western University’s so-called community covenant.”

Or, to paraphrase, the Supreme Court ruled that if a Christian law school wants accreditation, it must abandon biblical values. How else can this be interpreted?

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“The majority judgment said the covenant would deter LGBT students from attending the proposed law school, and those who did attend would be at risk of significant harm.”

Significant harm? If so, why? Because of biblical teaching. Because of Christian values. This is the locus of the battle. This is the point of conflict. Parse it however you like, this is the hardcore truth.

“[The judgment] found the public interest of the law profession gives it the right to promote equality by ensuring equal access, support diversity within the bar and prevent harm to LGBT students.”

In other words, “diversity” according to the LGBT lexicon. Diversity meaning “the LGBT way or the highway.” Diversity meaning, “all views are welcome other than biblical Christian views.”

It’s Time to Stand Strong

That’s why we’ve been raising our voices for so many years. That’s why we’ve issued warnings. That’s why we’ve said that those who came out the closet want to put us in the closet. That’s why we’ve said that LGBT activism was never simply about “tolerance.” It was about silencing competing views.

And if it could happen in Canada, it could happen in America. (For skeptics and mockers, give me one good reason why this could not happen here. And note that TWU was not some tiny school hidden in a corner. It has “40 undergraduate programs and 17 graduate programs.”)

What happens to all the law students at TWU? What about the significant harm experienced by them?

Honestly, I don’t know where TWU goes from here. And I don’t know how believers in Canada will respond.

But I can say this to my friends and colleagues and fellow-educators and communicators here in America: We either use our liberties or lose them. We either stand fast and stand tall and stand strong, or we cower in a corner. We either do what’s right today, or we apologize to our children tomorrow.

It’s time to push back.

What will you do?


Editor’s Note: This article has been slightly re-edited at the author’s request.

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  • GLT

    As a Canadian and a Christian this ruling is very disturbing. My country is sliding into the abyss and will continue to do so if Christians do not stand up and stop it. As a nation the first thing we must do is pray and pray fervently that God will raise up godly men with the willingness, strength and courage to step into the breach. As it stands right now Canada has a government which will only hasten our decline. We have a year to go before the next election which demands our efforts must begin in earnest now to assure the defeat of the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau. If he and the Liberals win a second term it is difficult and disturbing to contemplate how far we could fall into depravity. This ruling is a large step in that direction.

    • RBG

      The country votes in people based on their own world view, so if the populas is more secular humanistic you will get representitives like Justin Trudeau. It’s the people in the country that can be the problem.

      • GLT

        Absolutely correct, we need to change society in order to change the government.

        • sc_cannon

          Did you not understand the statement that it is the Govt. of the people. Canadians are creepy and unethical in general. If it was up to me the US would close the border for Canadians, keep all those moral terrorist up there.

          • GLT

            “Canadians are creepy and unethical in general.”

            Really? I guess then I could say Americans are murderers and theives in general. Rather a ridiculous statement on your part.

          • sc_cannon

            I follow a Christian writer and apologist called Sean McDowell and he recently had an interview with a Canadian minister counterpart who explained how bad the situation was up there and he said he thought the US was about where Canada was 10 to 20 years ago and he thought the ministry in the US should fight the moral decline and not follow Canada down

          • Jacob Miller


            It’s fine to disagree with Canada’s implementation of a secular democracy.

            But you are making crazy broad condemnations of all Canadians.

          • Jacob Miller

            “Americans are murderers and theives in general.”

            We’re also stupid, loud and fat (in general).

          • Linda Choquette

            True that.

          • Linda Choquette

            That is such an American thing to say. Have you ever travelled outside the idolized USA?

          • Jacob Miller

            >> That is such an American thing to say.

            Whoa… sc is not the typical American

            94% of Americans view Canada favorably (favourably) — the highest of any nation.

            I, personally, really like Canada. I’m taking a vacation there this summer.

            I expect that I’ll get an earful from some Canadians!

          • Andy6M

            Totally of topic here, but what part are you visiting?

          • sc_cannon

            Unknown fact 50 percent of statics are made up on the spot, well 50.! percent now that you made up this one.

          • sc_cannon

            Why do you idolize the US Linda, is it because it is the only country in the world that lets Canada have a trade surplus?

  • JP

    The Canadians need a Trump.

    • porcupineman1454

      And what has Trump done about issues like this?

      • sc_cannon

        He appointed Gorsuch and indications are he would protect religious liberty. The Masterpiece Cake decision for example.

      • JP

        He doesn’t acknowledge so called homosexual “pride”. Doesn’t give them special treatment. With Trump we have a chance to get better judges in the courts than under obama.

        • Jacob Miller

          >> He doesn’t acknowledge so called homosexual “pride”.

          Wasn’t Trump OK with the gays before he ran for president? But, he threw the LGBT community under the bus to get the Evangelical vote.

    • Jacob Miller

      >> The Canadians need a Trump.

      Deal! Let’s send him up there.

    • Linda Choquette

      As a Canadian, I rebuke that in the name of Jesus.

      • Jacob Miller

        So, you aren’t willing to trade Trudeau for Trump? What if I sweeten the deal by throwing in Texas? Deal?

      • JP

        You should be rebuking your whole govt in the name of Jesus.

        • Jacob Miller

          The whole government?

          Besides Trudeau, I can’t name a single other Canadian government official. Can you?

          • JP

            There are judges in Canada that are corrupt. We know this by their rulings.

        • Linda Choquette

          Trump is not a Christian. I doubt Justin Trudeau is born-again (he would call himself Catholic). But Justin Trudeau lives, speaks and behaves much closer to the way of righteousness than Trump does, so we will keep him for now, and let you keep your guy. And next time America is attacked and planes must land somewhere safe, make sure to tell the pilot not to seek safe harbour in creepy Canada.

          • Andy6M

            Please don’t say “we”. As a Canadian I would say that both Trump and Trudeau are walking a path that is distinctly problematic in the eyes of Christianity, they’re just each doing it in their own way. So I, as a Canadian, don’t want either one. The sooner we get rid of Trudeau, the better!

          • sc_cannon

            Oh yeah, Trump is a Christian goes to church and was the only candidate running for president that had a prayer in his rallies. That is why he got the Christian vote. I think you are mistaking disagreeing with you with being immoral. I believe that God is with Trump but you I am worried about.

          • Anne Jones

            You off your meds again?

  • Patmos

    It’s hypocrisy of the highest order. No reason to not just let the university be, but again this is the selfishness of LGBT people and their supporters, who can’t see anything but themselves. It’s what you get when you throw your conscience out of the window.

    • sc_cannon

      The Homosexuals want to pervert everybody because misery loves company

      • Jacob Miller

        Some people claim that “homophobia’ is a misnomer.

        But, that word perfectly describes your posts.

        Don’t worry, dude, a homosexual isn’t going to make you turn gay, unless you want to.

        • Andy6M

          I believe the homosexual lifestyle is sinful. Does that make me homophobic?

        • sc_cannon

          What is your justification for thinking that HomoSEXuals are not doing anything morally wrong. Since you are here on The Stream how do you square it with Christian beliefs.

  • Daniel Mackey

    It’s an outrage. What will I do in response? I will pray for Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world. I will pray for our brethren around the world. And I will be vocal in opposition to the world. To our Canadian brethren: stand firm in the faith, stay strong. We survived Obama, you’ll survive Trudeau.

    • Jacob Miller

      >> We survived Obama

      Trump was the racist backlash against Obama. So, it’s not a given we’ll survive.

      • Andrew Mason

        Or Trump is the backlash against the racism of Obama. Remember, Trump is trying to unify America. Obama by contrast consistently divided.

        • Jacob Miller

          Wow, I disagree with every phrase in your past.

          1. Obama was not racist!
          2. Trump mocks and denigrates those who disagree with him. That’s not uniting?

          3. I do agree that Obama’s elected divided America. But, it’s not his fault he’s black!

          • Andrew Mason

            Except he was, as repeatedly demonstrated by what he said. Regardless of the right and the wrong of any situation he repeatedly sided with Blacks. A proper (wiser) president would side with whoever was right, or acknowledge the uncertainly of the situation. Not Obama though.

            I’m not saying I agree with everything Trump says, however when he talks about rapists and the like crossing the border I don’t see that as a condemnation of every Mexican, but rather a passionate condemnation of illegals.

            What does Obama’s race have to do with anything?

  • Stu Nahan

    “We either use our liberties or lose them.”

    That’s a remarkable statement from Dr. Brown who blocks people on YT & Twitter whose views are divergent from his. Give criticizing Dr. Brown’s views on YT or Twitter a shot and see how long it takes before this staunch supporter of “our liberties” enforces Bolshevism and blocks you.

    • Buford T. Justice

      Dr. Brown isn’t a governmental entity, so your point is a non sequitur.

      • Stu Nahan

        Now there’s a non sequitur. Its too bad you brought out your bright, shiny word for all the world to behold yet don’t even understand its meaning.

        Here’s something that you & any kids from daycare that read this article can follow.

        1. Did Dr. Brown say, “We either use our liberties or lose them.”?

        Answer: Yes

        2. Is Dr. Brown making an argument for Americans to cherish & fight for the liberties (i.e. the Constitution) they enjoy?

        Answer: Yes (“And if it could happen in Canada, it could happen in America.”, “We either stand fast and stand tall and stand strong, or we cower in a corner.”)

        3. Does Dr. Brown practice what he preaches? Namely, is he a champion of free speech & diverse viewpoints when it comes to comments on his YT channel & Twitter account (over which HE HAS CONTROL to block/delete comments)?

        Answer: No

        Some closing points:

        1. Time to brush up on your reading comprehension skills

        2. The government doesn’t run/own YT or Twitter. lol.

        3. YT/Twitter users can control who comments on their content and therefore the range of opinion others are exposed to.

        • Buford T. Justice

          I see that you’re very upset that I refuted you with one sentence, so you tried to compensate for being wrong with verbosity. When people complain about infringement on freedom of speech, they’re referring to government trampling of it. It goes without saying that we have a right to control it within our own private sphere.

          • Stu Nahan

            Thanks for proving the four closing points that I made. Glad I could help.

            “When people complain about infringement on freedom of speech, they’re referring to government trampling of it.”

            This is closing point 2 again for your reference. Twitter is currently in court right now, being sued by Amren for violation of the First Amendment. Remind me, again, is Twitter the government of the United States? I didn’t think so.

            There are many examples in state/US case history of companies violating free speech, Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins is one of many.

            Remember, the deep end is for the adults, son. Time to get back to the kiddie pool.

  • Joyce Stigter

    Interestingly, 8 out of the 9 justices conceded that this decision limits the religious freedom of TWU students, but somehow ”public interest’ trumps Charter rights. We must be prepared to live out our faith in the face of opposition.

  • sc_cannon

    Homosexuals are very militant, they want to pervert everybody because misery loves company. There are probably a lot of other schools these homosexuals could go to but they don’t like anybody being Godly and Canada is such a creepy unerhical place they get so much help and support.

    • Jacob Miller

      >> Homosexuals are very militant,

      How many do you know? Most of the gay people I know are chill. Kind of like the straight people I know. And they certainly aren’t as vehemently against straight people as you are against gay people.

      • Andrew Mason

        Squeaky wheel syndrome. All you hear and see these days is LGBTism in the news. Sure most of the LGBT crowd and their allies don’t get their faces in the news, but as a group they get almost all the airtime and ink when compared to Christians and conservatives.

        • Jacob Miller

          1st. “sc_cannon” accused them of being militant. “very militant’ even. That’s different than what you are saying.

          Second… where are gays getting all the airtime? When I watch the news programs, I see them occasionally but not everywhere.

          But conservatives? There is at least one on every panel, even on the mainstream media.

          As for Christians… I honestly don’t know how many pundits are Christian. But, I assume more than a few are.

          • Andrew Mason

            Okay fair point. Very militant means they want supremacy – the right to dictate what’s taught to children, what may be said in public, how businesses operate, what is shown on TV or at the movies, and possibly even what churches say – I have a vague recollection of a (homosexual?) mayor in a city in Texas trying to demand sermons for some reason. How about the fact they want to threaten and revile Christians and Christianity with impunity whilst banning anything they deem offensive. Militant enough?

            As for homosexuals getting airtime, I actually said airtime and ink. Hollywood is increasingly adding, or making, homosexual or even trans characters. Contrast that with Christian characters. You almost never see them, and on some shows they only seem to exist to be demonised. As far as news go, while SSM activists for instance would get airtime and ink, pro-marriage types mostly only got coverage when being attacked or portrayed as bigots. And while the NY Times for instance seems to have a pro-LGBTwhatever piece every other day it rarely has Christian content, and then only attack pieces. Conservative references are of course far more common, but they are hostile pieces, though that shouldn’t be a surprise given it’s a liberal newspaper.

            Conservatives on every panel? Actual conservatives or token types? And are they there to provide equal input, or merely to be punching bags for the LeftFar Left types on the panel?

            Outside Christian media, and maybe occasionally conservative media, you simply don’t hear Christian voices with the sole exception of ‘experts’ who preach approved liberal values rather than Christian values i.e. wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        • sc_cannon

          Yeah I watched a program called Instinct last night, Sunday prime time on CBS. It is Sherlock Holmes in present day New York basically, I thought he was odd but I didn’t think he was a homo until he kissed a guy near the end. Personally I just think it just sad that there are guys who can not attract a real women and turns to the pale substitute.

          • Andrew Mason

            Sherlock Holmes or Sherlock like character? I had a quick look and there’s a program called instinct about an openly homosexual ex-CIA paramilitary guy who works as a university professor and author when he’s not helping the police. Sounds a bit like a homosexual Castle, but with more violence.

  • sc_cannon

    I am going to boycott Canadian products. No more Kokanee Beer.

    • Jacob Miller

      And no more Canadian bacon on my pizza.

  • Jacob Miller

    >> I am not exaggerating in the least.

    This is like when Donald Trump says, “believe me!”

    I assume Dr. Brown is really bad at bluffing in poker.

  • bfast

    I am a Canadian, and an alumnus of TWU. This ruling, in my opinion, is MUCH bigger than it appears. As pointed out by Michael Brown, there are many Christian universities in Canada that require similar standards. These Universities require accreditation by an accrediting body. If the accrediting body decides to go the way of the law societies, these universities will be crushed. The status of Christian education in Canada is in peril. The concept of freedom of religion in Canada is in crisis.

    • Andrew Mason

      Not just Christian education. If Christians prefer getting educated at tolerant institutions such as TWU, and this option is disallowed, then how many will be deprived of an education because they don’t conform to the narrow LGBTist view? So many of those preaching tolerance and equality insist on Animal Farm equality and hatred of everything they disagree with.

    • Andy6M

      As a fellow Canuck I concur. This is not just the thin edge of the wedge – it’s bigger than that.

  • Linda Choquette

    I am a disappointed Canadian Christian, that’s for sure. But I have a hunch that brilliant legal Christian minds will come up with a God-inspired response and solution in the vein of Solomon’s baby judgement…

  • Stephen D

    Surely the job of the law school is to teach law. If they teach law correctly, what rational grounds are there for not accrediting the course? If someone does not like the ethos, surely they just go to another institution?
    After all, most Christians find the ethos at secular universities quite repulsive. Should the courses at those institutions be refused accreditation because they are potentially harmful for Christians?

    • Jacob Miller

      I don’t know the Canadian system. Does Trinity Western receive government money?

      That’s makes a big difference in America regarding discrimination.

      • Andy6M

        While there are some private institutions that receive some government funding, TWU is a private institution that is privately funded.

  • James Blazsik

    The ruling really is against the church’s teaching of the Bible. The church is the pillar and foundation of the truth. (1Tim.3:15). Progressives can make the Bible say what they want it to say, so they won’t have a problem with this. Those who hold to 2,000 years of the church’s teaching are the victims.

  • Canada, more and more, has become more leftist than European countries. Is it because of massive immigration? I don’t know but traditional, Christian values are anathema there.

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