A Call to Pray for President Trump

By Michael Brown Published on December 19, 2018

Whether you love President Trump or loathe him, if you call yourself a Christian, this appeal is for you. All of us, regardless of our background or voting preference, are called to pray for those in authority (see 1 Timothy 2:1-4). Now is the perfect time to pray.

We all know that the President is a very strong man, whether you call him stubborn or courageous, bullheaded or brave. Either way, he is as tough as they come.

Bombarded, But Tough

How many others could take on the media the way he does, day and night?

Again, this is true regardless of whose side you’re on, regardless of whether you think it’s fake news or true news. Either way, the man is bombarded virtually 24/7.

Some of us get discouraged when one person unfriends us on Facebook or a stranger posts an unkind word about us on Instagram. How would we handle the kind of pressure Trump is under?

How many others could stand up to constant attacks the way he does, only to fight back with more intensity the next time around?

How many others could face down powerful world leaders on a regular basis like Trump? (To say it again, this holds true whether or not you like his style, his approach, his message, or his goals. I’m just speaking of his toughness.)

The man is a fighter like few others, and if anyone has a forehead of steel, it is Donald Trump — for better or for worse.

Can’t be Easy for Anyone to Endure

But he is only human, and the attacks are coming from every side. The endless Mueller investigation continues. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer has turned against him. His finances are under investigation. His past sex life is under scrutiny. And on and on it goes.

The incoming House of Representatives is stacked against him. They’re talking impeachment. More investigations. Stalling of his agenda.

This kind of pressure is suffocating, and it can’t be easy for anyone to endure, however tough they may be.

And every day there is more speculation. Will he serve out his term? Will he go to jail?

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On the one hand, we’ve heard this all before. In fact, it’s the same song we’ve been hearing for the last two years, just to a different tune.

In the past, it was this: Trump is losing his mind. Trump is melting down. Trump’s White House is falling apart. Trump will not make it much longer. Trump is paralyzed. Trump is unable to lead. Trump won’t make it much longer.

A Man with Flaws and a Divinely-Appointed Mission

Yet here we are (and here he is), two years into his administration, still with a majority in the Senate (a slightly stronger one now), still with a number of major agenda items accomplished, still with a lot more in the tank, still with a lot of support.

My personal sense (and I don’t say this prophetically or with any claim to inside information) is that he hasn’t accomplished his mission yet and that this storm, too, will pass. In other words, with all his flaws and shortcomings, he is a man with a divinely-appointed mission, and he has more work still to do. (For my full perspective, see here.)

You might feel very different about this. You might feel he’s made a mess of things. You may actually want him out of office today.

Still, if you call yourself a Christian, you’re called to pray for the President, which also includes praying for God’s very best in his life.

Prophesy of Prayer

An evangelical friend shared with me a prophetic word he had heard several years before Donald Trump planned to run for the White House. As it was related to me, Trump would enter the White House as a non-praying man but would become a praying man in the White House.

Honestly, I don’t know how any president could survive without prayer. The pressures are so intense. Life and death decisions come your way every week. You have the fate of millions of people in your hands. And as the leader of the world’s most powerful nation, your decisions can affect billions.

If there’s a financial crisis, people blame you. If soldiers die in battle, the blood is on your hands. If a scapegoat needs to be found, your name is on it. If there’s a school shooting, it’s because you didn’t do more. If racial tensions rise, you’re responsible.

Who can live under pressure like this?

Let’s pray these words: “God, we pray that you would make Donald Trump a praying man!”

Just the sarcastic, caricatured depictions of political cartoonists are enough to destroy self-esteem. And that’s just the fun part. The daily onslaught through hostile media, watched and read and streamed and downloaded by hundreds of millions of people, doesn’t take weekends or holidays off.

This kind of pressure drives a man (or woman) to his (or her) knees.

How should we pray?

So, how should we pray for the president? We can certainly pray that God will not let anything happen to him until he finishes his course, however long that course is. We could pray that for any president in office, asking the Lord for His best plan for their presidency.

But along with that, we can pray that God would give the president a heart to seek Him, a heart to lean on Him, a heart to pray.

He may be doing this already (I certainly hope so). He may be on his knees this very moment with a Christian friend or counselor or Cabinet member.

But at times like this, times that can crush and destroy us, we need to learn to take refuge in the Lord, and we do that best through prayer.

Since President Trump considers himself to be a Christian and since he certainly appreciates people praying for him, let’s pray this simple prayer. (I would welcome it for myself and have only the most positive, supportive intentions in posting this.). Let’s pray these words: “God, we pray that you would make Donald Trump a praying man!”

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  • Xrucianus

    Let’s pray that he heeds Jesus’ most prolific and basic call: “Deny self, take up your cross and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23)

    • Pamela FireStorm Nord Krueger

      Yes I believe he has taken up his cross. The love he has for America and it’s ppl has brought him to a platform where he is hated and yet used of God to drain the swamp and raise a righteous standard ie. protecting the unborn. No other President has been so bold or so courageous. He is laying down is life for others and only God knows the price he has paid for the cross he carries. Only God knows the man’s heart and how to call him to Himself. Now if only we all would do the same, take up our cross and follow Jesus.

      • Xrucianus

        I pray for him AND relish many of his policies. But my prayers don’t keep me from also being honest about who he is. He’s a profoundly arrogant & carnal 1 John 2:16 man who lives entirely antithetical to the Sermon on the Mount.

        Trump is a dangerous, lightening rod of a man whom God is using/allowing to increasingly test our slumbering evangelical family’s will to compromise our fidelity to the cross, the Kingdom and Jesus Himself. One of the most significant ways the Lord is using Trump in this hour is to confront the bride of Christ with the question: “Under the great threat of mounting humanism; and at the risk of not making your own nation great again, will you still choose to trust the ways of My Son, and will you choose to love Him more than anything else?”

        It’s a shame so many of our sisters and brothers remain obtuse to this refining reality, and instead find themselves repudiating those who merely argue for Spirit-led, Biblical circumspection.

        The bulk of my prayers are for our evangelical family.
        We’re headed for a great great shipwreck.

        • pablocruize

          David? Adultery, Murder
          Abraham? Lying, Cowardice
          Elijah? Fear, Fugitive
          Trump? __________

          • Xrucianus

            …and not once did God give them blind “mulligans” for their faithlessness.

          • Precisely.

          • Esther Joy Stone

            Good point…thank God perfection is not a requirement to walk into heaven – The Bible says “many will call me Lord but I knew them not” – Thank God He loves us and can use us dispite our human failings…

          • Tom Stolz

            The point of the Matthew 7 passage you are quoting is that those NOT bearing the fruit of righteousness will say to Jesus “Lord, Lord” and He will say to them I never knew you. You entirely changed the context of the passage. Did you realize that?

            Perfection is required (Mat 5:48 Therefore you shall be perfect just as your Fathert in heaven is perfect). We just can’t make ourselves perfect, but we have to admit that and want Jesus to work it out in our salvation experience. He loves us, he can use us, but we should care that people are actually saved and not just “used.” The church is by and large using Trump and not speaking clearly to, and about, him that he might be saved. He is too precious to Jesus for the Church to literally petrify his heart while applauding him.

          • Nonsense. God does not forgive unrepentant sinners.

          • When has trump repented as they did.

          • Nan Perkins

            That is a personal choice and not openly discussed.

        • Thank you for your honesty. But I would suggest you have already experienced the shipwreck and Jesus has left evangelicalism. To minimize this evil man’s sins tells the world where you folks are spiritually. To worship alongside those who call evil good is compromise with evil.

        • Nan Perkins

          Carnal? Every disciple and close friend of Jesus were carnal. Some were murderers, some liars, some adulterers, some prostitutes. None were sinless and none any better than President Trump or me or you.

      • Love does no harm to its neighbor.

  • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

    Given all of the political spin from throughout the spectrum, many of us voted against the democratic MSM coronation of Hillary for which the only real option remaining was Trump whom as a wild card was the far better option to a progressive liberal leaning leftist. Our Christian doctrine and faith has always called us to pray for our authorities and leaders.

    • Great excuse for minimizing sexual assault, money laundering, refusing to pay and ruining small businesses, and potential treason. No. God sees.

      • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

        No excuse as such is the simple truth of my decision to vote against her siren populism and coronation of Hillary. Your comments reveal your limitations to the temporal while on the other hand Hillary is the manifestation of leftist progressive secular advancement to atheism and the illiberal totalitarianism of her world view in her stand against God. Trump as you noted a common sinner who became a politician while Hillary is in the business of calling “left right, and right wrong” the normalization of sin (nor right, not wrong, just different”.

        Though you intend your comment that “God sees” as a threat to me among others I can assure you that He sees the sincerity of our respective hearts in what we think, say and do and shall judge each accordingly. That God sees me I find comforting, that I believe that God will take care of each of us in accordance with the sincerity of our hearts, I also find comforting. That you chose to invoke the name of God to threaten, to intimidate me is of no small consequence to me but then I fear not as I recognized this leftist tactic and strategy of yours and your world view.

        In this case, we were given the choice between a greater and lesser evil, I simply voted against the greater evil of Hillary’s world view though I would have preferred to have voted for a more just and moral man than the opportunity presented this time around.

        From all early indications the Democrats are going-all-in, doubling down catering to the leftists within their ranks. That we voted, defeated and rejected “Beto the Leftist” at the state level, makes him the new darling within the Democratic ranks. The decision to vote against the leftist world view should be that much easier the next time around.

        • I don’t care how you voted. I care that you own that you support a conman. When that happens we may see change. Your excuses are useless and it is a fact that God sees your unrepentant foolishness. He will judge and deal with you, not me. Your hatred of leftism is bigger than your fear of God and that is all on you. You should be ashamed, but you folks are incapable of it.

          • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

            Such is the leftist modernist world view on full display consistent with your conjecture and projection are erroneous as it is, but then you know that. My disdain for leftism the world view comprised by the heretical, the gnostic, agnostics, atheist and anti-theist of your ilk are because they willfully have taken their stand against God of Revealed Law, Natural Law and Metaphysical Las with plans to eliminate God from their envisioned utopia. For all of your expressed anger, I have picked up my cross to follow Jesus in the moderate realism of the Scholastics of the Church Fathers that provides me among other the Orthodox Christian world view. In closing, yes I voted against an advocated of an evil world view in favor of a common, sinful man.

          • There’s a reason I blocked folks spouting this foolishness. To suggest that it is liberalism to oppose Trump is foolish and binary thinking. And to smear me as this person has below is typical of those in this depraved and antichrist political cult. Meanwhile, Ezekiel 16:48–50.

          • VesaLocalBus

            Do you actually know Jesus? Have you actually met him? You claim to be a Christian but you appear to be very bitter and unforgiving. You appear to have memorized the bible, but Jesus said there was a danger in this. To the religious of His day he said (paraphrased) “You search the scriptures hoping to find the truth, but you are unwilling to come to Me (the real Truth) that you may have life.”

  • azsxdcf1

    “Lord God in heaven, we ask that You protect and guide this man, our President, strengthen him, and see him to accomplish Your Will in his life, in the most Precious Name of Jesus.”

    • Jim Walker


      • Dana


    • Les M


  • Ray

    Let’s envision a huge darkness over Washington DC, full of all sorts of demonic spirits, warriors against God’s people. What might they be about? Is there such a thing as deception? May deception be far from this president. May it be kept at bay, far, far away.May God give this president the light to see it afar off, and wisdom to speak which will open the eyes of the blind, that they may have power to resist it should it ever come near. What sort of darkness can you suspect might be out there? Lord Jesus, teach us to pray. Our battle is not between flesh and blood. Lord teach us to live that way.

    See faulk600 videos on you tube.

  • Robert Bishop

    Hahahahahahahaha. How cute. You people still think he’s a christian and you aren’t being conned….

    If this guy spontaneously cumbusted, I would not shed a tear.

    • Jim Walker

      Christian or not, he needs prayers like you do too.

      • Agreed. But how many of you sent up similarly earnest prayers for Obama?

        • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

          It should also be noted that prayers for our political leaders are offered at every service, the more orthodox the Christian service the more pervasive and sincere the prayers. From within the spectrum of comments that you are making within, one may suspect that you think that your will be imposed on earth while dismissing the prayer for His Will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.

        • Jim Walker

          I believe there were/are many prayers for Obama as well.

    • Pamela FireStorm Nord Krueger

      I’m sorry to say Robert your comment reveals you are not a Christian yourself and therefore your ability’s to discern one is lacking. It’s important each of us see if we ourselves are in the faith. That means putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your saviour. That would be evidenced in your faith expressing itself they love.

      • As a Christian, your comment implies you think supporting Trump equates to Christianity. And that is blasphemous idolatry.

  • Les M

    “God, we pray that you would make Donald Trump a praying man.” In the name of Jesus, amen.

  • missy white

    I pray with Diamond and Silk every day at 11:21 and 40 seconds.
    I added the 40 seconds because I pray Psalm 112 for Mr. Trump and his family and then I also pray Psalm 140 for them. The first describes the Trumps to a “t” and the second Psalm (140) describes what they are all going through. So my daily prayers are at 11:21:40 and I invite you to join us.

  • pablocruize

    Gods standard is eyes to see and ears to hear. I think Trump has proven he meets that standard for a flawed human being that God can work with. And as such, a good chunk of the Christ rejecting part of the US population is snarling and snap for his downfall.
    Therefore, he must be in our prayers continually, if we claim to be Bible Believing Christians.

    • As a Christian I can confirm your comment is a smear on the many Christians who reject Trump because we follow Christ. What total depravity you have embraced and what serious sin your abuse is. God is not mocked.

  • Did you pray for Obama?

    As Senator David Perdue remarked at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference;

    ” I think we’re called to pray for our country, for our leaders, and yes, even our president. In his role as president I think we should pray for Barack Obama. But I think we need to be very specific about how we pray. We should pray like Psalms 109:8 says.”

    I don’t agree. Not for Obama, and not for Trump.

    • VesaLocalBus

      We should pray the way Jesus said, for our enemies and for our leaders. I think Pres. Trump falls in at least one of those categories for everyone.

  • leon

    I pray that Christ be glorified in everything said and done. this is what really matters.

  • David Pillath

    I pray that this man faces justice and a clear example is made of him for 1) conspiracy against the United States 2) emoluments 3) sexual harassment 4) fraud 5) refusing to pay those he’s worked with 6)inciting discrimination toward every kind of American.

    If you’ve helped vote Trump in, you’re not working for God’s side, so don’t delude yourself. We can pray for those in authority, but that doesn’t mean we should keep bad ones in who ruin the office for everyone else. What prayers did they say when Hitler took power?

    God made this president, and God will unmake this president. He’s not standing up to the media. Trump is working for his own interests. Peppering an advertisement for this evil president with Christian sentiments doesn’t make him any less heinous.

    • Amen!
      And the hubris of demanding prayer for an evil man when you evangelicals prayed only for Obama to be removed is disgusting sin. And God sees you.

      • VesaLocalBus

        I have been a follower of Jesus for many years, and one thing I have learned it that time is that God will use whoever he wants to accomplish his will. Some of us are his children, others are not. Good or bad (our perspective), believer or not, ALL of us are under his authority, vessels and tools to be used as he sees fit. While the differences between one man and another and the things he does may seem drastically different, none of us are any different from God’s perfect view. All of us are evil. None of us are sinners because we sin, we sin
        because we are already sinners. Born that way. Jesus alone separates
        those who will be saved and those who won’t. Jesus said to pray for our enemies and pray for our leaders. God is using Pres. Trump to accomplish his will to change/fix the US government for his own ends. To stand against what appears to be the entirety of the US government and most of the world, it will take a person of Trump’s demeanor.

        I’m not sure which believers you were talking about, but none of the brothers and sisters in Christ I know ever prayed against Pres. Obama himself or for his removal. Indeed God appointed him for athority. We prayed against his socialist, globalist, humanist policies (all of which are human centered and not God centered), but always for his soul. That the holy spirit would open the eyes of his heart and that he would truly meet Jesus. This is also my prayer for the current president.

        • You really need to do your research on this man and some reading around evangelical statements on Democratic presidents as opposed to those about Trump.

          Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people. Stop lying to yourselves and your country.

          • VesaLocalBus

            I don’t need to do anything of the kind. What some people say about Democrat presidents is irrelevant to whether I pray for any president or not.
            He’s the leader of our country.
            God is using him.
            We should pray for him.

            And, what makes a nation righteous anyway?
            And what lie have said?

          • craftymoose

            disqus_VlqYWjjp6H already

        • Laurence Hazlewood

          What a pathetic way to absolve yourself of personal responsibility for your own actions, attitudes and life and to excuse those of others like TrumPutin.

          SO easy to blame our own inhumanity on a non-existent Magic Man who “made us in His Own Image”. If WE are the manifestation of Your Fake God then I proudly proclaim my atheism. I studied to become a Priest, but I learned quickly just how Religion is a Con-game instituted by Man to control, oppress and demean his fellow beings and all the other Kingdoms of Nature.
          Those using Religion as a cover for the utmost barbarity, total evil and destruction of what they claim is God’s handiwork are the worst kind of hypocrites,

          If the Christ existed today, you people would have crucified Him as a Middle Eastern Terrorist or locked Him up as insane. That’s IF a US Cop had not gunned Him down in the street for preaching without a licence.

          • VesaLocalBus

            Sorry you feel that way.

          • Laurence Hazlewood

            My Father died years ago. As a Teaching and Practising Psychologist, I can tell you that your attempt at cod-psychology is an abysmal failure.

            There is NO correlation between positive or negative Paternal Relationships and mindless worship of a non-existent deity. What CAN be said about those who abdicate personal responsibility and make abeyance to a Mythical Magical Deity instead of developing their own ego-strengths and internal morality is that throughout the millennia they have committed the most barbaric atrocities on their fellow creatures. Just as today, as the calls for a Fake Nationalism have led to appalling genocides and brutalities, so the past use of the word God to justify primordial evil and destruction of our single home are taking our species inexorably to extinction.

            if an omnipotent and omniscient god DID exist He/She/It would have stomped us to a bloody pulp 10’s of 1000’s of years ago. Only an insane and homicidal god would look at its “works” that we have become and say “I saw and Twas Good”!

          • VesaLocalBus


          • Laurence Hazlewood


    • Nan Perkins

      I’m working on Trump and God’s side. What this man has accomplished for our country is astounding. We’re better off than we’ve been for years. He’s placed in this leadership role by our Heavenly Father. God is blessing him for his courage to represent all the people.

  • Proverbs 22:10.

  • Josh

    I wonder what lead to his pass the buck lifestyle, could it be his overwhelming narcissism, or could it be that he’s never had to be responsible for anything, or could that be that he simply doesn’t care?
    I believe that the former two are symptoms of the latter. Everyday I simply pray for a heart change.

  • Helen

    I can see there are a lot of Christians here. No need to continuing to read anymore posts. Just hate

  • Harrison

    This is a guy who has been spewing racism and hatred for years. Whose pressures from media and investigation are due to his own incompetence corruption and amoral compass. His incessant lying and lack of loyalty have proven him over and over again to be completely unqualified to the Presidency, the office he has Debased with his behavior. He has embarrassed the US on the international stage with his acquiescence to Russia, sucking up to North Korea, pointless trade wars with allies and countless insults and provocations. My only prayer for trump is that he is soon removed from office either through resignation as part of a plea to save his kids jail time or impeachment.

    • Nan Perkins

      President Trump is polar opposite from your post. He has done more for our country than Clinton, Bush, and Obama together. He is the greatest President America has ever had. People worldwide are commenting how they wish their leader was as strong and courageous as he. The number of Democrats and Independents to join in support of him is astounding. Look at the results of his leadership and you’ll see nothing but success for We The People.

    • JamesLees

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Rose

    Hi everyone. I have read a handful of replies here but wow, we are so divided it’s heartbreaking. I see it in my community, I see it in our country by reading the polls. I feel like it began with Obama and came to a rolling boil with Trump. I don’t blame either man, I blame US. WE decide how we will respond to life. I personally spent the first 4 years of Obama’s presidency very upset and disgusted, then realized I was supposed to be praying for him. God can use ANYONE to accomplish his purpose; remember Saul/Paul? Please don’t be partisan about this issue. God can use anyone.

  • He needs our prayer. All Christian should continue this Royal duty, Sprinkling the Blood of Jesus Christ upon him by faith, to shield him from the evil of the Vatican/pope. I love Donald. He will succeed in Jesus name.

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