If Bob Woodward is Right, How Should We Vote?

By Michael Brown Published on September 14, 2018

If Bob Woodward’s Trump-bashing, mega-bestseller is true, how should conservatives vote in the midterms? If the White House is in chaos, led by an unqualified and out of control president, what course should we take on November 6?

Woodward speaks of “a nervous breakdown of the executive power of the most powerful country in the world.” And he describes Trump as “an emotionally overwrought, mercurial and unpredictable leader.”

The infamous, anonymous op-ed piece in the New York Times spoke of Trump’s leadership style as“impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective” and claimed he was “amoral.”

Yes, we are told, “Meetings with him veer off topic and off the rails, he engages in repetitive rants, and his impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back.”

What if these charges are true? Should Trump supporters hang their heads in shame and stay home in November? Should conservatives throw in the towel and capitulate to the inevitable demise of the Trump White House?

Not a chance. Now, more than ever, conservatives should get out and vote. Here are four reasons why.

Donald Trump Isn’t on the Ballot. Conservative Principles Are 

First, we are not voting for a new president. Donald Trump is the duly elected, 45th president of our nation, and the next presidential vote doesn’t come until 2020.

Consequently, regardless of his behavior, this vote is not directly about him. It’s about other issues, about a larger agenda, about campaign promises that are important to many of us. Why in the world would we not want to vote to see those promises kept?

So, while we are not voting for a president, we are voting for congressmen who can thwart or advance the president’s agenda. And if anything has been clear over the last two years it’s that Trump has tried to deliver on many of his pledges and commitments.

The question, then, is simple: Would we be better off with a president who is empowered to continue to push forward with a conservative agenda or by a president who is hamstrung? Would we be better off with radical leftists dominating the House and Senate or with conservatives holding their ground?

That’s what the mid-terms are about.

In short, our vote is not a specific endorsement of the man Donald Trump. Our vote is a call to continue to advance an ideological agenda (while, at the same time, voting against a very different, even dangerous ideological agenda). And since this is about advancing an agenda, the president’s demeanor and leadership style are not the major issue.

Again, I’m not downplaying the concerns. I’m simply putting them in their proper place. Many of those who held their noses when they voted for Trump have been pleasantly surprised by the good he has done while getting what they expected on the negative side.

The midterm elections are about helping him do more good.

Conversely, if we choose not to vote, we will not thereby bring about any change in the man, Donald Trump, himself. How, then, does our non-vote help?

Consider Who Wants Us to Not to Vote

Second, we must remember who wants us to stay home.

It is militant pro-abortionist who despise the pro-life movement. It is unashamed socialists who see capitalism as the enemy.  It is sexual revolutionaries who abhor our biblical values. It is the deeply biased “masters of the universe” who want to suppress our voices online and in the public square. It is the leftwing media, already forecasting the inevitable blue wave.

Who will be smiling if conservatives, by the millions, decide not to vote in November?

Losing House and/or Senate Means Chaos

Third, if Republicans lose the House (or, even more significantly, the Senate), this would only plunge our nation into greater turmoil and conflict. How in the world will this make things better?

Talk about chaos. The next two years would likely be chaos personified.

Put another way, if you’re genuinely concerned that President Trump is about to explode (or implode), by not voting (or by voting Democrat), you are doing nothing to stop this explosion (or implosion).

Conversely, if you can surround the president with good men and women, people of principle and character and conviction who share his values, you can help forestall a feared collapse. (Again, I’m not predicting any such collapse is coming. I’m simply addressing this mindset.)

Politics is Not the Gospel

Fourth, you can maintain your integrity (and your Christian testimony!) while voting for a pro-Trump agenda, since politics is not the gospel.

You are not pledging your soul to a party. You are not hitching your personal salvation to a leader (as emphasized in the title of my forthcoming book). You are not looking to a political party to bring about moral transformation or spiritual awakening.

You are voting to strengthen our national security. To keep our economy growing. To appoint Constitutionally-based justices to the courts. To stand against radical LGBT activism. To preserve religious freedoms.

And if you put aside the daily scandals and controversies and accusations (from the Mueller investigation to the payment of porn-stars to the latest tell-all book) — in short, if you put away the drama — it’s clear that President Trump has accomplished a lot that is good.

The midterm elections are about saying, “Let that good continue!”

Why in the world would you want to stay home?

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  • tz1

    Because of a serious but unproven allegation, Alabama decided to vote in the pro-gay baby killer Doug Jones for Senator.
    Somehow maybe 30 years ago something untoward (bad touch – not moore) happened, but that was enough for “Christians” to insure someone who will insure Planned Parenthood’s Molech sacrifices will continue.
    Following Christ meanst to be stupid when it comes to evil?

    • Nick Stuart

      Christians need to understand there is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat (besides Joe Lipinski, and they’re trying to get rid of him). A vote for a Democrat is a vote for abortion at any time for any reason.

      Democrats talk like Lila Rose when running for election, then vote like Cecile Richards once they’re in office.

      • Kevin Carr

        Limbaugh said it years ago, they run right, govern left.

  • Perry Wharton

    “Donald Trump Isn’t on the Ballot. Conservative Principles Are” says it all on why we must vote.

  • Dave

    We’ve known the type of person Trump is. He picked up the birth certificate issue after it had long been resolved saying that he sent a team of investigators to Hawaii. That’s whack. His behavior as a candidate was candid letting us know clearly is mental limitations. But the U.S. embassy is moving to Jerusalem. We’ve got tax cuts. Low unemployment. And conservative judges are being appointed at all levels.

    • Yes comrade, send him to the serbsky institute for challenging “glorious revolution.”

  • Patmos

    Woodward’s book is merely the same 2016 election strategy from the Democrats, just repackaged, and what do you know right in time for the midterms! At best it is just gossip.

  • Nick Stuart

    These are the people who will be in charge the next time the Left (that is to say the Democratic Party, same thing nowadays) wins the House, Senate, and/or White House.

    Christians need to realize that the Left hates us and anyone who shares some or all of our values. Yes, they really do.

    Christians may not be interested in this conflict, but this conflict is interested in them. It will not be possible to play “Switzerland.” We will be made to care. Ask Jack Phillips and Baronelle Stutzman.

    So what to do? Firstly and lastly pray. In between vote Republican [I can visualize the shrieks in the comments section already]. Sadly the Democratic Party has become the party of: Socialism; abortion at any time for any reason paid for by the taxpayer; same sex marriage; use whatever locker room you like regardless of your physiology; etc. The choice is which side of the line will offer a better result? Yes, the Republican party stinks like a dead dog, it’s a question of which is the least worst choice.

  • Up_Words

    The title of Woodard’s book is “FEAR” –and I suspect that his purpose is to frighten the weak kneed among us. We are so used to compromise and excuse making, that when a person grabs the reigns of leadership and rides the bronco of world events and public opinion towards a definite end it frightens the daylights out of many onlookers. Yet for the Christian warrior who has wrestled against the forces of darkness, such “roller coasters” are not unusual. What can you expect when wrestling with demons—especially from a catechumen learning to navigate the ropes of what he believes to be true?

    Give me a man committed to what he truly believes (in the light of Scripture) to be right, over a slick salesman (or Jezebel) any day.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well , Mr Woodward has confirmed that he found no substance to the claims of Russian collusion in his “hard” look for the same . Also much of what he claims certain folk in the administration have leveled against their boss are being refuted by those same persons.
    Gee, the left & their MSM mouthpieces are hanging on to this “their last great white hope” as though it were gospel . For them it is.
    The other gospel, you know there is one that promotes true character & so very much more affirmations of that which ( Who ) is true . THAT gospel is the one they refuse to believe.
    So , seems to me that these blind leaders of the blind are simply getting ready to fall into that proverbial ditch . One which they have been in the process of digging long befor this administration.
    It’s just that their ditch is a lot wider & deeper now …..!
    Oh, & Mr Browns comments make too much sense for the “ never Trumpers “ still in the conservative camp to easily embrace …

  • VesaLocalBus

    Well said. Despite what is or isn’t true about his personality and habits, he is one of the few politicians who actually does (or tries to do despite a seeming self-serving driven congress) what he said he would do. I would never have considered voting for HRC. Ever. Her political record, what she was about was very clear and obvious to anyone looking.

  • Juan Garcia

    If Americans don’t vote they have no right to call themselves Americans. They have also dishonored every American who has served their country in military service. I fought in Vietnam for your right to vote and 25 of my friends names are on that wall. If you don’t believe that Vietnam was about defending your liberty think about this: In the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s the USSR and PRC were on a global rampage to devour the world. We American troops stopped them in their tracks. Ronald Reagan knew the truth. He said: “Vietnam was the most mis-reported war in history”.

To God be the Glory
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