Biden’s Immigration Plan: A Doctrine of Demons and a Trail of Tears

Cult leader Jim Jones shakes hands with leftist black pastor Cecil Williams.

By John Zmirak Published on January 11, 2024

If we’re talking about rational politics, and politicians seeking votes for themselves and benefits for their communities, how can we possibly explain headlines like these:

Massachusetts Governor and Lt. Governor Declare Emergency Over Migrant Crisis, Ask Residents to House Illegal Immigrants in Their Homes

NYC Students Forced to Go Remote as City Houses Nearly 2K Migrants at Their School

Biden Regime Files Emergency Application Demanding Supreme Court Allow Border Agents to Chop Down Razor Border Barriers Installed By Texas

You can’t. There’s no rational, material, this-worldly rationale for any of this. Congress never voted to open our southern border — all this is happening in defiance of our democratically enacted laws. The Biden regime is waving in millions of people on the pretense that they might be “refugees” from regimes that aren’t persecuting them. And they deserve their day in court, at U.S. taxpayer expense. And free healthcare from our government, while Americans go uninsured.

The Democrats Are a Fringe Party

If you have any friends still supporting the Democratic Party, or the Squish Republicans who enable their lawless takeover via cowardice or compromise, there’s one thing you need to remember. The Democrats are no longer a mainstream, patriotic political party governed by principles or even rational self-interest, in pursuit of long-term policies intended to maximize the common good of their countrymen. Far from it.

They are instead a radical hate group goaded by dark spirits to clutch at power by any means necessary and wreak havoc while the world burns. You cannot persuade them, reason with them, or shame them — any more than an exorcist can beat the Enemy on points.

The left is not driven even by a coherent extremist agenda such as the old-line Communists or Nazis. Instead, these people are more like pill-crazed sex deviant Marxist “Reverend” Jim Jones in his cult compound in Guyana, carefully stockpiling his Kool-Aid and preparing for The End.

They Love Nothing

They love nothing, and Nothingness; they crave chaos and ruin. They want to pull down every statue, deface every building, blow up every institution from the nation state and the justice system to private property and the family, to screech about “equity” while denying that moral laws exist, to obsess over sexual fetishes while denying the sexes exist.

They hate existence itself, hate Creation and the Creator, and in that spiritual sense they are equal opportunity haters, because they also hate themselves. It’s not just that the left are headed straight for hell; as Dante wrote about certain really astonishing sinners, it’s as if they are already there, screeching futile defiance and bitter hatred amidst the bitter cold and undying flames.

A Genocide of Americans

In Hungary, the Left hates Hungarians. In Poland it hates the Poles. And in America the Democratic party hates Americans — which is why it wants to humiliate them, shame them, impoverish them, strip them of their history, and replace them with endless waves of poorly educated docile peasants from foreign countries. There’s a word for that kind of aspiration in international law: It’s “genocide.”

No, I’m not talking like some alt-right troll about “white genocide.” If only the Left hated white people per se and nothing else, its evil might be contained. You could find non-white politicians who favored faith and freedom, to lure the Gadarene Swine back away from the edge of the cliff. But of course that never works, since what we’re dealing with isn’t angry tribes and races but principalities and powers. The left will fawn on and flatter veal-white privileged weenies like Bill Gates and Hunter Biden, but turn like a pack of hungry dogs on Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas.Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

The left doesn’t care about the difference between black and white Americans any more than white “Indian hunters” of the late 19th century cared about who was Sioux and who was Lakota. They just wanted this culture and people wiped out and out of the way, stripped of their wealth and rendered helpless, penned up (if some still must survive) on reservations like some obsolete breed of wildlife, forgotten. Maybe someday they will name their sport teams after us.

The American left hates what’s distinctively American, just as the French left hates what is particularly French, almost as if each movement is the guardian demon of its given country. No, scratch that word “almost.” That is precisely what I mean.

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As I wrote yesterday, we face demonic hatred of our people and our culture, on the part of mediocre elites with no positive agenda of their own. They just want to hold on to power and torment those whom they despise, to briefly assuage their inner torment as souls already in hell.

And I hope that’s what you told your woke niece at dinner this past Christmas, as you sprinkled her with holy water and read out the exorcism prayers.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. His upcoming book is No Second Amendment, No First.

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