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Richard W. Stevens is a lawyer, author, and a Fellow of Discovery Institute’s Walter Bradley Center on Natural and Artificial Intelligence. He has written extensively on how code and software systems evidence intelligent design in biological systems. Holding degrees in computer science and law, Richard has practiced civil and administrative law litigation in California and Washington D.C., taught legal research and writing at George Washington University and George Mason University law schools, and has long focused on preparing dispositive motion and appellate briefs. He has authored or co-authored four books and has written numerous articles and spoken on subjects including the Bill of Rights, artificial intelligence, genocide studies, intelligent design, and Christian apologetics. His fifth book, Investigation Defense, is forthcoming.

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Society, Technology, Law | 10 months ago

AI Legal Theories

In a recent article on The Stream, “How to Stop Troubling Abuse From Artificial Intelligence,” Professor Robert J. Marks reported how artificial intelligence (AI) systems had made false reports or given dangerous advice: The Snapchat ChatGPT-powered AI feature “told a…

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