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Jonathan Witt, Ph.D., is a Senior Contributor to The Stream and a senior fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. He has written many popular and academic articles, scripted three documentaries that have appeared on PBS, and is the co-author of A Meaningful World. He was the lead writer for the PovertyCure Series and the award-winning film Poverty, Inc. He also served for a time as managing editor of The Stream.

Matti Leisola, Sc.D., is a bioengineer and former dean of Chemistry and Material Sciences at Helsinki University of Technology. An expert in enzymes and rare sugars, he’s published 140 peer-reviewed articles and won the Latsis Prize-ETH Zurich. He served as a research director for Cultor, a global biotech company, co-founded the International Society of Rare Sugars, and is founding editor of BIO-Complexity.

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I (Matti Leisola) started my science career as a Darwinist. But the scientific evidence drove me into scientific heresy. I now reject Darwinism. And I embrace the theory of intelligent design. The theory of intelligent design holds that the appearance…

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