Austin Ruse’s New Book Debunks Fake Science

His book contains important ammunition against "unscientific ideology."

By Andrew E. Harrod Published on August 17, 2017

“‘Science’ is now a cover for the leftist agenda,” writes Austin Ruse in his recent book. Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data fights this agenda’s alchemy that turns fiction into policy.

“Scientists are not priests,” Ruse warns. He sees a danger in way modern people revere some scientists. “Fully trained doctors experimented on Jews in Nazi Germany.” This example shows how many scientists “have held irrational and very unscientific beliefs over the years.” And with “transgenderism” today, “thoroughly respectable doctors are castrating little boys on the pretense that they can turn them into women.”

Pop Science Preachers

Ruse doubts the merits of many pop science preachers. Astronomy star Carl Sagan once spoke about the “long-discredited ‘ontology recapitulates phylogeny’ theory of a nineteenth-century Darwinist named Ernst Haeckel.” “Transgenderism” booster “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is a sketch comedian with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Ruse proves that science’s peer review process is not sacred. The process has missed many papers that later won Nobel Prizes. This process today “has become a way for the leftwing ‘consensus’ to circle the wagons and shoot down any challenge to their agenda.” The website Retraction Watch reports only on scandals in scholarly research.

“Even when there’s not obvious political pressure to skew results, scientists are human beings,” Ruse notes. The “iconic status of ‘science’ in the world today,” as well as the “huge amounts of government money at stake, means that the rewards for dishonesty are enormous.”

He mocks the idea that laymen must obey “science.” “Forgive me, Father-Scientist, up until now I did not believe that a man could become a woman. But now I do. I will do penance and promise to sin no more.”

False Promises

Much of Ruse’s book refutes past false promises behind the Sexual Revolution’s “present-day holocaust of disease and death.” He starts with French Revolutionary thinker Marquis de Sade, the French surrealists’ “Divine Marquis.” He “was a notorious rapist and sadist,” Ruse notes, “charged with drugging, kidnapping, torturing, and raping women.”

“We can’t afford to leave science to the frauds, the fakers, and the Left,” Ruse warns.

Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong combined killed likely over one hundred million. Yet the “Sexual Revolution dwarfs that.” A hundred million abortions worldwide join millions more deaths from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Science in Service of the Culture of Death

In the US, Ruse examines abortion and Planned Parenthood. “[N]o lie is too big for an organization that was founded as a eugenics project of Margaret Sanger, an out-and-out racist.” The “complicity of the scientific and medical profession in all the lies” is shameful. This recalls the “shame of the medical and scientific community during the Third Reich.” Among other false hopes, “embryonic stem cells have been a disaster, running wild in human bodies … growing skin and hair inside one poor man’s brain.”

Ruse likewise notes the world’s Malthus craze for “population control.” In a “demographic winter” wolves now appear in abandoned German towns. Worldwide billions of dollars have served the “vanishingly small number of women” who want contraception but cannot get it. More pressing issues include clean water, the lack of which could be lethal for over a billion people.

Sexed Up Science

“Everything you know about homosexuality is fake science,” Ruse also shows. Much of it came from the postwar “sexual freak” Alfred Kinsey. The lie that society is ten percent homosexual came from this criminal fraud. America’s Center for Disease Control finds the “most accurate number is no more than 1.6 percent of adults.”

This “vanishingly small” number equals about four million adults who claim to be gay, Ruse notes. American Methodists are almost twice as large. Yet gays claim that feelings about them changed as Americans befriended them. Thus “every single one of the roughly four million gays would have to be friends with an average of eighty heterosexuals.”

Deadly Science

“Phony science literally kills,” Ruse notes. The “hooey about DTT” has banned a pesticide vital against malaria in places like Africa. “Some say banning DDT has led directly to a hundred million deaths. Anti-DDT advocates get tetchy when anyone compares this to the millions Hitler killed.” Meanwhile the “story of global warming is one of scare-mongering, propaganda, mass hysteria, faked hockey sticks.” Global warming is now “very much like an old-fashioned fire and brimstone religion.”

“We can’t afford to leave science to the frauds, the fakers, and the Left,” Ruse warns. The human wellbeing at stake is too large. He gives perhaps the best praise of his own book for those wanting truth in policy. His “choice: swallow the unscientific ideology masked in the garb of fake ‘science,’ or put up a fight. For more ammunition, keep reading” Ruse’s book.

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