An Appeal to President Trump to Help Unify the Nation

Supporters of President Donald Trump wave flags and signs as they with for Trump to a arrive at a rally for Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, in Macon, Ga.

By Michael Brown Published on November 7, 2018

Dear Mr. President,

In the aftermath of the midterm elections, we are officially a divided nation.

It is the House vs. the Senate. The left vs. the right. The Trump-haters vs. the Trump-lovers.

War has been declared by every side, and no one is willing to compromise, understandably so.

And looking at things through natural eyes — in other words, barring divine intervention — we are going to live in one continuous, ugly, even vile, news cycle every day of the week, right up until the 2020 elections.

Surely, this cannot be good for our nation. We will literally tear ourselves up. It will be the intensity of the Kavanaugh hearings, multiplied and non-stop, for the next two years. Families will divide over this. Long time friendships will dissolve over this. Whole states will even talk about secession over this.

The way we treat our enemies can speak volumes. And the example you set, sir, will be followed by millions.

To say it again: this cannot be good for our nation.

Do I expect the media (on either side) to be more careful in their rhetoric? Do I expect CNN (on the left) or Fox (on the right) to moderate their tone? Certainly not.

What about your political opponents? Will they moderate their tone, now that they control the House? No way.

In reality, there is only person in America who can help unify our broken nation, and that is you.

You Set an Example

To be clear, on my end, as a committed evangelical, I would never compromise my pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious liberty, pro-Israel convictions. And I don’t expect those on the left to compromise their convictions either.

In that sense, the ideological divide runs deep and will continue for decades to come, barring a national spiritual awakening.

But tone can make a massive difference. The way we treat our enemies can speak volumes. The example you set, sir, will be followed by millions. Isn’t that something to think about?

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Many of those who voted for you did so because they wanted a fighter. They wanted someone with backbone. Someone who would expose the unethical tactics of many on the left. Who would not be intimidated by the hostile media. Who would face down world leaders without flinching.

In that respect, you have not disappointed your base.

And you have stood firmly for many of our most important values. In fact, your courage and tenacity and resolve have been outstanding. You have exceeded our expectations.

Sadly, however, your style and tone have also alienated many good people — and I mean people who could have been a strong part of your base. You have made it difficult for many evangelicals to garner more support for your excellent programs.

You have even opened yourself to the charge of being racist and misogynist, neither of which I believe to be true. Yet you have given unnecessary fuel to the fire of your critics.

And when you get in the gutter to fight your battles, not only do you dirty yourself, you dirty the whole nation. You also lose your lofty vantage point as the most powerful elected man on the planet.

You Have the Choice to Step Higher

I was encouraged to read your interview posted earlier this week in which you expressed regret for some of the tone you used during these last few years. You said, “I would like to have a much softer tone. I feel to a certain extent I have no choice, but maybe I do.”

With all respect, sir, you certainly do have a choice.

If you step higher, you will expose just how low your opponents can go. This will only help you and the Republican party in the 2020 elections.

You have come through the midterms very well and you remain in the driver’s seat. During his first midterms, President Obama lost 6 seats in the Senate, 63 in the House, and 6 in governor races. In contrast, you gained 3 seats in the Senate while losing only 34 in the House along with 7 in governor races. The expected, massive blue wave did not materialize.

That means that, on a strategic and political level, if you step higher, you will expose just how low your opponents can go. This will only help you and the Republican party in the 2020 elections.

More importantly, on a holistic and national level, if you step higher, you will elevate all Americans. We can have deep differences without hating each other and despising each other and degrading each other and demeaning each other.

Some, indeed, may get in the gutter. But everyone doesn’t need to get dirty and soiled.

Serving With Dignity

One of my dearest friends — and one of your most trusted evangelical advisors — has urged you to be a father to the nation, just as you have been to your children who stand close by your side to this day.

Other religious leaders who have met with you privately, including the rabbi of the synagogue in Pittsburgh, have commented on the side of you that the public doesn’t see — the kinder, gentler, caring side.

Why not show that side to the nation as well? How can that hurt?

You can continue to be decisive, strong, and fearless, but you can do it with dignity, as the President of the United States.

You can continue to be decisive, strong, unflinching, uncompromising, unwavering and fearless — those of us who voted for you want you to be — but you can do it with dignity, as the President of the United States.

Why not take tweeting to a new, higher level? Why not set a new national trend?

You were conciliatory and gracious when you won the presidential elections. That is what victors do. They know how to win graciously. Why not continue with the tone of the gracious victor as you pursue your agenda the next two years?

If you’ll do that, your base will only increase and the national dialogue will be elevated.

The cleaner you are, the dirtier those in the gutter will look. They will be like those spitting into the wind. You, however, will stand on higher ground, leading the nation.

Isn’t the path to real victory?

If you want to win, win, win, this is the path to pursue.

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  • tz1

    What real victory. The left plays dirty and wins. That is and has been the problem with the weak Republicans. Clean cut losers. LOSERS.
    They take civility and politeness as weakness. That you WILL back down – since you start doing it the moment they become uncivil.

    Isn’t this a microcosm of what is happening in Gaza? They are sending garage hacked missiles, kites on fire, and stones across the boundary and Israel shoots back. Bad Optics! The Palestinians aren’t using deadly force! Why is Israel killing everyone including first responders and children! Why is Israel acting barbaricly? Why can’t they act more civil! Besides, they already have Apartheid so are as racist as South Africa was – can’t they be more open? Aren’t walls and checkpoints uncivil?

    Why can’t Israel be as nice as you want Trump to be? Maybe if they tried they would “win win win”? Note I think Israel is doing what is NECESSARY even if the optics are bad. But So is Trump. Sometimes civility doesn’t work. Or do you have some idea on how to achive the Unity between the Jews and Palestinians in Israel that you wish to do here? If it isn’t Israel that is being unreasonable, but the Palestinians, perhaps it isn’t Trump that isn’t being unreasonable but his opposition.

  • Patmos

    I saw him say yesterday that he wish he had taken a different tone the past two years, and while I’ve never been bothered by such a tone, it’s safe to say it probably hurt the cause to a certain degree as those offended probably outweighed those who appreciate the fight.

    He’s still in a good position though, as his coarse style could easily be written off as political inexperience. A change would not only potentially be good in terms of getting things accomplished, it also would potentially expose the Democrats for what they are: Void of ideas and full of hysteria. If the Democrats meet him half way, things get done, Trump benefits. If the Democrats continue their empty rage, the country suffers, but the Dems look bad and Trump benefits.

  • Chip Crawford

    On what basis is President Trump responsible for producing – summoning unity in the country? Does he somehow control all the factors involved?

  • calduncan

    It’s 2018, as a Christian I have no desire to be “unified” with the secular left.

    • Concerned

      then you are not a christian. the first principle of christianity is unity and love. go back and read your bible

    • Chavoux

      But as a Christian, you are also unable to share the gospel of the Christ as He commanded, when it is not given “with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience”, as we are commanded.

  • Sapient

    Disagree. President Trump could talk in whispers, on his knees, with tears in his eyes and the radical Leftists in the MSM would treat him exactly as they do now. His tone has not opened him up “…to being a racist and misogynist…”. Are we to believe that all this is really just about, or even significantly about, tone? The MSM and the radical Leftists labeled everyone who wouldn’t buy into “you MUST believe women” as misogynists. We’re all bigots for pointing out that Sharia-demanding Islamists are not compatible with our culture or Constitution. The same lunatics label anyone who wants to secure the border a racist. The only way to avoid the vitriol and any of these the labels is to agree with the Left. But the “caravan of migrants” is NOT a caravan. It is an invading mob. And the Left is enraged at that label even if you whisper it gently with a smile. Did you happen to see that disgusting display today at the POTUS press conference between Acosta and the President. Acosta’s behavior was on par with the Country Club version of an Antifa thug. But, the MSM is ripping Trump for his response—which was very apropos!

    One more thing…the people out there that, aside from Trump’s tone, would be part of his base…they wouldn’t. Leftists complaining about tone would never come over. The RINO establishment that mocks his tone would never join up because they’re protecting their “free” trade financiers and cheap labor. And as for the regular Joe that offers up “tone” as the reason he’s reluctant to join up…it’s been my experience many times over that he’s just parroting the nightly newscaster because he wants to sound “informed”. They’re not really paying attention to anything.

    President a Trump, if you read this, don’t change a damn thing!

    • The Other Donald

      Great analysis. Kick the Acosta’ s out faster.

    • Concerned

      sad just sad this is why this will bring him down.. watch

  • The Other Donald

    I disagree. I think President Trump would be fine to step it up a notch. The MSM lies about him non-stop. They started with saying he called Mexicans rapists and murderers. HE DID NOT. He said “Mexico wants to send us their rapists and murderers”, which is TRUE. Mexico wants to keep their productive citizens and send us their expensive criminals. They have repeated the lie ad nauseam, convincing sheep that he is racist. Multiply that lie and resulting hatred x 1,000.

    • Concerned

      you just confirmed that he said it.. LOL and when you don’t appoint Minorities in your cabinet, you have none now, you haven’t appointed well qualified minorities to any Federal positions and everybody who supports you is a nationalist (racist) hmmmmm a blink man can see this.

  • Concerned

    Trump should learn how to be humble, learn how to talk to regular folks. This is not apprentice and he is acting like Drill Sargent. If this is what the evangelicals are running to support. God help us all. If the ones who laid hands and prayed for him pull him to the side and teach him what it means to lead with LOVE, COMPASSION and be a Leader of the World. Right now he isn’t looking that way and I can no longer support him as a Christian

    • Sapient

      Blah, blah, blah. For you to choose “tone” over things like abortion, national security, etc., is patently absurd and it says a lot about you. Maybe try explaining your position to a fetus or the next victim of MS13.

  • NellieIrene

    I agree with you about our love of his “backbone”. I cherished every moment of his press conference yesterday. He’s the first president who pushes back. How long I have wanted a republican president to do just what he did instead of becoming a mewling toady before those on the left, and their mouth pieces in the MSM. They hate him, and by extension, us. Their only desire is to debase him, and us. As disappointed as you may be to hear this, I hope he doesn’t change that. Not for the sake of “unity”. Particularly when we have a left that clearly has no desire for it.

  • Rusty Molnar

    I disagree, you cannot work with someone/or anyone who has absolutely no intention or desire of working with you…To me dealing with these people is like dealing with the Palestinians, pointless and fruitless. Furthermore, I think the attempts in the past to try and work with them have just emboldened them more, both to/with their tactics, and to their way of thinking.
    The only way to deal with them is through strength, truth, and being VERY direct. He does not have to be mean, which I do not see him as that. As to the charges of racism and more, please enough already!

  • David N. Gray

    Some of the earlier comments below illustrate how deep the problem is, in that many people now don’t even seem to understand the concept of a unified nation, where diverse people can live together in peace and work together for the common good. Yes, we desperately need leaders who will be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem, but that won’t be Trump, since divisiveness is a core feature of his political strategy.

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