Responding to ‘Anyone-But-Trump’ Evangelicals Who Plan to Vote Democratic

President Donald J. Trump participates in a prayer with African American Leaders and Pastor Paula White Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020, in the Cabinet Room of the White House.

By Shane Idleman Published on March 3, 2020


‘Anyone But Trump’: The Texas Evangelicals Who Plan to Vote Democratic

The title above from a recent article stood out as I glanced through the morning news. The article’s subtitle said, “Texas is home to one of the largest evangelical populations in the country, most of which traditionally votes Republican. But some current and former members of the evangelical community have turned to the Democrats, espousing more progressive beliefs.”

I’ve just returned home from Texas where I had the privilege of meeting James Robison, Pastor Jack Graham, and many other fine Texans. (Part one of my interview with James Robison can be viewed here.) Having been there that recently I wanted to chime in on some important truths as Texas — and 13 other states — head into the voting booth today.

1. Progressive Doesn’t Always Mean Progress.

The church today finds itself in an interesting spot. On one hand, we are commanded to love all people who struggle with sin. On the other hand, we cannot affirm sin nor turn a blind eye to the unrepentant practice of sin by those who claim to be Christ’s followers.

We care so much for others that we desire for them to have a relationship with God via repentance. In return, we are labeled haters and homophobes. What irony. Those who love are called haters, and those filled with hate are called tolerant.

Liberals are “mainstream,” while those who support the tenets of Scripture are called mean-spirited fundamentalists. Up is down and down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right. We make decisions based on not offending others, never stopping to ask if God is offended by our position.

Folks, this is not progression; it’s digression. Many who plan to vote democrat also embrace liberal theology. Doesn’t anyone else see a connection?

2. We Aren’t Voting for a Person; We are Voting for Principles.

The Bible says don’t murder innocent children — therefore, no abortion. It also says that we should work hard if we can — therefore, socialism is wrong. It also says that the government is to guard the nation, securing borders and fighting terrorism (see Romans 13). The Bible adds that we should have judges who are honest and respect the law of the land (therefore, conservative) and that we should bring God’s Word into all areas of life.

And on and on it goes.

Many of President Trump’s staff are doing all this and more. How a person, let alone a Christian, can overlook these things is a mystery to me. We have a politician actually doing what he said he would do. His past is not perfect; his speech is not pristine. But he is guiding America in the right direction. He is surrounded by many godly men and women. As seen in the photo above, he seeks and accepts prayer. Life is being protected, sex traffickers are being prosecuted at a very high rate, and religious freedoms are being secured.

Just ask the underground church in China and Iraq how important religious freedom is, lest you take it for granted.

3. The Majority of the Media Cannot Be Trusted.

The majority of news outlets spin everything (yes, everything) to put President Trump in a bad light. Currently, the coronavirus is his fault. Their hatred for him trumps the truth. Their agenda is simple and clear: Remove him from office at any cost!

I hope you realize this — I pray those Never Trumper Texas evangelicals come to realize this: In the end it’s really not about Trump. They are really coming after you, me and our Christian values.

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Let this sink in: Innocent children are being protected under his administration, terror is being restrained, good judges are being selected, socialism is being resisted, families are being encouraged via employment (black employment is at an all-time high), prayer is being brought back into schools, God’s wisdom is being sought, you can say “Merry Christmas” again, and on and on it goes.

So again, we are not following a man, we are revitalizing a movement — a movement back to God. And the foes of this president are trying to stop that movement. And tragically, folks like the “Anyone but Trump” evangelicals in the Lone Star State are enabling them.

It’s Our Choice

We live in the greatest country in the world. The success we cherish, however, is not the result of chance. Many early Americans, including most of the Founders, understood that in order for a nation to thrive and prosper, God’s Word must provide the basis for the government and the welfare of society.

I’m not suggesting a theocracy, nor were the Founders. I am suggesting a return to Judeo-Christian values. Just as water rapidly eroded the banks of the mighty Colorado River and created a vast Grand Canyon, America’s current relativistic belief system has eroded her foundation and created a moral void.

As the moral and cultural war rages between our shores, we need more than ever to be awakened from our spiritual slumber. This battle is for the very soul of our nation. It’s our choice — stand or fall. We must vote accordingly.


Shane Idleman is the founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Southern California and the creator of the WCF Radio Network. His program, Regaining Lost Ground, points us back to God and reminds us that although times change, truth does not. His books, blogs, and sermons can all be found at

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