Al’s Afternoon Tea: Biden Puts on Strange Show at D-Day Event, Judge Puts Trump’s GA Case on Ice

Joe Biden greets vet at 80th D-Day commemoration. This is not what they said, but it sure looks that way: "There, there. I've got you, old man." "Thank you ... and thank you for yours service in World War II."

By Al Perrotta Published on June 6, 2024

Welcome back in or Al’s Afternoon Tea. This is our final seating for the week, so let’s make it a good one.

80th Anniversary of D-Day Commemoration: Biden Befuddled?

Yesterday, the White House insisted the Wall Street Journal’s expose on how the president is “slipping” was politically motivated garbage. Today, Joe Biden, on the world stage at the solemn 80th commemoration of D-Day, appeared to try to sit on a chair when he wasn’t supposed to. (Or do something before Jill Biden instructed him otherwise. Do you have any idea what it might have been?)

Whatever he was doing caused the phrase “What the heck?” to be uttered in about 15 different languages.

On the plus side, Biden did deliver his remarks with no major gaffes. No talk of having met with Winston Churchill or recounting how he wiped out a German battery using only his aviator glasses. He even said some of the right things.

“Democracy is never guaranteed. Every generation must preserve it, defend it, and fight for it. That’s the test of the ages in memory of those who fought here, died here, literally saved the world here.”

Biden also used the speech to talk up the need for “solidarity” with Ukraine … which is in a war with Russia, who was our ally in World War II. (Time and place, Joe. Time and place.)

The president was then whisked straight away by Dr. Jill, while French President Emmanuel Macron hung out to shake the hands of some of the surviving vets who made the trip. Many of those 100-year-old heroes seemed as spry as the American commander-in-chief.

Some 170 of the heroes who took part in the D-Day invasion took part in today’s commemoration.

The Stream‘s Publisher and Founder James Robison had his own thoughts to share on this D-Day anniversary.

House Issues Criminal Referrals on Hunter and Jim Biden to DOJ for Lying to Congress

Three House committees have formally issued criminal referrals to the U.S. Justice Department on Hunter Biden and his uncle, Jim Biden, for lying to Congress under oath. Both men testified in the House impeachment inquiry, and according to the Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways & Means committees, both lied to hide Joe Biden’s involvement in their shady schemes.

Said Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan:

Lying to Congress is a serious crime with serious consequences. Both Hunter and James Biden did just that. They lied to cover up President Biden’s involvement in their family’s international influence-peddling schemes that have generated millions of dollars. These criminal referrals are a reflection of criminal wrongdoing by the Biden family, and the Department of Justice must take steps to hold the Bidens accountable.

But will the DOJ do anything? Attorney General Merrick Garland insisted this week that the DOJ is apolitical, even as evidence has mounted of the precise opposite. His DOJ certainly jumped to quickly indict Donald Trump’s allies referred by House Democrats for charges, while their slow-walking when it comes to Democrats makes Joe Biden look like Jesse Owens.  As Jonathan Turley wrote this morning, “Garland’s moment of truth has arrived. He will either have to meet it or shrink from it. Either way, the attorney general is about to give the full measure of himself and his office.”

Fulton County Case Against Trump Halted While Appeals Court Considers Booting Fani

Trump’s 2020 election-interference trial in Georgia has been shut down at least until after the 2024 election. The Georgia Court of Appeals as issued a stay on all proceedings until it rules on a defense request to kick Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis off the case. Judge Scott McKee announced Wednesday that, in line with the ruling, he is halting all activity on the case. McKee had been planning to hear pretrial motions, but with the Appeals Court not even hearing arguments until October on Willis, that means there is zero chance of a trial starting before the election. 

Fani might as well resume her love affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade.

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According to Turley, the stay means it is unlikely any of the lawfare cases remaining against Trump will be heard before the election.

The radical judge in the DC case is drooling to get it going, but that one is on hold until the U.S. Supreme Court rules later this month on matters of presidential immunity and a case involving J6 defendants that could gut the charges against Trump.

No Big Post-Conviction Bump for Biden as Trump Dismisses Talk of Retribution

So the Left has had its moment. The high point was former President Donald Trump’s conviction of 34 felony counts of altering business records last week. What’s the first post-verdict poll in a swing state showing? That Trump still holds a 48.2 to 47.6 lead on Biden in Michigan, though it’s dropped from two points. And a brand new Quinnipiac poll out of Georgia? It shows Trump up five points on Biden. 

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is not happy that Trump is still in the game and could be in a position to even the score.

Yeah. Perhaps. Or Trump can do the job he was hired to do, then grab his supermodel wife, go back to his resorts, and play golf all day. Which do you think sounds more fun?

Matthews, the rest of the media, and the Biden-Harris campaign are running around screaming about how Trump is promising to prosecute those who prosecuted him. Trump threw cold water on that last night in an interview with Sean Hannity. He said that even though he’d have every right to go after his political opponents, “it’s got to stop.” Such retribution would “destroy the country.”

Dead Man Wins Primary

In case you missed it, a dead man won a New Jersey Democratic congressional primary. The late Rep. Donald Payne, who died of a heart attack on April 25, won 99.9% of the vote Tuesday night in Jersey’s 10th district.

It’s only right. All those Biden voters who are deceased should have representation in Congress.

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