Al’s Afternoon Tea: Biden Slipping, Laptop Admitted While NFL Teams Call Time Out on Pride

By Al Perrotta Published on June 5, 2024

Welcome back in for Al’s Afternoon Tea — our chance to dish out (and dish on) the latest news. 

WSJ Report: Dems and Republicans Who’ve Been Meeting With Biden Say He’s “Slipping”

High-ranking congressional officials — both Republican and Democratic — who’ve met with Joe Biden recently expressed worry to the Wall Street Journal that he is “showing signs of slipping.” (Not very observant to have just now noticed.) 

The story is behind a paywall, but according to the New York Post, Biden “increasingly relies on cheat sheets in meetings and at times has closed his eyes for so long that people wondered if he had drifted off.” He also speaks so softly it is nearly impossible to understand him, and relies on aides to answer questions directed to him. According to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the president recently seemed unaware of White House policy and seemed to forget earlier negotiations. “And he was shocked when I’d say: ‘No, Mr. President. We talked about that meetings ago. We are done with that,’” he told the Wall Street Journal.

“Uncomfortable” is the word one congressional source used. 

The White House called the allegations “false claims as a political tactic,” and insisted that Biden remains sharp.

To that, we say: Prove it. Release the Hur audio.

Hunter’s Laptop Officially Entered into Evidence: Will There Be Apologies? Will Biden Be Questioned?

Forget the gun charge currently pending against Hunter Biden, whose Delaware trial continued today. Even that is small potatoes compared to what happened in connection with it yesterday: The United States Department of Justice officially entered Hunter’s laptop into the evidence record, and today an FBI agent testified that no one has tampered with the information on it. 

That means the U.S. government is affirming the laptop and the information it contains is legitimate. Therefore, there can be no doubt or confusion about Joe Biden’s intimate involvement in illicit business dealings with foreign enemies of the United States, from whom he and his family have been taking in millions of dollars for several years.

That means that Joe Biden stood on a debate stage with Donald Trump in 2020 and flat-out lied.

Where are the apologies from the 51 top intelligence officials who interfered in the 2020 election by falsely declaring the information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop to be “Russian disinformation”? Better yet, where is their mass committing of harakiri in shame over helping deny the American people a free and fair election? Donald Trump is a “threat to democracy?” These gangsters kneecapped democracy four years ago, and have continued doing it since.

Hate to Get Tawdry, But …

Getting the official seal of approval for the laptop means it is now fair game to ask Joe Biden what actions he and Dr. Jill took when Beau’s widow-turned-Hunter-lover, Hallie Biden, accused Hunter of engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with her underaged daughter. There are several damning texts connected to the allegation. For example, Hunter texted a friend that “my mom [stepmother Jill] tells [father Joe] things like I am sexually inappropriate with children.” Hunter admitted to business partner Devon Archer that he wasn’t allowed to go near his niece unless Joe Biden was present. He told the girl Hallie told “Pop she’d call the police if I tried to see you.”

We’re not talking about Hunter’s behavior. We’re talking about what Joe Biden knew, when he knew it, and what he did (or didn’t) do about it.

However, if that new Wall Street Journal article we mentioned earlier is to be believed, Biden may no longer remember what he knew or did about it.

11 NFL Teams Not Showing “Pride” … at Least Not Yet

Thanks to Trump’s New York trial and assorted testimonies, we’ve managed to make it to June 5 without having to deal much with Pride Month.

However, we can say we’re seeing signs that the LGBTQ activists may have jumped the shark (while wearing tuck-it trans swimwear) last year, because there’s been a definite turn-down of PRIDE activities and more pushback.

For example, 11 NFL teams don’t appear to have any Pride Month displays or events this year. (At least thus far. Fox News published an article about it yesterday, and no doubt the fascistic cultists will be bringing the heat.) 

Which teams aren’t waving Pride flags around? Generally speaking, those in the Heartland or the South: the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons.

As Fox News points out, this doesn’t mean any of those teams are anti-Pride Month, per se — or homophobic, transphobic, or furryphobic. They’re just keeping to their business. And maybe by now they’ve come to understand their fan base.

Idaho Bar Declares “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month”

Rebellion against the forced submission to the Pride cultists is popping up in other forms, too. The Old State Saloon in Idaho, for example, has gone viral for declaring June “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month.” From its Facebook post:

June will be OSS’s inaugural Heterosexual Awesomeness Month! Come join us all month to celebrate heterosexuals, for without them, none of us would be here! Each Monday will be Hetero Male Monday and any heterosexual male dressed like a heterosexual male will receive a free draft beer. Each Wednesday is Heterosexual Couples Day and each heterosexual couple will receive 15% off their bill.

According to Fox News, the saloon is also advertising for a judge who will “determine if a man’s clothing is heterosexual.” We’re a bit surprised Facebook hasn’t flagged the saloon, but the month is young.

Did the Orlando VA Hospital Actually Replace the American Flag with a Pride Flag?

A viral video appears to show that the Veteran’s Administration medical center in Orlando, Florida, has replaced the American flag with a Pride flag.

We’re looking for confirmation the switcheroo actually happened. There is no comment yet from the Orlando Veterans Administration Hospital System (OVAHCS) on X.

If it’s true, though, how sorrowful must that be for veterans being treated there who saw their friends returned stateside in coffins draped in the American flag.

It’s also sorrowful to see the malpractice being committed by doctors on young boys and girls.

Dr. Jordan Peterson probes this issue more deeply.

We must be near the end of this in some way as I have a difficult time even imagining anything more perverse than a crowd of deluded pride-worshipers applauding a young women enticed by propaganda into mutilating and sterilizing herself horribly and self-destructively so that sadistic butchers could profit and lying therapists virtue-signal.

He left politicians out of his list.

West Hollywood’s Gay Mayor: Best Part of Pride Parade Is Seeing So Many Kids

You know what got West Hollywood (California) Mayor John Erikson most excited about his town’s Pride Parade? The little kids lining the streets. 

 “I loved going out there and seeing all the kids just living and being there with their parents of all shapes and sizes and just seeing them having so much fun and giving them fans and throwing candy and everything like that,” he told Fox 5.

Because nothing says “family entertainment” like drag queens, women showing off their chest scars, and near-pornographic displays by gay men. 

Trump Wants Merchan to Lift Gag Order Before First Debate

Trump’s lawyers have asked Judge Juan “I Never Met a Constitutional Amendment I Didn’t Like to Break if It Meant Securing Trump’s Conviction” Merchan to lift the gag order imposed on the former president before his June 27 debate with Joe Biden.

“Now that the trial is concluded, the concerns articulated by the government and the Court do not justify continued restrictions on the First Amendment rights of President Trump,” attorney Todd Blanche said, adding, “The “constitutional mandate for unrestrained campaign advocacy by President Trump is even stronger in light of” comments made by Biden and his campaign.”

Alvin Bragg, unsurprisingly, is opposed

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This is kind of funny. In the past couple weeks, Joe Biden and his campaign have launched an all-out effort to dub Trump a racist in an effort to stem the rush of black people abandoning The Big Guy. And as we learned in 2020, according to Biden, “you ain’t black” if you’re a black person who doesn’t support him. Meanwhile, Donald Trump just got endorsed by David Hillard, a founder of the Black Panther Party.

Finally … The Power of One

Yesterday’s 35th anniversary commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre offers a good reminder that one person can make a difference. And that none need be intimidated. 

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