Al’s Afternoon Tea: Biden Admits He Nearly Fell Asleep in Debate; ‘Dam Is Breaking’

By Al Perrotta Published on July 3, 2024

Welcome back in for Al’s Afternoon Tea. But hold onto your napkin, because you may be doing a few spit takes.

Huh? Now Biden’s Admitting He Nearly Fell Asleep During the Debate?

“Sleepy Joe” was supposed to just be a nickname. However, in a stunning admission during a private fundraiser Tuesday, Joe Biden admitted he “almost fell asleep” during the debate. (Falling asleep during a Biden event is our job.)

George W. Bush lost his reelection bid in part because he looked at his watch during a debate. But Biden is counting sheep during a debate, and some people still believe he is fit to remain in office?

During his brief six-minute address Tuesday, Biden apologized for his performance at the debate, blaming it on exhaustion from his two European trips — which had concluded two weeks before, and followed by a full week at the restful retreat of Camp David.

In between was that appearance at the White House Juneteenth event, where he appeared to freeze. Team Biden insisted the clip was a “cheap fake” pushed by conservative media. Except now, even The New York Times is telling the truth. “One person who sat close to the president said that he had a ‘dazed and confused’ expression during much of the event.”

But here comes the more ominous part …

Biden in “Sharp Decline”?

The person who was with Biden at the Juneteenth event told the Times the president appeared to have taken a “sharp decline” since a meeting only weeks earlier. Do you remember those stories that suggested Hunter Biden’s gun-felony trial was going to take a serious toll on his father? The timing works out. In any event, if Biden’s steady decline has been accelerating in recent weeks, this really is not a matter of whether he should stay on the ticket between now and November. It really is whether he can remain in office a day longer.

Despite the Mount Everest of evidence showing that our president is unwell and fading fast, the White House was still pretending Tuesday that Biden just had a cold and a bad night at the debate.

Does Anyone Buy It? Should He Take a Test to Prove It?

During the first White House press briefing after the debate, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked point-blank if Joe Biden has dementia, Alzheimer’s, or a degenerative illness.

“I have an answer for you,” she said. “It is no.”

Really? So what’s going on, then? She repeatedly insisted that Biden only “had a cold and a bad night.” In that case, was he taking any cold medication? No.

Even more astonishing, she said, “As it relates to the cognitive test … it is not warranted in this case.”

KJP suggested Biden is fit to run the most powerful nation on Earth because he was able to go to a Waffle House after the debate.

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Reporters also asked, “Is anyone in the White House hiding information about the president’s health or his ability to do the job day to day?”

Jean-Pierre:  “Absolutely not.” 


Then why is Merrick Garland facing arrest by the House of Representatives because he’s refusing to turn over the audio from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interrogation of Biden, which prompted him to dismiss the charges against him because no one would convict a decrepit old man? Does Garland think he’ll look good in orange? Does he want a chance to party in a cell with Steve Bannon? How come Axios reports that Jill Biden even keeps the residential staff away from the president? The guy who famously paraded naked in front of female Secret Service agents is shy?!

This is Soviet-level gaslighting, with a dash of North Korea-style family dynasty thrown in.

Who Is Taking Part in White House Meetings?

Here are seven words that should provide great comfort to the nation in these days of confusion and upheaval. “Hunter Biden is in White House meetings.”

NBC News reported that Biden’s felonious offspring has joined meetings with the president and his top aides this week at the White House, and according to the network, other officials are loving it. Not. “Another person familiar with the matter said the reaction from senior White House staff has been, “What the h*** is happening?”

“The Dam Is Breaking”

“I think it’s fair to say the dam is breaking,” CNN’s Jamie Gangel said Tuesday night. “Top Democratic Party leaders — this includes former and present administration officials, as well as major party donors — want President Biden to step aside for the good of the party and the country.”

Reuters reports that 25 House Democrats are set to call for Biden to step down if he “appears shaky” in the coming days. Democrats in competitive races this fall are now panicking over the possibility that Biden is going to drag them down to defeat. 

Biden was scheduled to meet today with Democratic governors who are greatly displeased at what’s transpired, including the fact that Biden had not reached out to them after the debate. 

As for the mood inside the White House, Axios had a harrowing report Tuesday:

Officials on President Biden’s White House and campaign staffs say they’re feeling rage, sadness, frustration, and resolve over his debate performance and his team’s response to it, more than a dozen White House and campaign aides told Axios.

Biden’s performance at the debate has left many of his own aides worried about his mental fitness, and angry about what they see as a lack of candor from Biden’s senior aides.

“Senior leadership has given us nothing,” one White House official told Axios. “To act like it’s business as usual is delusional.”

Another put it more bluntly. “Everyone is freaking the ****  out.”

While You are Outside Getting Tanned the Old-Fashioned Way

How bad is it for Biden? He came out Monday night to deliver his fiery assault on the Supreme Court and Donald Trump, and what happened? The next day more people were talking about his spray-on tan. 

Because we’re heading into a holiday weekend, and because we need a little humor break from this truly head-spinning, historic week, we give you The Babylon Bee. 

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July! But before you go see fireworks tomorrow night, check out tomorrow’s special Afternoon Tea, where I’ll tell you about my recent visit to the Declaration of Independence.

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