The Brew: New Polling Adds to Democratic Panic as Fabled Journalist Spills Beans on Biden Condition … and Media Complicity

Plus, a celebrity-adored cafe in West Hollywood denies service to Jewish man.

By Al Perrotta Published on July 3, 2024

Happy Wednesday!

Prepping those candles for Uncle Sam’s birthday tomorrow. But first …

Talking Election Numbers: Blue States Making Biden Camp Blue

A new CNN poll shows Donald Trump opening up a 6% lead over Joe Biden, 49% to 43% nationally, while state polling indicates Trump is expanding the election map. And how. got hold of internal Democratic polling that shows Colorado, Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire — considered shoo-ins for Biden — are now toss-ups.

New polling shows Trump edging ahead in New Hampshire, which went for Joe Biden by 7.3% in 2020. The St. Amselm College Survey Center puts Trump over Biden 44%-42%.

Down in deep blue New Jersey, Trump now leads Biden 41-40 in a new Co/Efficient poll. That was before Thursday’s nightmare debate.

According to Politico, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told a Biden senior aide Friday night the crucial swing state of Michigan may be out of reach after the debate. Whitmer denied the report, saying she’s behind Biden “100%.” “Not only do I believe Joe can win Michigan, I know he can because he’s got the receipts.”

What does that even mean? The receipts for paying illicit ballot harvesters?

He’s going to need something. Statistician Nate Silver says the probability of Biden winning has dropped from 34.7% before the debate to just 27.6% now.

This as a new survey from CBS News shows nearly three-quarters of registered voters think Joe Biden is mentally incapable of serving as president. 72%! That number could go up, if people heard fabled Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein on CNN.

Legendary Watergate Reporter: Biden’s Had 15-20 Major Episodes of Cognitive Decline This Past Year and Is Getting Worse

Biden has had 15-20 major episodes of cognitive decline the past year, and has gotten dramatically worse the past six months, journalist Carl Bernstein told CNN, citing sources close to Biden.  “They are adamant that what we saw the other night, the Joe Biden we saw, is not a one-off, that there have been 15, 20 occasions in the last year and a half when the president has appeared somewhat as he did in that horror show that we witnessed.”

He says it’s “significant” how many people around Biden have witnessed such incidents, “including some reporters.”

If they didn’t report it, they’re not reporters. They are propagandists and administration lackeys. Like Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.

CNN’s Jake Tapper chewed Coons alive for trying to spin Biden’s debate performance.

Yes, it’s a bit shocking for Jake Tapper to be so critical. But he’s dead serious. And we have to consider one reason why. Jake Tapper moderated the debate. He was only a few feet away from Biden. He saw and felt more than what the cameras could pick up. It must have been worse in person … or else Tapper would say otherwise.

Democratic Governors Getting Antsy … 1st House Democrat Says Bow Out

Speaking of Tapper, he broke news Tuesday, revealing Democratic governors held a call Monday without staff … or anyone from Biden campaign. The highlights?

  • They expressed concern over what’s going on with the president.
  • They know coming forward publicly will likely cause Biden to dig in more.
  • “They were also surprised none of them had heard from him (!)”
  • “There was strong sentiment that they needed to hear directly from President Biden.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas has become the first House Democrat to call on Biden to withdrawal from the race. This is no Squad member or young dog eager to move out the old guard. Doggett’s been in Congress since 1995.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi could be getting closer to pulling the plug. On Sunday, she was fiercely defending Biden to the point of accusing Trump of being the one to have dementia. Today, on MSNBC, she was more cautious, saying “I think it’s a legitimate question to say, ‘Is this an episode or is this a condition?’” If Bernstein’s to be believed, Biden’s been having more episodes than Law & Order.

Did this one happen during his good hours of 10-to-4?

But don’t worry. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted he simply “did not have a great night.” And later insisted he was perfectly fine running the United States of America because after the debate he was able to go to Waffle House. 

What to Do? DNC Has a Brilliant Idea

So you have clear proof Biden is shot, donors are fleeing and unmoved by pleas from Biden team, polls showing Biden losing even in blue states and there’s no chance short of a healing miracle of Biden’s condition improving.

What’s the DNC’s solution?

According to a new report from Daily Wire, the DNC is thinking about formally securing Biden’s nomination a month earlier than planned. Make him the official nominee on July 21st, rather than at their convention in mid-August. The idea is to head off any momentum to replace Biden before the convention.

Jewish Man Denied Coffee in L.A. Shop … Employee Brings One To Him

For all the talk about Thursday’s debate, no questions involved the dramatic rise of anti-Semitism under this administration, particularly since October 7. Seems a big deal. Perhaps even bigger than one’s golf handicap.

A video making the rounds shows a Jewish man claiming he was prohibited by the owner from buying coffee at the Mauro Café in West Hollywood.  (Note the little Pride flag at their entrance. Goes to show how far their “tolerance” goes.) The man’s then seen being ordered by a staffer to leave the property.

The owner is no stranger to anti-Semitic activism. The Jew Hate Database, among others, says Evelyne Joan was part of the violent protest blocking the Adas Torah Synagogue in June. Her café is known to be a favorite haunt of Hollywood celebrities.

This story has a hopeful ending. A young employee brings the gentleman coffee, apparently purchased by another customer.

Meanwhile, pro-Jewish protesters have begun demonstrating out front of the café.

And oh, look. As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, Mauro Café had made their Facebook page private.  

Victory: Tennessee Woman Award $700K After Being Fired For Refusing the Jab

Tanja Benton was fired in 2022 by Blue Cross/Blue Shield for refusing to take a mandated COVID-19 vaccination shot. Today Benton is almost $700,000 richer, after a federal jury determined she was due a settlement with the health insurer. A federal jury found Benton proved her refusal to take the jab was based on a “sincerely-held religious belief.”

Benton wouldn’t take the vaccine because, according to the suit, she firmly believes “that all COVID-19 vaccines are derived from aborted fetus cell lines.” Thus she, “cannot in good conscience consume the vaccine, which would not only defile her body but also anger and dishonor God.”

According to Fox 17, Benton was awarded “$177,240 in back pay, $10,000 in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages, for a total of $687,240.”


Along The Stream

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Keep an eye out for Dr. Michael Brown’s new one “Pride Month Goes Out With a Whimper,” dropping soon onto The Stream.  

Safe travels for those heading out for the July 4th holiday and weekend.


Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington bureau chief, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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