A Painful Transgender Warning Against Transanity

By Michael Brown Published on March 24, 2017

In response to my latest article on “transanity,” I received an email from an individual whom we’ll call Irene and who identifies as a transgender woman. The story Irene shared with me is poignant and painful. It’s a strong warning against transgender activism. It also presents a major moral dilemma.

Irene was born male, then had sex change surgery while running from God. Irene has now changed his legal identity to female and married a man. Since then, Irene has come to faith. Now both Irene and Irene’s husband want to follow Jesus together.

Irene’s Story

This is the first email Irene sent me:

Dr. Brown,

Just read your Transanity article. Thank you for curt and scripture based article on this. I am a transgendered person. I struggled all my life. I turned from God and did what I knew was wrong many years ago. I was born a male, and now live as female for the last 15 years. God started calling me back a couple years ago. I rededicated my life to following Jesus, and living for him, and what he can do for a lost person. I can’t change the things I’ve done to myself, and ones that loved me. God showed me that I should not promote, or be in that community because of the insanity of thinking. God forgiving me for taking my life in my hands was easy. It has always been forgiving myself that has been hard. I am still a work in progress. I spend time with my Lord and Savior everyday. My past is not mine anymore. My future is in God’s hand. Again thank you for your article. I get tired of articles and news promoting the lifestyle.

So, Irene, who self-identifies as “a work in progress, expressed regret for transitioning from male to female. Irene also spoke of the “insanity of thinking” among transgender activists.

I wrote back, asking Irene, “Do you feel that God ultimately wants you to identify as female?”

How God ultimately wants me to identify is confusing. I am married* to a loving husband who shares my faith, and have been for the last 13 years. It was his mother who got me going back to church, and ultimately rededicating my life to Christ.

What about the choice to transition? How does Irene view that choice now?

Was my choice to transition what God wanted for my life? No I don’t believe it was. I believe I had let so much sin into my life that I made selfish sinful choices in my life. At this point I don’t see God wanting me to destroy a second marriage, and destroy a person, my husband.

I don’t live a life of promoting my choice. In fact I cringe each time I see on television, online, or read about how great it is for transitioning. I know the pain, the sin, the hurt, and how confused the people are. Before they make a choice that changes their life forever, they need to have a God conversation instead of a Selfish conversation with themselves, or some group promoting and encouraging them.

For all those celebrating the likes of Bruce Jenner and Jazz (the teenage, transgender reality TV star), and for all those promoting transgender ideology, I urge you to read these words again: “I cringe each time I see on television, online, or read about how great it is for transitioning. I know the pain, the sin, the hurt, and how confused the people are.”

What are the lasting effects of Irene’s choice?

There are residual damages from my choices that don’t go away. Consequential Sin I call it. I have to live with the consequences of my choices, pain I caused myself, others, and the way I ran away from God. God is slowly healing my life, and relationships I ruined with sin. Can God still use me to impact others. Yes, He can and He does.

And where does that leave Irene today?

I am not trying to justify myself or choices. That’s what I did 18 years ago to justify my choices. I have an intimate relationship with God, and He directs my path at this point in my life. Ultimately He will put me where he wants me, and use me as He wants. I pray for His direction in my life constantly.

Praying for Irene and Others Struggling With Gender Identity

Join me in praying for God’s best for Irene and Irene’s husband. Pray that God would make His will known and that He would pour out His all-sufficient grace to walk out the hard choices that lay before them. I don’t know if they’re in a celibate, best-friend relationship right now or actually living as a married couple. Let’s continue to pray for those who struggle deeply with their gender identity while also opposing the transanity of our culture.

We need hearts of compassion and backbones of steel.

We need hearts of compassion and backbones of steel. We need true compassion to stand with those who are hurting and confused. We also need steely courage to stand against those who are advancing a hurtful and confusing agenda.


*I understand that, in God’s sight, this is a marriage between two biological males, but I share this to help readers realize how difficult these issues are for people to work through.

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