Yes, the 8th Planned Parenthood Video is Horrendous, but That’s Not Why StemExpress Tried to Block It

StemExpress was likely aiding and abetting or conspiring with Planned Parenthood to help them profit from selling fetal body parts.

By Rachel Alexander Published on August 27, 2015

The eighth undercover video by The Center for Medical Progress is horrendous to watch, featuring StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer chowing down on lunch nonchalantly while chatting about the buying and selling of fetal body parts, as a stone-faced associate sits like a statue next to her. But that’s probably not why StemExpress sought an injunction from a California judge blocking the video’s release. It’s probably because this sting video offers plenty of evidence suggesting the organization is breaking the law.

Federal law only prohibits abortionists, but not resellers like StemExpress, from making a profit selling fetal body parts. But if StemExpress is actively helping Planned Parenthood to make a profit, that could be considered conspiracy or aiding and abetting. This video seems to point to just such an activity.

Former StemExpress employees say the company paid Planned Parenthood a generous $50 to $75 per baby body part. When one of the undercover buyers suggests the selling of fetal body parts needs to be “financially beneficial for the clinics,” Dyer nods in agreement, “Yeah.” At one point, Dyer asks, “You feel like there are clinics out there that have been burned, that feel like they’re doing all this work for research and it hasn’t been profitable for them?” When the undercover buyer says no, Dyer agrees, “I don’t see that either.”

Yet perhaps the most incriminating part of the video was not what Dyer said. It was the screenshot of her company’s website (above). It explicitly states that its partnership program “fiscally rewards clinics.” It lists an “Easy to Implement Program + Financial Profits.” Abortion partners will also be “contributing to the fiscal growth of your own clinic.” That doesn’t sound like merely passing along fetal body parts at cost. It sounds like profiteering plain and simple.

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