3 Ways Congress Could be Forced to Clean Up Its Own Act

By Michael Brown Published on November 29, 2017

Last week, I asked my Twitter followers, “Do you believe that Congress will clean up its own act when it comes to dealing with members guilty of sexual harassment?” A staggering 91 percent responded with “No way!” while only 1 percent voted for “Absolutely!” (The other 8 percent chose “I think so.”)

If the lawmakers are the lawbreakers, this cynicism makes perfect sense. Yet Congress might be forced to clean up its own act, like it or not.

Not Going Down Alone

One way this could happen is that a guilty congressman could decide to bring others down with him. As a headline on the Gateway Pundit announces, “Democrat Conyers Threatens to Take the Whole D**n Swamp Down With Him!” Yes, “The lawyer for Rep. John Conyers hinted the Michigan Democrat may take down ‘many others’ with him if he is pushed too hard!”

This is the reverse of “I’ll cover you if you cover me,” the opposite of the “good old boy” club. Instead, it becomes, “You uncover me and I’ll uncover you. You hurt me and I’ll unleash hell against you.”

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This is what happens when you have dirt on each other and agree to keep it quiet and hide it under the rug. This is what happens when you write laws and establish precedents whereby taxpayer money can be used to pay off accusers without a word being released to the general public. This is what happens when a lot of people have skeletons in their closets. You expose my skeletons and I’ll expose yours!

If this scenario unfolds and a falling congressman decides to drag others down with him, Congress will have no choice but to address the scandals. The media and the society will leave them no choice.

Victims Speaking Out

A second way Congress could be forced to clean up its own act is if more and more of the abused and harassed speak out. In a shockingly candid admission on ABC’s This Week, NPR’s Cokie Roberts said (of certain unspecified members of Congress): “Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know? And the whole every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him. Now people are saying it out loud. And I think that does make a difference.”

If this is so, why was it covered up so long?

As explained by John Nolte,

As we all know, Cokie Roberts is a lefty, as is 99% of the female press corps. Does anyone doubt, then, that the primary elevator gropers are/were Democrats, are/were Ted Kennedy/Franken/Conyers-types who voted the way in which the females press corps wanted them to vote, so a little snatch of media-bootie in an elevator was considered a small price to pay for abortion-on-demand?

And this is why, in my opinion, congress has gotten away with covering up these taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements for two decades. The media has known about this. Of course they have. Nothing was reported, though, because the names on that list are primarily Democrat “icons” like Conyers.

At some point soon, though, critical mass could be reached and people (like Roberts) will have to start naming names. And if enough accusers come forward, emboldened by today’s “#MeToo” climate, the dominoes will start to fall. It will be inevitable.

The Court of Public Opinion

A third way Congress could be forced to clean up its own act is the court of public opinion. So, even if congressional leaders are unwilling to remove a Franken or Conyers (should they, indeed, be worthy of being removed) voters might make their reelection impossible.

The question remains: How deep is the pit and how widespread is the corruption? And do the people of conscience have the ability to take down the corrupt backroom dealmakers?

Not every politician is scandal-proof. Not every politician can continue to raise money and garner support when plagued with ugly accusations, especially if proven true. And if a candidate is no longer viable, will his party stand with him? If an Al Franken is not removed by his peers in Congress, might his own party peers end up removing him by backing another candidate?

In this way too, like it or not, Congress could take action against itself and affect a major purge, which could radically upend expectations in 2018 and 2020. Who knows where the Republican and Democrat numbers could end up when the shaking is over?

Ideally, Senators and Representatives could choose to do the right thing without external pressure. They could fix corrupt laws and reversing corrupt customs. And there are certainly enough congressional leaders with integrity and courage.

The question remains: How deep is the pit and how widespread is the corruption? And do the people of conscience have the ability to take down the corrupt backroom dealmakers?

Soon enough, we shall see. Things could get really ugly really soon. Like it or not.

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  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Is this possibly a preview of a “shaking” that will usher in something akin to an “awakening” ? Unrighteous patterns of behavior inevitably will continue to be brought out into the light more quickly than moths attracted to a flame or perhaps more appropriately quicker than cockroaches escaping from the light.
    Though once exposed these “vermin” will find no easy place of refuge.
    The day of the “open secret” seems to be coming to an end. Even the Clinton “Cartel” is finding it much more difficult to avoid the bright light of incrimination.
    We are approaching a new day in this Nation. Maybe, just maybe it’s God who has opened up these “floodgates” ? Curious though how it seems to be those who have been at least somewhat vocal critics of this administration that are feeling ( w/cause ) the heat. You can ( & will ) draw your own conclusions., but it looks like we’re on to something here …

  • mj

    Does anyone know how the Full Salary Lifetime Pension for Congresspersons works? Do they get full-salar-lifetime-pension if they only serve one term? Do they get it if they are voted out of office? If so, I’m guessing that there are going to be MANY who “phone in” their incumbent-running-for-relection campaigns and just give a shrug when they lose. IF they will get a full-salary-pension anyway, what difference does it make?

  • Craig W

    The democrats are playing their “in-house” cards now, when the price is small. You can bet they are holding the cards on their opponents until a more opportune time — such as the 2018 mid-term elections. The Roy Moore situation is a bellwether.

  • getstryker

    READ THIS: When these Congress-critters claim that they are fully cooperating with the Ethics Committee” of Congress – that they’ll put themselves in the hands of these watchdogs to protect the American Public – take a good look at this before you relax!

    From a USA Today article in 2016 entitled: (search the full article for yourself)


    WASHINGTON — The Senate Ethics Committee released its annual report this week declaring that for the ninth straight year, it imposed no disciplinary sanctions against anyone in 2015. Since 2007, the committee has received 613 allegations of wrongdoing and has summarily dismissed more than 90% of them. Only 75 have had even a preliminary investigation.

    The total of the committee’s discipline during the nine-year period is a half-dozen letters the committee has written to senators saying, basically, “you should not have done that.” The committee did not issue activity reports prior to 2007, and did not respond to a request for comment on this story. . .

    An “Ethics Committee” investigation is the safest place to hide – it all just goes away!

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