You’re Free to Stay Home

By Published on April 28, 2020

Of course you don’t want to get the virus. Nobody wants to get the virus.

Nobody wants to get the virus, nobody wants to have the virus, and nobody wants to give the virus away. Nobody wants to give you the virus or get the virus from you.

Thankfully, there’s an almost perfect way for you not to get the virus.

Just stay home.

Depriving Millions of Their Freedom

If you don’t want to get the virus, you already have the Constitutional right to avoid it. You’re free to stay home and never get it. Problem solved. But a lot of you want to force everyone else to stay home. You want to violate their rights in the expression of your own.

You can already stay home any time you want. You don’t need any additional permission. It’s already legal.

But to make everyone else stay home? That’s a right no one has — to deprive millions of their freedom so you can maintain your personal safety.

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Some are saying that people are being selfish or sinful by going out of their homes because they endanger other people. But no one can be endangered unless they themselves go out or let people that have been out come in. And no one is forcing anyone to do either of those things.

Just stay home.

Some people need to work, need to earn, need to pay their rent or mortgage, need to feed their children, need to provide for the wellbeing of their families. And you’re keeping them under house-arrest so you can feel safe?

This is not a good thing to do.

Is It Selfish to Go Out? Or to Force Your Neighbor to Stay In?

Some people argue that you violate the commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself” by going outside or going to church, because it’s selfish. So their protecting themselves, by destroying their neighbor’s ability to take care of themselves and their families, would not be selfish?

No. That’s all self. One hundred percent me at the cost of my neighbor, when all that was really necessary was for me to stay home. My neighbor can’t get me there, safe in my domicile. It’s cozy, really.

You have no right to exercise dominion over your neighbors. They are a free people and have been granted that freedom by their God.

It’s a deprivation of my neighbors’ being for the sake of my own, and on a scale and cost that is absolutely monstrous: the closing of a nation. It’s not reasonable, and it’s not moral.

It would seem to be overtly self-indulgent. All you have to do to stay safe is stay home.

Their God-Given Freedom

I know you probably can’t be convinced, but I at least want to make you responsible.

Instead of obeying the law and protecting your neighbor’s rights, you trample them underfoot and suspend the fundamental laws of the nation, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Why? Because you think it would be best to make your neighbors stay home against their will — when you have no right to do that.

As for those of you who won’t allow your neighbors to endanger themselves by going out, you’re not their mother. They don’t owe you their obedience. They are not your property, and you have no right to exercise dominion over your neighbors. They are a free people and have been granted that freedom by their God.

Good men have died to earn them that right. They have never known bondage or servitude. Until now.


Rev. Christopher Neiswonger, J.D., is pastor of Graceview Presbyterian Church, Southaven, Miss.


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