Yellow Day: A Movie of Hope, Faith and Love — and a Fairy Tale

By Nancy Flory Published on December 26, 2016

A little-known film planned for release on VOD with a prior limited theatrical release under its belt, Yellow Day is a stimulating adventure you’ll want to watch during that lazy week between Christmas and New Year’s. Between the eye-popping colorful animation and the live-action scenes, Yellow Day’s faith-inspired message is candy for the soul.

Set in Mobile, Alabama, the part-live-action-part-fairy-tale movie tells the story of a man searching for a woman he met once in a church a year before. His journey takes him to Camp Grace, a camp for young people who are terminally ill or have been hurt by abuse or neglect. The story is one of hope, love, helping others and seeing what lies just beyond this world through animated visions of the Light and the Dark, representative of good and evil.

David - Yellow Day - 400

The crux of the film surrounds the camp’s “Yellow Day,” started by the founder in honor of a terminally ill camper who had a vision of Jesus. Jesus showed her a glimpse of heaven, which was, in her words, a “bright, sunshiny yellow day.” The Yellow Day was to symbolize the heaven Jesus promises, and campers were called “Yellow-Dayers.”

The film follows the “Good Man,” as the main character is called, for his quest to become a “David,” like the biblical King David who had a heart for God, through his animated trip stops to faith, hope and love. He is helped along the way by a little girl, Monica, who appears just when he needs her. The last stop — at the Camp Grace cross — shows him that “even when the darkest of night comes, our Savior’s love is there to guide us home.”

The Good Man also endures some dark times and helps other characters as they struggle with theirs. He experiences fear, sadness and disappointment but realizes that hope overcomes fear — even fear of telling the truth. The Good Man tells Monica that Jesus went to the cross so we wouldn’t have to be afraid: “Remember, He died standing for truth, and He honors anyone who suffers for the same.”

Good Man and Monica - 400

Yellow Day is a family film filled with biblical truths and Christian values, but it isn’t just a feel-good faith-filled movie. The twists and turns of the plot keeps you guessing through delightful and vibrant animated sequences and live-action visions. It peers beyond the veil of human reason to see just what God can do when we have a little faith.

Yellow Day, which will be released to VOD on December 27, 2016 (and to DVD February, 2016) is rated PG for some thematic elements.

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