Women Will Thrive — Not Die — Without Planned Parenthood

In this June 13, 2017, file photo, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards speaks on stage during the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit at Spring Studios in New York City.

By Jennifer Hartline Published on July 2, 2017

It’s the never-ending chorus: Women will die! Without Planned Parenthood to save them, women will die! Without “access” to the “care” PP provides, women will have no other options for health care. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

This is patently, demonstrably false, tiresome propaganda. But with the possible replacement of Obamacare on the table now, the left-wing hysteria machine is cranking it up louder. Now, the situation is so dire that American woman will be forced by those hateful Republicans to leave the country just to get their birth control.

Last Monday, CNN gave us the dramatic story of Ariana and Kevin Gonzalez. All they want is birth control. “As far as health care needs go, that’s pretty simple. But the California couple says that if the Republican alternative to Obamacare becomes law, they’ll be driving over the border to Mexico to get it.”

What Would We Ever Do Without Planned Parenthood?

Yes, if Obamacare is replaced, then this poor couple will be simply forced to go to Mexico to get birth control. Oh dear. (It’s not actually a health care need, but I’ll set that aside for now.)

The fact is that there are comprehensive health care clinics all over the country, far outnumbering PP clinics.

Surely it’s because there’s not a single Wal-Mart, Target, or even a drugstore anywhere near them. No one in southern California sells birth control.

Except Google says there are 7 Wal-Mart stores within 35 miles. At least two Target stores. I feel confident there’s at least one drugstore. Plenty of places to get birth control.

So it must be there’s not a single health care clinic within 100 miles that can provide Mrs. Gonzalez with the gynecological care she needs. Not one.

Except there are plenty. Mrs. Gonzalez can visit GetYourCare.org, do a simple search, and find several comprehensive clinics within 50 miles of her. (Lest you fuss about driving 50 miles to see a doctor, let me assure you I’ve done it countless times myself over the last 15 years. How ’bout 150 miles? Done that, too.)

The fact is that there are comprehensive health care clinics all over the country, far outnumbering PP clinics, where women can get all the health care they need, including the cancer screenings and mammograms that Planned Parenthood does not offer.

Take a look at this handy map that shows just how outnumbered PP really is in America. (Hint: 20 to 1.)

Here’s the map just for California:

Click for higher resolution image

There’s a Better Option Available to Women

If Mrs. Gonzalez feels the need to go to Mexico for her health care, I can’t fathom why. It certainly isn’t because there’s no other clinic in her neck of the woods. Based on where she lives, there seem to be quite a few options for her.

But I’m going to do Mrs. Gonzalez even one better than that. The CNN piece revealed that she’s had some difficulties with fertility and pregnancy complications, and so I’d like to recommend to Mrs. Gonzalez that she seek out a NaPro doctor. These are medical professionals specially trained in treating all manner of women’s reproductive health issues, and they do it without hormonal contraception and devices that merely mask the symptoms and do nothing to achieve real healing.

Doesn’t health, for a woman, mean her female body is functioning the way a female body was created to function?

They care about the whole woman, and the health of her whole body, and they have helped scores of women struggling with infertility to become pregnant, without in-vitro fertilization. They also help women manage their fertility without carcinogenic hormones. After all, why should the cows and chicken have all the organic, all-natural, hormone-free fun to themselves?

Shouldn’t women’s health care begin by respecting the way a woman’s body naturally works? Shouldn’t health care work with a woman’s body, not against it? Doesn’t health, for a woman, mean her female body is functioning the way a female body was created to function?

This is the beauty of NaPro Technology and NaPro doctors. Women aren’t things to be tinkered with, and fertility is not a disease. Health care that respects women should begin by understanding the female body in order to uncover the real reasons why gynecological disease is present, and treat it effectively, without adding injury to injury.

Believe Me. I Can Relate.

I understand the struggles and pain of gynecological disease. In my twenties, I had four laparoscopies for endometriosis. I know how crazy and desperate the constant pain can make a woman feel. I didn’t know then what I know now, and I was miserable, so I went along when my doctor said I needed to take a drug called Lupron Depot by injection for six months. It sent me into clinical menopause, hot flashes and all. I had a few months of pain relief because I had no menstrual periods.

Thankfully, better care is available to women today in the form of NaPro Technology.

I also lost a significant amount of calcium in my bones, and a slight misstep on the concrete stairs resulted in a broken wrist. The radiologist said I had the bones of a 50 year-old post-menopausal woman.

The real problem wasn’t even resolved, only hidden for a while, and I paid the price in bone loss. It was not even close to being worth it. Artificial hormones heal nothing. Women need and deserve better health care than that.

Thankfully, better care is available to women today in NaPro Technology. I sincerely hope Mrs. Gonzalez will take this advice and seek out some health care that is truly healthy, truly caring, and will truly benefit her life. (Mrs. Gonzalez, you’ll find the list of NaPro doctors in CA here.)

Women Do Not Need Planned Parenthood

The bottom line is, women do not need Planned Parenthood. It’s a pathetic and despicable ruse the media and the Democrats keep foisting on American women that PP is their only hope, their best recourse, their lifeline without which they will surely die. It’s an absolute lie.

Planned Parenthood exists to sell abortions. If tomorrow PP could no longer commit abortions, then tomorrow they would close their doors. Period. And they wouldn’t lose any sleep over whether or not Mrs. Gonzalez got her birth control.

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  • LYoung

    Excellent article, Ms. Hartline. If only the AP and Reuters had the nerve to publish it. I pray it reaches many propagandised men and women anyway.

  • davidrev17

    AMEN Jennifer! A powerfully factual (i.e., truthful) presentation of this tragic “smoke-and-mirrors,” rhetorically-based dialogue from Hades – aka the PC- SPIN called “women’s reproductive health” – designed for general consumption amongst “we the people.” Too bad you’ll probably never be invited to debate such critically important issues as this, on say, “The View”??

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Thank you, davidrev17, but I’d rather have a root canal than go on The View. 😉

      • davidrev17

        Ha! You mean no anesthetic either? God bless ya’ Jennifer.

  • Paul

    The irony is that Planned Parenthood kills about 150,000 female babies each year. That’s pretty poor female healthcare.

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