Women Deserve Better Than Abortion

By Jennifer Hartline Published on April 19, 2019

It goes without saying that babies deserve to not be killed in the womb. Abortion is never safe for the unborn child. But it isn’t safe for women, either.

As a woman, I find it especially galling to hear that abortion is necessary. Women need it to be free and equal to men and achieve their dreams and blah blah blah. Abortion, to the darkened mind of our era, is a moral good. This is the other big lie that abortion requires. The first lie is that the baby is not really a baby, not really a life worthy of protection. The second lie is that abortion benefits women.

Yes, Pregnancy is Uneven

For the record: pregnancy and child-bearing is an uneven business. Its physical burden is entirely laid upon the mother’s shoulders. (And the rest of her body.) There is nothing about pregnancy and child-bearing that is equally distributed between the mother and father. It’s all on Mom. It will not change Dad’s body at all. It will not affect his bladder, his hips, his breasts, his brain, his blood pressure, his weight, his energy, his muscles, his appetite, his endurance, or his self-image one iota. 

Pregnancy can be very difficult, to put it mildly. It can push a woman to the ends of her limits. Growing a new human being is the most demanding task in the universe. But it’s not all burden and no joy.

It is also undeniably the most mind-blowing, unutterably amazing, miraculous thing. It demands respect and honor. It demands respect and honor and support from men. 

God has graced women with the ability to co-create with Him. He believes we are up to the most demanding task in the universe since He designed the female nature accordingly.

Yet He never, ever intended that we should do it alone, without the help and support of the child’s father. No woman gets pregnant by magic. Men cannot be pregnant or give birth, but men are not excused from their obligation to care for the mother of their child.

Abortion Does Not Even It Out

So legal abortion-on-demand ought to balance things out, right? It’s marketed as a woman’s tool to make things equal since it allows her the “choice” not to have a baby. He certainly won’t be having a baby, and now neither will she. It’s all even-Steven. How convenient.

Except there’s nothing even about it. He has no womb to empty, but she does. He need not submit to chemicals or medical instruments employed to cause death, but she must if she is to have her “choice.” His body does not already know the new life within, but her body does.

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There’s no undoing the reality that a new human being was created. Abortion doesn’t prevent a woman from being a mother. It exchanges the temporary physical burden of pregnancy with a much heavier and cruel burden. That of being a mother who had her own child snuffed out. There’s nothing normal about that.

Abortion is Not Empowering

Abortion-demanders refuse to acknowledge that so many women do not “choose” abortion freely, but because they feel they are out of options. They give in to abortion because they believe they have no choice. They’ve been abandoned by the father of the child; they’ve been coerced into the clinic by their abuser; they are already raising children alone and feel they cannot handle one more. Or maybe the mom is 15 years old, and her angry, disappointed father/mother has told her this is what she has to do, and she has no one else to turn to.

Abortion simply makes it very convenient for everyone else to get the outcome they want, even at the mother’s expense. It allows abusive men to keep right on abusing. It allows irresponsible guys to keep right on using foolish, vulnerable girls and leaving them to deal with the consequences. 

Women Can Be Their Own Worst Enemy

The entire contraceptive-sex mentality encourages women not to use the good judgment that would serve them well. They end up having sex and making babies with guys they should never even have lunch with. Women are taught from puberty to entrust their bodies to either a piece of latex or a cocktail of chemicals that will fail them, and then the dreaded “unplanned pregnancy” must be dealt with by having an abortion. Doesn’t sound to me like women are exercising great “control over their bodies.” Seems like it’s a win-win for lousy men, for the contraceptive industry, and most of all, for the abortion industry. 

Men who advocate for abortion are men who have abandoned their responsibilities as men and fathers. All the political big-mouths who are currently campaigning on the promise of “women’s reproductive rights” and “choice” are not noble. They are only too happy to dump the obligations and burden of pregnancy entirely on women. The biter rub is, this is what generations of modern women have asked for. This is the snake in the gift basket of “choice.” 

Women deserve better than abortion. Women will only get better than abortion when they finally figure that out. 

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